Subject: Story: Dottie
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: 3 Jul 1997 17:55:12 -0700


Both girls heard the station wagon pull into the driveway. "Sounds like your mom and dad are home, Snickerdoodle!", Dottie Fielder said, calling 10-year- old Pammy by her favorite nickname. She finished drying the baking pan and put it away. "We finished just in time, didn't we!"

"Darn!", the youngster muttered. "Does that mean you have to leave? Can't you stay a little while longer? We can play Old Maid or something." Clearly, little Pammy absolutely adored her next-door neighbor and babysitter.

Dottie knelt down and put her hands on Pammy's shoulders. "I wish I could, Hon. But my mother is taking my sisters and me into town this afternoon. Don't worry, though. I'll see you tomorrow when you and your parents come over to go swimming."

Those last words had the desired effect. Pammy broke into a big smile and ran to her mother's side as soon as Mrs. Gray entered the kitchen. "Mommy! Guess what! Dottie and I made cookies this morning!"

"I know!", her mother exclaimed. "It smells so good in here!" Pat then turned to Dottie. "Thank you for coming over on such short notice, Dot. I know babysitting isn't the best way to spend a Saturday morning. And look, you washed up the breakfast dishes and everything! You're an angel!"

The 19-year-old blushed slightly. "Oh, that's OK, Mrs. Gray. Pammy helped." She saw Pat open her pocketbook. "No, you don't have to do that. I was glad to help out. That's what neighbors are for."

Shaking her head in disbelief, Pat tried one more time to pay Dottie. The teen would have none of it. "Well, I'll just have to bring one of my strawberry shortcakes to your house tomorrow.", she finally said.

"That would be terrific!", Dottie replied as she headed for the door. "And just let me know if you need me or my sisters to babysit again! Bye, Pammy!"

Pat stood by the window and watched the tall, rather thin girl cut across the lawn. "They don't come much better than that...", she thought to herself about Dottie and her family.

Indeed they didn't. The Fielders were well-off financially, but you'd never know it by the way they acted. They lived modestly, and Grace Fielder made sure her three daughters weren't spoiled. Dottie, 17-year-old Betsy, and 16- year-old Diana received a weekly allowance comparable to the other kids in town, and once that was gone there would be no more until the next week

and only if all the chores were done. She didn't let the girls get away with anything, either. Grace was strict. Her daughters had curfews and rules to follow just like every other teenager, and they were expected to be on their best behavior at all times. If not, well, like most parents in those parts she had a hairbrush that was put to good use. Betsy, Diana, and yes, Dottie, too, were well aware that they could be spanked for their transgressions.

As a matter of fact, Dottie had come perilously close to spending the prior week with a sore bottom. Grace had noticed that her oldest hadn't been herslf lately, and last Sunday after church it came to a head. With the family seated at the dinner table, Dottie snapped at Betsy after the 17-year- old asked her a simple question. Grace ordered her to her room immediately. Dottie apologized profusely, to no avail. She trudged to her room and sat on the bed, certain she was in for a spanking. The fair-skinned redhead had avoided the hairbrush for over two years, and now, because of a slip of the tongue, she was going to get it.

Grace came up a few minutes later and, to Dottie's great relief, the hairbrush was nowhere to be seen. "I will not have you talking to Betsy or anyone else like that, young lady.", her mom lectured. "I'm going to ground you until Wednesday. Is that understood?"

There was an audible sigh of relief, although a grounding in the Fielder household was no bed of roses. Dottie had to come straight home from her classes at the community college, do her chores and homework, then get into her pajamas for supper. No phone, no TV or radio, no car, and she wasn't to leave the house for any reason. Bedtime was 7:30 sharp." Yes, Mother...I understand.", she whispered.

"Consider yourself lucky you're not across my lap right now, Dorothy.", Grace stated firmly. "Heaven knows, you've been asking for a good spanking these past few days. I think I know what the problem is, though." She reached into her apron pocket and produced a bottle of Castor Oil and a spoon. "You better hope this works, or my hairbrush is coming out and your pants are coming down..."

