Subject: Story: Kate's General Store-Part 8 (2nd try!)
From: James Werdal Carolina Jim <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 23:35:16 -0500

Kate's General Store - Part 8


Holly Carpenter stood in the hallway at the top of the stairs, listening to the howls coming from behind the closed door of the master bedroom. Judging by the smile on her pimpled face, the 17-year-old was quite obviously enjoying what she was hearing. "Spank her good, Mother...", Holly whispered as she heard the belt once again descend on her sister's bare behind. "That's what you get for getting into Joey's car, you little brat..."


"Listen to her...what a crybaby!", Holly gloated as her sister Cecelia's cries turned to sobs. And she had good reason to gloat, for it was she who told her mother about the 15-year-old's deliberate act of defiance. One of Anna Carpenter's strictest rules was that her daughters were NOT to get into a boy's car, under any circumstances. So when Holly saw Cecilia get into Joey's Studebaker at the Soda Shop, she immediately ran home and told her mom. "I hate to be a snitch and all, Mother...but I thought you needed to know." Little did Anna realize that Holly's informing had little to do with concern for family duty - not by a long shot. No, she was angry because Joey hadn't asked HER. Cecelia was prettier and shapelier than her plain-Jane older sister, and Holly was jealous.

Anna thanked her and said yes, she did need to know. As soon as Cecelia walked in the door, her mother confronted her. To make matters worse, the high school freshman lied before breaking down and confessing. A short time later, Cecilia was soon bent over her mother's bed, dress up and panties down...

The cracking of the belt finally stopped. All Holly could hear was her mom's voice and Cecilia's crying. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and the punished girl emerged, her face ravaged with tears and both hands up the back of her school dress rubbing the seat of her underpants. "I'll get you for this!", Cecilia hissed when she saw Holly. "You'll be sorry..."

"I'm sorry I got you into trouble, Donna...", a disconsolate Holly told her friend as they walked home together. "I should never have passed you that note in class."

An equally downcast Donna Hollings shrugged her shoulders. For the first time in their lives, the two 17-year-old juniors had been sent to the Principal's office. "It's not all your fault.", she said. "I shouldn't have laughed when I saw the picture you drew of Miss Fletcher."

"I guess we were pretty lucky.", Holly offered. "I thought for sure old Mrs. Bailey was going to paddle us. Maybe she didn't because the end of school is only a week away, or because we've never been in trouble before. I just wish she didn't send that note home to be signed. I don't think I'll be going on the class picnic Wednesday, not after my mother gets through with me. I won't be able to wear a bathing suit, that's for sure."

Donna barely heard her; she had more important things on her mind than a picnic that was two days away. Ever since she could remember, Kate Hollings had preached to her daughters that if you get in trouble at school, you'll be in far more trouble when you get home. In the Hollings household, that meant a spanking. She dreaded showing that note to her mom.

The girls trudged along, paying no attention at all to the warm spring air. "Hey, I've got an idea!", Holly suddenly exclaimed. "Here, hold these!" She handed a dumbfounded Donna her schoolbooks, all except the Math textbook. "Watch this!" Holly reached into her pocketbook, took out a pen, and then removed the Principal's note from the Math book. In her best handwriting, she carefully scripted her mother's name: Mrs. Anna Carpenter. "There!", she said proudly.

"Are you crazy!", Donna retorted, giving Holly's books back.

"I don't think so.", her friend replied. "Nobody looks at the note after you hand it in. All they do is make sure there's a signature on it, and then it's thrown away. You ought to try it - then you don't have to worry about going on the picnic. And if your mother is like mine, the spanking she's going to give you. If you don't want to do it yourself, get one of your sisters to do it."

Before Donna could say a word, a wide-eyed Cecelia came running up to them. "What happened in school today? I saw you coming out of the Principal's office this afternoon! What did you do?"

"Nothing...", a suddenly not-so-confident Holly answered.

Little sister wasn't buying that. "Come on...the only reason someone goes to Mrs. Bailey's office is because they got in trouble. Did you get paddled?"

"NO!", both girls replied emphatically. Cecelia was right, however; no one was ever in the Principal's office unless they had done something wrong. "No, she just gave us a lecture.", Holly said, regaining her composure. She looked at Cecelia with pleading eyes. "Look, I'm sorry about what happened with Joey's car that time...please don't tell Mom."

