Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:47:38, -0500
Subject: Betting Fever - The payoff

This should be regarded as fiction, it involves spanking if that doesnt interest you or you are under eighteen pleas dont read.

This is part 2 to the story Betting Fever, it was written shortly after part 1 during last years football season.


A "spur of the moment" decision was what it was, Why is it that they're often, either the best or worst of decisions?

If you're reading this, then you are familiar with the first bet I made with my Uncle, and the $100. I won. Well I couldn't leave well enough alone.

The hope of easy money along with the sense of danger and adventure created by the last bet was intoxicating and a little addictive, I was determined to get some more "easy Money".

Several times I suggested possible bets to my Uncle and each time he rebuffed the suggestion, I don't think he thought I was serious or if I was just being silly. ( a common, accusation).

Finally last Thursday night, a few minutes before the start of a football game between the local Cardinals and a New York team as we sat in front of the TV watching the pregame, opportunity struck.

In a few minutes I went from wondering if it was possible to actually die from boredom, to watching with an intensity that might suggest my very life was on the line.

After a few grumbles from him about the &*(()*) Cardinals. ( words that a few years ago would have had my mouth in direct contact with a bar of ivory.) I smiled in my best innocent and hopefully sweet manner and said, Oh I think the Cardinals will win. This brought a grump of disgust and a comment that I knew next to nothing about pro sports (True) and that it would be a cold day in Hell before the Cards would win.

( I must confess at this point, I had cheated a little bit. I noticed that the Morning paper had said the Cardinals were favored by a few points, something that I did not feel disposed to share with Mr. Football AKA Uncle )

I prodded a little more then pay dirt.... Ok smart stuff you want to bet? He asked.

I did.

The deal was sealed before the surprised look left his face I had Phoenix, He had New York $ 100. Vs. a Spanking.

From that point on, I was watching the game with an intensity that would have shamed the most dedicated guru in trance.

By half time The Cardinals were up 6-3 and looking good, I was mentally at the mall disposing of his money and beginning to plot the next betting heist.

He grew bored with the game, and went out, Never found out where (or cared) . Then the game began to turn, and to make a long disappointment short. I lost. I couldn't believe it, my mythical shopping trip vanished on a crummy football field as I joined my Uncle in learning to dislike the Cardinals. ( they'll never know how I was to suffer for them).

The game ended at about 10:00 and no sign of Unc. Should I wait up and get it over with? Or go to bed and postpone the whole thing? Maybe he would forget, or not care to pursue the matter.

Not too likely I knew, but hope springs eternal. I went to bed and fell quickly to sleep. ( Drained emotionally from the game I think)

I got up the next morning , and went to fix something for breakfast. ( Unc. was gone, on several days a week, when I have late classes he leaves before I get up)

I was chugging away feeling even more confident that the whole thing was going to blow over and be forgotten, then I pulled out my chair at the kitchen table.

As I was getting ready to sit down, I saw it.... A ping pong paddle on my chair.... Oh hell he hadn't forgotten.... real clever place to leave it...Thanks Unc for the taunt.

I was able to keep focused on school fairly well until the day was over, then driving home I started thinking about IT. I was fairly sure that I'd get my Spanking that night, and was of course very concerned but relived that it would be over soon.

I always get home first, I went to my room and straightened it up, I couldn't be sure, but I expected to get the spanking there.

( My mind started playing little games: Is it a Spanking with a paddle? Isn't it a paddling? Not a Spanking... should use correct terminology)

The only condition that was set in advance was that it was not to be barebottom, all other decisions were his, but knowing this I still could use a little common sense to prepare.

Maybe I should hide then paddle,,,out of sight out of mind, he might forget about it, give me a few quick swats with his hand and the whole thing would be over....Awww who was I kidding?

