Subject: Story: Sore Bottoms For Three
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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 19:02:41 -0500

Sore Bottoms For Three

The holidays were Isabel Hadley's favorite time of the year. The pressures of running her late husband's farm eased for a couple of weeks, as did the workload. She was able to spend more time with her daughters, Linda and Beth, since they were out of school on vacation. Together, they did Christmas shopping, decorated the house, and planned Isabel's annual Christmas Eve social. After the evening service on Christmas Eve, the entire church congregation was invited to share food and drink at the Hadley's. Isabel and the girls baked cookies, cakes and pies, made finger sandwiches, and served punch. Towards the end of the festivities, Linda would play the piano and everyone would sing Christmas carols. Then, Reverend Thomas would offer a prayer. A good time was had by all.

But Christmas 1960 promised to be even more special to the Hadleys. Just after Thanksgiving, Isabel's older sister Joanne asked a special favor of her. She and her husband had to go out of state on a business - vacation trip the last two weeks in December, and would she mind if their daughter Barbara stayed with them? Although Barbara was 18 and mature enough to stay by herself, they didn't want her to spend the holidays alone. Of course, Isabel said yes. She loved and thought the world of her niece. It was arranged that Barbara would arrive on the 18th, the same day her daughters got out of school. Joanne would pick her up on January 2nd, a Sunday.

The news was greeted with opposing feelings by Linda and Beth. Beth, a 17- year-old high school senior, couldn't wait for her cousin to arrive. To her, Barbara was everything she and her sister weren't. While Beth was just of average height and build, and Linda was tall and thin - skinny might be a more appropriate term -, Barbara was tall and had a statuesque figure. Unlike her cousins, who were rather plain-looking with shoulder length brown hair, she had a beautiful face and long, blond hair that went halfway down her back. She went to college, too - and not some small community college like Linda. Barbara was a freshman at the state university. Beth thought she was the smartest, prettiest girl in the world.

Linda didn't hold her cousin in such high esteem. She liked Barbara, but thought she was a little stuck up and conceited. All Barbara talked about when they last saw her on the Fourth of July was going away to college. And Linda thought her a bit spoiled, too. Her cousin was an only child, and her parents pampered her. Anything Barbara wanted, she got. Isabel assigned chores to her daughters and they had to work for what they had, but Linda doubted Barbara had ever washed a dish in her life. Then there were her clothes - the girl was always dressed up like she was going to church! Linda couldn't remember ever seeing Barbara in anything but a dress or skirt and blouse.

Just as arranged, Joanne and her husband dropped Barbara off on their way to the airport. "Thanks, Isabel...", Joanne said as she gave her sister a hug before they left, "just treat her like you would Linda and Beth." Isabel assured her she would.

Despite her misgivings, Linda greeted her cousin warmly. At supper that evening, she listened while Barbara went on and on about college, almost bragging about her accomplishments. Beth sat transfixed at the table, waiting on her every word. "I wish I could go to school at State like you...", the 17-year-old wished out loud, to Barbara's great delight. Even Isabel was enamored, telling her how proud everyone was of her.

The next several days were busy. Even Barbara, always dressed up, of course, helped with the preparations for the social. Her clothes had an influence on Beth. Instead of the usual slacks and blouse, she began wearing dresses and skirts. Isabel was impressed. "I'm glad to see you're finally starting to take some pride in your appearance.", she complimented her youngest daughter. Then she turned to Linda. "It wouldn't hurt if you took after your sister and cousin.", although she was nicely dressed in slacks and a wool sweater.

A few days before Christmas, Isabel took the girls shopping. They went from store to store, buying a present here and a present there. Linda was beginning to warm up to Barbara. She was particularly taken with the way her cousin had pitched in in getting ready for the social. Sure, there was the occasional conceited comment, but Linda overlooked them. Beth, Linda and Barbara were acting like sisters, and Isabel couldn't have been happier.

Christmas Eve dawned cold and gray, with a threat of snow in the air. A big breakfast warmed them all up and prepared them for the big day they had in front of them. As soon as Linda and her mother finished the dishes, the baking started. Soon the house was filled with the aroma of cookies and cakes in the oven, while carols played on the radio. Barbara, dressed in a gray calf-length wool skirt, white blouse, white ankle socks and penny loafers, stood at the counter making sandwiches. Beth was in charge of cleaning the house, and wearing a light-blue dress and matching socks along with her favorite saddle shoes, was busy with the vacuum. Linda, in brown slacks, a red and green sweater, socks and saddleshoes, helped Isabel prepare the dough for the pies and cookies. Isabel asked her if she knew what songs she was going to play on the piano that night. Linda assured her she did.

