Subject: Story: Kate's General Store - Part 9
From: carolinajimCarolina Jim <>
Date: 1997/01/29

Kate's General Store - Part 9

"Mother, I think it's high time we discussed my curfew.", Elizabeth stated while eating dinner in the Garner's spacious dining room. "Now that I'm 17, I feel it should be extended to an hour more befitting that of a young woman my age. As you well know, I'll be a senior next school year, and having to be home by nine o'clock on weeknights and eleven-thirty on Fridays and Saturdays is totally unacceptable. I feel midnight during the week and two AM on weekends is far more appropriate. And I think my allowance needs to be raised as well, Mother. Ten dollars a week just isn't enough. I went shopping the other day and bought a blouse and scarf, and I barely had enough money left over to buy a record album! Do you see what I mean?"

Charlotte Garner sat back in her chair and sighed. Life had been so much simpler when she was growing up. Raised in the country by parents who had to struggle all their lives to make ends meet, she and her sister Viv considered themselves lucky if they had a penny to buy candy with. Curfews? Forget it - you stayed home on school nights and if you behaved during the week, you got to go to the well-chaperoned barn dance on Saturday. Charlotte never dreamed when she married Carl that he'd turn out to be a successful businessman and she'd be able to have anything her heart desired. A big house in the city, more than enough money in the bank...and a spoiled daughter. Listening to Elizabeth, it began to dawn on her for the very first time that maybe money wasn't everything.

"Mother, did you hear me! I was talking to you!", the bespectacled Elizabeth snapped.

"Yes, Dear...I heard you.", Charlotte replied calmly. "And the answer is no. No, I will not change your curfew, and no, your allowance will not be raised. There is no reason in the world why any teenager - including one that turned 17 only yesterday - should be out at those hours. As for your allowance, 10 dollars a week is outrageous. I don't know WHY your father raised it to that. It's not like you do anything to actually earn it."

A miffed Elizabeth stared at the silk tablecloth. "No" was not a word she was accustomed to hearing. "I wish Daddy was here. HE'D let me stay out later, PLUS raise my allowance."

"Well, he's not, and won't be for another week. And you might as well stop your pouting, too. Nothing is going to change my mind, including your father. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should be counting your blessings."

Elizabeth stared icily across the table. "Is that your final word on the subject, Mother?"

Charlotte nodded. "It is."

"Very well, then. I'd just like to say that I consider your decision totally unreasonable, and I don't like it one bit. And that's MY last word on the subject!" The 17-year-old threw her napkin on the table and started to leave.

"Wait just a minute, young lady!", Charlotte yelled. "You don't talk to me like that! I'm still your mother, and don't you forget it!"

Elizabeth stopped, turned, and shrugged her shoulders. "Are you through, Mother?", she said flippantly.

Charlotte's first instinct was to grab her insolent daughter and give her the spanking she'd needed for the past seventeen years. "Remain calm...", she thought to herself. Neither she nor Carl had ever raised a hand to her. "You can consider yourself grounded for the next five days, and you will not be receiving your allowance this week. Now go to your room."

"What!", Elizabeth shouted, reacting to the stiffest punishment she had ever gotten. "You can't be serious!"

"I'm very serious. And if you don't go to your room this instant, I'll double it."

With a stomp of her foot, the angry teen ran up the stairs to the safe confines of her well-decorated bedroom. "So she thinks she can get away with that!", Elizabeth hissed as she took a round suitcase from her closet. "I'll show her a thing or two! Wait until she goes to be tonight and doesn't find me here tomorrow morning! Then she'll appreciate me..."

"I think I'm going to have a cup of coffee, Chrissy.", Kate said. "Call me if you need me."

Leaving her daughter to watch the register, Kate joined the other women who were gathered around the pot-bellied stove. Anna Carpenter, Eunice Jenkins, Joan Lewis, and Vivian Green were there early that morning, each picking up some various household items. "Kate, Chrissy looked SO nice at graduation last week...", Joan complimented. "That dress you made fit her perfectly."

"It's hard to believe that she's going away to college in the fall.", Eunice added. "We're all going to miss her around here. I guess she's all grown up now."