I removed what little makeup I had on and tied my hair into a ponytail, moves that were designed to make me look younger in the hope that he wouldn't spank a kid too hard.... Then just as I was finishing these not to subtle touches, I remembered my time here when I was sixteen.... I was doomed, no doubt about it my goose was cooked. ( or soon to be)

I knew that I would not be allowed too much protection ( Jeans etc.) and that any attempt in that direction could annoy him and the severity of the Spanking/paddling was up to him. With this in mind I put on a light weight jogging suit.

No that wouldn't do, it would be viewed as too much, PJs the pink ones were best, but damned if in the middle of the afternoon I was going to get into my PJs and wait for a spanking like I was nine years old.

I settled on a pair of running shorts, that afforded a modest amount of protection, but were far too open at the legs to wear with no panties, I was feeling very exposed as I wandered around the house waiting to pay my debt.

Several hours passed, and I ( as usual) wallowed in my misery, enjoying in a certain way every second of the suspense. Questions rang in my head Would he use the paddle? Why not his hand, this was a friendly bet wasn't it? Surely he wouldn't spank too hard.

How many spanks or swats would I get? What was fair??

This had a different "feel" than some of the other spankings, I hadn't really done anything wrong to regret, sure I had bet, but we both had. There was less guilt in my pondering, and I thought mostly about the spanking and not any specific "crime"

He had assured me earlier that If I was willing to take his money when I won (and I was) I had better be prepared to be Spanked if I lost... by now all hope of his forgetting had vanished. I knew that I was going to be Spanked No way out of it....

I won't annoy you with the numbers of times I rehashed all the possibilities, walked the floor sat down etc. and generally worried suffice it to say a lot.

Then finally, he arrived, Should I greet him at the door? or play it cool? I chose to play it cool and sat on the couch reading the paper holding it up so he couldn't see my face.

Hello Uncle, I chirped through the news print, Hi Daria he said, how are you doing tonight?

My mind did somersaults, what did he mean by that? Oh maybe he was just saying hello ( gotta be cool here) Hi I responded cleverly how are you?

Fine, gotta run though, be back late to night.

Late tonight?? What was he saying?, did I have to wait to get this over?? Would I have to stay up and wait... That wasn't fair. Should I bring it up,, no that didn't seem like a good or useful idea.

So there I was all psyched up and carefully prepared to give me the best advantage possible, and my execution was being put "on hold" What the Hell was that all about?

He emerged from his bedroom, showered and dressed and was heading for the door.... Maybe, maybe,.... just maybe he had forgotten... could it be that I would escape after all? My heart stared to rise at the thought.

At the door, he turned and said, Daria be in your room at 11 tomorrow morning and bring the paddle also you better not be wearing those shorts or else... and he was out the door..

There it was, I was after all going to be paddled, all my foolish hopes vanished.

The night passed with all the emotions and thoughts you might expect.

The next morning I woke slipped on some clothes and went out for breakfast, my stomach was knotted but I forced my self to eat, since the "event" was at 11 this was to be my last meal. ( I know, a bit melodramatic).

This was almost the same routine as another Spanking. I had some time on my hands to worry the day of the spanking and a preset appointment no less. ( seems everyone wants appointments, even my Uncle to beat my butt)

Well to take care of business, I went to my room made sure everything was in order, brushed my hair and back into that awful ponytail. ( by then I would have colored it green if that would have found favor and possible leniency with Uncle)

Let's see he said not to wear those shorts, but Damn he didn't say why did he?? Did he just not like them? Did they offer too much protection? What was the problem and suppose what ever I chose in their place he liked less, that would be swell.

OK I was trying for the "little" girl look wasn't I ?? Innocent and vulnerable so, what would help that picture?

I selected an oversize White T shirt, that he had given me ( I'll take any advantage no matter how small) and the bottoms from my cotton PJs.. I put on a pair of sneakers and decided that it ruined the "look" and chose bare foot.. Now I was ready...