The family had a light lunch together. Everything was nearly done. Isabel announced she had to go into town, and asked the girls to do the dishes. Linda was surprised when Barbara said she'd be glad to help. Maybe she had been wrong about her cousin.

Isabel left. Beth and Linda started clearing the table. Barbara left the kitchen and returned a minute later. The Hadley girls nearly dropped when they saw the pack of cigarettes in her hand. "Let's go out to the barn and smoke...", the 18-year-old suggested.

Linda and Beth exchanged shocked glances. Isabel strictly forbade them to smoke, and they were sure Aunt Joanne didn't allow Barbara to, either. "Where did you get them!", Beth asked. There was a little too much excitement in her sister's voice to suit Linda.

"Remember when we were in town the other day?", Barbara asked with a sly wink. "I sneaked away for a few minutes and bought them. C'mon, let's go to the barn. Aunt Isabel will never know."

Beth took a few steps towards the back door. "Where are you going!", Linda demanded. "You've never smoked a cigarette in your life! Mom will tan your hide if she finds out!"

"Oh, don't be such a goody-two-shoes!", Barbara chastized. "You're 19 years old - old enough to do what you want! If you want to be a little baby, go right ahead! Stay in here if you want! Let's go, Beth!"

Beth turned back to her sister. "Yeah, you're a baby alright! And a chicken, too!" She and Barbara walked out the door.

Linda's ears burned. Ever since she was a little girl, she'd been called a "goody-two-shoes", and she hated it. Now her sister and cousin were calling her that, too. Well, she'd show them. Maybe it WAS time to take a chance and walk on the wild side. Linda followed them outside...

Isabel shook her head. How could she forget her purse! She pulled into the long, winding driveway and stopped in front of the house. Inside, it was deserted. The dishes were still in the sink. She went upstairs. There was no sign of her daughters and niece.

Back in the kitchen, Isabel looked out the back window towards the barn. There was no sign of anyone. Suddenly, she heard loud coughing - almost gagging. It was coming from the barn! She walked outside and heard more coughing, and laughter. The laughing sounded like Barbara. "What is going on out there?", Isabel asked herself.

The barn door flew open. Three stunned teenagers, cigarettes dangling from their fingers, gasped when they saw Isabel standing there. Linda and Beth looked pekid, Barbara just looked scared. The cigarette dropped from Barbara's hand, igniting some straw at her feet. The girls screamed and stepped away, while a quick-thinking Isabel grabbed a close-by blanket and smothered the flames. She glared at the cowering figures, anger almost spouting from her. "Get in the house this instant!", she screamed. Beth, Linda and Barbara scampered from the barn.

Isabel was absolutely livid! Not only were her daughters and Barbara smoking, they nearly burned the barn down in the process. Her face was red with rage as she followed them to the house. "Don't you dare move!", she commanded when they got to the kitchen.

Three very scared young ladies stood frozen while Isabel went upstairs to the master bedroom. On top of the dresser was an oval, hardwood hairbrush. Similar in style to the one her own mother had wielded so successfully when she and Joanne were growing up, this one hadn't been used to warm an errant backside in almost five years. That was about to change. The steaming mom picked it up, tapped her palm with it a few times, and left the room.

Downstairs, Barbara, Linda and Beth were deathly silent. Each feared for her immediate future. Linda and Beth had never seen their mother so mad. Beth was trying desperately to think up an excuse Isabel would buy. Maybe if she blamed Barbara, it wouldn't be so bad. She didn't really believe it would work, but it was worth a try. Linda, her ashen forehead dotted with beads of perspiration, cursed herself for allowing herself to be talked into joining them. The 19-year-old tried not to think about the possible consequences, although she knew they deserved them whatever they may be. Even Barbara was trembling. This was the most trouble she'd ever been in. The attractive blond didn't know what to expect from her angry aunt.

Hearts started pounding when Isabel returned, hairbrush in hand. There was no doubt what she had in mind, especially after she pulled a chair from under the table and placed it in the center of the kitchen. "No, Mommy...please!", Beth pleaded, while her sister and Barbara gasped for breath. Instinctively, Beth's hands moved to her seat. "Noooo, please!"