Cecelia smiled. "Oh, forget it! That was over three months ago! I know now it was all my fault! Don't worry, I won't say anything. But what are you going to do about the note? Mrs. Bailey ALWAYS sends one home. Mom'll blister your backside when she sees that."

"I signed it myself.", Holly admitted. "She won't see it..."

Donna got to the store and put her books under the counter. "Hi, Mom.", she said, lacking her usual gusto and enthusiasm. "What do you want me to do?"

"How was school today, Darling?", Kate asked, and was answered with a shrug. "Are you feeling OK? You seem kind of listless." Donna assured her she was fine. "Alright, then how about watching the register while I go into the office and order some merchandise. It's been a little slow today, so after Chrissy gets here you can go up and get started on your homework. And make sure Patty and Susie aren't burning supper."

Chrissy arrived soon after and, after talking to her mom in the office for a minute, joined Donna behind the register. The 18-year-old was in high spirits and had been for weeks; her graduation was only days away. "Hey, what's the matter, Kiddo?", she asked, seeing Donna's long face.

Quite out of character, the 17-year-old snapped at her sister. "Nothing! Leave me alone!" Donna then ran up the backstairs, leaving Chrissy at a loss for words.

Later, after a dinner where Donna hardly said a word, Chrissy went to their bedroom and found her writing at the desk. Immediately, Donna tried to cover up what she was doing with her hands. "Get out!"

"Wait a minute, this is my room, too.", Chrissy reminded. "And what are you doing? Why are you writing Mom's name over and over?"

Donna looked down at the paper and sagged. She showed the note from school to Chrissy. "I got into a little trouble today...", she said, and explained what happened. "I'm afraid to show Mom. She won't let me go to the class picnic on Wednesday. I thought if I forged her name..."

"That's not all she won't let you do.", Chrissy commented. "Try sitting down. You won't be able to after Mom sees this note."

Tears welled in Donna's eyes. "I know." Slowly she got up from the desk, took the note, and started to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"To show Mom...", Donna sniffled, without turning around.

The teen was almost to the door when Chrissy told her to wait a minute. "Sit down.", she said sympathetically. The two girls seated themselves on the bed. "Look, I know how much this picnic means to you, and I'm really glad you're starting to get out more. You used to never go out and socialize with your friends. I'll tell you what - I won't say a word to Mom or anyone else." Chrissy broke into a wide grin. "But do me a favor and make sure you do a good job with Mom's signature! Don't forget that little curly-q at the end!"

"That's the problem. I can't get it right. Can you do it for me? Please?"

That was more than Chrissy bargained for. "I don't know, Donna. If you get caught, we'll both get it. I sure don't want another spanking, not after the one I got last year for coming home late. That was horrible!"

Donna nodded weakly. "I understand..."

Chrissy stared at the sad expression on her sister's face. "Oh, all right. Give me the pen..."

"Get washed for supper, girls!", Anna yelled from the bottom of the stairs that same evening. "Hurry up or it's going to get cold!"

Minutes later, Holly and Cecelia scampered into the kitchen. They had changed out of their school clothes; Holly had on a pair of slacks while Cecelia was wearing Bermudas. "Isn't Daddy eating with us tonight?", Holly asked, seeing only three plates on the table.

"No, he has a Lodge meeting.", Anna replied as she sat down. "So, what's new? Anything happen at school today?"

Anna asked that question every night at supper. Usually, she got the same responses - no, not really, it was boring, etc. But tonight, Cecelia seemed overly eager to answer. Holly held her breath as her sister started to speak. "Guess what! I got an A on my History report!"

While her mother congratulated her youngest daughter, the oldest one let out a soft sigh of relief. If Cecelia was going to tell on her, she would have done it then. Holly could relax.

"What about you, Holly? Did you hear anything more about the picnic?"

The blond senior thought a bit. "No, not really, Mother. As long as the weather stays nice, we'll be able to swim in the lake. And we should be home about six. That's about all."

The meal progressed pleasantly, although Anna did have to lightly chastize Cecelia for gossiping about Mrs. Owens next door. "Anyone for dessert?", their mom asked after all the plates had been cleaned. "I made some pudding this afternoon - butterscotch!"

"Yes!", the girls fairly shouted at the mention of their favorite flavor. "I'll have some!"

