Subject: Story:Mother's Hairbrush F/f nc no sex
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 22:17:58 -0700

Mother's Hairbrush - Part 1

"Mother, I don't know what to do.", Vera lamented over a cup of coffee at her mom's house. "That was the third phone call this month from Laurie's school. This time it was her English teacher, saying she wasn't doing her homework. I've talked to her over and over about how important an education is. She just doesn't listen."

Vera was barking up the wrong tree if she was looking for sympathy. Gail was from the old school, and she quickly let her daughter know it. "You've got to stop being buddies with those girls, Vera!", she admonished. "Ever since Tom died five years ago you've let them run all over you. It's time you started acting like their mother. Put your foot down! You can talk to you're blue in the face, but what those girls need is some old-fashioned discipline. Have you forgotten how you and Janice were raised?"

A blushing Vera shook her head. No, the attractive widow certainly had not forgotten. "You can't be serious, Mother. You think I should spank Laurie? My God, she's fourteen years old!"

"That's exactly what I think.", Gail replied. "Take her pants down and warm her bottom with a hairbrush. It always worked on you and your sister. You were perfect angels for weeks after a spanking. And don't tell me that Laurie is too old. I seem to recall a certain twenty-year-old getting a spanking when she came home at four in the morning."

Vera's blush deepened. "Please, don't remind me."

"Maybe you need to be reminded.", Gail continued. "As long as your daughters are living in your house and you're paying their bills, you give the orders. And that advice goes for Barbara and Kathy, too. I love my granddaughters dearly, but there have been times when I wanted to blister their backsides myself. Barbara's seventeen going on thirty, and Kathy has far too much freedom for a sixteen-year-old. Weren't you complaining about how her grades are slipping? Well, a good spanking will straighten both of them out."

Her mother's lecture was beginning to sink in. It brought to mind a similar discussion Vera had about three weeks earlier. She was talking to Irene Brown at a covered-dish supper at church when she mentioned how nice and polite Irene's daughters were. The girls were sixteen and eighteen. "Oh, they're always like that after I tan their behinds.", Irene casually answered. "They both broke their curfew last night."

Vera declined another cup of coffee. "Mother, do you still have that old hairbrush that you used to use on us?" Two minutes later it was in her hand.

Laurie had no idea she had been the main topic of conversation at her grandmother's that morning when she left school. She was aware, however, that her teacher had called. "What's your mom going to say?", her friend Ginny asked as the two walked home together.

"Oh, she'll give me the usual speech about getting good grades so I can go to college.", the unconcerned fourteen-year-old replied. "Then I'll promise to do my homework from now on. It'll all be forgotten tomorrow."

An envious Ginny sighed. "Gee, I wish my mom was more like yours. She'd do more than talk if one of my teachers called. I'd probably be grounded for a month - if I was lucky."

The two girls parted about a block from Laurie's house, with Ginny promising to call that night. Laurie continued on. Thoughts of the upcoming weekend filled her head . Although it was only Wednesday, she was looking forward to the carwash the church was sponsoring on Saturday. All her friends would be there, and there was always more joking around and laughing than actual work. Afterwards, Reverend Paulson's wife always treated them to ice cream sodas in town.

Barbara and Kathy didn't get out of school for another half hour, so Laurie was the first to get home. "Hi, Mom.", she greeted casually when she walked in the front door, putting her books on the hall table.

A stern-faced Vera was sitting on the living room couch, waiting for her youngest daughter's return. She rose when Laurie entered. "I need to discuss something with you, Laura. Please come with me."

Her mother's formal tone came as a bit of a shock. Laurie wondered why she was walking towards the stairs. "What's the matter, Mom? Where are we going?"

"We are going to my bedroom.", Vera replied sharply. "You'll find out why when we get there."

Laurie still had no idea what was going on. "Mother, if it's about my teacher calling...", she began.

Vera was already halfway up the stairs. She turned and cut Laurie off in mid- sentence. "Upstairs! Now!", Vera barked.

