From: (Daria Little)
Subject: Betting fever
Date: 20 Apr 1996 02:42:25 GMT

This should be regarded as fiction, it involves spanking, if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen please donít read.

This was written during the last football season.


It all started a few months ago, I had just finished taking some exams at school and was bragging to my Uncle that I had done quite well, and in fact I crowed, I expected to have a B or better average.

I must have gone on too long with this mild bragging, because after a while he glanced at me with a weary look and said. " oh yeah, wanna bet on that"?

I'm sure that he felt on solid ground based on my past academic performances. Sure I responded, then frowned what did I have to bet? I can usually with some effort scrap up 2 maybe even 3 cents at a time, hardly a worthy bet. Then Unc. said tell you what I'll put up a $100. A $100. my greedy little heart skipped a beat no way I could pass this up.... But I confessed I didn't have a thing of value to bet, we pondered this a while..

Chores no, I did some of them already and my Uncle has a maid come in once a week... No there was nothing extra around the house that I could do, I couldn't let that $100. get a way...NO way.

Finally my Uncle said.. Daria you're sure that you will win, no doubt right? Thatís right I said with confidence. OK then tell you what I'll bet the $ 100. against a spanking if you lose. WHAT did he say, oh no,

no way, no how, no day, was I going to risk a Spanking....

Well I started thinking after a while (it takes a while for me to start thinking) and thought I am confident, I'm sure that I'll win and a "found" $100. would be sweet.

OK I said to my mildly surprised "new" bookie the next morning only one thing it can't be bare bottom and no paddle,.and...... stop right there missy I'll agree to the bare bottom part in the spirit of a fair bet, but thatís all, if you lose everything else is up to me no questions or argument understood? After all you're going to win aren't you??

Gulp, well yes I was going to win, but now the stakes were a little higher but I had the "fever" for the money and no way was I backing out. The deal was done, the dye cast and I was worried.

-----I must tell you though that this is what I "appreciate" about Spanking, the anticipation and the ( if you will) the sense of "Danger"

I enjoy the emotions. And I milked the moment for everything I could thinking about all the possibilities, and past Spankings....Would he use a paddle ( I noticed a new ping pong paddle in the garage, the kind with out much padding, that isn't all that good for ping pong, and, Gulp, it was still in the original wrapping. Why would that be??) Would he put me over his knee? Would I get to put on some thick cotton PJs that I had in mind?

Hmmm doubtful but worth a try. But hey I was gonna win What was I worried about? Oh Geeze would he hit me hard? (most likely too hard) How many swats...Oh it was too much worrying and I loved every minute of it.

Then Monday came and it was time to get the grades, my heart sank in Western Civ. I got a C and I had expected to get at least a B oh I was in trouble, The next class a B, and the next two I got A each.

I HAD WON ( so I thought then) I did get the money ( and quickly blew through it). It was for me the best of all worlds, I got the money, I got to savor the emotions and live the possible experience and didn't get Spanked.

SO whatís the problem you ask??

Just this I have had an urge to repeat the bet ( I know greedy and you're right) we have discussed other possibilities and while Unc. seems Luke warm to the idea I think he'll go for another bet. I almost bet on my California team, UCLA against the local Arizona State.. good thing I didn't.

But I think we might be close to working out another bet, just have to get Unc. to agree. Would you like to hear how it turns out? Understand I fully expect to be spending some more of his money.

And I bet (gotta watch that word) you thought I was going to be Spanked didn't you?