Isabel took her youngest daughter by the arm, pulled the struggling girl to the chair, and seated herself. Beth screamed apologies and promised never to do it again even as her mother bent her over her lap and lifted the back of her dress. "No Mommy! I'm sorry! I don't want a spanking!" Disregarding the pitiful pleas, Isabel pulled Beth's white nylon underpants all the way down to her shoes, baring her snow-white, rounded buttocks. Without so much as a word, the hairbrush exploded across the squirming behind.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "NO MOMMMMY! AIEEEEEE! AIEEEEE!", Beth wailed as her bottom reddened and caught fire. Isabel and her hairbrush visited every inch of the tossing backside, lighting blaze after blaze on her daughter's bottomcheeks. For five solid minutes she spanked, pausing not once. The brush made several trips down the back of Beth's thighs, leaving red oval welts in its wake. But the severest damage was reserved for the base of Beth's buttocks. An ample crop of moist, raw blisters was raised. Added to the ugly purple welts that covered her backside, this was a spanking she would not forget anytime soon.

When it was over, the sobbing Beth was helped to her feet. Both hands shot back to her bare, swollen posterior, only to be pulled away from the flaming orbs. Her bottom hurt too much to even rub! She was told to pull her panties up - which she did amid a fresh stream of tears - and stand back.

Isabel pointed the hairbrush at her niece. "Get over here, young lady!" Barbara, already devastated after seeing her cousin get spanked, slowly shuffled to her aunt's side. "Please, Aunt Isabel...", she begged while going across Isabel's lap, "don't pull my pants down..."

Her skirt being yanked up and her pink cotton panties getting whisked down to her ankles was Isabel's quick response. Barbara blushed in embarrassment at the baring of her cute bottom, and buried her face in her hands. Even Linda noticed how shapely her cousin's backside was, although she was surprised at it whiteness. It didn't stay white very long.

Barbara got her first spanking ever, and it was a sound one. Isabel applied the hairbrush long and hard to her niece's behind, causing the 18-year-old to howl and scream like a baby. Her rounded hips tossed; tears ran down her face as the brush turned her bottom into an inferno. "I'm sorry Aunt Isabel!", she screamed while her shoes drummed the floor.

When a suitable crop of blisters had been raised on the crimson and purple bottomcheeks, Isabel helped Barbara to her feet. Modesty didn't matter anymore to the well-spanked college girl as she stood sobbing in front of her aunt, giving Linda and a teary-eyed Beth a long look at her welted and blistered backside. Isabel finally had to help her pull up her underpants.

"March yourself over here, Linda.", Isabel ordered her trembling oldest daughter. With both hands firmly planted on the seat of her slacks, Linda approached her mother. She knew she deserved a spanking, but to say she could take it any better than Beth or Barbara was out of the question. Her brown eyes filled with tears after she was put across the maternal lap and her pants and nylon panties were pulled down to her saddleshoes. The last thing she remembered before the hairbrush descended was feeling a cool breeze on her small, slender - and very bare - buttocks.

A raging fire soon replaced the breeze on the compact bottomcheeks. The pale-white skin reddened quickly under the hot tutelage of the hairbrush. Tears came easily as the temperature soared in her backside. Any thoughts of stoicism vanished; Linda kicked her feet and sobbed just like her sister and cousin before her. The screaming did no good whatsoever. When her spanking was over she, too, had a blistered and welted bottom.

After helping the sobbing Linda rearrange her slacks and underpants, Isabel delivered a scathing lecture on the evils of smoking. The girls stood facing her, their bottoms raging out of control. If anything, their backsides hurt even more now than they did when they were being spanked. "Go to your rooms and stay there until I call you!", Isabel ordered.

Walking was nearly unbearable. As soon as Linda got to her room, she wiped the tears from her eyes and sat down on the edge of the bed. "OHHHHHH!", she moaned when her bottom touched the mattress. She was on her feet in a flash. Beth and Barbara experienced the same painful reaction, and all three soon found out that the only comfortable position was face-down on the bed, where they cried themselves to sleep.

Fortunately for Isabel, most of the preparations for the social were completed. Around 5:00, she called the girls downstairs. Barbara, Linda, and Beth, still wearing the same clothes, hobbled into the living room, grimacing with each painful step. Their eyes were red and puffy from crying. Beneath their panties, three crimson bottoms continued to sizzle and glow, still hurting too much to rub. And their hair - even Barbara's - was a mess.

While the Christmas tree shined in the corner, Isabel told them they were excused from church services that evening. She knew from experience that sitting on the hard pews would be next to impossible. "You should be ashamed of yourselves for having to miss church tonight!", she lectured sternly. "I should make you sit on your blistered bottoms anyway, but I won't. I DO expect everything ready when the guests arrive later. Is that understood?"