"Not quite!", Kate said with a chuckle, recalling that Chrissy had accepted her diploma with the marks of a recent spanking on her "grown up" behind. "And she's not gone yet - let's not get rid of her too soon!"

Anna was about to pour herself another cup of coffee when she looked out the window. "Viv...isn't that Sheila on her bicycle out there?"

The other women peered outside. Sure enough, it was Vivian's youngest daughter, pedaling her bike just as fast as her legs could move. The girl stopped in front of the store, let the bicycle fall to the sidewalk, and ran inside. "Mom, you're not going to believe this...", the out of breath 15- year-old said, "but Elizabeth is here."

Vivian looked confused. "Elizabeth? Your Aunt Charlotte didn't say anything about a visit the last time I talked to her."

Shaking her head, Sheila put up her hand. "No, Mom. You don't understand. Aunt Charlotte isn't with her! Elizabeth is by herself!"

"By herself! What in the world is going on? How did she get here? They live almost two hundred miles away!"

The slightly overweight girl didn't have the answers. "I don't know.", Sheila explained. "Pam and I were just finishing up the breakfast dishes when there was a knock on the door. It was Elizabeth, holding a suitcase. She just barged right in and made herself at home. That's when I left and came here."

"I guess I better find out what this is all about.", Vivian told her friends as she headed for the door. "Come on, Sheila. We'll put your bicycle in the back of the truck..."

"Oh...Hello, Aunt Vivian.", the all-dressed-up Elizabeth greeted, looking up from the bacon and eggs she had talked Pam into making for her. "It's so nice to see you. How long has it been - Christmas?"

Pam got up from the table and addressed her mother. "Elizabeth is going to be staying with us for a while, Mom."

"Yes, Aunt Vivian...I hope this doesn't inconvenience you.", her niece added, ever so politely. Seeing Viv standing next to the refrigerator, she asked for a glass of milk. "If you'd be so kind..."

Vivian did as requested, noting that Elizabeth hadn't changed at all. Still the spoiled brat she always was. How Charlotte had allowed her to turn out this way was beyond her. "So, to what do we owe this little visit?", she said, placing the glass in front of her and taking a seat.

Not the least bit concerned, Elizabeth took a sip of milk and asked Pam if she'd make her a piece of toast. "Just a little butter, please - I'm trying to watch my figure." She then turned to her aunt. "You were saying? Oh, I remember. You were asking why I'm here. Mother hasn't been herself lately, and I decided she needed some time to herself. Just last night, she had a TERRIBLE tantrum when I asked her to adjust my curfew and raise my allowance. I figure I'll stay here a week or so, and by then mother should have regained her senses."

Nothing about Elizabeth's story sounded right to Viv. "Why didn't your mother call and tell me you were coming? And how did you get here?"

"Mother didn't call because she doesn't know about it.", Elizabeth replied without hesitation. "As for my mode of transportation, I very nice truck driver was kind enough to offer me a ride."

To say Vivian and her daughters were flabbergasted would be a gross understatement. "You mean you ran away from home and hitch-hiked here because, if I have this straight, you didn't get a raise in your allowance!", Vivian shrieked.

"AND she wouldn't change my curfew.", Elizabeth quickly added. "But really, Aunt Vivian, you make it sound so tawdry! I didn't run away, I just left home for a few days. I have every intention of going back, but not until my mother has learned to appreciate me. Besides, staying out here in the country must be boring as all get-outs."

"Your mother must be worried sick about you!"

Pam brought over the toast and handed it to Elizabeth, which the uninvited guest quickly turned her nose up at. "I asked you not to put a lot of butter on that.", Elizabeth told her 16-year-old cousin as she handed it back to her. "Yes, I suppose Mother IS rather worried at this point.", she said. "I want her to be." Then, stretching, she said "I'm really tired. I've been up all night. I think I'm going to take a shower and then lay down in Pam's bed for a while. And please, Aunt Vivian, not a word to my mother. I'm counting on you."

