Subject: Repost: Mother's Hairbrush-Part 3
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 23:26:20 -0500

Mother's Hairbrush - Part 3

Four months had passed since the introduction of the hairbrush, and Vera couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Only one application to Kathy's and Laurie's bottoms seemed to turn the girls around. Laurie's behavior at school showed a marked improvement, meriting a note home from her English teacher commenting on that very fact. Kathy was now spending more time on her studies than with her friends, although it was a constant struggle for the sixteen-year-old to maintain all A's and B's. Their chores were done on time and neither had broken the newly-instituted curfews. Even Barbara, who had escaped the hairbrush's wrath so far, was better behaved, although Vera had a sneaking suspicion that was only when she was around. Still, that was better than nothing. And Gail noticed the difference, too. She made several remarks to Vera about the pleasant changes in her granddaughters. "And it's about time!", she harrumphed.

With report cards due home in two weeks, Vera took the opportunity to remind her daughters to really buckle down. "How is school going?", she asked at supper that evening. "It won't be too long until you get your grades, you know."

Of course, Barbara jumped at the chance to do a little bragging. "Oh, Mother, everything's going great!", the conceited junior replied without hesitation. "I think I'm going to get straight A's again! Wouldn't that be wonderful!"

Vera nodded and smiled at her oldest. "That's very good, Dear." She then turned her attention to Kathy and Laurie. They were not so anxious to answer. "Problems, girls?"

"I'm not sure, Mom.", Laurie said softly. Right now, I've got all A's except for Math and History - they're B's. But a lot depends on my History report. Miss Brown says it's gonna count a lot on our grade for the marking period. I think it's pretty good. I just hope she thinks so."

All eyes turned to Kathy. "What about you, Hon?", Vera asked.

"I'm not doing so good.", she replied, bowing her head. "Right now, I'd probably get C's in Math and French."

"If you didn't go out so much maybe you'd do better.", Barbara commented while sticking her nose in the air. "And if you turned off the radio when you did study you might learn something."

Kathy's ears burned. "I hardly ever go out anymore!", she said angrily. "And I don't listen to the radio that much, either!"

"That's enough!" Vera's stern voice quieted the table. "Barbara, I think you need to mind your own business. Kathy's right; she doesn't go out that much. In any case, I'm the one who decides what's too much. Is that understood?"

Miffed, the haughty Barbara rolled her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. "Yes, Mother. I understand.", she said condescendingly.

Vera slammed her hand on the table. "Young lady, you are this close to getting that little bottom of yours warmed! Now get upstairs and go to bed this instant! I will not put up with that! And if I hear one more peep out of you, my hairbrush is coming out! Now move!"

The red-faced girl quickly got up from the table and left the room. Kathy and Laurie held their breaths, wondering if Vera was going to follow her. The angry mom didn't, however. Instead, she sat there second-guessing herself. Yes, she should have spanked Barbara.

Barbara went directly to her room, resisting the temptation to slam the door behind her. It wasn't even seven o'clock yet and she was going to bed! Sent there like a little child! She was seventeen years old! How dare her mother treat her like that! This was all Kathy's fault! "I'll get her for that!", Barbara thought to herself as she undressed and put on her pajamas. It never occurred to her how close she had been to getting her first spanking. Then again, she wasted no time in climbing under the covers either...

Two days later, on a Thursday afternoon after school, Kathy was in her room struggling mightily with a Math problem. The poor girl was on pins and needles. Tomorrow was the last day of the marking period, and she had a test in Math. How she did on that test would determine whether she got a B or C on her report card. She had gotten her grade up to a B in French, so it was her Math grade that would decide if she got a spanking from mom. And after the blistering she received a couple of months ago, Kathy had no desire whatsoever to see that horrible hairbrush again.

In the next room, Barbara was getting ready to go to the library. It was a warm spring day, so she took off her school clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a teeshirt. On the way down the hall, she glanced into Kathy's room and saw her hunched over the desk. "My, My! Aren't we studying hard!", she said, sarcasm dripping with every word. "You better, little girl! Or you'll be eating standing up again! Hahahahaha!"

