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Kate's General Store - Part 2

"We're having a good day today...", Kate commented as she and Chrissy stood behind the cash register. "This is the busiest Saturday we've had in weeks." Right she was. Normally, business slowed down at lunchtime. Not today. Kate and the girls probably wouldn't get a chance to eat until after the store closed at six. Her middle daughters, 16-year-old Donna and 14-year-old Susie, hadn't stopped for a break, either. Those two had been in the clothing section all morning helping customers. And Patty, 13, helped Chrissy at the register when their mother was needed elsewhere. It was expected, though, with school starting on Monday. A lot of folks, busy with their farms and such, put off buying new clothes and school supplies for the kids until the last minute. Well, this was the last minute.

The store was not too crowded, however, for Donna to notice Doreen and Penny Simpson come in. Donna's frown said it all. The Simpson sisters were not the most popular girls in town. They were stuck-up, and didn't give a darn for anyone but themselves - that is, unless they wanted something. Truthfully, Doreen, 17, and Penny, 15, had nothing to be stuck-up about. Neither one was particularly pretty. Doreen, although she probably had the biggest breasts of any girl in the upcoming senior class, could have stood to lose a few pounds. Penny was a little shorter than her sister and not nearly as well-built. She, too, was a little overweight, and both brown-haired girls suffered from a case of acne. That didn't stop them from nurturing a reputation as "loose", even if it wasn't true. They talked a good game, but that was about it. More than one young man had been left "high and dry" by the teases.

The pair entered the store and headed for the Coke machine. It was standing room only, as the corner was crowded with people taking a break from shopping. Doreen and Penny got their drinks and looked rather put-out that all the chairs were taken. "You'd think someone would get up and let us sit down...", the older girl whispered. "They've probably been sitting there for hours." The remark was loud enough for several of the customers to hear. No one said anything, but it didn't go over well at all. Most wished the rude girls would simply go home. Actually, that's where they should have been. You see, last evening...

"Girls, would you mind doing the dishes tonight? I'm not feeling too well. I think I need to go to bed."

Doreen and Penny looked up from the table, looking as if the burden of the world had just been placed on their shoulders. "What?", Doreen asked, certain that she had not heard correctly.

"You look fine to me, Mother.", Penny lied. May Simpson looked terrible. Her face was pale, and she looked very tired. "Besides, I'm going over to Val's after supper."

Not about to be stuck cleaning the kitchen by herself, Doreen quickly made plans of her own. "I'm going out, too.", the 17-year-old announced. She didn't know where yet, but she'd figure something out.

May rubbed her feverish forehead and sighed. "Look, I don't ask that much of you. You're doing the dishes tonight, and that's that. I'm going to bed." She got up from the table and left the room. As soon as her back was turned, Penny stuck her tongue out at her.

"I'm not doing any dishes.", Doreen emphatically stated when May was safely out of earshot.

"Neither am I.", her sister said with a shake of the head. "They can stay on the table all night long as far as I'm concerned."

And they did. Doreen and Penny went on their merry ways without so much as even putting the container of milk in the refrigerator. The next morning, May, feeling much better, was greeted with the ugly sight of a tableful of greasy dishes and spoiled milk that nearly sent her back to bed. The milk was not the only thing that soured - so did her disposition.

There would be no sleeping late on this Saturday morning. May went straight to her daughters' rooms and woke them up. "I want you dressed and downstairs in five minutes!", she shouted at the slumbering girls. "And heaven help you if you're late!"

Five minutes later, two sleepy teenagers trudged to the kitchen, wearing cotton dresses and rubbing their eyes. Both were still half-asleep. "Why weren't the dishes done!"

"You got us up for that?", Doreen asked, badly underestimating her mother's ire. "We told you last night we were going out."

"And I told you to clean the kitchen!", May fired back. She paused for a moment, trying to control her temper. "I've about had it with both of you." Her voice was calmer, yet tinged with anger. "You've turned into a couple of lazy, spoiled brats. Well, we're going to put a stop to that, starting right now. You are NOT to leave this house today under any circumstances. After you wash and dry these dishes, I want this entire house cleaned from top to bottom - and that includes the pigstys you call your bedrooms. When I get home from work tonight, this place better be spotless. Is that clear?"

