Subject: Story: Mom's Best Friend-Part 3
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Mom's Best Friend - Part 3

by Carolina Jim

"I'm going to get your sister.", Sue announced. "There better not be any teasing, or she won't be the only one with a sore bottom. Is that clear?" Linda and Marsha dutifully nodded. They had no intention of giving Peggy a hard time, not after what she'd been through earlier that afternoon. Her cries while being spanked still rang in their ears.

Sue returned to the kitchen a few minutes later. "Peggy will be down in a second, then we'll say the blessing. Remember what I told you."

However, nothing what Sue said could prevent the girls from gasping when their sister made her entrance. Peggy looked terrible. Her long, brown hair was tangled, and the bangs were matted to her forehead. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. She was wearing her nightgown and robe, and clutched the big, fluffy pillow from her bed to her chest. The 15-year-old, flushed from embarrassment, said not a word as she walked stiffly to her chair and placed the pillow on it before lowering herself gently. Linda and Marsha saw her grimace as she sat down. Sue noticed the shocked expressions. That's exactly what she wanted. She figured seeing the effects of a good spanking acted as a deterrent; that a spanking with a hairbrush on a bare bottom didn't stop hurting nearly as soon as a regular handspanking. And Sue made darn sure that Peggy would feel (and her sisters would see) the effects for several days. Sue was confident the hairbrush would not be needed again for quite a while, and it wasn't. Not until May of 1967 - seven months later.

"Mom, can I use the car this afternoon? Please?", a soft voice asked on the way home from church.

Sue knew this question was bound to come sooner or later, as Linda had had her license for a couple of weeks now. During that period, she had driven the family's only car maybe a half dozen times, and always to run errands for her mother. Sue tried to hide a smile. Linda had washed the car more times than she had driven it. Yes, maybe it was time for her to spread her wings a little. "Let's see...", she teased as Linda held her breath, "is that meeting I have to go to this afternoon or next Sunday...I believe it's next week. I guess you can use the car..."

Linda's eyes lit up. "Oh, Mom, thank you!"

"Can me and Peggy go with you!", an excited Marsha asked from the backseat. "We've never been with you when you drove!" Linda's heart sank. That's not what the just-turned 17-year-old had in mind.

Fortunately, Sue came to her rescue. "That's 'Peggy and I', Marsha.", she chided, correcting her youngest's grammer. "No, you may not go with your sister. I'm sure she's got other plans. Don't you, Dear."

"Yes, Ma'am.", she replied with a sigh of relief. "I thought, if it's all right with you, that I'd call Mary and Stephanie and see if they wanted to go into town. A new hamburger place just opened and all the kids..."

Sue took one hand off the wheel and held it up. "That's enough. I get the picture. You want to hang around in the parking lot." She saw Linda's chin start to droop. "Well, as long as you don't make a habit out of it, OK. You know, I used to do that once in a while when I was your age."

"Oh c'mon, Mom...", Linda said, rolling her eyes. "YOU?"

Taken slightly aback, Sue stuck her nose up in the air in mock indignation. "Yes, me. Is it so hard for the three of you to believe that I was once 17 myself?"

Marsha, Linda and Peggy looked at each other, then at their Mom. "YEP!", they said in unison, and all four had their best laugh of the week...

"Here are the keys, Dear.", Sue said, handing Linda her ticket to an afternoon of freedom. "Please be careful, and remember the rules we talked about when you got your license."

The teenager bent slightly and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry, Mom, I will. I promise."

Sue gave her a pat on the backside. "I know you will. Try and be back by five. We're going to eat at six."

Linda backed the Fairlane out of the driveway and was on her way. Any jitters she may have had were gone by the time she got to Mary's. "Wow! This is so far out!", her friend gushed. "I can't wait to get my license!" "You will, one of these days.", Linda replied with an uncharacteristic air of superiority. She was in the driver's seat, and she liked it. The pair got to Stephanie's, and she and her older sister jumped from the porch and ran to the car. "You don't mind if Cheryl comes, do you?", Steffi asked.

Linda shook her head. "No, I don't mind at all! Get in!" She liked Cheryl, who was a year older and a senior. She was also the adventurous type, something Linda and the other two could never be accused of but admired greatly.

So, with Linda and Mary up front and Steffi and Cheryl in the back, they headed off to Burger World. It took about twenty minutes to get there, and when they did, the girls were sorely disappointed. Only three cars were in the parking lot, and they belonged to the employees. "What do we do now...", Linda lamented, "I don't want to go home this early..."

Leave it to Cheryl. "Let's get a six pack and drive down to the lake." Considering the consequences, the suggestion was met with little resistance. All of them had had a beer or two before, usually at Cheryl and Steffi's house when their parents weren't home, without any ill effects. The only one who voiced any objection at all was Mary, and with good reason. The last time she drank a beer, her mother smelled it on her breath when she got home. Her bottom was still sore three days later. Mary never told her friends, nor did they find out, about her spanking, and she didn't wish to suffer a repeat performance. "Gee, I don't know...I don't think I want any beer today. Maybe we just ought to go home.", she offerred.

