Subject: Story-Mother's Hairbrush Part 2
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: 1996/08/06

Mother's Hairbrush - Part 2

"How do I look, Mother?"

Vera glanced up from her newspaper. "Very nice, Dear.". She made a mental note to take Kathy shopping for some new clothes. The skirt and blouse she had on was beginning to reveal a little too much of her daughter's already well-developed figure. "What time do you think you'll be home?"

"Mrs. Rice said they'd be back about eleven."

"That's good.", her mom replied. "Just remember, if you have any trouble just give us a call. We're only three houses away."

The pretty sixteen-year-old nodded and clutched her History textbook to her chest. Might as well get some studying done while she babysat, especially after the close call with her report card a few days ago. Kathy barely made a B- in History. Anything less and she would have been in big trouble. "OK. I'll see you later!"

Babysitting a four-year-old was not Kathy's idea of a perfect Saturday night. She had planned on going into town with some girlfriends, hoping to run into Bobby. He was the newest crush in her young life. Unfortunately, Vera didn't think too much of the young man and forbade her to see him. His reputation wasn't the best. However, those plans changed when Connie Rice called and asked if she could sit for her. Kathy had already spent her allowance and needed the money, so she accepted.

Connie, an attractive woman in her mid-twenties, greeted her at the door. "We're just going out to dinner and then take in a movie...", she explained, "and we'll be home around eleven. Bonnie's already eaten. Her bedtime is at eight." Connie gave her the phone numbers of the restaurant and the theater.

"Have a good time!", Kathy said as Connie and her husband left. "And don't worry! Everything will be fine!"

So, for the next half hour, Kathy and little Bonnie huddled in front of the television. The youngster never made it to eight o'clock. By seven forty- five, Kathy had read her a bedtime story and tucked her in. She went downstairs, helped herself to a soda, and began studying on the couch.

A loud knock on the door around nine startled the teenager. She was relieved to find two of her friends, Mary Ellen and Sherry, standing on the porch. "You've got to come with us!", Mary Ellen gushed. "Guess who's at the diner! Bobby!"

Kathy's heart sank. Of all the nights! "You know I'm babysitting. I can't leave the kid here all by herself.", the dejected girl replied. "She's asleep."

That seemed to put a damper on the whole situation. "What time are her parents coming home?", Sherry asked. Kathy told her around eleven.

"Perfect!", Mary Ellen said. "The little girl is sleeping, right? She'll never know you're gone!"

"That's right!", Sherry added. "You don't have to be gone long. Just go and say hello. Let him know you're interested. Then come on back here. Thirty minutes, tops. No one will ever find out."

Against her better judgement, Kathy gave in. She checked on Bonnie, all the while trying to convince herself that everything would be all right. What could happen in half an hour? Bonnie was sleeping soundly.

The front door had to be left unlocked, since Kathy didn't have a key. She glanced back at the house more than once as the trio started the short walk to town...

"What a waste of time!", Kathy muttered out loud as she walked back to the Rice's by herself. Bobby was gone by the time the girls got there. She should have known. Mary Ellen and Sherry stayed at the diner and promised to call her if he came back. "Don't bother.", was her tart response.

The night would not be getting any better. During Kathy's "absence", Connie had called just to make sure everything was going smoothly. Naturally, the young mom and dad were scared to death when no one answered. Worse, the phone woke Bonnie up. Connie and her husband rushed home to find the front door unlocked, their daughter hysterical, and no sign of the babysitter. While Mr. Rice checked the house, Connie phoned Vera and told her what happened.

Vera hung up the phone and rushed right over, telling Barbara and Laurie she'd be back as soon as she could. She was a little worried herself. It wasn't like Kathy to do something like this. "Maybe we should call the police.", Connie suggested.

At first, Kathy thought nothing of the white car parked in the Rice's driveway. Then it hit her - they were home! "Oh my God...", she whispered, and started running. The ashen-faced teen opened the front door to find three very relieved adults.

"Thank God!", Connie said as she hung up the phone. "We thought something happened to you."

Vera threw her arms around Kathy. "Are you OK, darling?"

"Yes, Mom...I'm fine."

Relief then turned to anger when the adults realized Kathy had left on her own. A hard slap from Vera's right hand found its mark on Kathy's cheek. "How dare you! How dare you leave Bonnie alone like that! Look at her! She's absolutely terrified! You're darn lucky nothing happened while you were gone!"

Kathy felt tears welling in her brown eyes as she rubbed her stinging cheek. Bonnie was crying softly in her mother's arms. "I'm sorry...", the sixteen- year-old sniffled.

Vera grabbed her daughter securely by the wrist and apologized to the Rices. "I'm sorry, too. You trusted Kathy and she let you down. I'm truly ashamed of what she did. She knows better."

"No harm done.", a still-shaken Connie stated while cradling Bonnie. "It could have been worse."

"It's going to get worse, at least for Kathy." Vera started for the door, daughter in hand. "And once again, I'm sorry for spoiling your evening." Connie followed them out. She saw Vera deliver a half-dozen smacks to the seat of Kathy's skirt as they walked away.

Kathy's well-rounded bottom was already tingling by the time they arrived home. Barbara and Laurie looked on in shock when they saw their mother drag Kathy up the stairs. "Someone's in trouble...", Barbara understated.

The light in the master bedroom came on and the door slammed. Kathy was in for her first spanking, and she knew it. The girl stood, frozen, as Vera retrieved the hairbrush that had been used so effectively on Laurie's bare backside only a month earlier. "Please, Mommy...", Kathy whined, her hands on her seat.

