Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:59:35, -0500
Subject: Big Mouth II
This is a fictional story involving children and spanking, please donít read if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen.

This is fourth in the ìAunt Nattyî Series.


If you remember, I got spanked by my eleven year old boyfriend for blabbing about a little scene that we had witnessed and promised to keep quiet.

A few weeks later it was time for our summer vacation, and this year we were going camping, and as fate would have it, Stevieís family and mine were all going together, one happy neighborhood outing to the mountains, you might say.

We arrived, set up in the twin rented cabins, and settled into a comfortable routine, our families sort of intermixed Bonnie and I hung out with Stevieís sister Cathy and he was best buddies with my younger brother. normally they didnít spend too much time together due to their age differences, but when there is only one other guy near your age, you adapt.

Two days into the vacation, we girls decided to go down to the lake despite the fact we had been told several times to stay close to the cabins, we rationalized that it would be OK as we were only going down to look at the row boat and would not be in the water.

When our Moms had left to go to the store and Dads were puttering around doing much of nothing ( and not watching us) Bonnie, Cathy and I wandered down to the water, soon we were in the boat pretending to row and acting like we in a ship at sea and having a great time, What we didnít notice was that boats are tied with knots that can come loose very quickly if you are at all careless with the rope, and we were.

Soon, we were adrift, only a few feet from shore, but one oar had fell into the water and was impossible to retrieve. All our efforts only made us turn in circles and drift a little farther out into the lake. A minute later we decided that this was not what we had in mind and began yelling for help.

The Dads heard us and came running, as they approached, Bonnie stood up and then promptly fell head first into the water. My Dad dove in pulled her out, and guided the boat back to shore. To say they were ticked would be the understatement of the day.

As soon as we were back on shore corrective action was taken, as we were ( we thought) all alone on the shore. Cathyís Dad sat on a stump, and pulled her across his knee and pulled down her bathing suit bottom, at the same time Bonnie was whisked across our Dadís lap and her bathing suit bottom suffered a similar fate. As the odd member out I had to stand and watch knowing that I would be next, and spanked with the other two watching me get it.

For a second or two, I was unsure what to do. then a howl from Cathy made up my mind and I decided to watch her spanking, her Dad had her across his lap and was beginning to spank her bottom, I watched transfixed I had of course seen Bonnie and my brother spanked before, but this was the first time I had ever seen a playmate spanked bare bottom. Cathy lay across his lap like a limp doll, almost not moving at all as the spanks landed, I had to admire the self restraint she showed especially in contrast to my younger sister, who was howling and yelping like the world was coming to an end.

Had I been more observant I might have noticed the movement in the trees thirty feet away, but I didnít. Soon, Cathy was let up and Bonnie was finished and as they got to start putting their bottoms on , It was my turn on center stage.

Dad took me by the arm and pulled me across his lap, I noticed that Cathyís Dad was now free to watch the show at his leisure having finished with his own daughter.

Across Dadís lap I went, he tugged down my bottoms, all the way to my knees and then began the spanking, He was warmed up after Bonnie and the first spank was a real stinger, I was soon wiggling, and protesting my future good behavior for all the outdoors to hear, the outdoors was not impressed nor was Dad, the spanking continued as he applied his hand with all due vigor to his oldest daughterís poor bare bottom ( Mine) As soon as it was over, I hopped on one leg then the other trying to put my bottoms back on and regain some semblance of my lost dignity.

The next day I was walking by myself through the small woods near the cabin, looking at birds, butterflies and thinking about nothing at all, when I noticed Stevie coming down the trail towards me, we soon started walking in the same direction, it was clear he had something on his mind and wanted to talk, I was subdued, still felling the effects of my spanking the day before, especially when I sat down, so my curiosity level was not at itís peak.

ìI saw it you know,î Stevie blurted out finally, ìwhat? Saw what?î I wanted to know? ìThe spanking yesterday I saw you all get spanked.î I wasnít sure if I should be mad or not, then decided what the heck, he wasnít making fun and I sure could use a friend right then. ìReally you saw the whole thing I inquired?î ìSure you girls really got it didnít you?î

ìYeah I guess we did at that,î I responded.

ìIs your bottom still red?î he asked. ìI donít knowî I responded, the conversation went on and he ask if he could see my backside, well I guessed he could after all he was my boyfriend and only a few weeks previous he had spanked me himself, but not here in the open I said, ìwe have to find a safe place.î But where?

We walked toward the cabins pondering our problem, and then there it was the perfect solution, Stevieís Dads van. it was perfect, outfitted for camping in its own right, we tried the door it was open, looking around for adults and seeing none, we slipped into the camper. Soon I was showing Stevie my bare bottom, when he remarked ìaww, no big deal itís not red at all, that wasnít a very hard spanking thatís for sure,î ìwas tooî I responded, disappointed at not having anything of interest to show.

We talked for a while and then played a game of checkers we found in the van, but that was soon too boring for our adventurous tastes, and we looked around for something else, Stevie held up a deck of cards and asked ìhave you ever played poker?î ìNoî I responded, ìHave you ever played strip pokerî he asked, and for some reason, still not having a clue, ìI said sure, what are the rules?î

ìSimpleî he said, ìIíll deal the cards, and who ever has the best hand, watches the other take of a piece of clothing, and the one with no clothing at the end gets spanked by the other,î ìOKî I chirped ìsounds good to me, but how do we know who has the best hand?î ìEasy he said, as the dealer I make that decision,î and with that wise and unbiased observation, we were off.

