Subject: Story-Class Of 1956
From: Carolina Jim <>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 00:08:21 -0700

Class Of 1956

"Oh, Mother! I love the dress! Thank you!" Susan leaned over in the front seat and gave Becky a kiss on the cheek. "You're the greatest mom in the world!"

The compliment brought a warm smile to Becky's face. "Thanks, Hon. You're pretty special, too.", she replied, and meant every word of it. The 41-year- old housewife couldn't help but think how lucky she was as she pulled out of the parking lot. She had a terrific husband and two wonderful daughters. That was enough to make a Saturday afternoon spent searching for a new dress for Susan to wear on her graduation day all worthwhile. It cost a little more than Becky planned, but that was OK. In two weeks, she was going to be the proudest mom in the whole Spring Valley High School gymnasium!

There was still one more stop to make before going home. Instead of turning off the main road, Becky went straight. "Where are we going, Mother?", a confused Susan asked. "I thought you wanted to get supper started."

"I do, but I need to go to the library first. It's been a while since I've been there, and I want to see if they've gotten any new sewing books in."

Susan's eyes widened. The library! No! They can't go there! She wiped her forehead and stared out the side window. Her mind raced, trying desperately to come up with something that would change Becky's mind. "But what about supper?", she asked. Feeble, but the best the 18-year-old could come up with. "You know Daddy likes to eat a little early on Saturday night."

Becky kept her eyes on the road and didn't notice the worried expression on her daughter's face. "I've already taken care of that. I told Tammy to put the roast in the oven if we weren't back by four-thirty. Anyway, we won't be long."

The library was nearly empty when Becky and Susan got there. Becky was in luck; several new sewing books had arrived. She picked out two and took them to the check-out counter while a very apprehensive Susan lagged a few feet behind.

"I see you find what you were looking for!", the pleasant-sounding girl said as she took Becky's library card. "Hi, Sue! How are you doing? Are you all ready for graduation?"

"Hi, Jill.", Susan answered softly. They were classmates and knew each other, but weren't close friends.

Susan's stomach did a flip when she saw Jill's smile disappear. "I'm terribly sorry, Mrs. Davis, but I can't let you check out these books. It says here that you've already got the limit of three books checked out, and they're three months overdue. Susan's on the list, too. Three books and three months overdue."

The young librarian handed the list to Becky. Sure enough, Rebecca and Susan Davis were on it, along with the book titles. "This can't be right...there has to be some mistake.", a justifiably embarrassed Becky whispered just loud enough for Jill to hear. After all, they were in a library. "I know I haven't used my card in at least four or five months, and I've never heard of these books. I've never had an overdue book in my life."

Her mother handed the list to Susan and asked if she knew anything about it. The tall, slender girl ran a hand through her light-brown hair. "Well, I checked out the three books on my card, but I brought them back before they were due.", she replied, trying to sound as convincing as possible. "I don't know anything about the ones under your name."

"What about the notices?", Jill asked. "Didn't you get them? We mail them out every month. You should have gotten six - three for each card."

Becky said no. "We haven't gotten anything in the mail from the library."

Fortunately, Joanne Wright was just getting ready to leave for the day. She was the Head Librarian, and had known Becky and her family for years. Jill filled her in on the problem. "What should I do, Mrs. Wright?"

Joanne smiled and put her hand on Jill's shoulder. "I've known these folks for years, Jill. You won't find any more honest people in town than Sam and Becky Davis and their two girls. If they say they don't know anything about this, than it has to be a mistake. Check out the books and take their names of the overdue list." Joanne looked over at Becky and Susan. "I'm sorry. I guess things like this just happen sometimes."

Fear had turned to guilt by the time Becky and Susan returned to the car. Lying to her mother was bad enough, Susan thought, and abusing Mrs. Wright's trust in her only made things worse. She wanted to return the books on time; she really did. But one thing led to another, and before Susan knew it, she went to the mailbox one Saturday morning and there were two notices from the library. There were two because Susan had "borrowed" her mother's card without Becky knowing it, since the library only allowed three books to be checked out per card. She hid the notices and vowed to return them the next chance she got. Obviously, Susan didn't. More notices came, and she was lucky enough to intercept them. Meanwhile, the five cents a day fine per book was adding up.

"Are you all right, Darling? I don't think you've heard a word I've said."

Becky's soft voice caught Susan off guard. "Oh, yes...", the teenager replied with a start. "I-I was just thinking about graduation day, that's all." Actually, her thoughts ran far deeper than that. For a fleeting moment or two, Susan contemplated confessing. It was, after all, the right thing to do. However, the possible consequences scared her. Spankings were rare in the Davis household, but not unheard of. Tammy had gotten one two years ago, when she was 14. As for Susan, she got one when she was 12 and remembered it like it happened only yesterday. Whether she was too old for one now never crossed her mind. Becky always said that as long as you're living under her roof, you'll obey the rules. If not, you could expect a good bottom-warming. Well, that's what Susan was expecting. She decided to keep her mouth shut.