May had barely finished speaking when the whining started. "That's not fair!", Penny complained. "Why should we have to stay home just because of a few dirty dishes!"

"That's right!", Doreen screeched. "Besides, this is the last weekend before school starts! You can't make us stay home!"

But May was adamant. "Oh yes I can! And consider yourselves lucky - I've got half a mind to paddle your backsides as well. Maybe you've gone too long without a spanking. Now get busy. I've got to get ready for work."

The girls sat down at the table. As far as they were concerned, their mother was being totally unreasonable. May had no right to make them stay home. And a spanking? That was just an idle threat. They hadn't been spanked in years.

Doreen and Penny were still sitting when May was ready to leave. "You better get busy!", she warned before walking out the door. Remember - clean from top to bottom."

Eventually, the sisters got up and started clearing the table of last night's dishes. They didn't get far. "This is ridiculous!", Doreen said in a huff. I'm still tired. I'm going back to bed for a little while. I'll do this later." Penny thought that was a splendid idea. Imagine, being rudely awakened at seven o'clock on a Saturday morning!

The "little while" turned out to be several hours. It was almost noon before they came back downstairs. "Let's have lunch and go to Kate's store.", Penny suggested. "I'll bet we'll see a bunch of kids there!"

Doreen agreed, although she mentioned that they better not stay too long. "As long as we're doing something when Mother gets home, she won't get mad. She won't even guess we went out."

Thirty minutes later, they walked the mile or so to Kate's. The store was even busier than they thought. "Look, there's that pris-pot Chrissie.", Penny pointed out when they got inside. "She thinks she's hot stuff just because her old lady owns the store."

"Yeah, and there's Miss Know-It-All Donna and her little sister. What a bunch of jerks..."

The girls made their way to the crowded drink machine, and weren't happy about having to stand. Mrs. Kelly and her daughters, each carrying packages, came by several minutes later for a Coke. Martha accidently spilled a little on her dress. "I hear you're starting secretary school next week, Martha.", Doreen said with a smirk. "You better wear a bib - we wouldn't want you to spill any ink on your clothes!"

While poor Martha turned a bright shade of red, Doreen and Penny laughed. "That was a good one, sis!", Penny congratulated while Mrs. Kelly and several other adults silently fumed.

Just then, Donna approached. She walked up to Mrs. Kelly and handed her a receipt. "Mother said you forgot this, Ma'am...", the 16-year-old said politely, and asked if Martha needed a cloth to dry her dress. She didn't, and Donna turned to leave.

"Hey, Donna.", Penny said as she walked past. "Have you and Chrissie graduated from training bras yet?"

Donna, who was tall and thin like her older sister, blushed and kept on going as the Simpson girls once more broke into giggles. Kate had often preached to her daughters about how wrong it was to hate someone, but Donna was having a hard time understanding that now.

Luckily for the rest of the people in the store, two friends of Doreen and Penny came in. That quieted them down a little. They stood with their backs to the door and gossiped, unable to see who was coming and going...

"I better stop and get some flour.", May thought to herself as she drove home. She had gotten off work early and was going to surprise the girls by making them a cake for dessert. All morning long, she had fretted about maybe being too hard on them that morning. This was her way of making amends.

May pulled into Kate's almost-full parking lot and went inside. "Hi, Mrs. Simpson!", Chrissie greeted right away. "What can I get you?"

"Just a five pound bag of flour.", May replied.

"I bet you're going to do some baking! Wait right here! I'll be right back!" The 17-year-old hustled away, leaving May standing in front of the register. In a flash, Chrissie returned. "Here you go. Will that be all?" She started to ring up the sale. "Oh, did you see Doreen and Penny when you came in? I think they're still here."

May looked up from her pocketbook, her eyes turning cold. "What did you say?"

"Doreen and Penny...they're over by the Coke machine...they've been here about an hour." A bewildered Chrissie scratched her head as May rushed off. "I wonder what that's all about?", she whispered while the next customer approached.

