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Subject: BJ's New Story:  Saturday Afternoon  (M/F & M/F)
Date: 8 Jul 1996 11:53:38 -0400

Hi everyone. I posted this story before "The Contest" ... but something happened to it. Oh well, here is the "prequel".

This is Adult reading reading only. Ignore if you are under 18.

Barbara Jo

Saturday Afternoon

"You know, BJ, I have trouble believing you would ever allow Adam to spank you for being bad." This thought had often entered Anne Sawyer's mind, but she had never voiced it until now. Barbara Jo Kendall, or BJ to her friends, had just joined Annie in the lunch room of Sunrise Food Products, a wholesale distribution center in Phoenix. It was Saturday afternoon in late June, and BJ had just finished supervising a month-end inventory. Everyone had left them alone to wait for a late delivery BJ had promised to accept, allowing the other employees to enjoy the rest of their weekends. It was just one of the responsibilities she took seriously as Vice President.

"I don't think the term 'allow' is quite appropriate in most cases when it comes to Adam spanking me. Remember, he's 6'2" tall, and has the muscles of a quasi-body builder. At 5'3" I just don't stand much of a chance to overtake him." BJ chuckled at her friend's observation, knowing full well that Annie often ended up over the knee of her live-in boyfriend, Max. "What made you bring it up, Annie?"

"I dunno, I guess it was watching you today. You ran this inventory better than Steve ever has, and he's the President. You get everyone's cooperation to make sure the job is done right. You are such a take-charge leader. You don't take shit from anyone and seem so self-confident. Even when you and Adam go out with Max and me, there never seems to be a hint that he would even consider spanking you." Annie was truly perplexed.

"It's all a bluff" laughed BJ. But she immediately saw disappointment on Annie's face in reaction to her smart alec response. BJ decided she could trust her best friend of four years. "Okay, I'll tell you the truth. First of all, you must understand that I have a strong need to control things around me. At work, it is my job to make sure things get done. And if no one has any better ideas, it will be done the way that I think it best."

Annie was pleased her friend was finally opening up honestly. "Well, you certainly have proven yourself since I've known you. I mean, I'm proud about being a Purchasing Director, but you are one of the few female Vice Presidents in the entire wholesale food industry."

"That's nice of you to say, Annie, but getting and keeping this position has come with a price. Remember early last April when I ended up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer? I lived day-to-day, coping with the stresses of work and trying to keep my family together after dad died. In addition to work, my family always turns to me whenever they are in trouble. But at the same time, I never allowed myself to release all the different emotions I felt, and it ended up giving me that ulcer."

This information came as no surprise to Annie. While she was always shooting her mouth off, BJ was often silent. And still, Annie knew BJ took many more risks than she would ever feel comfortable taking.

BJ continued, "I met Adam last August in our apartment complex laundry room. We were together almost non stop, but I still held on to my own apartment. Adam began getting more serious. But I felt he had not come to terms with Caroline's death. He had loved his first wife so much. Then three years ago she had a brain aneurysm and been in a vegetative state for almost two years before she died. I figured he needed to take things slower. You see, I was already trying to control things in our relationship."

"You mean you didn't want to get serious because you were afraid that Adam wasn't ready. But he didn't know he wasn't ready?" Annie inquired, amazed that BJ would try to dictate Adam's feelings.

"Well, yes that, and the fact I have always tested people to make sure they earn my trust. This testing habit of mine came into our relationship one night when we decided to share some of our sexual fantasies. I told Adam that I enjoyed playing games, like role playing. I didn't mention spankings. I was just testing his response to the game idea. Well hells bells, he took to it like duck takes to the water. In fact, he was the one who suggested a spanking game one evening after I had been unusually sassy."

"Unusually" Annie grinned, being skeptical with that word.

"Anyway" BJ stressed the word, trying to ignore the twinkle in Annie's eye, "we played around like that for several months and both found our sex life perking up considerably. Those games are such a turn-on for me, especially ones where I get to play a girl who gets into trouble and gets a spanking for it. It's always fun trying to run away, but ending bare bottom up on Adam's knee. There's nothing more sexual to me" sighed BJ, wishing she were at home that very minute.