Elizabeth left the room, leaving her aunt and cousins sitting there in stunned disbelief. "You're going to call Aunt Charlotte, aren't you?", Pam asked.

"Of course I am." Vivian got up and dialed the phone as the shower was turned on upstairs. Just as she predicted, her sister on the other end was frantic. It took a good ten minutes before Viv was able to calm Charlotte down and convince her that Elizabeth was fine.

"What did she say, Mom?", Sheila asked after her mom hung up.

Vivian arched her eyebrows. "Well, she was pretty upset, as you can imagine. She even called the police. But now that she knows where Elizabeth is, I think everything's going to be OK. She'll be here sometime this afternoon to get her."

"What do you think Aunt Charlotte is going to do to her?", Pam wanted to know.

"Oh, she was so happy to hear Elizabeth was all right that she'll probably give your cousin everything she wants...", Vivian answered with a sigh. "Everything, that is, except what Elizabeth really needs - an old-fashioned, bare-bottomed spanking. And believe you me, if I were her mother, that's EXACTLY what she'd get..."

Elizabeth was still sound asleep when Charlotte, looking worn and haggard, arrived. Pam and Sheila greeted her with hugs and kisses before Viv suggested they go to the Soda Shop for a milkshake. The teens took the hint, and as soon as they were out the door Charlotte broke down in tears. "It's all right...", Vivian comforted, embracing her sister. "It's all over now. Elizabeth is safe and sound. She's sleeping upstairs. Come on into the kitchen and I'll fix you a cup of tea. You'll feel better in no time..."

"There, that'll fix you right up!", Viv cheerfully said as she placed the cup and saucer on the table. "Now, tell me what happened. Elizabeth said that you had a 'terrible tantrum' last night."

Charlotte's head popped up. "She said what! That's not the way it was at all! She asked me to change her curfew and raise her allowance, and I refused! I thought I handled the situation pretty well - I only raised my voice once, and that was to get her attention. She made a couple of smart remarks, and I grounded her and took away her allowance for a week. That's all. It's hardly a reason for her to run away like that. My goodness, the girl got off easy. If you or I had talked to Mom like she talked to me last night, we would have gotten the strap."

Vivian thought about adding her two cents worth about that very subject, but held her tongue. Elizabeth was Charlotte's daughter, not hers. "She told me the reason she ran away was so you'd be worried about her. I guess my darling niece wanted to teach you a lesson, so when she came home you'd cave in and give her what she wanted."

"Well, she succeeded on one thing. I was scared to death something bad had happened to her. I had the police looking for her, and I couldn't reach Carl because he was in a sales meeting. I finally got a hold of him just before I left. But I'll tell you one thing, Elizabeth is not getting her allowance raised one cent, and her curfew's staying like it is. Imagine, a girl of 17 getting ten dollars a week!"

Ten dollars was a hefty sum in 1957, and the news floored Viv. "You've got to be kidding! Some folks around here work all week and don't make that much!"

"I know...", Charlotte said meekly, "Carl suggested it a couple of years ago, and I, like a fool, agreed. By the way, how did she get here?"

"She hitch-hiked. Some truck driver picked her up."

Charlotte shook her head and got up. She walked over to the window looking out over the back yard and stared outside. The sisters were silent for the longest time until Viv went over and stood next to her. "What are you looking at?", she asked.

"Oh, at that old shed you have out there...It looks like the one we had out back when we were growing up. What do you keep in it?"

"Well, some gardening tools, the lawnmower...a little bit of everything.", Viv replied. "Anything we don't use anymore usually winds up out there."

Her older sister kept staring at the shed. "There wouldn't be a leather strap in there, by any chance."

Vivian nodded. "Yep. A nice, thick one. Just like Daddy used to use. And there just happens to be an old chair out there, too. It has arms that are tailor-made for a naughty young lady to bend over."

"It sounds like you're carrying on the family tradition.", Charlotte said.

"Pam and Sheila have made a trip or two out there.", Viv admitted. "Pam's last visit was only last month. She was a very sore 16-year-old for a few days, but since her spanking, she's been a perfect angel - just like we were after we got our bottoms warmed."

