Subject: Repost: Susan, Kelly...And Grandma
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: 27 Jul 1997 16:23:46 -0700

Susan, Kelly... And Grandma

"Mom, I forgot to ask you last night...", 17-year-old Kelly said as she was getting ready to leave for school. "Will you sign this test for me?"

Susan Blake put down her coffee and looked at the exam. "You didn't do too well on this one, did you?", she asked, noting the big, red F on top of the paper.

"I sure didn't.", the teenager responded as her mother signed the test.

Susan gave it back to her daughter and smiled. "I guess you're just going to have to try a little harder, Hon. Now give me a kiss goodbye."

Kelly did, and left for school. Susan turned her head and saw a look of disgust on her own mother's face. "What's the matter, Mom? Did I do something wrong?"

Marion Brown poured herself some more coffee. "Susan, you're too easy on that girl. Kelly should be a straight-A student. She's gotten lazy. Stop trying to be her friend and be her mother."

"What do you mean? I am her mother.", a surprised and somewhat hurt Susan replied.

"You're trying to be a pal to her, Susan. She needs firmness and discipline. That's the third test she's brought home to be signed this month, and all you've said is 'please try harder'. What Kelly needs is a good spanking - it would do her a world of good."

"You think I should spank her?", Susan asked. "But Kelly hasn't been spanked since she was ten or eleven."

Marion nodded. "And it shows. She lazy and spoiled, and you let her get away with it. And by the way, you're not setting a very good example, either."

Susan's ears were burning. "But Mother, I work six days a week at the office."

"I know you do. But when you and Kelly moved back in with me five years ago, it was agreed that you'd help around the house and contribute to paying the bills. It worked well for the first three years, but now all you and Kelly do is sit in front of the television. No wonder her grades are disgraceful." Marion was getting angrier as she spoke. "You seem to have forgotten how I raised you."

The three Brown girls, Susan being the oldest, were brought up in a strict household. There were set rules, and if they were broken, punishment was severe. Marion was a firm believer in corporal punishment and used a well- worn wooden hairbrush on her daughters' bare bottoms to back up that belief. Susan received her last spanking less than a month before her wedding.

Susan stared into her cup. "Maybe you're right, Mom. But I don't think I can spank Kelly."

"Well, if you can't, I will.", Marion offered. "Someone needs to put her on the right track. But if I have to do it, you're in for a spanking, too."

The 36-year-old mother couldn't believe what she just heard. "You can't be serious!"

"I'm very serious. If you want to act like your daughter, you'll be treated as such. Kelly's your responsibility. The next time she does something that I would have spanked you for when you were her age, I'm going to spank her. And as soon as we're alone after that, I'm going to spank you, too. Is that clear?"

Susan didn't know what to say. "I...I guess so...", she managed to stammer.

For two weeks, Susan tried to be a little firmer with Kelly. One night she told her daughter to turn off the TV and study in her room, but Kelly ignored her and Susan didn't do anything about it. Marion witnessed the whole episode, and when Susan sat down and joined Kelly in front of the television, she wanted to spank both of them right then and there.

A few days later, on a Friday afternoon, Kelly came home from school and plopped herself on the couch in front of the TV. Marion came into the living room and asked if she'd mind helping her by vacuuming the rug. "Oh, Grandma, why do I have to do it?", the 17-year-old whined. "Besides, my favorite soap opera is on."

Marion had finally had it. She turned the TV off and turned to Kelly. "I don't care what's on, young lady! You are going to vacuum the rug and that's that!"

"I am not!", Kelly said defiantly as she stood up. "My mother doesn't vacuum and neither do I! And she told me to watch the story so I could tell her what happened today! Now turn the set back on!"

Without saying a word, Marion turned and left the room. While she climbed the stairs to her bedroom, Kelly turned the set back on. "She's really going to get it now...", the wise grandmother said to herself as she took the old hairbrush from the dresser drawer.

Marion returned to the living room, holding the brush behind her. Kelly had her eyes glued to the TV again. CLICK. Off went the television.

"I thought I told you Mom wants me to watch this!", Kelly fairly screamed. "Now turn it back on!"

An angry Marion walked to the couch and sat down next to her granddaughter. In a flash, she had the tall, slender blond across her lap, Kelly's teenaged little bottom facing up. "Grandma! What do you think you're doing!"

"Something your mother should have done a long time ago!", Marion answered, lifting the blue skirt in front of her to reveal the girl's white cotton underpants.

"You can't do this!", Kelly protested. "I'm going to tell my mother!"

Marion pulled down the struggling teen's panties to mid-thigh and started spanking her with her hand. Kelly's fair skin reddened quickly as her bottom started heating up. When Marion decided her behind had been sufficiently prepared for the hairbrush, she really went to work. Kelly kicked and screamed as the brush imparted a lesson she'd never forget.