The well-spanked trio, thankful for the reprieve, nodded. Sitting down was the last thing in the world any of them had on their minds. In fact, they were expecting the seats of their underpants to burst into flames any second...

Like it was every year, the church was packed for Reverend Thomas' Christmas Eve sermon. Conspicuous in their absence were the girls. More than a few of Isabel's friends inquired about them, wondering if they were sick. To most of them, she explained they were putting the finishing touches on the house before everyone arrived. But when Sara Thomas and Mille Gordon asked after the service was over, Isabel told the truth. I caught my darling daughters and niece smoking in the barn this afternoon.", she told the astonished women. "They nearly burned it down. I spanked all three of them with the hairbrush, pants down. They couldn't possibly sit after the blistering I gave them, so I let them stay home."

While Isabel was gone, the girls sought solice alone in their rooms before getting dressed for the social. Each was shamed beyond belief to go along with their still-burning behinds. Doing something they shouldn't was bad enough, but being spanked on the bare bottom in front of everyone was worse. Linda was especially ashamed, and when she gently peeled down her slacks and underpants and saw the purple welts and raw blisters on her slim cheeks she nearly broke down again.

Isabel arrived minutes before any of the guests showed up. She was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by three well-groomed, polite young ladies at the door. The girls looked great on their dresses and, unlike earlier, their hair was neatly combed. Smiles were hard to come by, however, and they were meeker than usual. "You look very nice.", Isabel complimented, drawing some forced grins. "How do your bottoms feel?"

That question caused the girls to stare at the floor and blush. "Not too good, Mommy...", Beth whispered, reaching back and gently rubbing the seat of her dress. The other two mumbled their agreement, and neither Linda nor Barbara could resist the temptation to massage their own throbbing seats.

The evening progressed nicely. Although walking stiffly, the girls mingled with the guests and carried on polite conversation. At one point, Isabel took Linda aside. "I'll play the piano for you tonight, Dear, if you wish.", she told her oldest daughter. The 19-year-old breathed a sigh of relief, thanked her mother, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. And before anyone left, all had a grand time singing carols in front of the fireplace.

All that remained was the cleanup. Though tired and very sore, the girls pitched in enthusiastically. They hadn't sat down since their spankings nearly ten hours earlier. And the next morning, wearing pajamas, Linda, Beth and Barbara opened their presents while sitting on pillows.

For the next several days, sisters and cousin stayed pretty close to the house. There were several offers to join friends but, truth be told, their bottoms were too sore. None wanted the embarrassment of having to explain why they couldn't sit comfortably; their egos were as badly bruised as their behinds. Finally, noticing their dejection, Isabel took them out to eat. The girls dressed up in skirts and dresses, and she took them to a nice restaurant in town. Each winced when they sat down at the table, drawing a curious stare from the young waitress. The young lady of about 20, having a strict mom of her own, correctly guessed they were sitting on black-and-blue backsides. Otherwise, the meal was a great success. Except for some squirming Barbara, Linda and Beth had a good time. They were even laughing and joking by the time they left.

There was no laughing the day Joanne came by to pick up Barbara, however. Right off the bat, Isabel's sister noticed her daughter had changed. She was polite, and even helped her cousins with the lunch dishes without being asked. While the three teens gathered the empty plates, Isabel and Joanne remained seated at the table. "I don't know what you did, Isabel, but I like it!", referring to Barbara's sudden thoughtfulness. "What's your secret?"

Isabel grinned. "Remember what Mom did when we did something we shouldn't?"

"Do I ever!", Joanne replied, arching her back and giving her girdled seat a gentle rub.

"Well, I caught our darling daughters smoking in the barn on Christmas Eve." Already the girls could feel their ears starting to burn. "So I did just what Mom did when she caught us smoking that time. One by one, I put them over my lap, pulled down their pants, and blistered their bare bottoms with the hairbrush until they couldn't sit down."

A flabbergasted Joanne gasped. " spanked Barbara?"

"And Linda, and Beth."

"Is that true, young lady!", Joanne snarled at Barbara.

The red-faced 18-year-old turned from the counter. "Yes, Mommy...", she whispered.

"I should put you over my knee myself!", her mother shouted. "I'm glad Aunt Isabel had the good sense to warm your backside for pulling a stunt like that! I should have done that years ago! Don't worry, though - I have a hairbrush of my own! Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, Mommy...", Barbara answered softly.

"That's good, because I might just put it to good use when I get you home..."