Anna served the pudding and in less than a minute all that could be heard in the kitchen were spoons scraping against glass. She sat back and watched in awe, wondering why they couldn't eat their vegetables that quickly.

"That was delicious, Mom!", Holly complimented while pushing her empty dish away. "Can I be excused? I've got some homework to do."

"Wait a minute...aren't you going to tell Mom about being sent to the office today?"

Holly's mouth dropped. She wasn't prepared at all for this! The girl looked frantically at Cecelia for just a second and began pleading her case to Anna. "Mother...she doesn't know what she's talking about! She's lying! I DIDN'T get sent to the office!"

Anna eyed her youngest daughter sternly. "Missy, you better NOT be lying, because one of you is going to be sleeping on your stomach tonight. Now, why did you say that?"

While Holly nervously fingered her hair, Cecelia displayed all the confidence in the world. "It's simple, Mother. I saw Holly and Donna Hollings coming out of Mrs. Bailey's office this afternoon, and everyone knows you only go there to be punished for something."

"That's not true!", Holly screamed, trying desperately to stave off a trip to mom's bedroom. "She wanted to tell us something about the picnic! Honest! That's the truth!"

"Then why don't you show Mom the note Mrs. Bailey wanted her to sign?"

Holly abruptly shut up. Once again, Cecelia had succeeded in shooting down her defenses. Her mind shifted into high gear, trying to think of something - anything! - to say. Showing Anna the already forged note would be the final nail in her coffin.

Anna leaned forward in the chair. "Go get that note, Holly."

Reluctantly, the 17-year-old obeyed. With tears in her eyes, a salty taste in her mouth, and a twitching behind that knew all too painfully well what was in store for it, she retrieved the note. Silently, she handed it to her mother.

"I see...", Anna said calmly as she read the evidence, "passing notes in class...and it looks like you were kind enough to save me the trouble of signing it."

The kitchen grew silent, save for Holly's heavy, erratic breathing. "I can explain, Mother-"

"Save it!", Anna commanded, rising from her seat and grabbing Holly's arm.

"Mom, please!", the girl cried. "I'm sorry!"

"Not nearly as sorry as you're going to be!", Anna promised after delivering a sharp slap to the seat of her daughter's brown slacks. "Now get up to my room! I'm going to give you something to really cry about!"

Cecelia grinned with satisfaction as she watched her sister fly up the stairs, followed closely by her mother. She waited until they were out of sight before daring to move...

Anna nearly threw Holly inside the master bedroom and slammed the door. "Pull those pants down, young lady - panties too - and bend over the bed!" While she went to fetch the belt from the closet, Holly's shaking fingers undid her slacks. Quickly she pulled them and the underpants down to her knee-hollows and bent over the edge of the bed. "Nooooo...", she moaned, burying her head in the bedspread.

Belt in hand, the angry mom turned from the closet and was greeted by two bare, shaking bottomcheeks. "You're really going to get it this time, young lady.", she vowed, doubling the belt and raising it above her shoulders. It whistled through the air and landed with a loud CRACK! across the slender buttocks, leaving a hot pink stripe on the pale skin. "How DARE you forge my name!" CRACK!...CRACK!...CRACK!

Standing outside the closed door, Cecelia was smiling as big sister was put through her paces. "I hope you won't be able to sit down for a week...", she thought, recalling that it was almost that long before she could sit without discomfort after her spanking.

Anna spanked slowly and deliberately, making sure Holly felt the full effect of each blow. From the teenager's writhing and tears, she was more than successful. Holly had gotten the belt a couple of times before, but never had she been so thoroughly leathered. CRACK!...CRACK!...CRACK! "What got into you..." CRACK! "Having to be sent to the Principal's office!" CRACK!...CRACK!

All-consumed by the fire being relit over and over on her swollen backside, Holly's only responses were sobs and cries. Anna didn't mind; having been subject to the same discipline when she was a teen, she didn't expect anything but. CRACK!...CRACK!...CRACK! Three across Holly's beet-red bottom. CRACK!...CRACK! Two to her upper thighs...

"Alright, young lady. Pull up your pants and go to bed. We'll talk about this some more in the morning."

Holly struggled to her feet and rushed both hands to her welted, burning behind. "Mommy, I'm sorry...", she sobbed, finally reaching down to retrieve her pants and panties...