The only thing that set the Fielder's modest home apart from the others in the neighborhood was the swimming pool in the back yard. Springs and summers in the south could be brutal, and for years the girls begged Grace to buy one. It wasn't much; the pool was one of those above-ground plastic models and was only three feet deep and twelve feet in diameter. Still, it served its purpose. That's where the family was when Dottie returned from the Grays. Betsy was skimming the top of the water while Diana was priming the filter pump. Grace was on the back porch measuring out some chlorine. "We'll be going into town in just a few minutes, Hon.", she told Dottie. "You have time to change your clothes if you want."

It had been a warm morning, and the afternoon promised to be even hotter. Dot opted to replace her jeans with a pair of Bermudas and, after combing her wavy red hair, joined her mom and sisters in the family station wagon. Grace took them to lunch at Diana's favorite hamburger stand, since the youngest Fielder had brought home a straight-A report card. Afterward, they stopped at the cleaners to pick up their Sunday dresses. The final stop was Kate's General Store. Grace wanted to get a few things for when the Grays came over, plus she wanted to ask Kate how her oldest daughter Chrissie was doing in college.

It was a little past three when they got home. All three girls thanked their mom for taking them out to eat and piled out of the car. Grace saw the flag was up on the mailbox. "I'll be right in.", she said, and walked to the end of the driveway. There was only one letter, but it was enough to raise her curiosity. It was from the County Courthouse. "What in the world...", she whispered, and opened the letter. Inside was a receipt for payment of a parking ticket and a short hand-written note: "Dear Miss Fielder; enclosed is the receipt you forgot when you payed your ticket. Sincerely, Joanne Hanson." Grace examined the receipt. Sure enough, that was her license plate number. But something was wrong. The ticket was given last Tuesday at 10:45 AM, and she was with Eunice Jenkins that day. Eunice had driven, so Grace's car didn't leave the house. Neither Betsy nor Diana had their licenses yet and they were in school on Tuesday. And Dottie had classes - and was grounded as well. There had to be a mistake.

Grace was almost to the front door when she came to an abrupt halt. She suddenly remembered Dottie didn't have classes on Tuesdays! It was all beginning to come back now. Dottie was still seated at the breakfast table that morning when Eunice picked her up. She kissed Dot goodbye and reminded her she was not to leave the house. "I won't, Mom. I promise.", Grace recalled her daughter saying. Someone had some serious explaining to do.

Inside, the girls had just put everything bought at Kate's away and were about to go upstairs to put on their bathing suits when Grace entered. "C'mon Mom...go swimming with us!", Betsy urged. "It'll cool you right off!"

Her mother was hot alright - in fact, she was steaming - but it wasn't only because of the temperature. "Not right now, Betsy.", she calmly stated, suppressing her ire. "Maybe later. You and Diana go ahead. I need to talk to your sister."

A puzzled Dottie watched them leave the room. She didn't have the slightest idea what her mother had on her mind. Certainly, it couldn't be about the parking ticket. She had taken care of that the same day she got it. "What is it, Mom?", she asked, totally unaware of the bombshell about to be dropped.

Grace handed her the letter. "This came in the mail. Do you know anything about it?"

Dottie's ears turned red, a sure giveaway that she did, indeed, know something about it. A huge lump formed in her throat as she read the note. Her breathing became labored. "Y-Yes, M-Mom...I g-got the t-ticket..."

"I see.", Grace said softly, folding her arms across her bosom. "Would you mind telling me the date on the ticket?"

Swallowing was difficult, almost impossible. "L-Last Tuesday, M-Mom...", the guilty teen managed to whisper before bowing her head.

"Hmmmmm, last Tuesday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you grounded that day? I seem to remember going out with Mrs. Jenkins that morning and reminding you of that before I left. In fact, I think you promised me you wouldn't leave the house. Am I right?"