"Geez, why can't we talk down here.", Laurie muttered under her breath as she shuffled towards the stairs.

The master bedroom door shut ominously behind the now-worried teenager. "What's this all about, Mother?" Laurie didn't notice the new addition to the top of her mom's dresser.

Vera folded her arms across her chest. "Why haven't you been doing your homework?"

"Oh, Mom...", Laurie replied, shifting nervously on her feet. "I just forgot to do it last night, that's all. Anyway, what's the big deal? I've got an A average in English."

The flippant attitude her daughter was displaying did little to soothe Vera's anger. "I don't care what your average is! When you are assigned homework, by golly it better be done! This is the third time this month! I won't have it, young lady! Do you understand!"

"Yes, Mother.", Laurie replied obediently. Never had she been scolded like that.

Vera moved towards the dresser. "Good.", she said. "But I'm going to make very sure you understand."

The fourteen-year-old's heart skipped a beat when she saw her mother pick up the oval, wooden hairbrush. Beads of perspiration dotted her forehead. Laurie had heard enough stories about Vera's upbringing from Grandma, leaving little doubt about what was in store. "Mother, what are you going to do!", she pleaded, well aware of Mom's intention.

Seating herself on the edge of the bed, Vera pointed the hairbrush at the terrified girl. "Something I should have done a long time ago. Now march yourself over here!"

"No, Mommy, please...", Laurie whined even as she approached the bed. Both hands were on the seat of her slacks. "I don't want a spanking...please!"

Vera took Laurie by the hand and pulled her closer. "You should have thought of that before." Vera's fingers went to work unbuttoning and unzipping the trembling teen's slacks. It did Vera's soul good to see the reaction she was getting - a reaction she never got from a lecture.

"Noooooo...", Laurie groaned as she felt her slacks and panties descending over her chubby buttocks and thighs. "Please Mommy...not on my bare bottom."

The pitiful pleas were ignored. Vera pulled the pants and underpants all the way down to Laurie's shoes and flipped her across her lap. "You've needed this for a long time.", she said while raising the hairbrush.

Laurie's pale bottomcheeks, still containing a hint of babyfat, tensed. SMACK! SMACK! Suddenly, fire erupted on the twin mounds. Her eyes widened and filled with tears. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Please Mommy! Stop! It hurts!" SMACK! SMACK!

But it was not to be. Although she had never given a spanking before, Vera knew how to do it. After all, she had been on the receiving end often enough. Laurie's bottom turned a hot pink, then red, then a deep, deep red. Her feet, hampered by the garments about her ankles, drummed the floor while tears rolled down her cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Vera began concentrating the spanks where Laura was most apt to sit, where buttocks and thigh met. "I'm sorry Mommy!", the repentant girl sobbed. "I'll do my homework from now on! I promise!"

Vera concluded the spanking with a dozen searing blows to the fiery behind and helped Laurie to her feet. "I hope you learned something from that!", she lectured, waving the hairbrush. "You better have, or this won't be the last time I warm your backside!"

"I did, Mommy...", the well-spanked girl sobbed as she rubbed her crimson and slightly bruised bottom, her slacks and panties at her feet.

"I hope so. Now pull up your pants and go to your room. Don't come out until supper. And consider yourself grounded this weekend!"

Laurie reached down and retrieved her clothes, wincing as they came in contact with the punished skin. She left the slacks unbuttoned and unzipped, and hobbled from the room with both hands rubbing her seat...

Barbara and Kathy came home about thirty minutes after their sister was sent to her room. If they had listened carefully, they would have heard muffled crying coming from the other side of the closed door. Neither did, however, and they didn't see Laurie until suppertime.

The two older girls were already seated at the table when Vera finally called her. She had said nothing about the little session in her bedroom earlier. A subdued Laurie came to the kitchen. Her long brown hair was neatly combed and she had washed her face, although her eyes were a bit puffy. Barbara and Kathy interrupted their conversation just in time to see her take the pillow from under her arm and place it on the chair. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. "What's the matter, Laurie!", Barbara said. "Did you get your bottom spanked?"

