Subject: Repost: Kate's General Store-Part 3
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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 23:07:38 -0500

Kate's General Store- Part 3

Kate could always tell what time it was by the number of people in the store. The customers started dwindling about five in the afternoon, an hour before closing. This Saturday was no exception. It got darker sooner now in the late fall, and folks liked to be home before the sun went down. There was, at most, ten people shopping, and they were only getting bread and milk for Sunday since the store was closed that day.

"Mom, is it all right if I go upstairs and start getting ready now?", Chrissy asked. The 17-year-old had been antsy all day. She had a date that night with one of the new boys in school, Billy Hollinger. They were going to the school dance, and maybe for a malted afterwards. He was picking her up at 7:30.

Her mother nodded. She and Donna could handle things just fine, and if for some reason it got busy, Susie and Patty were upstairs starting supper. Kate could always call one of them. Besides, Chrissy's mind wasn't on her work, and hadn't been all day. "Sure, go ahead, Hon.", Kate told her. "Donna and I will mind the store."

Chrissy practically ripped off her apron and gave Kate a big kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, Mom!", she exclaimed, and was off to the races. She scampered up the back stairs in record time, leaving Kate smiling and shaking her head.

The stairs led to the kitchen, where she encountered Susie peeling potatoes. "Big date tonight, huh, Chrissy? Are you going to let him kiss you?", the 14-year-old teased.

Blushing slightly, Chrissy ignored her and went to her room. Letting Billy kiss her had crossed her mind - several times. She had been kissed by a boy one time before and enjoyed it, but years of a conservative moral upbringing only made her feel guilty later. Still, the thought was there.

Chrissy gathered her robe, went into the bathroom, and took a long, refreshing bath. It would have been even longer had not Patty pounded on the door. "Hurry up, Chrissy! I have to go!" There was a definite sense of urgency in her voice. One bathroom was not enough for five females. Chrissy begrudgingly got out of the tub and quickly dried herself. "Thank you!", Patty gushed as soon as the door was open, and rushed inside. "Close the door on your way out!"

Chuckling to herself, the 17-year-old went back to the room she shared with Donna. She took the gray wool skirt and white blouse she was going to wear from her side of the closet and placed them carefully on the bed. Then, Chrissy removed her robe and took a fresh pair of panties from the dresser. As she did, she caught a glimpse of her slender nude body in the full-length mirror hanging on the door. A sigh and a disconcerted shake of the head followed. Her skin was the same pale-white from head to toe, with no sign of a remaining summer tan anywhere. And she wished she had a few more inches where it counted. Like all of Kate's daughters, Chrissy was tall with average curves at best. "Oh, well...", she whispered while slipping into the nylon briefs, "nothing I can do about it, I guess."

Chrissy was seated on the bed tying her saddleshoes when Donna came in. "You look nice tonight.", she complimented. "Mom says for you to come to the table. Supper's ready."

"How come you're not going to the dance tonight? I know for a fact that Tommy Willis asked you."

Donna shrugged her shoulders. Although their mother allowed them to start going out on carefully chosen dates at 16, she had yet to accept one. "I didn't feel like it.", she replied. "Besides, I have a test on Monday I want to do good on. I think I'm going to study tonight."

"You ought to think about going to one.", Chrissy suggested with a pat to her sister's back. "Give it a try. You'll have fun."

"We'll see...", Donna softly replied.

Dinner was already on the table when the girls entered the kitchen. Chrissy took her seat and waited for the inevitable speech Kate always gave before she went out on a date. Tonight, her mom waited until the meal was almost finished. "Now remember, Dear, I want you home no later than 11:30. If you run into any trouble, call home. You do have a nickel, don't you?" Chrissie nodded. "Good. And it's straight to the dance and the Soda Shop, and then Billy's to bring you home. No stops in between. Understood?"

Chrissy nodded again. "Yes, Mom. I understand."

At exactly 7:30, there was a knock on the door. Billy was invited in, and he spent a few minutes chatting with Kate before leaving with Chrissy. Together they descended the tall flight of stairs behind the store and walked to his car. "Your mother seems real nice.", Billy complimented.

Kate looked down from the kitchen window and sighed. There was Chrissy, looking all grown up and getting into a young man's car. She wasn't Mama's little girl anymore...

The school gymnasium looked like anything but as a dozen or so couples kicked up their heels in the middle of the basketball court. Folding tables and chairs lined both sides of the dance floor, and a phonograph set up behind one of the backboards supplied the music. The chaperones sat at a table next to where the soft drinks were served and kept a wary eye on their charges, lest hormone-driven partners got a little too close during a slow number.