As you might imagine, from the above paragraph, the game went badly for me, soon I was sitting there with both my tennis shoes and shorts in the pile, having only five items of apparel to deal with my T- shirt, shorts, panties, and two tennis shoes, I was at a distinct disadvantage compared to Stevie who was wearing socks an under shirt below his regular shirt. He had lost only his two tennis shoes and I was in a position that meant anymore loses would be critical, it was now my T-shirt or panties

With the next bad hand, which soon came, as he explained to me why the four ones ( aces) I had were of no value and I had lost again I never questioned him about his reading of the cards as I was sure that a boyfriend would never deceive his girl. ( break here for hysterical present day laughing)

Off and on to the pile came my top, Stevie lost the next two hands, I believe to make me more at ease, and soon he bravely took off his socks (Big deal ) The next hand was dealt out cards face down, on the floor of the camper, with me in only my panties and him almost fully dressed. The cards were turned over one at a time to reveal the hands, and increase the suspense, as this was likely to be the last hand, and Stevie reminded me if I lost this one I also got a spanking. Suffice it to say that I lost.

I couldnít complain, I had kind of known that this would happen, and it pleased me to make Stevie happy, and he was clearly looking forward to this. I stood up as best I could in the camper and bravely pulled down my panties to prepare for my spanking, while he situated himself on one of the seats.

Then as luck would have it his mother called, as he was leaving he said, ìtomorrow, Iíll spank you tomorrowî and with that he was gone and I was left to get dressed by myself and ponder the next day, swell I thought this is the second time I have to wait a day to get a spanking from him, over with.

It wasnít until after lunch that we were able to sneak off together. Unfortunately the camper was not available as the adults had taken it into town for some reason, so we had to find a place that was private enough for our purposes. We started walking, and kept walking it seemed that no where was quite what we needed.

Finally we found an old camp site that had benches and picnic tables and was surrounded by trees and bushes, there was an old built in grill nearby, and if we were more aware of such things we might have realized that it was commonly used and part of the general picnic area....but we didnít. Nor did we realize how much time had passed.

One of the benches was for kids and just right for our purposes, Stevie sat down and I started to lay across his lap, but he held me back and reminded me that I had lost all my clothes and this was to be a bare bottom spanking ( the brute) after some quick negotiation it was agreed that all I had to do was take down my shorts and he would pull down my panties.

Soon I was in position and Stevie was tugging down my panties, As soon as they were lowered to his satisfaction, he gave me the first swat, and then a second and a third, it was at this point that I noticed rather heard something that didnít seem right, I tried to get Stevieís attention but he took this as my resistance to the spanking and was determined not to let anything interfere with my paying my gambling debts. ìQuiet Daria or Iíll get a switchî he said, increasing the strength of the latest two swats causing me to emit a small sound that sounded like a gasp.

As I sensed the sound getting closer I tried to struggle, but he had me locked in so tight that I might as well have been tied down, again he took this as a resistance to the spanking and felt justified in punishing such behavior as was warranted. He reached to his right and picked up a small branch and began switching my fanny for all he was worth. Soon I was dancing on his lap and crying my eyes out, no longer concerned about any other distractions. It felt like a thousand bee stings with each stroke of the switch.

As I was yelping and carrying on all at once I noticed that Stevie had stopped and he was trying to get me off his lap and stand up, I fell to the ground in a tangle of my Shorts and panties, I rolled over and looked up and saw to my great displeasure that it was Aunt Natty, the very one that Stevie and I had spied on while she got spanked by Mom.

ìWell Children what are we doing here?î She snickered as if it werenít clear enough,

ìUh nothing,î Stevie stammered ìnothing, we gotta be going,î ìNot so fast there kid,î she said looking at me as I tried to pull up my shorts and act as normal as one could under the circumstances.

ìWait until your parents hear about this, bet you they restrict you both for a week after tanning your tails good and keep you two apart for the summer,î Aunt Natty sneered sounding every bit the witch I considered her.

ìBut I can help you make sure that doesnít happenî she offered with a sudden insincere smile, and thatís by spanking you both now. What could we do? We were trapped.

Aunt Natty made us take down our shorts and then placed us both across her knee at once, ( I should point out that we were both on the skinny side and Aunt Natty had long legs) So there we were side by side scrunched together, when we looked at each other our faces were inches apart.

She pulled down Stevieís underpants first then my panties, then she started alternating spanks between us first a swat on his bottom then one on mine then another on his, this kept up for seven swats then the pattern changed to two for me and two for him, and then it was three apiece.

We yelped, and carried on as the swats began to build a sting and our four legs were kicking as if they had a mind of their own. She picked up the switch Stevie had been using on me a few minutes ago and was soon switching our bottoms to the sounds of pleas to stop.

As she was spanking us, she was also making sure that we wouldnít tell, by saying she would continue the spanking until we promised to keep quiet, and to end the spanking we were only too eager to agree. Having secured our promises, she ended the spanking letting us up, as I pulled up my shorts I looked at her mean little smile and through my tears promised my self that we would get even.

And we did, three days later Stevie and I watched as she got spanked by Dad.