Subject: Repost: Betty
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Date: 12 Nov 1997 15:48:55 -0800


Just like they had every weekday for the past two weeks, Susan and Lynn were waiting when Betty got off the bus from Elmstown. The youngsters, 13 and 11, were spending the summer with Aunt Martha while their parents were away on business. It had become a ritual for the girls to walk the mile or so down the country roads to be there when their favorite cousin returned from a day of summer classes at Lee County Community College. The 20-year-old, after having completed her sophomore year, was taking extra classes to graduate earlier. Although Betty was far older than they were, Susan and Lynn much preferred being around her than her sisters. 17-year-old Debbie and 15-year- old Beth were nice enough to them, but they were at the age where they had better things to do than hang around with a bunch of kids. They were prettier than Betty and had very active social lives. Not that Betty stayed home all the time; far from it. No, the tall, thin redhead was involved in a lot of church-related activities that kept her busy. But she always had time for her cousins.

"Hi, kiddos!", Betty greeted with a big smile as she got off the bus that Monday afternoon, her books clutched to her chest and her pocketbook dangling from her arm. "What's going on today?"

The girls, especially Lynn, seemed more excited than usual. "You'll never guess!", Lynn exclaimed. Then, before Betty could respond, "Aunt Martha spanked Debbie and Beth today, right after lunch!"

"That's right!", Susan confirmed. "We didn't see it, but we sure heard it! Aunt Martha took them both upstairs and slammed the door! Beth started screaming, and then Debbie! Boy, it must have hurt!"

Lynn nodded. "She must have used the hairbrush - it sure sounded like it! I bet she pulled their pants down, too!"

Betty sighed and shook her head. Her sisters had been asking for a spanking ever since summer vacation started. Always arguing, talking back to mom... yep, she knew it was coming. Her cousins were right on the money. Mother ALWAYS used the hairbrush, and on the bare bottom as well. There were going to be two young ladies sitting on pillows at supper tonight.

"They sounded just like you when you got a spanking last month, Susan!", Lynn teased with a giggle. "The whole neighborhood could hear you crying!"

The 13-year-old turned a bright shade of red. "W-What are you talking about...", the embarrassed Susan stammered. All her efforts to act grown up in front of Betty were going down the drain. "I-I haven't been spanked since I was a little girl..."

"Oh, don't lie!", her sister countered, to Susan's great distress. Lynn turned her head towards Betty as they walked, and explained. "Don't listen to her! She came home late from school and mom was waiting with the hairbrush. Right there in the living room, mom put Susan across her lap, lifted her dress and pulled down her underpants, and spanked her! Boy, was her bottom red when she finished! I saw the whole thing!"

Susan was absolutely mortified. "Well, you get spanked too! And you cry even louder than I do!"

Sensing trouble, Betty put her free arm on Susan's shoulder. "Hey, it's OK.", she said softly. "Just about everyone gets spanked when they're growing up. It shows your mother loves you enough to punish you when you do something wrong."

Near tears, Susan looked up. "I guess you're right. Does Aunt Martha spank you?"

"She did, once." Betty felt herself blushing at the most painful and embarrassing memory of her life. Unlike her sisters, she had been a model child and teenager - except for that one time. "When I was 12, a friend of mine, Ginny Harrelson, talked me into playing hooky. Mother spanked me until I couldn't sit down for a week." The blush got deeper when the inquisitive Lynn asked if it was on the bare bottom. "I'm afraid so...", she replied, almost in a whisper, "that was the only spanking I ever got."

Debbie and Beth were nowhere to be found when Betty and the girls got home. Martha was greeted with a flurry of hellos in the kitchen as she started preparing supper. "I hear my darling sisters got into a little trouble this afternoon.", Betty said while putting on her apron.

"They certainly did.", Martha harrumphed, still a bit angry over the incident. "I've had all I'm going to take with their sassy attitudes. I tanned their behinds but good today. Rest assured, it will be a long time before they smart-mouth me again. Those two have the sorest bottoms in town right now."

Indeed, Debbie and Beth were in their rooms at that very moment, sniffling and lying face-down on their beds. Martha had really put the hairbrush to their bare behinds this time. Both pairs of teenage buttocks were deep red, bruised, and ablaze. At supper that evening, they suffered the embarrassment of sitting on the fluffy pillows from their beds, just as Betty had predicted. The sullen sisters squirmed and winced throughout the entire meal - a scene which would be duplicated the following morning at breakfast

and retired to their bedrooms immediately afterwards...

The next several weeks went by quickly. There was a marked improvement in Debbie's and Beth's behavior. They were just as helpful and respectful as could be around the house. The end of Betty's summer session at college was drawing to a close, and Susan and Lynn would be going home in a few days. Aunt Helen was picking them up on Sunday, and on the Friday before, the girls met Betty at the bus stop as usual. This time, however, Betty treated them to ice cream sodas on the way home. She gave them money to put in the juke box, and all her friends treated them like royalty. Susan and Lynn felt very special that afternoon, and it made Betty feel good to see their faces light up like they did.