Billy and Chrissy were sitting out this dance. It was nearly half past ten and they had been on their feet almost the whole time. She had had a good time so far, and had made up her mind that if Billy wanted to give her a kiss, she wouldn't stop him. In fact, Chrissy had it all worked out. They would go to the Soda Shop, stay for only a little while, and leave with plenty of time to spare for her to get home. That's when it would happen - on the way home. She was sure of it.

Evidently, Chrissy was the only one thinking along those lines. "Do you want to go get a quick soda?", he asked her. She thought she noticed a gleam in his eyes.

"OK.", she replied. They said goodbye to a few friends and were off to the Soda Shop, a small but reputable business just outside of town. The drive over there was quiet and awkward, as both seemed a bit nervous. The place was crowded when they arrived, with only a couple of vacant booths. They slid into one and waited for a waitress, with Chrissy watching the clock. She had to be home in 45 minutes.

The service was fast, and soon there were two ice cream sodas sitting before them. Billy and Chrissy attacked with a vengeance and sucked on the straws just as hard as they could, pausing only long enough so as not to appear too obvious. It looked like they were going to finish and get out with plenty of time to spare...

"Hi, Billy..."

Chrissy looked up and cringed. Doreen Simpson was standing there, wearing a sweater that emphasized her ample breasts. "Do you mind if I sit down? All the other tables are full.", Doreen asked, sticking her chest out.

Without hesitating, Billy said yes. Chrissy did a slow burn when the very full-figured girl eased into the booth next to him. "How come you two aren't at Jeannie Lemaster's party tonight? Most everyone went there after the dance. I'm on the way over myself." Doreen didn't take her eyes off him as she spoke.

"I guess we didn't feel like it.", Chrissy said sharply, finally getting the young strumpet's attention. Truth was, Chrissy had wanted to go to the party. Kate, however, said no. She knew Jeannie's parents were out of town. There was no way she was going to allow her daughter to attend a party with no adult supervision.

The response elicited an icy stare from Doreen, who promptly returned her attention to Billy. "You really ought to go. You'll have lots of fun.", she said in a rather seductive voice. "And you can give me a ride over there, too."

Billy scratched his head and looked at Chrissy. "What do you say? Do you want to go? It's only 11:00. We can stay for a few minutes and then I'll take you home."

"I don't know...", Chrissy said, trying to buy some time to get her thoughts together. If Billy took her home now, she was sure he'd take Doreen to the party. That was the last thing she wanted. And the 17-year-old had not given up on the kiss she had been planning on all night. "OK.", she finally said. "But only for a little while..."

The footsteps in the hallway were just loud enough to wake Donna up. She turned on the light and rubbed her eyes, noticing Chrissy wasn't in her bed. The alarm clock said 12:50. "Maybe she's in the living room."

Deciding she wanted a glass of water, Donna got out of bed and opened the bedroom door. The living room light was on. Only it wasn't her sister sitting on the couch, it was Kate. And Kate didn't look too happy. "Where's Chrissy? Isn't she home yet?", the teenager asked.

"No she is not.", the angry mom grumbled. "I distinctly told her to be home by 11:30, and it's nearly one. I'll bet you dollars to donuts she went to that party!"

Donna wisely headed to the kitchen and got her water. It was on the return trip when she saw the hairbrush resting on the coffee table. There was no doubt in her mind what that was for. Kate saw her pause and stare at it. "Go back to bed.", she told her.

"Yes, Ma'am." Donna hurried back to her room and got under the covers. "I feel sorry for her...", she said under her breath. Although Donna was the least spanked of Kate's daughters, she knew what the hairbrush felt like on a bare bottom. It was by no means a pleasant experience. She closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep, hoping to miss her sister's inevitable punishment...

"Thank you for taking me home, Billy.", Doreen cooed from the back seat. "How can I ever make it up to you?"

An absolutely heartbroken Chrissy stared out the side window. The evening had turned into a total disaster. Doreen had stuck to Billy the whole time they were at the party, culminating in her asking for a ride home. Yes, Billy had told Chrissy they'd stay for only a few minutes, but as soon as they got there, it changed to "just say when you want to leave." Chrissy never did, hoping Doreen would leave first. Now, it was 1:30 in the morning and since Doreen lived close to Billy, Chrissy would be the first one dropped off! That meant, despite all her efforts, those two would be alone. And with Doreen's reputation, well, Chrissie didn't want to think about it.

The car pulled up in front of the General Store. Billy didn't even drive around back, where the stairs were. "I had a good time tonight, Chrissy.", he told her. "I'll see you in school on Monday."