Kathy ignored the teasing. "Can you help me with this, Barbara? I can't get the answer to come out right."

The house was quiet. Vera and Laurie were probably outside; at least they were when Barbara came home. She walked behind Kathy and looked over her shoulder. "That's so simple even Laurie could do it.", she snorted, and started to leave.

"Please, Barbara! I can't figure it out!", Kathy implored.

Barbara turned around. She didn't hear the footsteps approaching in the hall. "Go to Hell, you little bitch. Do your own damn homework."

Judging from the hurt look on Kathy's face, Barbara achieved her objective. The seventeen-year-old silently congratulated herself on a job well done and turned once again to leave the room. This time, however, there was an obstacle. Barbara found herself staring face-to-face with a very irate mom. Before she knew it, Vera had her by the earlobe and was pulling the hunched- over girl out of Kathy's room. "Mother I didn't mean it!", the much-taller Barbara pleaded. "Really! I'll never say it again!"

"Quiet!", Vera snapped, dragging her daughter down the hall to the bathroom, earlobe securely in hand. "How dare you use language like that in this house! And to your sister! I have just the remedy for a dirty mouth!"

"No Mother please!", Barbara begged, struggling to keep up. She had no idea why her mom was heading towards the bathroom, but she knew she wouldn't like it. "I'm sorry! Please let me go!"

Kathy had gotten up and stood by the door, watching. She, too, didn't understand why her mother and sister were walking to the bathroom. Vera's room was right across from hers. That's where she had been spanked. Maybe Barbara wasn't going to get it after all.

Vera led the struggling girl to the sink and released her hold on the earlobe. Barbara had little time to recover as she saw her mother pick up the half-used bar of soap from the soapdish. "No Mother! Not that!", she almost screamed when she realized what Vera had in mind. She took a step back.

"Don't you dare move!", the irate widow ordered. Barbara was terrified. She stood, frozen, while Vera held the soap under the water and worked up a good lather. When she was satisfied, she pulled Barbara towards her and leaned her over the sink, holding her by the back of the neck. The lathered-up bar was in her other hand, poised for action.


That was just what Vera was hoping for. When Barbara opened her mouth to say "no", she slid the bar of Ivory in between the teenager's lips. "I will NOT have any daughter of mine using language like that!", she lectured, twisting and turning the soap as she spoke.

A soapy foam dribbled down Barbara's chin and teeshirt. The taste was horrible! She gargled and almost gagged as the acrid-tasting soap coated her tongue and permeated every pore in her mouth. Still, Vera toyed with the Ivory, moving it back and forth and in and out. "Are you learning anything?"

Barbara nodded her head as much as her mother's other hand would allow. Vera withdrew the soap and allowed her to spit out the remains into the sink. It would do little good; the soapy taste would remain in her mouth for hours.

"All right, young lady!", Vera stated emphatically, "It's time for the second part of your lesson!" She took the still-coughing Barbara by the hand and led her to the hallway. They walked right past the wide-eyed Kathy on the way to the master bedroom. The sixteen-year-old was stunned. Barbara looked like she was foaming at the mouth, and the front of her teeshirt was wet. Then it dawned on her. For years she had heard that foul-mouthed youngsters sometimes had their mouths washed out with soap. That's what happened to Barbara!

The door to Vera's bedroom slammed shut, leaving Kathy to only imagine what was going on across the hall. Vera immediately yanked down Barbara's shorts and panties to her ankles and went to the dresser, leaving her daughter standing naked from waist to socks. The hapless girl couldn't even speak; the taste of soap was still overpowering. She began crying, and that only made it worse.

Her no-nonsense mom, hairbrush in hand, was soon seated on the edge of the bed and beckoning her. "You're really going to have something to cry about!", Vera said, noting the tears. "Now march yourself over here!"