Annie couldn't help stifling another giggle while she imagined this professional female, bare fanny side up on Adam's huge lap. She, like BJ, began to get turned on and wished that the damn delivery truck would arrive soon.

BJ could tell that Annie was enjoying this story and continued, "last March, Steve and I were having all kinds of trouble here at the office. So after work, he and I would go out for a few drinks to relax and plan our next steps. You must remember, Annie, because you joined us on several occasions yourself."

"Oh yeah, I remember", her bottom tingling at the recollection of Max's response to her frequent happy hour adventures.

"Well, within a two week period, I missed four dates with Adam because I was out drinking with Steve. Now you know Annie, I have absolutely no attraction to Steve sexually. He's just a great drinking partner and commiserates so well with work issues. Unfortunately, it was also taking a real toll on my stomach. A week later, my doctor told me I was in the hospital in large part due to excessive drinking. Anyway, I guess for Adam, being as patient as he is, it was four strikes and your out, not the usual three. The proverbial straw had broken Adam's back with that fourth happy hour."

BJ remembered the events clearly even though she had been drunk at the time, "I parked my car outside my apartment and was just opening the door when it suddenly jerked open. There was Adam, looking as mad as I had ever seen him. I told him that I didn't feel like fighting, and that I would see him sometime the next day. And without a word, he just picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me into his apartment like a sack of flour. I couldn't believe it, Annie."

"Did you start to yell at him!" Annie asked, knowing her first reaction is always to start screaming at Max.

"No, I didn't get a chance. I mean he carried me into his dining room and stood me up in front of him. That's when I noticed the table all set with flowers and candles. I could tell he had really worked hard to make it a romantic evening after a tough week at work. And I had completely forgotten our date for dinner.

BJ remembered feeling very guilty. "Then without saying a word, he threw me over his knee. I mean Annie, I was absolutely flabbergasted. I was still quite drunk and my head was spinning around like crazy. But I could feel him toss up my skirt and before I knew what happened, he slid my panty-hose and panties down. But let me tell you, as drunk as I was, I sure felt that first whack on my rear. I remember shrieking about it hurting. And he just continued spanking me until I felt like my butt was on fire. It was nothing like our games. He never said a word, just slapped and smacked constantly. I don't think my mom or dad ever spanked me as hard as Adam did that night. Geeze, it hurt."

Both women shifted around in their chairs. "Oh yeah, I know that feeling" empathized Annie. "After awhile, it's like you're sitting on a hot stove, right!"

"Right. Anyway, he just kept going at it. I tried to get off his lap, but his grip was way too much for me. After what felt like an hour of him spanking my extremely sore tush, I finally gave in and started crying like I had never cried before. I felt so bad. And it just wasn't about letting Adam down. I cried because my dad had died and left me to take care of the family. I cried because the home office was always in our face at work. There were hundreds of things that seemed to flit by in my mind that brought me to tears. I had never cried in front of Adam before that night. But let me tell you, the floodgates opened after that first hard spanking."

"You know, now that I think about it, I've never seen you shed a tear." Annie suddenly understood how much emotion her friend had kept to herself.

BJ recalled having a difficult time breathing that first night, the sobs fast becoming a continuous wail. "I don't even remember Adam stopping the spanking. All I remember is being carried to the couch in his arms, and sobbing my brains out. It felt like my heart had been broken, and I just couldn't do anything about it. All the control I had held over my emotions was gone. We must have stayed on that couch for almost three hours, with me curled up on his lap and the only sound in the room was my sobbing. Adam just held me as close as he could, trying his best to console me."

Annie was amazed as she listened to BJ's story. Her friend has always been the rock of Gibraltar. It was hard to imagine her cuddled up on Adam's lap, weeping openly for so long.

"Eventually, I fell asleep and woke up the next morning in Adam's arms in his bed. My eyes were almost swollen shut and my head hurt like it was going to explode. As I slowly turned over, I could feel that definite sting on my behind. I was so glad it was Saturday, so I didn't have to go to work. I thought about the night before and was really embarrassed that I had over reacted so much. But Adam was already awake and he told me we were going to spend the day talking. And then he said if I didn't like that idea, he could always provide some bare bottom motivation again."