Dottie's world was rapidly falling apart. Her knees felt like buckling. "Yes, Mom..." Her faint voice was barely audible. "I got bored, so I went to the library to check out a book. I was only going to be a minute, so I parked in a no-parking zone out in front. It took longer than I thought..."

Grace shook her head. "So, to make a long story short, you deliberately disobeyed me by going out - and using the car - while you were grounded. Then you got a parking ticket and paid it in the hope I wouldn't find out about your blatant disobedience. And you would have gotten away with it if this letter didn't come. Is that about right?"

Dottie could only nod her head and wait for the proverbial axe to fall. It didn't take long.

"Well, young lady, I hope you're ashamed of yourself. I would be after such disgraceful behavior.", Grace lectured. "You better go to your room, Dorothy. I'll join you in a little while, and then you, I and the hairbrush are going to have a very, very long talk about how a certain 19-year-old still has to obey her mother. You can also consider yourself grounded for the next three weeks as well, and you won't be doing much sitting for the first week, let me assure you of that. I hope that little trip to the library was worth it. Now get upstairs."

The downcast teen trudged to her room and sat on the bed. A mere ten minutes ago, Dottie didn't have a care in the world. Now, her hands were shaking and she didn't feel too good. She could hear Betsy and Diana splashing about in the pool outside through her open window, completely unaware that their big sister was waiting for mom to come up and give her a spanking.

Dottie's heart nearly stopped when she heard Grace coming up the stairs. "Oh, God...she's getting the hairbrush...", she thought when the footsteps veeredinto the master bedroom across the hall. Her sweaty palms rubbed an ocean of perspiration from her brow. "Oh, God, please!", her mind screamed in silent prayer. "I'll never do it again! Please! I don't want a spanking!"

The door opened slowly. Grace, hairbrush in hand, closed it behind her and stood before Dottie. Although she was an inch or two shorter than her daughter, she looked ten feet tall to the cowering girl. "It's been some time since I've had to spank you, Dorothy, but I think you remember what to do."

"Y-Yes, Mother...", Dottie replied weakly, and managed to get to her feet. While her fingers fumbled with her Bermuda's button and zipper, Grace took her place on the edge of the bed. The shorts undone, the teenager pushed them and the nylon briefs underneath down to mid-thigh, baring two exquisitely white and slender buttocks. In a hurried attempt to cover the forest of red pubic hair with her hand, the shorts fell to her ankles.

Grace took her by the arm and guided her across the maternal lap. "I think these need to go down a little further...", she commented, and pulled Dottie's underpants down to the knees. "Now, young lady, I hope you learn something from this." The oval hairbrush was raised above the tightly clenched bottomcheeks while Dottie gritted her teeth.

The spanking commenced, and right from the start Dottie knew she'd be feeling the effects for days. The hairbrush reddened every inch of her buttocks and thighs, bringing tears to the eyes of the disobediant but stoic daughter. For even as her bottom erupted in flames, Dottie knew her window was open and her sisters were frolicking right below. All too clear was the memory of her last spanking, when it seemed the whole neighborhood heard her cries. She was going to do her best not to let that happen again, no matter how much it hurt.

Well, Dottie had her work cut out for her. After her behind and thighs were a deep crimson, Grace began concentrating on the creases between her cheeks and legs. "You're going to remember that I'm still your mother...", she lectured, all the while continuing to spank, "every time you sit down for a week. When I say you're grounded, you're grounded!"

Her tears flowed like rivers, but Dottie didn't cry out. Not even when her mother concluded her punishment with a series of spanks to the back of her thighs which would certainly leave bruises identical to the ones on her bottom. "All right, Dorothy. The spanking is over. Thirty minutes in the corner."

Painfully, and with both hands on her blistered rear, Dottie got to her feet. Her panties joined the Bermudas about her ankles as she rubbed the blazing bottomcheeks. Finally, unable to control her emotions any more, she broke down and began sobbing. "Oh, Mommy...I'm so sorry...I'll never do it again..."