Susan went straight to her room when she got home, intent on hiding the six books on the top shelf of her closet. How Becky hadn't seen them was a minor miracle, considering they were concealed only by a few shoeboxes. She was standing on her tip-toes getting ready to take them out when Tammy barged in. Susan nearly wet her pants. "H-Hi...", she stuttered, looking very guilty.

"What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost!", the perky 16-year- old said with a laugh. "I just wanted to see your new dress."

Quickly gathering her wits, Susan took the dress out and held it up against her. Tammy was suitably impressed. "Boy, you're going to be the prettiest one there!", she gushed, with a tint of envy.

Susan hurried her sister out of the room and completed the task at hand. In the back of the closet was an old suitcase that no one had used in ages. She took it out, placed the books inside, and put it back. Just to be on the safe side, she stacked the shoeboxes in front of it. "Mother will never look there.", she whispered...

Classes were over. Exams had been taken. All that was left was the graduation rehearsal on the Friday before the big day. Susan came to breakfast that morning with mixed feelings. Sure, she was glad to be graduating. But she would miss a lot of her old friends that she grew up with. Most would be going away to college or moving. Not Susan, though. She had been accepted at the local community college and living at home.

"You look very nice this morning, Susan.", Becky complimented, trying to cheer her daughter up. Indeed, Susan did look nice. Although the rehearsal would last only a couple of hours and be over by eleven, she was dressed up in her Sunday best. Becky had even allowed her to wear stockings and a hint of makeup. "And don't forget, there's Karen's party Sunday night."

"Thanks, Mom.", Susan replied, realizing what her mother was trying to do. "I can always count on you to cheer me up." She finished her breakfast, kissed Becky goodbye, and was off to the rehearsal.

Tammy began clearing the table. "Do you know where that old black suitcase is? Mrs. Roberts next door is going away for the weekend and wants to borrow it."

The pretty 16-year-old scratched her head. "Gee, I haven't seen it in ages, Mom. I think the last time I saw it was in Susan's closet."

Becky went up to Susan's room. It took some digging but, sure enough, there the suitcase was, behind a stack of shoeboxes. "That's strange...", she thought when she picked it up. There was something inside. Becky put the suitcase on the bed and opened it.

Shock. Anger. Disappointment. Those were only some of the emotions Becky felt when she saw the library books. Not only that, there were the six notices the library sent, stuck inside the front cover of one of the books.

Becky took the suitcase and books to her bedroom and sat down on the bed. She was crushed. Susan had used her library card without her permission, didn't return the books when they were due, and lied about it. That wasn't like her at all. Even so, Susan needed to be punished for this - and punished severely. A spanking was definitely called for, and perhaps a lengthy grounding as well. She needed to find out that such behavior was intolerable, especially from a young lady her age.

There was a problem, though. A girl only graduates from high school once, and this was the biggest weekend of Susan's life. Tomorrow was graduation, all the relatives were coming Sunday for a cookout, and Karen's party was that evening. Becky had given Susan permission to spend the night, so she wouldn't be home until Monday morning. Should Becky go ahead and punish her right away, or wait until Monday? After a lot of thought, she decided to wait until Monday...

The weekend was a hectic one, no doubt about it. Becky had her hands full, and what Susan had done weighed heavily on her mind throughout. She had discussed the situation with her husband - who supported her decision - and both managed to hide their feelings from the recent graduate. They had tears in their eyes when Susan received her diploma, and Tammy took a picture of the three embracing.

"Susan, I want you home early tomorrow morning.", Becky said when her daughter got ready to go to Karen's late Sunday afternoon. "We need to talk about something."

Susan thought she detected a rather formal tone in her mom's voice, but was unconcerned. She was in seventh heaven after all the graduation gifts the relatives gave her and, after all, she was now a high school graduate. "OK, Mother. I'll be home around nine."

Actually, it was a little past nine when Susan got home. Tammy had left to babysit, and Becky was waiting in the living room. "Hi, Mom! Boy, did we have a great time last night! We stayed up until three in the morning talking!"

"I'm glad to hear that, Susan. You can tell me all about it on our way into town. Please get in the car."

Susan smiled. Maybe it was another graduation present! "OK! Just let me get out of this skirt and blouse. I'm going to put on some shorts."

"There's no time for that. You can do that later. Now let's go."

