Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:59:49, -0500
Subject: Big Mouth

This Story involves a childhood memory of Spanking, Please donít read if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen.

This is the third story in The ìAunt Natty Seriesî


If you remember Stevie and I had made a pact not to discuss overseeing Nattyís spanking with anyone else to avoid a similar fate ourselves, the penalty being that the one that blabbed would be spanked by the other. That was as long as our parents didnít find out in which case we suspected that we would both be receiving spankings.

Naturally I couldnít keep my mouth shut, I just couldnít Did you ever have something that was just so juicy that it burned at you? Well that was the case with this secret, I almost boiled over with anticipation to tell someone, but I held off for almost three days and then the temptation became too great and the situation was more that I could stand.

I was talking to Bobby one afternoon and the subject got around to spanking, ( Oh all right, I brought it up if you must know. )

Bobby was best friends with Stevie, and I liked both of them a great deal, anyway Bobby mentioned that the previous night his older sister had gotten a spanking and boy he wished heíd been able to see it, that would have been something, and then that was more than I could bear, the pressure to share my secret was too much I cracked, I blurted out what Stevie and I had seen. Bobby was impressed and I was proud and enjoying the fact that I was impressing him as I explained every detail and a few that seemed OK to sort of throw in ( lied).

I was still beaming inside a few hours later when I saw Stevie approach looking very unhappy.

ìI thought you werenít going to tellî he snapped at me. All of a sudden I was embarrassed. but still didnít get the full consequences of the incident, ìIt was only, Bobby, I retorted we can trust him.î ìThatís not the pointî Stevie shot back, ìwe had a deal and you broke it.î ìYouíre right, I said , I shouldnít have told him, but he wonít tell anyone donít worry about it.î

ìThatís right Daria,î My good friend Stevie said ìbecause heís going to watch you get spanked.î ìWhatî I shouted? ìthatís right we had a deal and you broke it and now I get to spank you.î

Well the upshot of the whole thing was that to ensure Bobbyís silence he had demanded that he get to watch Stevie give me a spanking, and that he would then be bound by the same rules of silence. What choice did I have? If Bobby spread the word, I would get worse at home, and I was feeling guilty about breaking my word with Stevie, so I agreed that he could spank me.

By that time it was late afternoon, so it was agreed that the spanking would take place tomorrow and that a proper location would have to be arranged to avoid any parents. I spent the better part of that evening thinking about my upcoming spanking, previous to that I had never had to wait overnight for a spanking, I found that the anticipation and tingling of fear were not at all unpleasant, I was going to be the center of attention for two boys that I liked very much and they had to keep quiet about it, as I was sure they would never put themselves in a position of talking and earning a spanking from me.

The next morning I had to go grocery shopping with Mom and (ugh) Aunt Natty, I was a bit relived but the over ridding emotion was by now curiosity and an interest in seeing what the day was going to bring, I was almost anxious to get out of the house and off to my adventure which I did by 9:30 or so.

I wandered the neighborhood until I found Stevie, I said Iím ready, and we went to his house and he called Bobby who was over in a flash. We left Stevieís and began walking toward old man Fletcherís house, he was away for the summer, he had a large back yard and the house sort of wrapped around the yard and there was a small shed and quite a bit of shrubs and trees, it was as private a place as existed in our neighborhood and we were some of the few kids that knew how to sneak into the place, privacy was assured.

We entered the screened in patio and went over to some of the lawn furniture. Stevie decided that this was the right place, and I had to agree that it was private

We had a short discussion and it was decided that since the problem resulted from watching Nattys spanking that I should be spanked in the same way over the knee and bare bottom, I wasnít crazy about being bare in front of these two, but at the same time it was exciting that I was about to be spanked by my boyfriend and I was comfortable that the whole thing would be our big secret.

Stevie sat down and I walked over to him and standing to his right lowered my shorts to my knees, which soon fell to my ankles on their own, then with a gulp pulled my panties down to just below my bottom cheeks and lay across his lap.

Stevie wasnít prepared for the weight on his lap and I almost fell off as he shifted, ( well what to expect?, there arenít too many experienced eleven year old spankers)

I noticed Bobby sort of stumble back and sit down on a lawn chair to watch the show, he had a small smile of eager anticipation.

Stevie put his arm around my bare waist to secure me into place, I hoped to ensure that I wouldnít fall, more likely it was because he thought that was what somebody who was giving a spanking was supposed to do.

His first pat ( no other word for such a soft smack) brought the realization despite itís weak delivery that I really was going to get a spanking right then and there in old man Fletcherís back yard and at this point I was powerless to do anything about it except take my punishment.

Bobby, said ìCome on Steve, thatís not a spanking you have to do it harder than that.î

The next spank was a bit harder then the next was harder and the intensity increase kept up as Stevie gained confidence, by the seventh swat it starting to sting just a little and I was realizing that I might be getting a real spanking. I was determined to not show any weakness in front of the boys as their approval was important to me, and I had heard them brag on a number of occasions about spankings they had gotten and how brave they were. ( it hadnít occurred to me that they might be exaggerating the truth).

I took hold of the lawn sofa cushion and gripped it firmly to give moral support to me. The spanking continued and by now Stevie was showing promise as developing into one of the great spankers of future years. He was moving the swats around my poor bottom and with each one I was giving a short grunt of ahh or MM m, I did the usual things I flexed my feet kicked my legs a bit ( I was afraid to move too much or I might go tumbling to the ground)

I stretched my arms out straight at one point and Bobby observed, ìlook at that she canít take a spanking sheís just a girlî ( well that was of course correct but I knew it was meant as an insult) I pulled my arms down and resolved to take the rest of my spanking without comment or complaint, so despite the stinging burn, I held on and rode out the rest of my well earned punishment.

The sounds of his hand meeting my bare bottom were lost in the yard, I had never been spanked bare bottom out of doors before, and I was mildly surprised that it was wasnít louder. But the sting was there couldnít be any doubt about that, Stevie was doing his work well ensuring I paid the price for my loose lips.

After about twenty five spanks, Stevie announced that it was over, but before I could move Bobby popped up from his chair and administered five quick swats to my bottom.

I slowly rose and while standing there rubbing my bottom and trying to pull up my panties and jeans I was unsure if I should face the boys or turn my back to them and continue to expose my tanned bottom, which is what I choose as the least revealing course of action.

We broke up and went our separate ways a few minutes after that, my problem then was how do I get in the house with my eyes still puffy from crying with out Mom or Aunt Natty noticing? I stayed at the Fletcher house for an hour or so until I heard mom calling me for lunch, Uh oh If I went home now she might notice that I had been crying and then what would that lead to? and if I was too late for lunch, she might just spank me and if it were barebottom and she noticed that I already red butt, well that clearly was not going to be advantageous.

Finally I hit upon a solution, I entered the house crying and said I had just fallen down, perfect I got sympathy ( which I needed at that point) from Mom and didnít have to explain the puffy eyes.

In case youíre wondering, that was the end of it, the boys to the best of my knowledge always kept the secret, and so have I for obvious reasons.