"Quiet! What you did was inexcuseable! Imagine, leaving a four-year-old alone like that! Well, you're going to be very sorry! I'm going to spank you until you can't sit down for a week! We'll just see if a few blisters on your bottom won't teach you about responsibilty! And tomorrow, you're going to apologize again to the Rice's. Now march yourself over here, young lady!"

Vera seated herself on the bed. Slowly, Kathy approached. She was crying. "Save those tears.", her mother cautioned. "You're going to need them."

Kathy was motioned to her mother's side. She buried her face in her hands, hiding the red handprint on her cheek, while Vera pushed the skirt up to her waist. Fingers were inserted inside the elastic of her panties, and the white nylon underpants slid effortlessly to her ankles. "No Mommmmy...", she moaned as mom bent her across her lap.

It had been some time since Vera had seen her daughter's bottom bare and was surprised how nicely the pale white buttocks had filled out. Nevertheless, she raised the hairbrush and began applying it vigorously to the upturned backside. Each resounding smack caused Kathy to roll and buck in pain while tears streamed down her pretty face. She was barely aware of the scathing lecture her mother was delivering, so intense was the heat in her nether cheeks.

Listening to Kathy's cries, Laurie reached back and gave her backside a gentle rub. Her own spanking was still fresh in her mind. "Boy, I feel sorry for Kathy...", she said softly, "Mom's really giving it to her."

A faint smile appeared on Barbara's face. The sister she was so jealous of because of her shapely figure was upstairs at this very moment getting spanked. And from the sound of it, it was on the bare behind. No, Barbara felt no sympathy. She responded to Laurie's statement with a shrug of the shoulders and an emotionless "So?"

Vera wasn't just talking when she promised blisters. She considered Kathy's transgression far more serious than Laurie's, and spanked accordingly. The angry mom didn't stop until she was absolutely certain that Kathy learned an important lesson, one that she'd remember for a very, very long time.

"Are you EVER going to do that again!", Vera asked, the hairbrush still firmly in her grasp.

Kathy struggled to regain her composure. "No, Mommy.", she finally sobbed.

At last, it was over. Vera helped Kathy stand up. The sixteen-year-old wasted no time in rushing her hands to her scalded bottom. The purple-crimson buttocks, welted and blistered, felt twice their normal size. Tears continued to fall. The last thing on Kathy's mind was modesty. She stood before her mother naked from the waist to her ankles, displaying her thatch of pubic hair and crying uncontrollably. "Go to bed. We'll talk about this some more in the morning.", her mother ordered.

Stepping out of her panties, Kathy ever-so-carefully smoothed down her skirt and wiped away some tears. She picked up the underpants with a loud groan. "I'm sorry, Mommy...", she sniffled, and went to her room.

Barbara had a smirk on her face the following morning when Kathy came down to breakfast. Wearing only her pajamas, the red-faced Kathy took her plate from the table and walked stiffly to the counter.

"What's the matter, Kath...can't sit down?", Barbara sneered.

"That's enough out of you!", Vera snapped at her oldest daughter. "I've about had it with you and your smart-alec attitude. One more word and you'll find out what my hairbrush feels like. I doubt you'll be so quick with the remarks after that." Barbara wisely kept her mouth shut.

Kathy was excused from church that morning. "When we get back, I want you dressed and the dishes done.", Vera warned. "Then you're going to the Rices and apologize one more time."

That's exactly what Kathy did. It took her longer than usual to clean the kitchen, since she stopped every few minutes to jam her hands down the back of her pajama pants and massage her blistered and throbbing bottom. Then the spanked girl found the loosest dress she owned and put it on. She looked very presentable when the rest of the family returned.

Mr. Rice wasn't home when she got there. Connie answered the door and invited her in. Bonnie was seated on the couch watching television. "Have a seat...", Connie said.

Kathy blushed. "That's all right, Mrs. Rice. I'll just stand.", she said politely. Connie nodded. The young mother had a feeling she knew why.

"I'm awfully sorry about last night." Kathy continued. "It was the stupidest thing I've ever done. I don't blame you if you never ask me to babysit again." Her voice wavered. She was close to tears.

Connie tried to comfort her. The poor girl had obviously been through a lot since last night. And if Vera was anything like her mother, Kathy's bottom had to be very sore indeed. It hadn't been that long since Connie was last spanked herself - a little over five years. "Hey, it's over and done with.", she said soothingly. "Everyone makes mistakes, and hopefully we learn from them. Don't let it get you down." Connie stopped short of saying she'd let her babysit again. Mr. Rice would have something to say about that.

"Okay...", Kathy said weakly. Speaking was difficult with the lump in her throat from choking back tears.

Out of nowhere, Bonnie came up to Kathy and started tugging on the back of her dress. Even that slight pressure on her backside caused a noticeable wince. "Are you gonna babysit for me today?", the innocent little girl asked.

"Not today, Hon.", Connie answered. "Maybe some other time."

The curious Bonnie wasn't finished. "Did your Mommy spank you for leaving me alone last night? My mommy said she hoped she did."

Now there were two blushing faces in the living room. "Bonnie! That's none of our business!", her mother scolded. "That's between Kathy and her mom!"

The four-year-old seemed to accept that, and wandered off. Connie and Kathy were too flustered to say anything. Finally, Kathy broke the ice. "I better be going..."

Connie started walking her to the door when she suddenly stopped. "Hey, wait a minute! You're forgetting your History book!" She went to the desk and picked up the heavy textbook. "You left this here last night."

The two proceeded to the porch. Kathy could tell Connie was still embarrassed by her daughter's comments. She liked Mrs. Rice and felt she could trust her. "It's all right...", the high school sophomore whispered, "you weren't the only one who thought I needed a spanking last night. So did my mother. But please don't tell anyone."

"Your secret is safe with me.", Connie promised.