The ride into town was filled with Susan's constant chattering about the party last night. "Oh, was soooo good!", she exclaimed. Then Becky pulled into the library's parking lot. "W-What are we doing here?" Susan sounded a bit shaken.

Becky parked the lumbering station wagon. "Look behind the seat and get the bag."

The puzzled Susan reached behind the seat and picked up the heavy paper bag. Her mother told her to look inside. She turned ashen when she saw the library books. "Come along, young lady. We have some overdue books to return and an apology to make."

Joanne was at the counter and greeted them with a hearty hello. Becky told Susan to give her the books. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Wright...I had the books all the time."

"That's right, Joanne. Will you please figure up how much we owe?", Becky added.

The experienced librarian knew Becky was in no mood for small talk. "It's 18 dollars. The maximum fine is three dollars a book." Joanne reached into her pocketbook and produced the money. It was a hefty sum by 1956 standards.

"This will take care of your allowance for the next nine weeks.", Becky stated as she handed the money to Joanne.

Susan bowed her head. "Yes, Ma'am..."

"I'd love to stay and chat, but Susan and I have some discipline to take care of.", Becky said, and took her daughter by the hand. "We'll get together soon."

Not a word was spoken until they were nearly home. "I'm sorry, Mom...", Susan finally said, breaking the silence.

Becky took a deep breath. "I don't think I need to tell you how disappointed I am in you, Susan. I also don't think I need to tell you you're in for the spanking of your young life when we get home. You're also grounded for a month - and I mean grounded. I want you in your pajamas by seven and in bed by seven-thirty every night. Do you understand?"

Tears welled in Susan's blue eyes. "Yes, Mom...I understand."

The house was eerily quiet. Susan was ordered to her room. "I'll be up in just a few minutes.", Becky promised. The hapless 18-year-old dutifully obeyed. She knew what she did was terribly wrong, and that a sound spanking was in order.

Moments later, Becky stood in Susan's doorway. The seldom-used but dreaded paddle was in her hand. "Do you know why I'm going to spank you, Susan?"

"Yes, Mother.", Susan whispered. She couldn't help but place her hands on the seat of her skirt.

Becky nodded. "Very well." She pulled the chair out from the desk and seated herself. "Get across my lap, young lady."

Without a word of protest, Susan draped herself over Becky's knees. Her mom lifted the back of her wool skirt and slip well up her back, exposing Susan's panty-clad backside. "Ohhh...", the teen moaned as her underpants were lowered to the knees. The ivory-colored buttocks glistened in the morning sun basking through the open shades.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The 18-inch paddle smacked Susan's bare bottom, immediately bringing tears to her eyes. There was no lecturing; Becky devoted her full attention to warming Susan's girlish, pleasantly-plump behind. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Every blow succeeded in raising the temperature considerably in her bottomcheeks and making her wish she had never seen a library card.

Susan tried hard to maintain her composure as every inch of her bottom was turned a deep red, but after twenty smacks she was crying like a 2-year-old. To her credit, there was no pleading or screaming, not even when the first crop of blisters were raised where thigh met buttock. There were only the sincere tears of a girl getting a well-deserved spanking.

At last, Becky finally put the paddle down. She pulled Susan's panties up over the black-and-blue cheeks and helped her to her feet. "I hope I never have to do that again, Susan."

Susan rushed her hands up under her skirt and slip and rubbed the sizzling seat of her underpants. She feared the nylon briefs would catch fire. "You won't, Mommy...", she sniffled, tears running down her face. "I promise..."

"Good. Now get undressed. You're spending the day in bed, young lady." Becky left the room, leaving Susan to contemplate her transgressions and a very hot bottom.

Susan stayed in bed all day - on her tummy - and slept on and off. At six o'clock, she was told to come downstairs for supper. Wearing her PJ's and carrying the pillow from her bed, the red-faced and red-bottomed teenager found the rest of the family already seated at the table. Wincing and grimacing, it took all of her willpower to sit on the fluffy pillow and even more to remain seated. "Tell your father what happened today.", Becky said.

"Mother gave me a spanking...", she answered softly as Tammy looked on sympathetically. "I deserved it, though."

"I certainly did.", Becky added. "I pulled her pants down and really tanned her bottom. She's also grounded for a month. Bedtime for her is 7:30."

Sam gave his approval. "I hope you learned something, Susan." She squirmed on her seat and said yes. "Good."

The next evening, Tammy and Susan did the supper dishes. As soon as they finished, Susan went to her room and changed into her pajamas, noticing her badly-bruised behind in the process. It was five minutes to seven when she went back downstairs. For the next half hour, she sprawled out on her side on the living room rug and read a magazine. Then, without any prompting, she got up and went over to Becky. "Good night, Mom.", she said, giving her a kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too, Dear. I'll see you in the morning."