Subject: Story: Mom's Best Friend-Part 2
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: 25 Nov 1997 18:55:47 -0800

Mom's Best Friend - Part 2

Well, the hairbrush Sue's daughters were so frightened of did collect dust for a very long time. It sat on the dresser for over a year. Yes, there were a couple of groundings and a few nights of no TV, but nothing serious enough to merit the use of the brush. Not that it wasn't thought of - Linda, Peggy and Marsha now had to take into consideration the possibility of a spanking every time they contemplated doing something their mother would disapprove of. And Sue would refer to the hairbrush several times over the course of that year when she felt one of the girls' behavior was borderline. It worked.

That is, it worked until the early fall of 1966. Peggy, now 15, was invited to go with friends into town one Saturday. There was a problem, however; she had already spent her allowance and didn't have any money. So, like most teenagers, she asked her Mom for an advance. "I'm sorry, Hon...", Sue said sympathetically, "but the bills are due this week and I'm going to be a little short."

The disappointed girl went to Marsha's room and asked her if she could borrow a couple of dollars. Just as she expected, the answer was no. The 13-year-old was just as bad as Peggy when it came to money; she spent her allowance as soon as she got it. Linda, on the other hand, was just the opposite. She saved hers. Unfortunately, Linda wasn't home to ask for a loan. She was baysitting.

Defeated, Peggy was about to call her friends to tell them she couldn't go when she had a brainstorm. She knew that when her mother got paid on Fridays, she always put a five dollar bill in her pocketbook that was to be used for the Church offering on Sunday. The money was kept separate from the other bills so it wouldn't be spent by mistake. Peggy would take that five dollars and go into town, then when Linda got home she'd borrow five dollars from her and replace it in Sue's pocketbook. No one would be the wiser.

And that's just what Peggy did. While Sue was otherwise occupied in another part of the house, she tiptoed downstairs and found her mother's pocketbook. Sure enough, the five dollar bill was exactly where it always was. Peggy stuffed the bill in her pants pocket while noticing Sue wasn't lying when she said she had no extra money. There wasn't so much as a quarter in that pocketbook.

Peggy was just about to leave when Sue, wearing a forlorn expression, came up to her room. "Are you still going out with your friends?", she asked. Peggy said she was. "Look, I'm really sorry I don't have any money to give you.", her Mom said. "Things are really kind of tight financially right now. You do understand, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom...I understand.", the teenager replied. She hadn't expected this, nor did she expect the ensuing hug Sue gave her. Peggy was starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing. "Maybe I won't spend all of it.", she thought to herself. "I'll put the five dollars I'll get from Linda plus whatever's left over back in her pocketbook!" It was one of her best rationalizations ever.

Peggy met her friends, Joanne and Connie, and the trio took the bus into town. The five dollars was now 4.75. The first stop was the local discount store. Her friends each bought a pair of earrings. Here Peggy exercised great self control - she didn't buy any. Besides, her Mom didn't allow her to wear earrings yet. Next stop was the soda fountain, where all three ordered an ice cream soda and flirted a little with the cute guy behind the counter. Down to 4.25.

It would be a wasted trip if the teens didn't visit the record shop across from the bus stop. For half an hour they thumbed through albums. "I'm going to get this one!", a proud Connie announced, holding up Paul Revere And The Raiders latest epic. "I Think Mark Lindsey is just the grooviest!"

Joanne pulled a Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs record out."This is the one I'm gonna buy!" She got an impish look in her eye. "Owwwwww! Who's that I see walkin' in these woods...", she sang in her best Sam The Sham voice.

"Why, it's Little Red Ridin' Hood!", Peggy and Connie sang back before breaking into a giddy laugh.

"Which one are you going to get, Peg?", Connie asked.

Peggy bowed her head. "I don't think I'll get one today. Maybe next time."

"Oh, come on! You have to!", Joanne urged. "Then we can go to my house and play them!"

Peggy could feel her willpower evaporating. "Well, I kinda like this one...", She showed them an album by the Troggs, the one with "Wild Thing" on it.

"That's a good one!", her friends both complimented. "Go ahead and get it!"

The record was 3.79, leaving her with 46 cents. Subtract another 25 cents for the bus, and Peggy had 21 cents left. So much for good intentions...

"Hi, Mom...", Peggy announced, "I'm home."

Sue came out of the kitchen. "Hello, Dear. Did you have a good time?"

Peggy assured her she did and held up the bag with the album in it. "Look, Joanne let me borrow a record.", she volunteered. "I'm going to my room and play it..." She hurried to the stairs.

"Not too loud!", Sue warned as her daughter disappeared.

Peggy through the album on her bed and almost ran down the hall to Linda's room. The door was open and she was sitting at her desk doing some homework. "Hey, what's going on! Did you and your friends enjoy yourselves this afternoon?", the 16-year-old asked.

"Yeah, it was OK.", Peggy said. "I need to ask you something REAL important. Can you let me borrow five dollars?"

