Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:57:39, -0500
Subject: 2nd Spanking from my Uncle

This should be regarded as a fictional story.

It involves spanking please dont read if that does not interest you or you are under eighteen.


Well if you remember, my first spanking and my assurances to my Uncle that there wouldnt be another, you will be amazed at how little time passed before I was in trouble again.... I look back at it now and shake my head in amazement.....

It was only a week and a few days later, my Uncle was leaving in the late afternoon and said he wouldn't be home till late, approx. 11:00pm or so as I remember..... I listened to his instructions with less than complete attention, thinking only of any fun I could have with him gone.

After he left I called my friend Christy and she came down. ( the same one that was the sister to one of the bratty kids I had been watching the previous time I got into trouble) We talked about boys both the ones we liked and the ones we didn't....and laughed and carried on, then our minds began to wander and we decided to take a swim in the pool, but Christy had not brought her suit, and since she had a snit with her parents earlier in the day she was afraid that if she went home to get it they would make her stay.....What to do, this was Arizona in the summer and it was HOT.

We thought it over and since it was getting dark and the backyard was protected by a block wall fence and several large trees we decided to go skinny dipping...We thought ourselves quite daring to do this and laughed about telling our friends later.

We undressed in my room and wrapping big towels around ourselves slipped out the back door, We were a little nervous at first and after building up some courage slipped into the pool, leaving the towels on a nearby lawn chair.

We had a great time, we swam, played , talked , and laughed about everything that came to mind we were carefree and enjoying our selves to the max. We must have been in the water for at least two hours. (we kidded about doing this during the day to get total tans.) Which brought more peals of laughter since we knew we never could.

Then at some point I saw Christy looking over my shoulder towards the house with a look on her face that I can only describe as a mixture of horror, and amazement, she didn't say a word. I slowly turned and saw my Uncle standing by the lawn chair with our towels in his hand. To say that a number of emotions ran through me is like saying the sun is a little warm. At once the first thought that hit me was damn I can't believe it in trouble again, and so soon. I just felt helpless.

Girls he said Come out of there NOW ! Please throw us our towels Sir, I squeaked, hoping for the best. Bull he grumped get out now, seeing that further discussion was useless we exited the pool me first, trying to cover ourselves as best we could, he handed us the towels and we quickly put the around ourselves, while still trying to cover up, Christy in her frantic attempt to get the towel around her and cover up dropped the towel and had to suffer further embarrassment bending over to pick it up. ( it was dark but not that dark)

We were herded into the house and made to stand in the living room while her parents were called, attempts to get our clothes were rejected by my uncle.....Her Dad soon arrived and after a few sharp, loud comments from him she was taken by the arm, still in the towel with her clothes clutched in her hand. and marched home to the amusement of several local kids still out playing.

My Uncle turned to me and just looked at me for a minute or so, then he took me by the arm and started walking towards my room, kinda dragging me along, the towel started to slip and with only one free hand, I couldn't get a good grip of it, by the time we had turned a few corners and were in my room it was dragging behind me and I was all but bare to the world. ( at least the world of my room)

He pulled out the chair and sat down, as I reached to adjust the towel, he pushed my hand away saying.....Daria if you can swim naked you can be spanked the same way There I stood in front of him and as the towel finally dropped to the floor, I started sniffling both in embarrassment and fear for what was about to happen.

He pulled me to his right and said stop crying and reached back behind me and gave me three sharp swats and then said LISTEN TO ME, did you hear anything I said earlier? Not meaning to I gave a stupid answer when I said no sir. He gave me a look that shivered my bones and then with out a another word pulled me across his lap.

He moved me about to his comfort level ( I moved as he seemed to want not caring to make matters worse) When I was settled to his liking, he placed one hand on the top of my left leg and the other on my back, and began his lecture. ( I won't bore you with it, it was mostly the usual things )

The first swat struck my bottom and I yelped in pain and surged forward on his lap, he pulled me back slightly and continued the spanking.....The spanks seemed much harder than the first spanking and I didn't even have the protection of my panties, (not that they were much, but I'd have loved to have them at that point)

The spanking continued, he seemed determined to make sitting a painful prospect for some time to come for me..I began to cry and wiggle as I always do when I'm getting spanked. ( always have since I was a little girl and still do) It must not have been excessive as he didn't make me stop, was too busy making sure that my bottom was properly worked over.

After about thirty spanks and me crying and holding onto the legs of the chair he stopped, I was stood up he turned me toward the bed and giving me a last swat on the bottom he said Good night Daria, and left the room. ( as if it were really a good night)

The next day My friend and I got together despite the fact we were both on restriction ( no we didn't get caught) and compared stories, she had been paddled by her Dad with a ping pong paddle also on the bare bottom, we both resolved to not go skinny dipping and be more careful if we were going to try something, For the next few days we were the talk of the block and teased by the neighbor hood kids, then it died down and everything returned to normal.