The mouth-soaping had taken all the resistance out of Barbara. Slowly she hobbled towards her mother and, with Vera's help, bent herself over her lap. Barbara's slim - almost scrawny - buttocks tightened and her skinny legs tensed as mom adjusted her position slightly. "You should have gotten this a long time ago...", Vera lamented just before cracking the brush down hard across Barbara's lily-white behind.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The hard-backed hairbrush tore into Barbara's bare bottom with a vengeance. The white-hot pain was incomprehensible, almost making Barbara forget about the taste in her mouth. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "No Mommy! I'm sorry! Please stop! It hurts!", she pleaded, suddenly remembering how to talk.

"It's going to hurt a lot more before I'm finished with that sassy backside of yours!", Vera promised, continuing to whale away at the rapidly-reddening cheeks. "And there will be plenty more spankings unless you straighten that attitude of yours out, young lady!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"I will Mommy! I promise!", Barbara shouted, just before completely breaking down in sobs. Vera didn't stop, though. No, sir. If ever a haughty teenager needed a good blistering, it was Barbara. And that's exactly what she got.

Kathy may not have seen anything, but she sure heard it all. The crack of the hairbrush and Barbara's pitiful screams sent chills down her spine. The spanking was just as long as hers was. "She's not going to be able to sit down for days...", Kathy thought, recalling her own ordeal.

Eventually, the smacking sounds stopped. For a few minutes, all Kathy could hear was her sister's crying. Then Vera started speaking. Kathy strained her ears but couldn't make out everything. Something about toeing the line, and being too big for her britches.

Before Kathy could react, the master bedroom door flew open. Out came Barbara, sniffling and in the process of pulling up her shorts and panties. Her tear-stained face recoiled in horror when she saw Kathy, and she hurried down the hall to her room. Kathy caught a glimpse of Barbara's bottom before she got her pants all the way up. It was not a pretty sight.

So, for the second time that week, Barbara was sent to bed while the sun was still up. She didn't have to worry about eating supper standing up, for tonight there would be no supper. Besides, it would just taste like soap. The thoroughly-chastized girl got undressed and got into bed - on her tummy. Her bottom hurt so much that even the slight weight of a cotton sheet was too much to bear. The tears started flowing again. Miss oh-so-grown-up Barbara didn't feel so grown up anymore. She cradled her face in her arms and cried herself to sleep...

The next morning found Kathy and Laurie eagerly awaiting their sister's appearance at breakfast. Kathy had filled Laurie in on all the gory details of Barbara's spanking, and both expected her to be ever so humble. There would be no teasing, though. That might result in two more sore bottoms. No, just seeing Barbara brought down a peg or two would be enough.

What Laurie and Kathy didn't know was that Barbara had been awake since three that morning, unable to sleep. She got up, inspected her blistered and still- glowing bottom in the mirror, and then did some tearful soul-searching while the rest of the family slept.

"Good morning, Mother!", Barbara chirped while her two sisters looked on in disbelief. She was fully dressed for school and looked quite nice in her slacks and blouse. Her hair was perfectly combed and she had on some make-up. Even Vera was surprised. Barbara looked like an entirely different person. Except for a wince now and then when she walked, no one would have guessed what had happened the day before.

Barbara bent forward and gave her seated mom a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning, kids!", she said to the startled Kathy and Laurie. "Sorry, I don't have time for breakfast. I want to get to school early today. I'll see you this afternoon!"

The three remaining family members stared blankly at one another. "Was that Barbara?", Kathy asked.

Barbara grabbed her sweater and books and hurried out the front door. As soon as she was on the porch, she paused and heaved a great soon, Kathy was again at her desk doing homework when Barbara came into her room. "Hi, Kath. Need some help with your Math?"

Kathy gratefully accepted the offer but couldn't help wondering how long this would last. Barbara had been an absolute angel since Friday morning. Was this for real, or would she revert to her old self as soon as the marks on her bottom faded and she could sit comfortably again??????


(Just for the record, Kathy and Laurie brought home acceptable report cards a week later. Mother's hairbrush would not be needed. Not this time, anyway.)