Linda closed her book and sighed. "I would if I could, Peggy, but I gave Mom all the money I had the other day. I don't have a penny."

"B-but what about the money you made babysitting today?" Peggy was beginning to panic.

"I gave that to her, too."

Peggy was sunk. She half-heartedly thanked Linda and went back to her room. On the way, she passed Sue's bedroom and looked in. There, on top of the dresser, was the hairbrush. She got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Please, me get out of this!", her mind shouted. But there would be no Divine intervention, not on this day.

The Reverend ended his sermon and the organist began to play. Peggy's muscles tightened as she watched the ushers get the big gold plates next to the alter and begin working their way down the rows of pews. Her mother, seated next to her, opened her pocketbook and put her hand inside, expecting to find the offering where it always was.

"I know it's in here!", Sue whispered while fumbling around the pocketbook. "It's got to be!" Meanwhile, the ushers were quickly approaching. "Where is it! I put it in here myself!"

The collection plate made its way down the row. It was passed to Marsha, who passed it to Peggy. The 15-year-old's hands were visibly shaking when she gave it to her mother. Sue, her face red with embarrassment, handed it to a surprised Linda. "Where's the offering?", the oldest mouthed after passing the plate on.

"I don't know!", Sue softly hissed. "I do know I put it in my pocketbook when I got paid last week!"

The service continued with the confused mom trying desperately to figure out what happened to the money. She knew she didn't spend it, and it would never occur to her that one of her daughters would take it. That is, until she glanced at Peggy. The girl was staring straight ahead, and she was as white as a sheet. Tiny beads of perspiration dotted her forehead. Something was definitely wrong.

Sue thought back to last evening. Come to think of it, Peggy wasn't herself last night, either. She didn't say much and barely touched her supper. After the dishes were done, she didn't stick around to watch Gilligan's Island or I Dream Of Jeannie with the rest of the family. Instead, she went to her room and stayed there the rest of the night. Sue remembered thinking that maybe Peggy was coming down with something; she hadn't seemed right since coming back from town.

That's when Sue started putting two and two together. She recalled Peggy's request for an advance on her allowance, and how it was denied. Then she went into town anyway, and came home with a record album. Maybe Joanne did loan it to her, but she was going to ask her about it when they got home anyway. Sue fervently hoped her daughter was telling the truth about that album.

When the service ended, Sue deviated from her normal routine of staying around and talking to friends she only saw at church. She whisked the girls to the car and headed home. "Do you have any idea what happened to the offering money in my pocketbook?", she asked them, giving Peggy a last chance to confess.

"No, Mom.", Linda and Marsha quickly replied.

Sue glanced in her rear-view mirror and saw Peggy staring out the window. It looked like she was biting her lightly glossed lips. "What about you, Peggy? Do you know anything about it?"

Peggy shook her head. "No, Mom. I don't know what happened to it, either. Maybe you just forgot this time."

"I guess I did.", Sue replied, changing her tactics. "Oh, well. I'll make up for it next Sunday. I'll put in double."

Sue could almost hear the sigh of relief from the back seat. Suddenly Peggy was back to her normal self. "What are we having for dinner today, Mom? I'm starved..."

As soon as the family got home, three teenagers headed straight for the stairs. They had had enough of skirts, blouses and pantyhose for one day. It was then when Sue took a chance. "Peggy, what's Joanne's phone number?"

All three girls froze halfway up the stairway. Peggy's legs grew limp and she held on to the bannister, her face ashen. "W-Why do y-you w-want her phone n-number...", she stuttered.

"Relax, Dear...I AM a music teacher, remember? I just want to take it to school next week so my students can hear something a little different, that's all. Since it's Joanne's record and you're only borrowing it, it's only right that I ask her permission. Correct?"

Peggy's mind raced. "That's all right, Mom. I'm sure she won't mind. If you want, I'll call her for you."

Sue shook her head. "No, I'll do it.", she said, heading for the phone. "I think I wrote her number down in the telephone book. Yes, here it is." She started dialing.

Peggy's heart was beating so fast she was sure it would explode. "No Mom! Please don't!", she blurted.

Sue put the phone down. "Have you something to tell me, Peggy?", she asked in a stern voice that sent icicles through all three girls' veins.

"Yes, Mom...", Peggy said softly while her shocked sisters looked on. "It's my record. I bought it yesterday. I took the money from your pocketbook, but I was going to put it back..."

The room grew silent, save for Peggy's erratic, heavy breathing. Sue crossed her arms across her chest and glared up at her. "So, you took the Church offering from my pocketbook and lied about it."

"Yes, Ma'am.", Peggy said with a sniffle.

"Peggy, I think you better go to my bedroom. I'll be up in a few minutes to deal with you."

"No, Mommy! Please! I'll never do it again! I promise!", the teenager cried.

Sue pointed to the top of the stairs. "Go to my room NOW!", the angry mom commanded. "Don't make me tell you again!" Peggy turned and ran up the rest of the stairs, her face buried in her hands. Linda and Marsha stood frozen. "I suggest you two find something to do in the kitchen." They needed no extra prompting.