Annie sat spellbound in her lunch room chair, mesmerized by BJ's story.

"We did talk most of the day. Adam asked a lot questions about my childhood, about dad's death from cancer. I even broke down several times just talking about it. I think I told Adam more about myself that one day than I had the whole time I had known him. And it was a two-way street. Adam shared a lot about Caroline's death, the difficult time he had in deciding to carry out Caroline's Living Will and turn off the food supply so she could die. He also told me that while he risked losing me forever because he chose to spank me, he just couldn't continue putting up with my behavior towards him. He had reached the end of his rope. Either the relationship would have to change, or he would be the one to leave."

"He was really that close to ending your relationship? How did you talk him into staying?" asked Annie, being surprised at how close Adam had come to leaving BJ.

"Actually, we both agreed that we needed to give our relationship some ground rules. So that Saturday, we spelled all of the ground rules out" BJ explained.

"Ground rules? Like what?"

"Things like calling each other whenever we are running behind schedule. Or I promised him that I would take care of my health. That's a biggee for Adam, especially after losing Caroline like he did. And stuff like telling the truth, and keep our word to each other. The final ground rule for me specifically is the tough one. It says that I promise to act my age, and not behave like some juvenile delinquent. And believe me, Annie, that takes in a whole lot of territory.

"What happens when either of you breaks a ground rule" Annie asked, knowing she shouldn't be surprised that even in their home life, BJ and Adam would organize things like ground rules and consequences.

"We agreed that a spanking would be my consequence and Adam would have to buy me a very expensive gift if he broke his ground rules. I made sure that it had to be something worth over $150 every time."

"How come you didn't make the consequence the same for both of you? You could afford $150 every time you got into trouble."? Annie asked, still amazed that this confident, self-assured woman would agree to a spanking.

"Sure, but I'd always be broke" BJ laughed. "Anyway, we decided that it had to be something that neither of us would enjoy. Adam knows how much I like to shop, and all I'd need would be an excuse to go out and blow a bunch of money. It would have the opposite effect on me, whereas, Adam hates to part with his dough. Besides, I figured as long as I could dictate to Adam what he was allowed to use when he spanked me, it wouldn't be all that tough. So we agreed that it would always be the palm of his hand, or if he thinks I deserve it, I get it with my grandmama's antique hair brush."

"He never lets on whenever I'm around. In fact, Max was really surprised when I told him that Adam spanked you for real some times." Annie said aloud while silently wondering if Max would go along with ground rules at their house.

"Because that was another one of our ground rules. Adam knows how hard I've worked to become Vice President in this industry. Imagine how hard it would be to have the respect of some of our truck drivers if they knew their boss was put over the knee of her boyfriend when she got out of line. So we decided right away that it would be a secret just between the two of us. It works for our relationship, and is really no one else's business."

"But you told me?" Annie said, suddenly feeling guilty.

"Yeah, and then you told Max, who informed Adam. And don't think I didn't get my butt scorched for that one! Adam said I had broken our agreement when I told you. And believe me, I was wrong when I thought it would hurt less if Adam used only the palm of hand. He's got a lot of force behind that hand."

Annie wanted to change the subject to something more comfortable. She felt bad about telling Max that Adam spanked BJ. "Has it made your relationship with Adam any better?"

"Well, two days after that first spanking, I moved in with Adam. When my ulcer started bleeding a week later, the only time I felt safe and secure was when I was snugly wrapped in Adam's arms. Now I find that life is much fuller, able to share the good and the bad times with him. And I can be the model professional here at work which I enjoy a great deal. But then I know I can be totally myself when I walk in the front door at home. I don't have to constantly be strong and self assured. I can be a brat or even a baby if I want. And of course Adam never misses a trick. When I told him my doctor wanted me to find ways to release penned up emotions, Adam immediately turned me over on his knee. He said it was doctor's orders. Even though he was just playing around, ever since I've gotten a few real spankings, my ulcer hasn't bothered me at all!"