That kind of put a damper on things until Linda came up with an idea. "Hey, that's OK, Mare. We'll get you a Coke or a Pepsi. How would that be?" That, Mary agreed to.

With that out of the way, Linda drove to a small convenience store on the outskirts of town. Cheryl, ID in hand, went in. A few minutes later she emerged, smiling and carrying a bag. "To the lake!", she commanded, and ten minutes later they were there.

The girls soon found out why there was no one at Burger World - they were all at the lake. "There's too many people around. We better drink these in the car.", Cheryl stated. She reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a bottle opener. "Always be prepared.", she lectured, and opened a bottle of Budweiser beer. "Since you're driving, you get the first one." She handed it to Linda and then did the same for Steffi and herself. "Sure you don't want one, Mary?"

"C'mon, Mare. Just have one.", Linda urged. "That's all I'm going to have." Mary shrugged her shoulders. "Well, all right. But just one."

For the next hour or so, the girls sat in the car, drank their beer, and reflected on the state of the world. Linda and Mary kept to their word and had just one, while Steffi and Cheryl polished off two each. "We better be going.", Linda said as she started up the car. "Make sure you throw all the bottles away." Steffi gathered the empties, put them back in the bag, and dumped it in a trash can while Cheryl handed out mints to everyone. Still, just to be on the safe side, she took the long way home...

"Did you have a good time?", Sue asked after Linda dropped off her friends safe and sound.

"I sure did!", the 17-year-old replied. "The hamburger place was a dud, so we drove to the lake. I hope that's OK. I was real careful and everything." Sue nodded. "Yes, Hon, that's fine. Maybe we'll be able to figure out a way so you can use the car more often."

"Thanks, Mom.", Linda said on the way to the stairs. "I'm going to get cleaned up for supper. And, by the way, thanks for letting me use it today..."

"Sue, are you busy?", Carol Winslow asked the following afternoon. Carol was the Art teacher at the elementary school where Sue taught Music. "I have a favor to ask of you."

Sue looked up from her planning book. "Sure, Carol. What can I do for you?" "Well, my car is in the shop. My husband drove me here this morning, but he has to work late and won't be able to pick me up. Could you possibly give me a ride home?"

That wasn't a problem at all. Although school got out at 2:30 for the students, teachers had to stay until four. "I'll be glad to. Do you need to go anywhere else?"

Carol said she didn't, and at 4:05 the two collegues were on the way to her house. "Boy, I'll be glad when this school year is over!", the art teacher lamented. "It's hard to get anything through to these kids when their idea of art is a Campbell's soup can."

"Tell me about it!", Sue laughed. "Last week, I asked the third graders what their favorite song was. Do you know what they said? 'They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha'. Do you believe that? I'm really worried about the next generation. It's terr-hold on Carol!

A car pulled out in front of Sue. She slammed on the brakes as hard as she could and brought the car to a stop, avoiding an accident by inches. Neither woman heard the beer bottle roll out from under the seat in all the excitement, but Carol felt it hit the heel of her shoe. "I sure could use one of these...", she said, holding up the empty Budweiser after they got their breath back.

Sue was mortified. "Where did THAT come from!" Someone was in trouble...

Peggy was in the living room watching television when her mother stormed in the front door, her pocketbook in one hand and the empty bottle in the other. She was absolutely livid. "Where's your sister!", she roared. "Marsha went over to the library, Mom...", Peggy replied in a shaky voice. She had seen her mom that angry only once before, with devastating results. "And Linda's upstairs in her room with Stephanie. They're studying together."

Sue dropped her pocketbook on the couch. She took a deep breath, climbed the stairs, and headed straight for Linda's bedroom.

The two studious girls were indeed going over some math homework when the door flew open. Steffi, sitting at the desk, and Linda, seated on her bed, both jumped to their feet. Neither knew what was worse, the scathing look on Sue's face or the beer bottle in her hand. "What's the meaning of this!", the angry mom demanded, holding the bottle up and glaring at her oldest daughter. "I want an answer, and I want it now!"

"I-I don't know, M-Mom...", Linda whispered. "W-Where did it from?" "You know very well where it came from! It rolled out from under the seat in the car!"

The lump in Linda's throat felt like a golfball. "I-I can explain..."

"Oh no you can't!", Sue shot back. "There's absolutely no excuse whatsoever!" She turned to the petrified Steffi. "You better go home now, Stephanie. And you better pray I don't call your parents tonight!"

Steffi bolted from the room, leaving Linda alone with her mother. The teen's hands went to the seat of her red corduroys, sensing correctly that that part of her anatomy was in imminent danger. "Please, Mom...I'm sorry...", she whimpered, fighting back tears.

"Is this what you call being careful!", Sue shouted, waving the bottle in front of Linda's face. "And what about that talk we had about the responsibilities of driving! My God girl, drinking and driving? What got into you!"

"I only had one beer, Mom.", Linda said softly. Her eyes were filled with tears.

"One beer! That's one too many, Missy. And unless they've changed the laws around here, you're not old enough to buy beer, even if I allowed you to!" Sue paused and put the bottle on the desk. "Give me your license, Linda. Driving is a privilige, not a right. And you've just lost that privilige. Consider yourself grounded for the next month as well."