Immediately, Laurie burst into tears once again. "That's enough, you two!", Vera warned while her youngest stood by the table crying. Barbara and Kathy bowed their heads, trying to suppress their giggles. "For your information, yes, your sister did get a spanking this afternoon. And if you're not careful, there's going to be two more sore bottoms in this house."

"Mother! You can't be serious!", a totally shocked Barbara fairly shouted, a sentiment quickly seconded by Kathy. Meanwhile, Laurie took the opportunity to gently lower her still-glowing backside onto the soft pillow.

"I most certainly am.", Vera replied calmly, but with plenty of authority in her voice. "Things are going to be different around here, as Laurie painfully found out today. You are going to toe the line, and that's it." She looked at Barbara. "That means I'm not going to put up with any more of your smart remarks, young lady. You've been acting a little too big for your britches, and it's going to stop now."

The tall, thin Barbara turned away, her ears burning. "How dare she talk to me like that!", she thought to herself. "What does she think I am, a little kid?"

Vera then turned her attention to Kathy. Kathy, the prettiest and the one with the best figure of the three, also looked away. "Your days of doing what you please are over, Katherine.", she heard her mother say. "You can count on spending a lot more time studying and less time with your friends. And if your next report card isn't all A's and B's like it used to be, you'll be getting what Laurie got. That goes for all of you. Your chores will be done on time, and when I tell you to do something you do it. Is that perfectly clear?"

The girls grudgingly nodded. Supper continued in virtual silence, except for the soft rustling of Laurie squirming on her pillow. Barbara and Kathy felt too humiliated to say a word. Imagine, a junior and sophomore in high school being talked to like that!

"What got into her?", Kathy asked later on when she and Barbara were alone. "Has she gone crazy?" It would take an awful lot of work to get her grades up this marking period.

Barbara, who fancied herself far more mature than Kathy, shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, but if Mother thinks she's going to spank me, she's got another thing coming." Barbara sounded more confident than she really was.

The next few days for Laurie were less than ideal. Her bottom was still quite sore the next day in school, and she found sitting on the hard chairs uncomfortable at best. She just knew everyone knew about her spanking, but, of course, it was just her imagination. There was a close call with Ginny, though. Ginny said she called her house Wednesday night, and that Vera told her that Laurie couldn't come to the phone because she was being punished, but didn't go into specifics. Laurie did admit to her friend that she was grounded, but that was all. About the only thing the hapless girl was thankful for was she didn't have gym class Thursday or Friday. Someone would be sure to see the marks on her bottom in the shower.

Those two days were bad enough, but the carwash on Saturday was worse. It started out OK; plenty of people showed up and they raised a lot of money. Laurie did her share of horsing around and having fun. There were still some faint bruises on her behind that bothered her only if she sat down too fast, and she blushed every time she thought about the incident. Other than that, she was her usual self. That is, until it was time for the ice cream sodas.

Because of the grounding, Laurie wasn't allowed to go. Vera had told her to come straight home after the carwash. She was saying her goodbyes to Ginny and Rachel when Barbara came up. "Don't forget what Mother said.", the seventeen-year-old teased. "You don't want another spanking, do you?"

Barbara walked off, leaving a red-faced Laurie to explain. "Did you really get spanked?", Rachel asked. "I thought that was only for little kids." She conveniently left out the fact that she, along with her big sister, were subject to their mom's ping-pong paddle.

"Yes, my mom spanked me.", Laurie admitted, almost as embarrassed as when Vera took her pants down the other day.

Ginny came to the rescue. "Come on, Rachel. They're getting ready to go into town."

Laurie waved to her friends and started on the way home. She was as mad as she'd ever been with Barbara. She thought about telling Vera what had happened, but decided against. She wasn't a tattletale, unlike some other people she knew. "She'll get hers one of these days...", Laurie said softly.

THE END??????