"I'm glad old Miss Finnegan finally retired!", Penny told her sister and the other two girls. "That old bag was the worst teacher I ever had!"

Doreen agreed. "You can say that...Hey! What's going on!" She was startled by someone grabbing her arm. "What do you think you're...MOTHER!"

May seized Penny's arm with her free hand. Both had the fear of God written on their face. "Didn't I tell you not to leave the house!", she bellowed, attracting the attention of everyone. "Well, didn't I!"

"Mama...I can explain!", Doreen pleaded.

"You can save your explanations, young lady! I don't want to hear them!" May let go of Penny, turned her oldest daughter around, and delivered a dozen stinging slaps to the seat of the mortified Doreen's dress. "You've gone too far this time!" She then did the same to Penny, slapping her fanny in front of all. "You just wait until I get you home! You won't sit down for a week!"

To the delight of the crowd, May then started dragging her pleading daughters from the store. "I'm going to blister your backsides! Just you wait and see!", she hollered.

"Boy, someone's going to get it!", Donna said softly to Kate as the Simpsons disappeared out the door. A small smile crossed her face.

"Donna Jean! Stop that!", her mother scolded. "You know you shouldn't gloat over another's misfortune. Now get rid of that smile." Donna did, and, along with dozens of others, watched what was going on in the parking lot.

May didn't let go of the struggling girls until she got to the passenger side of the car. "Get in the car this instant!", she yelled at Penny, and propelled the 15-year-old into the backseat with several more smacks to her bottom. Doreen was treated to the same as she was forceably placed in the front. "You just wait!", May shouted before slamming the door shut. The show was about over for Kate's customers, but it was only the beginning for two hapless teenagers.

Slamming the car into gear, May sped out of the lot. "Mama please...", Doreen pleaded, her backside already stinging, "I'm sorry...please don't spank me. I'll never disobey you again. I promise."

"Me too, Mama..." Penny's soft voice was filled with desperation. "I'll be good for now on."

May responded by pressing the gas pedal down even further. Nothing her daughters could say was going to save them from a long overdue blistering. "Stop your whining! You deserve a good, sound spanking and I'm going to see that you get it!"

The trip home was completed in record time. May hustled the girls inside and shut the door. "Don't you dare move!", Mom ordered and went into the kitchen. The fact that it was still a mess made her even angrier. She fumbled around in the cabinet under the counter until she found it - a sturdy, 18" long wooden paddle. "I knew it was in here somewhere!", she mumbled.

Doreen and Penny, white as sheets, wrung their hands in dread while they watched May take a straight-backed chair and place it in the middle of the living room. Seating herself, she crooked a finger at Penny. "Get over here!"

Tears started streaming down Penny's face. "Please don't...", she whimpered while her mother lifted the dress and yanked down her panties. "Not on the bare bottom..."

"Hush!", May ordered, and placed Penny over her lap. "You and your sister have gone far too long without feeling this!" She raised the paddle and brought it down with a resounding SMACK! across her white, chubby buttocks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "So you think you don't have to listen to your mother anymore, huh?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "We'll just see about that!"

Penny arched her back and howled. Each stroke of the paddle flattened the bouncing bottomcheeks, leaving behind a red, hot band of heat across the once-white orbs. "No Mama! I don't think that!", the desperate 15-year-old howled, tossing her hair about wildly. "Really! OHHHHHHHH! AIEEEEEEEE!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "AIEEEEE! AIEEEEEE! OWWWWWWW! No More! Pleeease!"

"I hope you're paying attention!", May sneered at Doreen without missing a beat. ""You're next!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Penny's behind was already a nasty collage of red and purple hues when her mother delivered several hard spanks to her thighs. "Are you getting the message, Penny!"

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Oh yes, Mama! AIEEEEEE! AIEEEEEE! "I'll never do it again! Waaaaaahaaaaahaaaa! Waaaahaaaaaahaaaaa!"