Grace put the hairbrush on the bed, got to her feet, and put her arms around her well-spanked and repentent oldest daughter. "I know you won't, Dear.", she comforted, holding Dottie tightly. "And I hope it's the last time Mommy has to pull down pants and spank her little girl. Now go do your cornertime like a good girl. I'll be back when you can come out."

"Yes, Mommy...", Dottie sniffled as she hobbled to the corner with her shorts and underpants around her sneakers, her hands massaging her fiery fanny. "And I hope you never have to spank me again, either."

Exactly a half hour later, Grace poked her head in the door.. "You can pull up your pants now, Dot. Clean yourself up and join your sisters and me on the back porch for some ice cream."

Dottie stooped and retrieved her fallen garments, wincing when the soft nylon briefs touched the blistered skin. After washing her face and combing her hair, she went downstairs and met the family on the porch. Betsy and Diana, still in their bathing suits and holding Popsicles, stopped and gawked when they saw their puffy-eyed and sniffling sister.

"Yes, Dottie got a spanking.", Grace stated, putting all speculation to rest. "Why don't you tell them why, Dorothy?"

"Because I left the house last week when I was grounded.", Dot replied softly.

Grace nodded. "That's right, although there were other reasons." She looked at Betsy and Diana. "And if she's not too old for a spanking at 19, you two certainly aren't, either. Do I make myself clear?"

Because of her early bedtime, Dottie woke up the next morning bright and refreshed, her badly discolored and aching backside notwithstanding. She dressed for church and whispered a "thank you" that she didn't have to wear a girdle. Sitting down for breakfast was uncomfortable at best, even with a soft pillow nestled between the chair and her bottom. Church was a different story, however. Hard pews and spanked teenagers don't go well together, and Dottie found herself twisting and squirming to find a position that didn't hurt. She never did, and a few of the congregation were treated to the sight of Dorothy Fielder rubbing the seat of her dress on the way out.

Although Dottie was grounded, Grace decided the pool wasn't off limits since Pat and Pammy Gray were coming over. Dot, however, wasn't sure she wanted to go swimming. Her bathing suit, modest by 50's standards, would not cover the marks on the back of her thighs. The guests would certainly notice them and guess that she had gotten a spanking. "Mom, I don't want everyone to know you had to spank me at my age...", she lamented.

Grace scoffed at the very idea. "Do you honestly believe you are the only 19-year-old who ever had her bottom warmed? Pat and Pammy will understand - especially Pat. I knew her and her parents before she got married, and I know for a fact her Daddy took her to the woodshed one time when she was 20. It had something to do with some moonshine she and a few of her girlfriends got caught with. Now stop this nonsense and get your bathing suit on."

That and almost a one hundred degree temperature convinced Dottie to put her suit on. And she was right; Pat and Pammy both noticed the oval bruises on the back of her legs, although neither said anything to her right away. Later on that afternoon, Dottie was climbing the ladder to get into the pool. Pammy was right behind her. "Did your Mommy spank you?", the 10-year-old asked when they were both in the water. Dot merely nodded and said yes. "Boy, you must have done something really bad to be spanked when you're almost grown up.", the youngster added before moving on to another subject.

Dottie was by herself in the kitchen getting a glass of iced tea when Pat came in. "Looks like someone got herself into some trouble...", Mrs. Gray said about the bruises.

"That's right...", Dottie replied shyly. "I left the house when I wasn't supposed to and Mom disciplined me." She reached back and softly placed a hand on the seat of her bathing suit. "You ought to see my bottom...she took the hairbrush to me."

Pat smiled. "You're lucky to have a mother who cares enough to correct you when you do something wrong. And I know how you feel - I got a couple of spankings when I was growing up, too. I got my last one in eleventh grade, I think."

Dottie couldn't help herself. "What about the time you got caught with some moonshine?"

33-year-old Patricia Gray blushed and couldn't stop herself from putting a hand on her own rounded bottom. "I forgot about that...", she lied. "Maybe I'll tell you about it's a long story."