Things changed in a hurry when they got home, however. Debbie and Beth were sitting in the living room, wearing grim expressions. "What's the matter?", Betty asked. They looked up at her, but said nothing.

That's when Martha came in from the kitchen. She walked straight up to

and stared. "Where did you go last night?", she demanded.

Betty, who was a little taller than her mom, turned paled. "I-I went to the library, Mother. Don't you remember?"

Out of nowhere, Martha's right hand flew through the air and landed with a loud slap! on Betty's cheek. "Don't you lie to me!", she yelled, sending chills down every spine in the room. "Mrs. Hollings saw you coming out of Billy Crocker's house last night!"

Betty's body went limp. Her breathing became heavy and erratic. She was in trouble, and she knew it. Martha had forbidden her to see Billy because of his reputation, and one of her firmest rules was that none of her daughters were to go to a young man's house without permission. And Fran Hollings was the Reverend's wife. There was nothing left to do but admit it.

"I'm sorry, Mother.", Betty whispered, her head bowed in shame. The bright red handprint on her cheek stung and she wanted to rub it, but didn't dare.

"Not nearly as sorry as you're going to be!" Martha's eyes were glaring as she stood with hands on hips. "Go up to my room, young lady! You are in for the spanking of your life!"

Betty nodded weakly. "Yes, Ma'am...", she replied, still staring at her saddle shoes. Slowly she walked from the room while her stunned sisters and cousins sat and watched...

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Martha tapped her lap with the hairbrush. Choking back tears, Betty walked to her mother's side. "I'm sorry, Mommy.", she muttered just before Martha bent her across her knees. The girl gasped slightly as she felt the back of her skirt being lifted and the hem placed almost at her shoulders. The angry mom inserted her fingers inside the waistband of the nylon briefs and pulled them all the way down to Betty's ankle socks, exposing the snow-white buttocks and thighs. They would not stay that way for long.

With her daughter's slim bottom bared and properly positioned, Martha lifted the solid oval wooden hairbrush and began administering a spanking Betty would remember the rest of her life. Not one inch of her behind and upper thighs escaped the brush's fiery wrath. She was crying softly well before the skin started to purple and the wet, sticky blisters began to form. Ugly, painful welts coverred the formerly-smooth backside. The heat was unbearable. Betty started drumming her shoes, forcing Martha to clamp her leg across both of hers. By the time the spanking ended almost ten minutes later, the 20- year-old was reduced to sobs.

Martha helped Betty to her feet and ordered her to the corner, not allowing her to pull up her underpants. "Leave them where they are and hold the back of your skirt up. Don't you dare move until I tell you to. I want you to think about why you just got spanked for a while."

Tears streaming down her face, Betty stared at the wall. Her hands held the back of her skirt about the waist, displaying a very bare and very discolored white-hot bottom. Her mother looked at the swollen buttocks with a great deal of satisfaction. There was one young lady who would think twice about lying and disobeying again.

Thirty minutes in the corner, and Betty was finally allowed to rearrange her clothes and go to her room. With a great deal of difficulty, she pulled up her underpants and smoothed down her skirt. "I'm so sorry, Mommy...", she sniffled, and gave Martha a hug before walking across the hall to her bedroom.

The spanking Betty received was far more severe than the ones her sisters got earlier in the summer. It was impossible for her to sit down at supper that evening, and the red-faced girl ate her meal standing at the counter. Susan and Lynn watched their still teary-eyed cousin sympathetically; even Debbie and Beth felt sorry for her. Despite it being only 6:30 and the sun was shining, Betty was almost relieved when her mother sent her straight to bed after dessert. She got to her room and immediately thrust her hands up the back of her skirt, where they went to work on the smoldering seat of her underpants...

Betty's bruised and blistered bottom was still sore Sunday afternoon when Aunt Helen came by to pick up her daughters. To her eternal embarrassment, she was forced to sit on a soft cushion at the dinner table.

"Am I mistaken, or did one of my nieces get her bottom warmed?", Helen asked, noticing the pillow under Betty's behind.

The whole table stared at the red-faced Betty. "Answer your aunt, young lady.", Martha commanded.

"Yes, Ma'am...I lied to my mother and disobeyed her, and she gave me a good spanking on the bare bottom."

Helen smiled. "I know your backside hurts, Betty, but try not to feel too bad. You're not the first 20-year-old to get a spanking from mom and, Lord knows, you won't be the last. In fact, I believe your mom got one when she was 21 - and with her pants down. Didn't you, Martha."

Now it was Martha who had the red face...