Charlotte had heard enough. "I think it's my turn to carry on the tradition." Her sister couldn't have agreed more...

"Girls, I have a favor to ask of you.", Viv said when her daughters returned. "Aunt Charlotte and Elizabeth are staying over night, so I need you to share Sheila's room, Pam. Elizabeth will sleep in your bed, and Aunt Charlotte will have the spare room. OK?"

The two teens readily agreed. "Is Sleeping Beauty up yet?", Pam asked her mom.

"I think so. I heard the bathroom door close a few minutes ago, so she should be down pretty soon."

Vivian was right. Shortly thereafter, while she and Charlotte were in the kitchen, Elizabeth made her entrance. "Hi, sleepy-head!", Pam called out as she descended the stairs. "Did you have a nice nap?"

"No thanks to you and Sheila!", the neatly-dressed 17-year-old harrumphed. She had no idea at all her mother was there. "You two sounded like a herd of elephants when you were running down the hall a little while ago. Didn't your mother teach you any manners at all when you have company!" Pam and Sheila bowed their heads and whispered their apologies.

Elizabeth was just about to seat herself on the couch when she heard her aunt call. "Will you please come in here, Elizabeth? I need to talk to you about something."

"Certainly, Aunt Vivian." She entered the kitchen and saw her aunt and mother standing by the sink. "Damnit! What the hell is she doing here! I thought I left instructions that she wasn't to be called!", Elizabeth fairly shouted at Viv.

No further prompting was necessary. Charlotte walked up to her daughter and slapped her right across the face. "Mother!", Elizabeth squeeled, rubbing the red handprint on her cheek while her glasses steamed up.

"You want to know what I'm doing here?", Charlotte yelled. "I'll show you!" She took the utterly shocked Elizabeth by the earlobe and led her to the kitchen door. "You and I are going to take a little walk!"

All the commotion going on aroused Pam's and Sheila's curiosity. They tip- toed to the kitchen just in time to see their squirming, pleading cousin being taken outside. "MOTHER! PLEASE LET ME GO! YOU'RE HURTING ME!", Elizabeth hollered as the door slammed shut.

"What's going on, Mom?", Pam asked. "Where are they going?"

Vivian smiled. "I believe Queen Elizabeth is about to be introduced to the royal strap."

The girls couldn't help but grin. "Boy, do I feel sorry for her!", Pam said, rubbing a hand across the seat of her shorts. Her spanking last month was still very much remembered...

"LET GO OF ME!", Elizabeth, her ear still in her mother's firm hold, demanded on the way to the shed. She said it so loud that Mrs. Boyntan next door came to her window to watch. "DID YOU HEAR ME! I SAID LET GO OF ME!"

Charlotte opened the shed door with her free hand and pushed her daughter inside. Just like Viv said, there was a chair that was perfect for what she had in mind. She saw the strap hanging by a nail next to the window. "MOTHER! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!", Elizabeth screamed when she saw her take the formidable-looking strip of leather from its resting place.

"I intend to give you the spanking you so dearly deserve.", her mom replied. "I dare say you won't be running away or hitch-hiking again after I finish with that precious bottom of yours. Now lift up your skirt, pull down your underpants, and bend over the arm of that chair."

"I'll do no such thing!" Elizabeth bolted for the open door, only to be caught by Charlotte and tossed backside-up over the chair's arm. CRAAAAAAACK! CRAAAAAACK! The strap landed across the summits of the girl's buttocks, burning right through the skirt and panties. "AIEEEEEEE! AIEEEEEE!" She jumped to her feet and placed her hands on her seat. "I HATE YOU!"

Charlotte wasn't fazed at all. "Well, you're really going to hate me in a few minutes. Now do as I said or I'll get your aunt out here to hold you down while I spank some brattiness out and some sense into your little behind."


Even through her fogged glasses, Elizabeth could see her mother walk towards the door. "VIV! CAN YOU COME OUT HERE PLEASE!"

Her mom wasn't bluffing. "OKAY! I'LL DO WHAT YOU WANT! TELL HER TO GO BACK!" A spanking would be humiliating enough without an audience.