Finally, Marion stopped spanking and helped Kelly to her feet. Tears streamed down her face and her hands went behind her, trying to extinguish the flames shooting from her bare, swollen bottom. "I'm sorry, Grandma...", she sobbed as her underpants fell around her ankles. "I'll be good for now on..."

"You better be!", a still-angry Marion replied. "Or you'll get another spanking! Now go to your room and stay there until your mother gets home!" She watched as Kelly pulled up her underpants half-way and walked towards the stairs, her hands underneath her skirt rubbing two very scalded bottomcheeks...

Two hours later, a tired Susan returned from work. It had been a long day and she was in an unpleasant mood. "Isn't supper ready yet!", she snapped as Marion entered the living room.

"Yes it is!", her mother snapped right back. "And no thanks to you or your daughter! Kelly, get down here this instant!"

A minute later, a puffy-eyed Kelly walked down the stairs. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying, and her bottom throbbed and burned under her skirt and panties. "Yes, Grandma?", she meekly asked.

Susan had a sinking feeling when she saw how Kelly looked. It was the same look she used to have after a bout with the hairbrush.

"Supper is ready.", Marion told the contrite teenager. If you need anything from your bed, I suggest you get it now."

"Thank you, Grandma.", Kelly replied and stiffly turned and went back upstairs. Susan noticed her daughter's hands went to the seat of her skirt when she thought she was out of sight.

A fearful Susan looked at Marion. "M-Mother...w-what happened?"

"I'm going to let Kelly tell you. But it's not good news for you, Susan."

Marion and Susan were sitting at the table when Kelly entered, the pillow from her bed under her arm. She placed it on the chair and gently lowered her sore bottom, visibly wincing when she sat down. They started eating, Kelly squirming painfully in her seat. "Tell your mother what happened after school today, young lady.", Marion ordered.

Kelly looked like she wanted to start crying again. "Grandma gave me a spanking this afternoon, Mommy...I didn't do what I was told."

"Tell her how you were spanked, Kelly."

"With the hairbrush on the bare bottom, Mommy...", Kelly said, her face nearly as red as her behind.

By then, Susan had lost her appetite. She knew she was in for the same punishment.

Kelly volunteered to do the dishes for the first time in her life, but her grandmother said no. "Thank you for asking, Dear, but your mother and I are going to do them. We have something to talk about. Why don't you go upstairs and do some studying?"

Kelly stood up and kissed her mom and grandma. She picked up her pillow and went to her room.

"We have something to discuss, don't we, Susan?", Marion said as she started to clear the table.

A lump formed in Susan's throat. "Yes, I guess we do. I think I have a s-spanking coming..."

"Yes, you do. And I think the sooner the better. You only work a half day tomorrow, don't you."

Susan glumly nodded her head. "I get off at noon."

"Very well. Kelly's going to babysit for the Andersons from ten to six. I want you to come straight home from work. I'll have lunch ready, and after we eat I'll give you your spanking. Understood?"

Susan agreed.

It wasn't easy sleeping that night, and it was even harder concentrating at work the next morning. For the first time in a long time, Susan dreaded leaving the office. Noon came much too soon for the short-haired brunette.

Lunch was ready as planned, and Susan was visibly nervous. Marion noticed her daughter's uneasiness. "Susan, I know you're not looking forward to this. But I think it's going to make a big difference in your outlook."

Susan was close to tears. "I know, Mother. I think I've known for a while that I've needed a good spanking. I HAVE gotten lazy and not done what I should around the house and with Kelly. Maybe this will straighten me out."

"I know it will, Dear.", Marion said as she pulled her chair out from the table. She took the hairbrush from her apron pocket and put it on the floor next to her.

Without prompting, Susan silently stood up and walked towards her mother. She lifted the hem of her long skirt and raised it to her waist. Starting to sniffle slightly, her hands went to the elastic waist of her pantyhose and nylon briefs and pulled them down over her rounded buttocks.

Her skirt raised and undergarments at her knees, Susan went across her mother's lap for her first spanking in many years. Marion made it a good one. When she was finished, Susan's bottom was as swollen and bruised as Kelly's. It was clear she wouldn't be sitting comfortably for several days.

When Susan got to her feet she was crying just like her daughter had the previous day. Her bottom was on fire and she stood there naked from the waist to the knees. The whiteness of her thighs contrasted vividly with the deep crimson and purple of her buttocks. "I'm so sorry, Mommy...", she sobbed, calling Marion "Mommy" for the first time since she was 19 - and under the same circumstances. "Things will be different now...I promise."

Marion hugged her daughter. "I hope so, Susan...I really hope so."