But Opps, he had said to have the paddle where was it?? Oh yeah, swell, in the kitchen of course, so I padded out to get the damn thing,, as I picked it up and started back to my room, he turned the corner and passed right by me, he didn't say a word until we were about three feet past each other, then About ready I see, he said.. I was blushing so much I thought my face would start sizzling.

Got back to my room, looked at the clock and it was 9:30. I had an hour and a half to go. The time passed slowly and then it started passing far too quickly.

Then it was time...... A knock on the door, come in I said. And in came Unc.

He sat on the chair I had placed for him by the bed and motioned me to his right. I did as indicated.

Daria, there is no need for a lecture, you knew the chance you were taking and if by giving you this spanking I make you understand that any time you bet you can lose, I will have accomplished all I can. I expect you be be as gracious a loser as you were when you won.

He looked up at me, and without a word from him, I placed my hands on his left leg and lowered my self into position. I wiggled a little trying to get comfortable. ( a humorous concept under the conditions)

As I grabbed onto the chair legs I could feel him stretch to pick up the ping pong paddle from the bed.

As I said earlier this Spanking had a different "air" to it, He wasn't angry with me for any behavior occurrence so the spanking was, well a bit different.

He picked up the paddle and gave me a light pat on the center of my bottom, I tensed up, ok here it comes I thought.....several more light pats, no wait... they were getting firmer, yes they were and then the intensity began to heat up ( If you'll pardon the pun).

I gripped the chair legs harder, by the seventh or so swat I felt a real sting for the first time, I held on and was determined to "ride" it out.

Now the swats were coming a little harder, I began to straighten out my right leg to reduce some of the sting, to no avail. He must have thought I was trying to get away, he placed his left arm around me and pulled me up against his body... There can't be a more helpless feeling than being across somebodys knee who is a great deal stronger than you and getting a spanking, there was for me simply no escape.

By about the fifteenth swat of the paddle, I was sniffling, and knew (but didn't care, that it would soon be a flood of tears)

I tried raising my right hand and arm to cause a little interference with the process, he merely said Daria drop that arm or I'll get a strap and finish on you're bare bottom.. I didn't know if he had a strap, but chose the wiser course not to find out, the hand returned to the chair leg.

A few more swats and I was crying, Please I yelped through my tears, Enough It was only a bet..... Ohhh thats it Huh? he responded, its' all right when you win and spend the money, but losing isn't quite so much fun is it? No it wasn't.

The paddling continued, I yelped and carried on as the swats continued, The sting kept building until I didn't think I could stand it any more.

The swats were never as hard as some of the spankings I have received, but this one was longer and the length seemed to make it worse in a way,

I sensed he put down the paddle, I made it I thought.... I made it... Then to my shock his hand made contact with my bottom, it wasn't hard but on my stinging tail it added to the fire, he kept up a steady pattern of swats for about thirty seconds, which is a long time when you're getting spanked. These fell for the most part on my lower legs, ( I guess he wanted to even out the destruction.) I was glad he wasn't using the paddle there.

Finally it was over, he took me by the left arm and helped me up, I stood before him and began rubbing my bottom to help with the sting. He looked up at me and asked So Daria want to make any bets tonight? I shook my head no, and tried to blubber out the same to no avail, I couldn't even understand what I was saying.

Well ok then, the punishment is over, well go out for lunch later get dressed. and he left the room....

Two hours later, we were sitting in a red Lobster and he ordered steamed Lobster tails. ( was I the only one to see the irony?) Yes I squirmed a little, the seats seemed extra hard, ( did they know I was coming and put out special seats for me?)

A few hours after that, was the first chance I had to inspect the damage in a mirror, and it was all you might imagine one red tush.

I am writing this now a number of hours after the spanking, most of the pain is gone but when I move in the chair I am reminded about the folly of betting on the cardinals, Will I bet again?? If you had asked me a few hours ago, or during the spanking I'd have said: No way, No how, No day.

And I guess I won't..................?

At least I dont think I will.