The spanking over, Cecelia retreated to the doorway of her bedroom down the hall. She waited impatiently for Holly to come out of her mother's room. At last, the master bedroom door opened. Holly, blond hair matted to her forehead and hands securely clamped to the seat of her slacks, walked very slowly towards her room. "We're even now.", Cecelia said, just loud enough for the sobbing girl to hear.

First thing next morning, a nervous Donna went to Mrs. Bailey's office. Her stomach was wound up in knots as she handed the note to her secretary. But, just as Holly said, the woman glanced at it and tossed it onto a pile of papers in the corner of the desk. "That will be all, Miss Hollings...", she said curtly, and the relieved junior hurried to her homeroom.

Holly and Donna didn't have any classes together until late in the afternoon, but they did have the same lunch period. Since Holly usually got there first, she'd grab a table and wait for her friend. Today, however, Donna didn't see her right off the bat. It took some looking around, but she finally spotted Holly standing by the shelves where everyone put their books while they ate. Donna, carrying her tray, walked over. "Come on, let's sit down and eat. There's plenty of empty tables."

It was then that Donna noted the pained expression. "That's OK. I'm not really hungry.", Holly said.

Suddenly, Donna lost her appetite as well. Sensing trouble, she put the tray down and stood next to her. "W-What's the matter?"

"My mother found out about me being sent to the office yesterday."

Donna's face flushed. "H-How?"

Taking a deep breath and making sure no one was listening, Holly started to explain. "Remember yesterday when Cecelia said to forget about the trouble I got her into a few months ago?" Donna nodded, remembering the conversation. "Well, she changed her mind and told on me. Mom saw the forged note and everything. I got the spanking of my life last night."

"Oh, no!", Donna gasped, her stomach once again tightening up. "Did Cecelia...did she-"

Judging by Donna's reaction, Holly guessed that she'd forged her mother's name, too. "Yes, she told Mom you were with me, but I don't think you have anything to worry about. And I can still go on the picnic tomorrow, though I won't be wearing my bathing suit. Mom made sure of that. My bottom and the back of my thighs are black-and-blue. It hurts just to sit down. Did you sign the note yourself?"

Feeling a little better, Donna relaxed slightly. "No, Chrissy did it for me. She did a good job, too - it looked just like my mother's signature. The secretary in the office glanced at it and didn't say a word."

"Wow, I wish Cecelia was more like your sisters...", Holly said wistfully...

Chrissy had a few butterflies of her own as she walked home from school. The 18-year-old had had second - and third, and fourth - thoughts about what she had done the night before. If she had it to do over again, no way would she sign her mother's name like that. Suppose Kate finds out? Chrissy shuddered at the consequences. Approaching the store, she hoped Donna was behind the register and not upstairs nursing a sore bottom.

"Whew!", the high school senior whispered when she saw Donna ringing up a customer's purchase. She waited for the woman to leave and then asked where mom was. Donna told her she just left to go to the bank. "Well, how did it go at school today?"

"Oh, Chrissy! I was SO scared when I handed in the note! I almost had a BM in my pants when I gave it to the secretary!" Donna abruptly stopped when she realized what she said. Her face turned bright red; so did Chrissy's. The two sisters were very close, but talking about bodily functions was just not done in the Hollings family. "I thought she was going to check it with a magnifying glass, but she hardly looked at it.", Donna said quickly, still blushing. "I couldn't wait to get out of there!"

Chrissy wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. "Good! I was worried all day about that..."

"Holly didn't do so well, though. She did the same thing and got caught. Her sister snitched on her last night. She got a spanking."

Donna didn't need to tell her that. "And that's what we'll get if Mom finds out...", Chrissy warned. She didn't have to say that, either.

Wednesday was a perfect day for the picnic. Not too hot, but warm enough for bathing suits and swimming in the lake. Donna was in high spirits when she left home that morning. It was the only day of the year when girls were allowed to wear jeans instead of skirts and dresses, and she had on her best dungarees. Donna did wish they could be a little tighter, though, but her mom would never approve.

Kate had already opened the store when Chrissy and Donna got ready to leave. Chrissy was a bit envious; she was wearing a skirt and blouse and carrying am armload of textbooks while her sister had a blanket, towel, and bathing suit under her arm. "What time will you be home?", Kate asked Donna while dusting the counter, and was told around six. "That's good, Dear. Have a good time!"