May abruptly stopped paddling and pushed Penny off her lap onto the floor. The well-spanked girl landed on her blistered bottom and cried out before rolling on her side and collapsing into sobs.

"Mommy please...", Doreen begged as May pointed the paddle at her. "Not that!"

"I'm afraid so, young lady. Now get over here this instant."

Doreen, her hands clasped to her seat, slowly approached. She had to step around her sister, still sobbing and working feverishly on her discolored buns. May grabbed the 17-year-old and unceremoniously draped her across the maternal lap. Doreen shed the first of many tears as her dress was lifted and her underpants slid down her plump thighs to the knees. "I'm sorry Mommy...", she sniffled.

"I'm sorry, too.", May responded, raising the paddle. "Sorry that I have to spank my teenage daughters like they were little girls." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sturdy paddle descended on the ivory-colored, upturned bare behind and immediately ignited a bonfire on the jiggling bottomcheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Believe me, you are going to wish you never stepped out of the house when I get through with you." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Doreen was already wishing that. Her big bottom was no match for the paddle - not by a longshot. Every inch of buttock and upper thigh was already a deep red before her mother really got started. "No Mommy no! I've learned my lesson! AIEEEEE! AIEEEEEE! Pleeeeease! Nooooooo! Ohhhhhh! Stop! MOMMMMMY!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "AIEEEEE! OHHHHHHH! Pleeeeease! Mommmmy! I'm on fire! AIEEEEEE! AIEEEEEE! OHHHHHHHH! No more!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Are you ever going to disobey me again?", May asked, continuing to whale the daylights out of Doreen.


May stopped and released her grip. Painfully, Doreen got to her feet and rushed both hands to her badly-blistered and swollen rear as her underpants slid to her ankles. "I'm sorrrry, Mommmmy...", she sobbed.

"Thats's better.", May replied calmly, quite impressed with the results. "Now pull your pants up and clean up that kitchen - both of you. And I hope you haven't made any plans for tomorrow or next week. As soon as church is over tomorrow, you're cleaning up the rest of the house. You are to come straight home from school and do your homework. And after you do the supper dishes, it's straight to bed all next week. Do I hear any arguments?"

There weren't, of course. Doreen and Penny pulled up their panties, smoothed down their dresses, and, accompanied by May, tearfully went to the kitchen. May sat down at the table and made sure they did a thorough job. With blazing hot backsides that often required a gentle rub, the punished girls cleared the table, washed and dried the dishes, and swept and mopped the floor. "Very good.", their mother complimented when they finished. "Now go to bed. There will be no supper for you tonight." The girls quietly obeyed and left the room, massaging two very sore bottoms...

"Well, how did the first day of school go?", Kate asked when the family sat down to eat on Monday.

The general consensus was that it went just fine. Susie was thrilled about being in the ninth grade - high school at last! - and Patty liked her new teacher. Donna, the "intellectual" in the family, couldn't wait to get started on the term paper her History teacher assigned. The junior was hoping for all A's this year. Chrissie, more social-conscious than her younger sisters, was excited that she was in classes with most of her friends. There were also a couple of new boys in school this year, though the 17-year-old senior was careful not to let that slip out. Her mom was very strict when it came to dating.

Eventually, the subject of the Simpson girls and the previous Saturday's debacle came up. "I saw Doreen today.", Chrissie offered. "She's in my Math class, and boy, was she quiet! She didn't make any smart remarks or anything! I couldn't believe it! And you should have seen her face when Priscilla Evans asked her where her pillow was! Doreen looked like she wanted to die. Then Margie Davis started teasing. In front of everyone, she asked her if her mother pulled down her pants when she spanked her."

"I think everyone in school knows what happened in the store on Saturday.", Donna added. "I saw Penny at her locker this morning, and a lot of girls were making fun of her. She's not really my friend, but I felt sorry for her."

"That's too bad.", Kate commented. "They shouldn't be ridiculed because their mother applied some well-deserved discipline. I bet not one of those girls who were doing the teasing wouldn't be spanked if they did what Doreen and Penny did. I know four sitting right here at this table who'd get their backsides warmed..."

The End - Part 2