Subject: BJ's New Story:  Revenge At Last  (sex, M/F & M/F)
From: (AzBabyGrl)
Date: 16 Jul 1996 18:12:54 -0400

Hi everyone. Here's another chapter in the adventures of BJ, Annie, Adam and Max. Hope you enjoy it! And for anyone not familiar with my stories, details appear in stories I posted earlier.

As always, this story contains adult spankings and sexual situations that is inappropriate for people under 18.

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Revenge At Last

"My marriage is going down the toilet and I don't know what to do, BJ.

Sometimes I don't even know who Lois has become." Steve St. James, President of Phoenix's Sunrise Food Products continued talking to his second in command, Barbara Jo Kendall, known to everyone as BJ.

Ordinarily, BJ was an excellent listener to her boss and good friend, Steve. But after 45 minutes in Steve's office, listening to his marriage woes, BJ was beginning to let her mind zone off in other directions. She began to make a mental to-do list of things she wanted to get done before leaving work, "Double check the new payroll system....get weekly purchasing report from Annie..."

Several minutes later, BJ finished her thoughts on work activities and focused on Steve. He continued talking as she thought about his physical features. Steve was a good looking man in his late 40's, bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was just an inch or so shorter than Adam. "Steve must be just over six feet tall," BJ thought. "He really is handsome and keeps in excellent shape. I wonder what in the heck he ever saw in Lois?"

While BJ genuinely cared about Steve, both as a boss and a friend, she had little time or patience with his wife, Lois. "She's so shallow, self-involved and phony," BJ thought. "And I still have to pay her back for her little tattletale phone call she made to Adam a few months ago." Whenever BJ remembered Lois calling Adam and telling him that BJ and Annie were out gambling, she renewed her mental efforts to get even.

Steve's voice became a bit softer as he said, "and then this morning when I drove Lois' car to work, I found these!" Steve held up a magazine and some typewritten pages. BJ's mind and ears perked to attention as she read the large print on the magazine and saw the picture. Her bottom began to tingle as Steve handed the material to her, "BJ, please don't tell any one about these, not even Adam."

"Of course I won't tell anyone." BJ assured him as she took the magazine and papers. On the magazine cover was a good looking man with a woman over his knees and the title, "Stand Corrected" in huge bold letters. "I wonder if I have this issue" BJ thought to herself. Then she looked at the typewritten pages. It was obviously a story, and one BJ knew very well. The title, "The Continuing Bawdy Adventures of Sir Roderick Melrose..." was printed at the top of the first page. BJ knew immediately this was a story written by an Internet friend of hers, Trader. "Well, maybe Lois has some good taste after all." BJ thought. Out loud to Steve and sounding as na ve as possible, she said, "what is this stuff, Steve?"

"It's all about grownups spanking other grownups." Steve replied. "I didn't give Lois any warning that I needed her car today, so she wasn't able to get them out before I left."

"You know, Steve, when I was living in Minneapolis, I had some very good friends that enjoyed playing spanking games," BJ pointed out in an innocent tone of voice. "They told me about some of their games and how much fun it was to play. Although it's not my cup of tea" BJ lied, "maybe Lois would like to try something like that." BJ really hoped Steve was swallowing her naive act. "I'm going straight to hell for lying like this" she thought.

"Don't you think it's strange, BJ?" Steve asked.

"Absolutely not, Steve." BJ was glad she could stop lying to her friend. "One thing about human nature is different things are sexually erotic to different people. Why, I know a woman who enjoys role-playing and spanking. She sometimes dresses up like a dance hall girl from the old west and her partner dresses up like a sheriff." BJ paused momentarily recalling her wonderful weekend with Adam. Her playful spanking while wearing the low cut, short dress of a bygone era had been especially satisfying. BJ's face slightly blushed remembering the sex she shared with Adam after that spanking. Shaking her head slightly, BJ mentally cleared her mind and memories to refocus on the discussion at hand, "Like I always say, Steve, don't knock it until you've tried it." BJ silently kicked herself for saying that. She hoped Steve would not ask her any questions about trying it. "Besides, it's really no one's business but yours," she added.

"Do you really think so, BJ. You mean I should just ask Lois about these, and if she wants to try it, go ahead and do it?" Steve had not made any connection about BJ and spankings.

BJ's shoulders sagged in relief, "Of course try it. From what my friends told me, their sex lives were greatly enhanced with spanking games," BJ vocalized while thinking, "well at least that's not a real lie because Annie told me that."

