Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:57:52, -0500
Subject: 1st Spanking from my Uncle

This should be regarded as a fictional that involves spanking if you are under eighteen or this subject does not interest you please donít read.

First Spanking from my Uncle

This happened a few years ago when I had just turned sixteen, My parents were going on a combination business/ meet the relatives trip to the East coast for two months. We kids were given the choice of staying with our grandmother in California or our Uncle in Arizona. My brother and sister chose Grandma and I wanting to be away from them (They were so childish and immature) chose my uncle, the few times I had meet him (Christmas,Thanksgiving etc.) he seemed quite nice. And besides he had his own pool.

We flew to Arizona, My Uncle picked us up at the airport and we went to his house for the night. The next morning as Mom and Dad were leaving, Dad turned to me and said ěDaria, I expect you to obey your uncle just as you would your Mom or myself, In fact if you donít behave he has my full parental authority to discipline you as he sees fit, and when we get back I better not hear of any problems, do you understand young lady?î ěYes sirî I gulped in surprise at this new turn of events. I was starting to wonder about my choice of summer selections.

After they left my uncle sat me down and we had a little talk, that I paid almost no attention to. (lectures are soooo Boring) Though it went something like this.. If you behave Daria everything will be fine if you don't it won't. (clever Huh?, he has a funny way of wording things sometimes).

Well everything went great, I had the run of the place, almost no supervision, got up when I wanted stayed up as late as I chose, was meeting new friends and even making extra money baby-sitting. (plus the money my folks had left for me I was rolling in the dough). Baby- sitting thatís what led to the problem..............I should have known things were going too smoothly.

One afternoon while baby-sitting for a nine and ten year old, my charges slipped from my notice, I guess I wasn't paying too much attention. The phone rang, it was a local corner store and they were holding the kids for shoplifting and wanted an adult to come and pick them up.

The kids had been afraid to call their homes so the call came to my Uncle's , I scurried to the store but as I was only sixteen the manager would not release them to me, he insisted on an adult and argue as I would he would not accept me as an adult or release them to me.

I had no choice, I called my uncle at work and explained the situation to him, I could tell by his tone that he was not amused, But he came and finally "bailed" us out.

When we got home the Boys parents were summoned and each boy was picked up and taken home to meet their fate.

Then my Uncle turned to me and said ěDaria go to your roomî.. without a word I turned and went to my room... ( what could I have said anyway?)

I was scared, my stomach was forming into one big knot the size of new York city.... my knees were weak and I was a little light headed at what had transpired over the last few hours and what was to come. ( if my fears were right)

Thoughts flooded my head... I had no doubt that a spanking was coming (or maybe not,, a flash of hope shot through me) No I was going to be spanked.. I was sure of it..... How hard would he spank me??.....Would he use a paddle... a belt (surely not I hoped)...his hand ... What???

Would he make me take down my jeans? Not on the bare bottom though I thought... wasn't sure.. If I were home Dad might he'd be mad enough I knew............Oh Geeze...

Would I be put over his knee?... Would I have to bend over....lay on the Bed?...... There seemed no end to my questions and fears...

I knew I'd cry..(always do) But how would he react if I started to wiggle and squirm?

And then... after about fifteen minutes he knocked on the door and said Daria? the door opened before I could respond and he came in....

ěDariaî he said, ěstand by the end of the bed,î which I promptly did. He pulled out a straight back chair from the desk turned it around and sat down.

I was relived to see that he had not brought a paddle or belt with him, but some how that did not lessen the knot in my tummy. he took me by the arm and pulled me to his right side. I was facing his lap.

ěDaria, drop your jeans, came the feared words,î I didnít have the nerve to object and my trembling fingers unsnapped the buttons and I lowered them to halfway down my bottom. ( they were tight and as I lowered them I had to struggle to keep my panties in place, I did not want to take them down..)

I looked at him waiting for his next command, he snapped you think that is what I meant by taking you jeans down?? I want them all the way down..And taking me by the left arm he turned me a little to the front and then taking hold of the back of my jeans he slid them down to my quaking knees in one motion...before turning me back into position he gave me three quick swats that stung. ( we both knew that they were to instruct me to follow instructions more carefully)

With my jeans at half mast he began a lecture on responsibility to others and God knows what else. ( Why adults think you can focus on such things at a time like that is beyond me).

Then The talking was over....He pulled me over his lap, as he was adjusting me to a position of his liking, I realized that WOW he had left my panties up. Then as if he were reading my mind he said " Daria as this is the first spanking I've ever given you I'm going to let you keep your panties on this time, but don't count on it for the future Understand?î ěYes sir I whimpered.î

The first swat seemed like a combination thunder clap and earthquake, but the sting didn't seem too great... by the fourth spank I was beginning to rethink the sting factor.. by the seventh ( yes I was counting) It felt like a small fire was developing on my backside.

They kept coming, I was finding out that My Uncle was an accomplished spanker ( or so it seemed to me)

By the tenth or so swat ( counting a little harder now) I was starting to whimper and cry a little, I was straightening my legs and beginning to kick my feet... After a warning to settle down and a few harder than usual swats I reduced this activity....

The spanking continued with me gripping the legs of the chair to maintain my place.

Then..... After about thirty spanks it was over, I was crying like a little girl, my uncle stood me up and said ěDaria, I expect you to use better judgment in the future, or the next time I'll be a lot harder on you.î ěThere won't be a next time I sputtered through the tears, I'll be a good girl.î ( I really said that, must have thought I was nine again) I was wrong also about there not being a next time.

With a kiss on the top of my head and a pat on the bottom ( as if it needed another) he left the room.

An hour or so later, I examined my poor bottom in the mirror and was amazed at how red it still was, I could even see some of his fading finger prints etched on my butt in little red outlines.

The next morning I talked to one of my friends, whose kid brother I had been watching, and was delighted to hear that his Dad had paddled him with a ping pong paddle on his bare bottom for the shoplifting, don't remember if I ever found out what happened to the other boy.

Later that day my uncle and I talked about the "incident" as we referred to it, and I told him in truth that I would rather he punish me and get it over with than to have to wait for my Dad and worry for all that time until he got back, at least this way it was over. He smiled and said ědon't worry Daria I'll be happy to spank you anytime you deserve it,î ( I was sure that he would be the only one happy about it)