Charlotte waved her sister back into the house and turned to Elizabeth. The blushing teen turned away and lifted the calf-length skirt to her waist. "Please, Mother...I think I should be allowed to keep my panties on."

The subject was not open to debate. Charlotte approached, bent her daughter over the chair, and yanked down the nylon briefs. "Noooooooo!", Elizabeth moaned, realizing that her mother was seeing her bare rear for the first time in ages. Two pink stripes were very noticeable on the well-rounded, white bottomcheeks. They would soon have company.

"CRAAAAAAACK! CRAAAAAAACK! CRAAAAAAACK! The strap exploded across Elizabeth's bottom, each blow sounding like a firecracker and feeling like a hot iron. "AIEEEEEEEE! AIEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOO!" CRAAAAAAAACK! CRAAAAAAACK! "AIEEEEEE! OHHHHHHHHH! PLEEEEEEASE! STOP MOMMMMMMMMY!", Elizabeth wailed at the top of her voice, causing a few more smiles on three faces back in the kitchen. CRAAAAAAACK! CRAAAAAACK! "AIEEEEEEEE! AIEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAAHAAAAA! MOMMMMMY!" Tears flowed freely as the heat in her backside raged; she had no idea a spanking was this painful!

"There's going to be some changes made" - CRAAAAAAACK! - "when we get home tomorrow!", Charlotte promised, bringing the strap down again across the 17-year-old's welted backside. CRAAAAAAACK! "Effective immediately" - CRAAAAACK! - "your allowance is now two dollars a week!" CRAAAAAACK! "And you will WORK for every" - CRAAAAACK! - "penny of it!" CRAAAAAAACK! "And there will be no going" - CRAAAAAACK! - "out on weeknights!" CRAAAAAACK! "You will be home" - CRAAAACK! - "by eleven on weekends!" CRAAAAAACK! "And if you EVER" - CRAAAAACK! - "talk to your aunt or anyone else" - CRAAAAACK! - "like you did this afternoon" - CRAAAAAACK! - "I'll wash your mouth out with soap" - CRAAAAAAACK! - "before I spank you!" CRAAAAAAAACK! "Is that clear" - CRAAAAAACK!" - "young lady!"


Charlotte laid three sharp smacks across Elizabeth's thighs and returned the strap to its nail. The sobbing girl hadn't even realized her spanking was over, being too concerned with the swollen, purple orbs that used to be her backside. Now she knew what it was like to sit on a hot stove.

"You can get up now, Darling.", Charlotte said calmly.

Slowly, Elizabeth painfully got to her feet and massaged her bottom, feeling the network of welts that covered the once smooth skin. Modesty was no longer an issue, she cared not one iota that her abundant thatch of brown pubic hair was on display. Charlotte did, however, and she helped her retrieve her panties.

Mother and daughter remained in the now quiet shed for a time, while Elizabeth struggled to regain her composure. "Let's go inside now.", Mom finally said. "You can go to Pam's room and get into bed. I don't think you'll want any supper tonight." Tearfully, Elizabeth assured her she didn't. Together they walked to the house, their arms around each other.

There were no smiles when Sheila and Pam saw their cousin's tear-ravaged face. "Elizabeth's going on to bed.", Charlotte announced when they got inside. "She'll see you in the morning." Everyone watched in silence as the well-spanked teenager left the room, still sniffling and rubbing the seat of her now wrinkled skirt.

"Aunt Vivian, do you want me to help with the dishes before we leave?", Elizabeth politely asked after breakfast the next day and shifting very uncomfortably on the pillow she was sitting on.

Charlotte and Viv exchanged knowing glances. "Viv, where did you get that strap?", her sister asked later on. "I think I'm going to take one home with me."

"I'm sure Pam and Sheila wouldn't mind if I gave you mine, but I'm afraid its services might still be needed around here for a few more years!", Viv said with a chuckle. "Kate has some at her store, though. That's where I got it."

Charlotte's eyes lit up. "Elizabeth, Dear...grab your suitcase and pillow... we have a stop to make on the way home..."

The End Part 9