"I guess I'll have to think about it, BJ." Steve's mind was a jumble of questions and decided he would sort it out later. "Oh by the way, did you and Adam get your invitation to my birthday party next weekend. Lois really wants to go all out for my 49th, although I don't know why she doesn't wait until I turn 50. That's the biggee."

"Yeah we sure did. And I've already replied back and told her we will both be there." BJ responded. "How many people did she invite?"

"At least 75, and she even sent one to James Everett." Steve sighed, hoping that Sunrise's CEO would not be in town next weekend. "But you know Lois, she wants to show off to everyone."

"Yeah, I know Lois" BJ thought disgustedly. Hoping to get back to work, BJ handed the magazine and story back to Steve and stood up, "Well guy, I've got to get back to work. Remember what I told you, talk to Lois about this!"

Steve just nodded as BJ opened his office door and went next door to her own office. The phone began to ring just as she sat down. "Sunrise Food Products, this is Barb" she said in a very business-like manner.

"Oh BJ, I'm sooooooo glad I caught you." BJ inwardly groaned as she heard the repulsive voice of Lois St. James. "Do you have a minute?"

"Well Lois, to be honest, you caught me at a really bad time. I've just finished an hour long meeting and I have an awful lot of work to finish before I can go home tonight," BJ replied.

"Oh daaaaarling, this will only take a minute." Lois spoke as if BJ's words didn't mean anything. "I have a favor to ask of you for Steve's birthday party. I'm going to be soooooo busy being hostess, I was wondering if you would take charge of the program."

"What kind of program, Lois?" BJ asked, wishing she could just hang up on this old busy body.

"There are going to be several letters to read from Steve's friends who can't make the party. And then I'm creating a 'this is your life' type of video to be shown," Lois gushed, making BJ feel quite nauseated.

"Sure Lois, I'd be happy to emcee. Just let me know what's on the program a couple of days before." At this point, BJ would agree to anything just to get Lois off the telephone.

"Oh daaaaaarling, you are just tooooooo special. Thank you so much! By the way, how's your ulcer? I certainly hope you've been behaving yourself."

"Calm...calm...calm..." BJ silently chanted, hoping to stifle the indignity she felt. "Oh yes, Lois, I'm just fine. Well, I really must be going and I'll see you next weekend at Steve's party." BJ literally smashed the phone back into its cradle before Lois could respond. "I'll get my revenge, you old biddy" she thought.

Fifteen minutes later, BJ was still sitting at her desk, smoldering about her conversation with Lois. Annie, her best friend and co-worker walked in to BJ's office and immediately noticed her intense frown. "Something wrong, BJ?" she asked, handing over the weekly purchasing report.

BJ was startled back to reality when Annie spoke to her. "What, what did you say, Annie?"

"I said is there something wrong, BJ" Annie repeated.

"Yes, it's that bitch, Lois" whispered BJ, knowing her office door was still open. "I swear she really gets to me, Annie!"

Annie absently rubbed her fanny, remembering the spanking she got after Lois had told Adam and Max about their gambling. "Yeah, I know how you feel. Hey, come to think of it, I thought you were going to come up with some plan to get even with Lois for being such a nosy snitch."

BJ barely heard Annie's words. Her mind was busy developing plans about an idea just dawning on her. "That's it!" she said out loud, certain this plan was not only possible, it was brilliant.

"That's what, BJ? Did you hear what I said? Are you okay?" Annie couldn't help noticing the devilish smile forming on BJ's face.

"Annie, shut the door. I've finally figured out a plan to get our revenge on that old busy body, Lois St. James." BJ was careful to keep her voice low so no one could overhear her.

Butterflies began to circulate in Annie's stomach as she turned and gently closed BJ's office door. She knew that look in BJ's eyes. Annie was sure this plan would finish the same way many of BJ's other plans ended, with both of them bare bottom up, getting a very sound and hard spanking. But Annie's dislike of Lois was almost equal to BJ's, and she decided if this plan had any possibility of working, Annie would help.

Thirty minutes later, Annie left BJ's office, certain the next week was going to be exciting. Even though she often got into trouble with BJ, Annie always felt exhilarated trying to pull off one of BJ's plans. "What the heck if we get caught" Annie thought, "this time it will be worth it!" She headed back to her desk, chuckling as she walked.

The day seemed to drag on and BJ was extremely glad when she finally finished all her work for the day. It was nearing 6:00 and most of the front office employees had already left. BJ cleaned off her desk to go home. "Step one coming right up" she thought walking out her office door. Turning toward Steve's office, she poked her head in and saw him getting ready to head home. "Steve, have you got a minute," she asked sweetly.