The junior class was to meet at school and then be bussed to the picnic grounds. Most rules were waived that day, and Donna went to Holly's homeroom

instead of her own. "Are you all ready for today?", she asked her friend.

Holly nodded and grinned. "I love school when it's like this! Even the teachers are smiling today! Why can't it be like this all the time?"

"I don't know...", Donna replied. "It would sure make it more fun, wouldn't it? Say, did you bring your bathing suit."

"No...I still have marks on the back of my legs.", Holly said, her grin disappearing for only a moment. "But that's OK! I'm gonna have a good time anyway!"

Not only Holly, but everyone in the junior class was set to enjoy themselves. Earlier that morning, the gym teachers had set up some volleyball nets, and some of the cafeteria staff were manning the grills. There were horseshoes for the boys, and Mr. Barnes, the math teacher, tried to organize a coed softball game.

Donna spread out the blanked under a tree and invited Holly to join her. "Boy, this is the life - ohhhh!", Holly said with a wince as her still tender backside touched the hard ground. She reached back and lightly rubbed the seat of her jeans. "That hurt..."

"I see your bottom is still a little sore...", Donna offered.

"More than 'a little'", was the reply. Holly carefully stretched out on her back and stared up at the blue sky. "This is the life, isn't it!"

Donna smiled and closed her eyes. "I'll say..."

Chrissy got home at her usual time and, like always, went downstairs to help Kate behind the register. The butterflies she had suffered yesterday were gone; she was sure Donna had gotten away with her little plan. "Anything special you want me to do, Mom?", she asked.

"No, I can't think of anything. I've got Susie washing the windows, and Patty is upstairs peeling the potatoes for supper. I dare say everything is pretty much under control."

Madge Nelson brought some items to the counter and, after exchanging pleasantries, Kate rang them up. Chrissy bagged them and excused herself after the two woman started up a conversation. She went over to the soda machine and got herself an 8-ounce Coke, sat down on one of the chairs, and started daydreaming about her upcoming graduation. It must have been good, because Chrissy didn't even notice Mrs. Nelson leave and Mrs. Bailey come in...

"Hi, Florence!", Kate greeted when the school Principal approached. "Why aren't you with the juniors today!"

"That's what Assistant Principals are for!", Mrs. Bailey replied good- naturedly. "I'm getting too old to keep up with a bunch of teenagers!"

Kate chuckled. "Tell me about it! So, what can I do for you today?"

Florence dug into her pocketbook. "Actually, I don't need anything. But I DO have something for you." She took out the note Donna had handed in yesterday morning and gave it to Kate. "The note that I had your daughter bring home and get signed...I just wanted to return it to you. That way, it won't be a part of her permanent record. Girls sometimes have a tendency to slack off towards the end of the school year, and I'm sure that's what happened to Donna and Holly Carpenter. I just wanted to give them a wake-up call. After all, grades at the end of the semester count just as much, if not more, as the ones at the beginning. Donna and Holly are two of the nicest students in school, and neither had a blemish on their record. They still don't."

"Thank you, Florence...", Kate replied, not having the slightest idea what the distinguished-looking woman was talking about. "I'll be sure to tell Donna when she gets home from the picnic."

"You know, there was something odd about Holly's note...", Florence said before leaving. "There were two signatures. If I didn't know better, I'd say Holly signed it first and her mother found out." She gave Kate a wink and left.

Kate looked at the note. Sure enough, someone had signed her name. But it didn't look like Donna's writing. No, it looked more like her big sister's. She saw Chrissy sitting in the chair in the corner. "Christine, will you come over here, please..."

Oh, what a glorious day it had been! Donna could hardly wait to get home and tell her mother and sisters all about it. She had gone swimming, played volleyball, and even got two hits in the softball game. And the food! Donna hoped Kate didn't expect her to eat supper that night, not after all the hot dogs and hamburgers she had.

It was after six when the 17-year-old turned onto Main street, carrying a wet bathing suit and damp towel wrapped in the blanket. The General Store was closed, so Donna went around back and climbed the stairs. "Hi, everyone!", she said as soon as she opened the kitchen door.

The reception she received was not what Donna expected. Bone-chilling silence greeted her. Susie and Patty, looking very glum, stood by the sink and stared. Chrissy was setting the table and had her back to her. She didn't turn around. Kate was not in the room. "What's the matter?", Donna asked, to no one in particular.