With tears now streaming down her face, Linda got her license and handed it to her mother. "Good.", Sue said as she put it in her pocket. "Now, to make very sure you understand that driving is not a game and drinking will not be tolerated in this house, you and I are going to spend some time in my bedroom. Let's go."

Linda backed up. "No, Mom! Please!"

A little extra effort on Sue's part would be required. She stepped across the room, grabbed Linda by the arm, and turned her around. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Four hard slaps burned through pants and panties. "Come with me, young lady...", Sue commanded as she dragged her daughter towards the door while continuing to wallop Linda's backside. "You're in for the hairbrush whether you like it or not..."

The door to the master bedroom slammed shut. Sue released the struggling teen and pulled the bench out from the vanity. "Get the hairbrush from my dresser and bring it to me.", she ordered.

"Mommy no....please...", Linda begged as her mother seated herself on the bench. "Not the hairbrush...I won't do it again."

Sue's jaw tightened. "Linda Leigh, if you don't do as I say this instant I'll spank you every week of your grounding. You'll spend the entire month on your feet, I promise you that."

Reluctantly and with shaking hands, Linda retrieved the hairbrush and handed it to mom. Her whole body shook when Sue unbuttoned the tight corduroys and started to pull them and her underpants down. "No Mommy...not on my bare bottom...", the girl pleaded as her already pinkened buttocks were slowly exposed.

Sue ignored the protestations and yanked the pants and panties down to the knees before placing the squirming daughter across her lap. She pinned Linda's leg with her own and raised the hairbrush. "Try and learn something from this, young lady. I don't want to have to do this again, but it IS a lesson that can and will be repeated if necessary."

Thus Linda's introduction to the hairbrush began. Like Peggy before her, the 17-year-old quickly found out that it hurt a lot more than the hand. Up one girlish bottomcheek and down the other, over and over and over, the brush brought a new meaning to the old "slash and burn" policy. Linda cried and screamed as her bare behind ignited in various shades of red and hints of purple where cheek met thigh. Those various shades soon blended into one deep shade of crimson. Sue didn't spank often, but when she did, she was a master craftsman in getting her point across.

"No more Mommmmmmy! Pleeeeease! My bottom's on fire!", Linda wailed as the inferno that was once her backside raged. "I'll never do it again! I promise!"

Sue finished up with a dozen or so solid smacks to her blistered behind and back of the thighs. She released the sobbing Linda, who fell to her knees and immediately reached for her scalded bottom. "Oh Mommmmy...I'm sooooo sorrrrrry..."

"All right, young lady. Thirty minutes in the corner.", Sue said, trying to sound stern but only partially succeeding. Her heart hurt almost as much as her daughter's backside.

Slowly, Linda got to her feet. With pants and panties around her knees, she hobbled to the corner. Sue got her pocketwatch from the dresser drawer, sat in the rocking chair, and wiped away a tear of her own...

Marsha returned from the library to find the house as quiet as a tomb. Mom and Peggy were in the kitchen preparing supper. Neither said a word. On the way to her room, she passed by Linda's room. Marsha paused for just a second; she thought she heard her sister whimpering behind the closed door. "Must be my imagination...", she whispered before continuing on.

It was not the 14-year-old's imagination, as she found out at the supper table an hour later. "Where's Linda? Isn't she eating with us tonight?"

Peggy stared at her plate. Hearing her sister's spanking brought back too many memories of her own trip to mom's bedroom. Sue didn't seem to enthusiastic about answering the question, either, but she did. "No, not tonight, Hon. I'm afraid she did something she shouldn't have, and I had to spank her this afternoon."

"Boy, it must have been really bad for Linda to get a spanking...", Marsha thought to herself as Sue and Peggy started eating. "I didn't think she EVER did anything wrong. I better really watch myself." She began right away, by offering to wash the dishes. Peggy immediately volunteered to dry, bringing a wry smile to Sue's face. It was amazing what effect a spanking could have...

Hours later, after the girls had gone to bed, Sue was grading papers when she heard someone on the stairs. It was Linda, wearing her pajamas and looking very meek. "Can I talk to you, Mom?"

Sue motioned her over. From the way Linda walked, she could tell she was in a great deal of discomfort. "What is it, Dear?"

"Did you call Stephanie and Mary's parents tonight?", the girl asked. She was on the verge of tears again as she stood before her mother.

"No.", Sue replied. "I thought about it, though. They ought to be punished, too. But I realized that if I did call, they'd be mad at me and take it out on you. Anyway, I'm sure they're not having such a good night, either. I bet they panicked every time their phone rang tonight."

Linda heaved a sigh of relief. At least she didn't have to worry about her friends never talking to her again. She thanked her Mom and started to walk away, unable to keep her hands from lightly massaging the seat of her pajama bottoms. Suddenly, she stopped and walked back to Sue. "I'm really sorry about what I did, Mom.", she said as the tears started to flow again. "You were right to spank me. I deserved it...and I won't ever do it again." Sue put her arm around her and walked her to the stairs. "That's half the battle, Linda.", she said softly. "Half the battle..."

THE END Part 3