Annie, thinking that BJ could probably avoid many of her spankings, asked, "So if you know what the consequences will be, why are you always running around looking for trouble? I mean , I try to do everything by the book until you talk me into some harebrained scheme."

"Oh that's easy" BJ laughed again. "Some times I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing, I honestly forget the consequences. But more often than not, I find it extremely thrilling to try and get away with something right under Adam's nose. Now be fair, Annie, for every time we've been caught, there were two or three other times we weren't busted. Don't you think that's fun?"

"Well, maybe" Annie responded skeptically "But Max always seems to make up for it. He rarely stops with just one spanking. I mean after our little gambling adventure last month, I got it twice. That's two spankings for just one adventure. I'm finding the math is never in our favor."

"Hey, don't feel so bad" replied BJ, knowing full well that she had received a spanking every evening for a week after that adventure. She decided it must have been because it was her idea to go gambling, and not Annie's. "At least you didn't have to go to bed at 7:00 every night for a week!"

Annie acknowledged her good fortune to herself. But she also knew that Adam had dictated an early bedtime because BJ was still recovering from her ulcer.

"Hey listen, Annie," BJ said, glancing at her wrist watch, "I'm going to call Adam. I thought we'd be heading home by now. Looks like we've got awhile to go yet."

"Yeah, I'll give Max a quick call, too. He was scheduled to be at the office all afternoon, so I'll try him there. Better to leave a message, than to be sorry later, huh!

Both women left the lunchroom and headed to their telephones. After making the calls, they walked around outside and ended up sitting under a large palm tree, enjoying the breeze of an unusual cool front passing through.

BJ's recollections were swimming around in her mind when it suddenly occurred to her that Annie had never shared any details about the spankings she got from Max. "So fair is fair, Annie. Now I want to hear about your first spanking from Max. You know you've got quite a hunk there, girl. His dark blonde hair just seems to set off the tone of his skin. He always looks like he's gotten a great sun tan. What's his secret."

Annie smiled, "For Max, it's hereditary. His father is Norwegian and his mother is Hispanic. That's how he ended up with the name of Maximilian Ramone Thompson. Quite a mixture, huh! He was named after his mom's father."

"Yeah, but his mom and dad sure created quite a specimen. So come on, give me details." BJ encouraged her friend.

"Okay, okay" Annie began, "I guess it started because having Max so handsome was part of my problem. I never really could believe that a guy who looked that wonderful would possibly be interested in someone like me."

BJ was surprised. She thought Annie was a beautiful woman, with shoulder length brown hair that had a natural wave showing off her almost perfectly oval face. She was always well dressed and groomed, and BJ had often noticed some of their male co-workers ogle her friend. "But Annie, you are beautiful. How could you have thought that about Max?"

Annie recalled the vicious childhood names of fatty and jumbo, "When I was growing up, I had a real weight problem. I think it was partly because my mom had died when I was so young. Anyway, I was a fat kid until my senior year in high school. And even now when I look in the mirror, I still sometimes see that fat little girl looking back at me."

A wave of sympathy crossed BJ's face as she could imagine Annie as a lonely little girl growing up in a house full of boys.

"So last January Max and I went out for dinner to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our first date. It was all Max's idea. He arranged for reservations at Top of the Pointe restaurant that overlooks Phoenix. It was so romantic. But I just couldn't get myself excited about it. I had absolutely convinced myself that Max was going to break up with me. So I behaved terribly all night. I had decided that if Max was going to dump me, then I'd beat him to the starting gate."

"You mean you were going to break up with Max on your one-year anniversary?" BJ asked incredulously.

"That's about the size of it. By the end of dinner, Max was fuming. I mean he has the patience of Job, but I had just pushed him too far. So after we left the restaurant, Max told me that we were going to his place to talk. I remember yelling at him that this was just fine with me. When we got there, I immediately turned on him and told him that I never wanted to see him again. BJ, he was just stunned. I remember he just stood in his open doorway and looked at me as if I had lost my mind."

"What did he say?"