Chrissy was barely out of the car before Doreen was climbing in the front seat. "Goodbye!", the buxom girl taunted. The spanking Doreen had received several weeks earlier might have put a stop to her disobedience, but it had clearly not improved her social graces.

Out of frustration, Chrissy stamped her saddleshoe on the pavement and watched Billy's car disappear. "Darn her!", she said out loud. Muttering to herself, she started walking towards the side of the store. That's when she saw the living room light on upstairs.

Chrissy's heart started racing. She had been so intent on foiling Doreen's little manuevers that she completely disregarded her curfew. Her mother was sure to be mad; mad enough to probably spank her. "Oh God, please...", Chrissy prayed, her buttocks already starting to tingle.

The rusty stairs creaked with every step. By the time she got to the top and opened the door, her face was flushed and beaded with perspiration. "Please come to the living room, Christine." Kate's stern voice sent chills down the girl's spine.

Do you see what time it is, young lady?", her mother asked, still seated on the couch. The hairbrush was in plain view.

Glancing at the item on the coffee table, Chrissy knew her fate was sealed. "Yes, Ma'am...", she replied with head bowed, "I'm sorry I'm late."

"Not only did you miss your curfew by almost two and a half hours, you went to Jeannie's party after I told you not to, didn't you." Chrissy nodded her head slowly. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

The situation was hopeless. The 17-year-old couldn't very well tell her why she went to the party. "I guess I just lost track of time."

Kate sighed and rubbed her chin. "I'm very disappointed in you, Christine. It has been over a year since I've had to do this, but come over here. I'm going to give you a spanking."

Chrissy swallowed hard and approached her mother. There was no arguing, no whining. She bit her lip as Kate's hands went up her skirt and slip, and her panties were rolled down to mid-thigh. "Across my lap.", Kate ordered, and she bent forward so her upper torso rested on the couch and her legs were stretched out. A few minor rearrangements were made with her position, and Kate reached for the hairbrush.

"Lost track of time, huh?", Kate said, lifting the back of her daughter's skirt and slip and baring the girlishly-slim bottomcheeks. "Well, I think I can cure you of that." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Six sharp spanks, three on each snow-white buttock, came crashing down in rapid succesion. "We do not break curfew in this house!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Do you understand!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Yes Mommy!", Chrissy replied through clenched teeth while Kate kept applying the brush to her rapidly-reddening behind. She didn't want to cry out and wake her sisters up so they could hear her getting punished.

Kate and her hairbrush had other ideas, however. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Tears filled the hapless girl's eyes and rolled down her cheeks as her bottom caught fire. She squirmed over her mother's lap and began drumming her saddleshoes. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! It was only a matter of time...


Chrissy's howls filled the house, waking Patty and Susie up and leaving no doubt as to what was happening in the living room. Donna, who wasn't able to fall back to sleep, heard it all. Her sister's anguished screams brought a few tears to her eyes as well, although she had to admit anyone who came home this late deserved a good spanking.

Kate paused and examined her crying daughter's swollen backside. The skin was a deep crimson, and mottled with angry purple blotches. She had stopped short of blistering, though - that was reserved for particularly heinous behavior, such as lying, stealing, smoking or drinking. Deciding the punishment had fit the crime, Chrissy's panties were pulled up and she was helped to her feet.

"All right, Christine.", Kate told the tearful teen. "I don't expect you to be late again, and you certainly better not attend any more parties without my permission. If you do, you'll have blisters on that little bottom of yours. As it is, I think you'll remember to look at the clock every time you sit down for the next few days. I'm also grounding you for two weeks. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am...", Chrissy said through her tears while furiously rubbing the seat of her panties, "very."

Donna had already gone to breakfast the next morning when Chrissy woke up. She rolled over on her back and was painfully reminded of last night's session over her mother's knees. "Oh!", the 17-year-old said with a start and immediately jumped out of bed. Her bottom still felt warm, even through the nightgown.

Chrissy massaged her tender backside for a moment, and then lifted the nightgown to inspect the damage. She turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder, wishing right away that she hadn't. Her slender buttocks were still glowing a bright red.

"Mom really put some color in your cheeks! I bet it hurts!"

Startled and embarrassed, Chrissy shoved the nightgown down and turned around to face Donna. "It does.", she lamented. "She really gave it to me last night. This is one girl who won't be late again."

Donna didn't let on that she heard her sister's spanking. "Breakfast is on the table.", she said. "You better hurry up and get dressed or it will be cold." She started to leave and paused at the door. "Oh, by the way, Mom put a nice, soft pillow on your chair...", Donna added with a wink.

"Good, I'll need it. I wish I could take it to Church this morning. Those pews are hard!"

The End - Part 3