"Why don't you ask Chrissy?", was 15-year-old Susie's tart reply.

Chrissy set the last plate on the table and slowly turned around. Donna's heart started pounding; she could tell by her sister's red and puffy eyes that she was in trouble before Chrissy ever said a word. "Mom found out about the note.", she sniffled. Underneath her dress, Chrissy's red and blistered bottom throbbed unmercifully against her nylon panties.

Footsteps stormed towards the kitchen. A blanching Donna felt her knees start to shake. "Donna, I want to see you in my room! Right now!", Kate bellowed.

"Please Mom! I'm sorry!", a pleading Donna whined.

Kate took a step forward, her face the picture of an angry mother. "So help me young lady, if you don't do as your told this instant I'll warm that little bottom of yours right here in the kitchen in front of your sisters! Is that what you want!"

Donna stood, frozen. "Please...I don't want a spanking..."

The irate Kate was in no mood to put up with any nonsense. "Very well, if that's the way you want it!", she barked as she left the kitchen.

Donna knew instantly what was going to happen. "No! Please!", she yelled, and took off after her mother.

Too late. Kate already had the hairbrush in her hand. "Oh no, young lady! You had your chance!", she said while taking her daughter by the arm and pulling her back to the kitchen.

Kate much preferred spanking the girls in private, but there were exceptions to every rule - and this was one of them. While Susie, Patty, and a teary- eyed Chrissy looked on, she placed a chair in the middle of the room and sat down. She then unsnapped and unzipped the pleading Donna's dungarees, and yanked them and the panties underneath clear down to her sneakers. "Please!", the teen begged as her mom threw her unceremoniously across her lap. "I'm so sorry..."

"If you think you're sorry now, just wait until I finish tanning your backside!", Kate shouted just before the hairbrush landed with a loud SMACK! on Donna's bare right buttock.

And so the spanking began. In front of an audience who wished they were anywhere but there, Kate wore Donna's bottom out. Each CRACK! of the brush evoked a wail that echoed throughout the house, sending chills down her sisters' spines. They watched Donna's white backside and thighs turn a deep red as she drummed her feet and sobbed. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Like a metronome, the brush descended with unerring accuracy on the squirming behind.

Chrissy shut her eyes. A few new tears rolled down her face. Less than two hours ago, she was in the exact same position - skirt up, panties down, and getting her bottom blistered. It was still on fire. At least she didn't get it in front of her sisters. Her mother had called Susie and Patty downstairs to watch the store before she was escorted to Kate's bedroom. And she had carried on just like Donna while the hairbrush was being applied. Chrissy was sure the customers heard her cries...

"All right, young lady...on your feet.", Kate ordered.

Donna struggled to her feet, both hands on her smoldering bottomcheeks. "Oh Mommmmmmy...I'm sorrrrrry...", she sobbed, oblivious to her semi-nudity.

"I'm sure you are. Now pull up your pants. I'm sure your sisters have seen enough of your bare backside for one day."

"Yes, Mommy." Donna pulled up her dungarees and underpants over the black- and-blue hillocks, moaning in pain when the nylon briefs chafed against the sticky, moist blisters. "Ohhhh, it hurts..."

Kate nodded. "Good. I meant it to hurt. I want you and Chrissy to think about what you did every time you try to sit down for the next few days. Now, you can go to your room. Stay there as long as you need to compose yourself. If you wish, I'll excuse you from supper."

Donna, wiping away tears with one hand and rubbing the seat of her pants with the other, thanked Kate. "I think I'll just go to bed, Mommy..." She walked over and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Good night..." So, while the rest of the family ate dinner (with Chrissy sitting on a soft, fluffy pillow), Donna cried herself to sleep.

"Can I get one of you pretty girls to sign for this?", the delivery man asked the next afternoon after bringing in some sacks of feed.

Donna and Chrissy stood behind the counter and looked at each other. "I'll go get Mom...", Donna said, and went to the office. A second later she and Kate emerged.

"I'll sign it.", Kate said with a smile. She wrote her name on the shipping order and the man was on his way. "I see you two learned a lesson yesterday."

The girls blushed and neither could keep their hands from the seats of their dresses. "Yes, Ma'am...", they replied sheepishly.

Kate broke into a wide grin. "Come here, you two!", she said, and put her arms around both of them. All was well at Kate's General Store...

The End Part 8