Peggy heard her mother's footsteps getting closer. Instinctively, she placed her hands on the seat of her skirt. "Nooooo!", she moaned softly, taking a step backwards. "This can't be happening!"

Unfortunately for the youngster, it was. Sue entered the master bedroom and closed the door, a very determined look on her face. "I'm ashamed of you, Peggy.", she told the sniveling girl. "Stealing the Lord's money so you could buy a record album. That is absolutely disgraceful! And then you have the utter gall to lie about it. Shame on you! Whatever got into you!"

"I don't know, Mommy...", Peggy said through her tears. "I won't do it again, please believe me! Please don't spank me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry...", Sue said as she started for the dresser, "if ever a certain young lady needed a good blistering, it's you. It's time this hairbrush was put to good use." She picked the brush up and patted her palm with it. "You're going to remember this spanking for a long time, Missy. I promise you that." Sue pulled the bench from her vanity out and sat down, hairbrush in hand. "Come over here."

Slowly, Peggy approached her waiting mom. "Mommy please...I don't want a spanking..."

"Of course you don't.", the impatient Sue repled as she reached forward and pulled the reluctant teenager towards her. "But's that what you deserve, and that's what you're going to get."

Shaking on legs that were about to give out, Peggy felt her skirt and slip being lifted. "No Mommy please! Please don't!", she begged as the garments were raised above her hips. Then Sue inserted her fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pantyhose and dragged them down to just above the knees. Peggy rushed to cover her pubic hair with her hands. "Not on the bare bottom! Please Mommy!"

Sue slapped her daughter on the thigh. "Stop that this instant!" Before Peggy could react, she had her face-down across her lap, her bared buttocks in a quite vulnerable position. "This is for your own good, young lady!" The hard-backed hairbrush descended mightily on the upturned, slim bottomcheeks. "I hope you learn something from this!"

Peggy's tear-filled eyes opened wide as the heat from the first spank spread through her posterior. Instantly she knew that this was going to be worse than her spanking last year. Far worse. The second spank confirmed it.

"I see you don't like my new friend!", Sue commented, noticing Peggy was already beginning to kick her legs and drum the floor with her shoes. A dozen smacks had already turned her backside a brilliant shade of red. She locked the struggling girl's legs with one of her own. "Well, you better get used to it! We've just gotten started."

Loud smacks and even louder cries filled the bedroom and filtered downstairs to the kitchen. Linda and Marsha avoided each other's eyes; neither had ever heard such carrying on during a spanking. Then again, neither had been spanked with a hairbrush before, either.

"NO MORE MOMMY! PLEASE! I'M SORRRRRY!", Peggy wailed, her bottom now a deep scarlet and blotched with purple. "I'll never do it again!"

Sue paused and inspected the damage. Peggy's behind had taken about all it could. However, she added a half-dozen spanks to each of the exposed thighs between buttocks and pantyhose before allowing the sobbing girl to get off her lap.

This time, modesty was cast aside. Both hands rushed to her blistered hind end, obscenely thrusting out her crotch. "Oh hurts...", she cried.

Sue just wanted to throw her arms around her punished little girl and give her a hug, but now was not the time. Instead, she walked her over to the corner. "Thirty minutes, young lady.", she warned as sternly as she could. "And don't let that skirt fall down." That said, Sue walked over to the dresser, opened a draw, and took out her late husband's pocketwatch. Then she sat down on the rocking chair beside the vanity, cradling the watch in her hands. "Remember, thirty minutes..."

Three hours later, Linda and Marsha sat at the kitchen table and stared at the vacant seat while Sue prepared to serve dinner. It had been a quiet afternoon, at least since the spanking ended. The girls hadn't seen their sister since. It was just as well. Since being allowed to leave the corner, Peggy spent the time in her room, face-down on the bed with her pantiea and pantyhose still down, cring softly into her pillow. Occasionally, she'd reach back and lightly massage the burning, swollen mounds. It was not something Linda and Marsha needed to see.

"I'm going to get your sister.", Sue announced. "There better not be any teasing, or she won't be the only one with a sore bottom. Is that clear?" Perfectly.

Sue tapped on the door and saw Peggy try to pull down her skirt over her exposed backside, not entirely successfully. "C'mon, Hon. Dinner's ready."

Some more tears began to flow. "Do I have to, Mom? It hurts too much. I won't be able to sit down. And...I'm too ashamed..."

Now it was time for that hug. Carefully, Sue helped Peggy to her feet and held her in her arms. "Well, I see you did learn something this afternoon. I'm proud of you. Maybe next time, it won't take a spanking."

"It won't, Mommy. I promise.", Peggy sniffled while rubbing her still bare buttocks.

"We'll see, Hon.", Sue said, knowing from her own teenage years that promises were sometimes hard to keep. "Why don't you put on your nightgown and robe and come down to dinner? I'll see you in a few minutes." She kissed Peggy on the forehead and started to leave. "By the way, no one will say anything if you bring your pillow with you..."

The End Part 2