"All he could say was 'why'" Annie answered. "And so I told him that under no uncertain terms would I allow him to break up with me. I would do it myself and get on with my life."

"Did he buy that explanation?" BJ asked, knowing full well that Max is no idiot when it comes to Annie.

Annie snorted, "Heavens no. He knew that there was something specific going on, but didn't have a clue about figuring out what it was. So he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little box and handed it to me. I opened it and there was this diamond, heart-shaped necklace that I always wear."

"What did you do?" inquired BJ, still amazed Annie had almost let a guy like Max slip through her fingers

"I kind of lost control. I started crying and yelling at him all at the same time. I didn't allow him to speak, I just kept up a constant barrage of words. I told him that he could take his heart and stuff it and that I knew he was seeing other women, because a man as good looking as him could never just settle for one woman. Especially a woman like me. I headed for the door to get out of there and that's when Max grabbed me and carried me to his sofa. He sat down, pulled down my slacks and panties and began walloping. I was shocked."

BJ chuckled, knowing the feeling very well, "Yeah, and I bet your butt was shocked, too!"

Annie giggled with her friend, "Yes indeed. I had never seen Max lose his temper before. He just kept smacking and smacking away on my rear-end. It seemed like an eternity. I fought as best as I could, but he held me so tight that all I could do was kick my legs around. And after awhile, all I could do was bawl. I had really acted hateful to Max all evening, and he had just taken it. I knew while he was swatting away that I really did deserve everything I was getting."

"That's the worst part of any spanking isn't it Annie" commiserated BJ. "Knowing deep down in our souls that both Max and Adam are right."

"Yeah, but for me, the worst part is always after the actual spanking. That first night, after he painted my behind a bright red, he ordered me to stand in the corner with my nose up against the wall. Max told me that maybe in this position, I could keep my mouth shut long enough for him to get a word in edgewise. Of course, I had to waddle to the corner because even though I had kicked off my slacks, my panties were still tight around my knees. And like he has done ever since, Max always follows right behind me the whole way to the corner, swatting me as we go along."

At that moment, BJ was extremely relieved that Adam had never ordered her to the corner. She hoped that Max and Adam would never share stories like she and Annie were doing that afternoon. Adam didn't need any new ideas about spanking her.

Annie continued, "That's when Max told me that he was only seeing one woman, but he wasn't sure at that moment why he had the bad luck of falling in love with me. He said that I was enough for any one man to handle, and he couldn't bear to think of adding any more complications to his life. I couldn't believe it BJ. In that one split second, he had told me that he loved me and that I was the only woman in his life. As bad as my butt hurt, his words were like music to me. I turned around from my corner and jumped into his arms. I was crying and laughing all at the same time, telling him that I loved him, too."

BJ knew the feeling of crying and laughing simultaneously. "I'll bet he was surprised."

"He sure was. And the sex we had that night was absolutely wonderful. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. The next day, Max told me that if the only way I could be kept quiet was over his knee and then in the corner, he would be happy to continue to encourage my listening skills that way from then on. And of course with my temper and big mouth, not many weeks go by without a communication lesson from Max. He always lets me say my piece before he does and says his. But you know BJ, I've never had the slightest doubt since then that Max truly loves me and I am worthy of that love."

The two women sat in silence, recalling the events that had helped them grow closer to the men they loved so dearly. After a few moments, the noise of a semi-truck broke their thoughts. "Good, finally the delivery is here. All this talk has really made me horny, Annie" BJ said, wiggling her butt and anxious to get home to Adam. She silently wondered if Adam would be in the mood tonight to play a little one on one. She was suddenly feeling like playing the spoiled actress and no-nonsense director.

"BJ, there is something I want to ask you before we go today" Annie muttered hesitantly.

"Okay, let's get this guy to unload his truck and send him on his way." BJ answered. It only took 15 minutes to do just that. BJ and Annie grabbed their purses, locked the center tightly and headed to Annie's car.

"What's up, Annie?" BJ could see turmoil written all over her friend's face. "Are you okay?"

"Oh BJ, I'm in so much trouble, I just don't know what to do." Tears welled up in Annie's eyes...

Continued in the Story "The Contest"