Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 21:00:00, -0500
Subject: Aunt Natty Gets spanked

This story involves spanking, if you donít like such stories or are under eighteen please donít read any farther.


If you remember if the story Bonnie, Steve and me, I got a spanking from ìCousinî Natty when I was ten , one thing I should clear up is that technically she is ìAuntî Natty to me, as she is my Mothers youngest sister.

Natty at the time was about seventeen, very pretty, a trim blond. Everything I wanted to be when I reached that age, problem was that she was a little to ìfastî for her parents liking and had been sent to spend the summer with her older sister ( my Mom) in the hope that she could be put back on the straight and narrow.

As I said she was very pretty, but had a no patience outlook as far as we kids were concerned. We called her Nasty Natty.

Several times there had been arguments between Mom and Natty, but every now and then it had been ìsuggestedî that I visit a friends house for a while, and when I came back Natty was not around for a while and when she reappeared she always seemed quiet and her difficult ways had left. I didnít attach much thought to this until one day a week or so after Natty had spanked me.

Natty and Bonnie ( my younger sister) were in the house alone, Stevie and I were outside playing, ( being a little more careful to stay dressed this time). It seems that poor little Bonnie had been caught reading Nattyís diary, and what an eyeful that was. ( but thatís another story).

Natty having learned nothing from Momís lecture about not her not spanking us kids had started yelling at Bonnie and threatening her with a spanking.

Stevie and I heard this through the open window, and after a fast and intense debate decided that this was too good to miss, we scampered up the steps to my brotherís tree house. ( good thing he wasnít there, girls werenít allowed into those hallowed halls)

We were in place and by laying on the floor, we were able to get a perfect though limited view between the boards just above the floor.

Natty was yelling at Bonnie who was being a little defiant back, I should tell you at this point I was almost rooting for Natty if you remember it was Bonnie that went and got Stevieís Mother and watched so gleefully while I got Spanked.

Natty had all she wanted, she scooped up Bonnie sat on the bed and holding my sister in place pulled down her shorts, panties and all. Bonnie struggled but was no match for Natty, and soon her shorts and all were on the floor, with her bottom facing Stevie and me.

At this point I was aware of Momís car pulling up and heard her car door shut, Stevie and I were holding hands and watching transfixed at the show with our little hearts pounding.

Natty gave Bonnie a swat that I donít think was all that hard but caused her to yelp as if she had been scalded, It also made me feel kind of funny, here we were Bonnie, and I only a few days later and our positions reversed, I didnít feel sorry for Bonnie as far as I was concerned she was getting what she deserved, and even though we had been spanked together before It was sort of exciting watching on a sort of ìforbiddenî basis.

Natty grabbed Bonnieís arm and held her tight and proceeded to begin a steady stream of spanks to my sisters bottom which soon began reflecting the color changes that might be expected of a vigorous application to a bare bottom. After about twenty spanks Bonnie was crying and kicking her feet fast enough to set a hundred yard dash record.

Then the bedroom door opened and Mom, Strode in, she had heard Bonnies yelping from down stairs and figuring out the circumstances and got up stairs with all haste. Natty didnít know she was in the room until Mom grabbed her upraised arm and saved Bonnie from another swat..

Natty let go of Bonnie in surprise, and to the floor did my little sister tumble. Natty stood up and was trying to explain to Mom what had happened she pointed to her diary then at Bonnie and then back at the diary, Mom was not impressed, and said ìNatsî ( thatís what Mom called her) ìI told you about spanking my kids, now shut up and drop your jeans.î

Needless to say at this news Stevie and I were almost frantic with delight, we were nudging each other and almost choking to keep from giggling too much, our wildest dreams were coming to pass.

The fight went out of Natty and she started to undo her belt and as she was almost ready to tug her jeans down, she started to say something then looked at the expression on Momís face and thought better of it.

Bonnie had moved away from them and towards the window with her backside towards us. ìGeeze look at her butt will ya,î Stevie whispered I looked and had to admit to myself that it was a well tanned bottom. ( I always said that Natty knew how to spank) but now we were going to see the other side of the coin, how well could Natty take a spanking?

Natty clearly well rehearsed in my Mothersí expectations lowered her jeans to below her knees, and stood ready to lay her self across Momís lap. Mom reached over and pulled down Nattyís panties to meet her jeans and across her lap went Natty.

Stevie utter a small, ìwow I canít believe it.î

With an efficiency that I was all to familiar with, Nattys tail was soon being peppered with spanks from Mom, she maintained her composure for almost thirty seconds then started wiggling and after a few more trying to get free, I remembered that when Natty spanked me it was at this point in my spanking that she said if I didnít settle down she would get a belt. You might be able to imagine the total lack of sympathy I had for her and her situation.

Stevie couldnít decide if he wanted to watch the spanking or focus on Bonnieís tanned tail, the poor boy was having his first older woman/ younger woman crisis. I was having no such internal conflict, every part of me wanted to rise up and cheer Nattyís spanking, I would have done a one person ìwaveî in celebration if I could have gotten away with it.

Natty was yelping and begging for a let up, but Mom was having none of that she seemed to ensure that Natty would not try and spank any more of her kids for a while.

Mom was doing herself proud and soon Natty was the owner of one well spanked backside. The time had passed too quickly and the spanking not long enough for my satisfaction.

It was over at last Natty was let up and stood there for her ìunknownî audience rubbing her well punished bottom and shifting her weight from leg to leg in a small dance.

Mom took Bonnie by the hand and led her out while she hopped along trying to get dressed and keep up with Mom. Natty still crying ended the show by pulling the drapes closed.

Stevie and I knew that if we mentioned this to the other kids it would get back to my parents and then his and the only possible result was some of the same for us. So we made a pact to keep it secret and the penalty was that if we ever mentioned it to anyone and our parents didnít find out the one that talked would get a spanking from the other, this was to ensure silence. Problem was I never could keep a good secret. ( but once again that is another story )

To this day the only people that knew we were in the tree house then are Myself, Stevie and the person I told. And now you, but you wonít tell anyone will you?