Date: Tue,  6 Aug 1996 21:20:15, -0500
Subject: SSC: Anticipation


I feel the cool sheets on the bed through my tan silk pajamas and I move my bottom just a bit to the right and then the left enjoying the sensation. I know that soon, very soon cool feelings and my bottom will have nothing in common.

It wasnít my fault, not at all. Iím not to blame. I feel a chill of righteous indignation run down my spine at the thought of the unfairness of the whole thing and that I am to be so unjustly punished, it just isnít right.

I know you will be home soon and my ears strain for the sounds of your car pulling into the drive way that will signal the begin of the count down to my spanking. I feel the knot in my stomach and my knees are weak, my whole body trembles in nervous anticipation of your return.

It could have happened to anybody and surely you could see that. I wasnít all to blame. Iím only human and the temptation was too much, more than I should be expected to resist.

ìFor my own goodî you said on the phone, as you laid out the situation and asked for my explanation, and no matter how I tried, my tongue and brain would not connect into a credible version of the events that you would accept.

Now I stand up and go to the window as I hear your car pull in the drive way, I stand behind the curtain so you wonít see me. My heart thrills to the sight of you and at the same time I fear what might be in your brief case. With out fully realizing it, I rub my bottom through the silk pajamas as I try and prepare myself for what is coming.

It was my fault. I know that now, I made the choice, I did it and I am embarrassed and sorry for what I have done and want to be forgiven and if that means a spanking from the one that I love so very much well then, so be it.

I will take my punishment and love you the more for it, as your loyal devoted wife.

It will hurt, I know, that but if it brings your forgiveness, then it will be a sweet pain and I will embrace it.

You are coming up the steps, I can hear you. My mind fills with conflicting thoughts, should I wait for you by the door? Should I stand by the bed? What will you want me to do? What does my husband expect of his wife about to receive her first spanking from him?

As I see the door knob turn, I know I am about to find out.

Please be understanding. I love you. And my heart is breaking at having disappointed you.