"Sure thing, BJ. What's up."

"You know, I've been doing a lot of thinking about those things you found in Lois' car. And I've also remembered what some of my friends told me," BJ said. "I'd be willing to bet that Lois really wants you to take command of your relationship. You know, be the king of his castle."

Steve's face crinkled in confusion. "Do you really think so, BJ? When I read this stuff, I figured Lois probably wanted to spank me."

"Oh no, Steve," BJ encouraged, "I think it's just the opposite. I mean, look at the picture on the front of the magazine. It is definitely a man spanking a woman. And some of my female friends told me while they enjoyed planning out spanking scenarios, they really got turned on when their men unexpectedly gave them a sound, hard spanking. And if you noticed in that magazine, several different implements can be used for the actual spanking. You know, like paddles, wooden hairbrushes and stuff like that."

"You sure know an awful lot about this stuff, BJ." Steve was surprised by his friend's knowledge.

"Well you know girls and sex...we love to talk about it. I got a great deal of information from my girlfriends in Minneapolis" BJ pointed out, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. Well, I guess I'd better think about this before I confront Lois, huh" Steve replied, silently acknowledging women always seemed more explicit about sex stories than any man he ever knew.

"I think that would be best, Steve. Just think about it. And sometime if Lois gets totally out of line and acts like a misbehaving child, you should just take her over your knee and paddle her good. That should get some communication started." BJ knew her words would be swirling around in Steve's head for at least a week. She felt extremely successful as she headed for her car. "All I have to do is keep watering that little seed I just planted, and we should be all ready for Steve's birthday party," she chuckled to herself. BJ was suddenly anxious to get home to Adam.

"Hi Sweetie!" Adam called out from the kitchen when he heard BJ come in the front door. He had already changed from his business suit in to comfortable shorts and was busy rinsing green grapes at the kitchen sink. "How was your day?" he said, continuing his task.

BJ stood at the kitchen door, still clutching her purse and briefcase, and was admiring Adam's muscular body. "God, what a hunk" she thought as her eyes moved from his full head of brown hair to his broad shoulders and immense upper arms. Her gaze trailed from Adam's slim waist to his somewhat rounded butt, which was straining against a pair of tight fitting shorts. Letting out a silent sigh at this wonderful male specimen, BJ's eyes continued to course down his body to Adam's thick, muscular thighs and finally down his long, well built legs.

When he did not hear a response from BJ, Adam again called out, "BJ are you okay?"

BJ gave him a wolf whistle and said, "you know, Adam, you have extraordinary body for an architect. However, there is one thing I'd like to know."

Adam turned his head just in time to catch BJ's twinkle in her huge green eyes and showing a mischievous smile. He waved his hands to shake off water and turned around to face her, "and what is it you'd like to know, sunshine."

With one eyebrow slightly raised, she asked, "Why is that men really don't have well-rounded bottoms like women do?" BJ batted her eye lashes for an additional effect.

Adam moved so fast that even BJ was startled. In a moment, he had covered the length between them, picked BJ up by her waist and threw her over his shoulder. One of his large hands landed a loud whack on BJ's derriere just as her purse and briefcase clattered to the floor. "It's because you need more padding for your frequent spankings, little girl," Adam laughed.

BJ joined him in laughter as Adam carried her to their bedroom, providing playful spanks along the way. "Adam, no, come one, I was just teasing. Pleeeeease, Adam, put me down this minute."

BJ's words were barely out of her mouth when Adam tossed her on their bed. She scrambled to regain some semblance of dignity while Adam watched, enjoying the sight. "Adam, now be good. My butt still stings from last weekend," she whined.

A wave of fake sympathy crossed Adam's face as he bent toward her, "Oh, does my baby need an oil rub on her sore little fanny tonight before beddie bye?"

BJ immediately wished the sun would set faster tonight. She struggled to stand up on the bed and threw herself into Adam's arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Adam let out a grown as he cradled BJ's bottom in his hands. BJ giggled, "oh yes, lover, that's exactly what I need. Is it bedtime yet?"

Adam shook his head and began to unwrap BJ's legs from his waist. "Woman, you are going to wear me out!" he laughed as she stood on the floor.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to get a newer model if that happens" BJ saucily replied.

Adam quickly turned BJ around and spanked her plump bottom. "Your tush will wear out before that happens" he sneered.

"Okay, okay, I get the message" BJ gasped at this last attack. Her posterior was beginning to sting and she began to rub it gently.

"Good, now get into something comfortable while I fix dinner" Adam said as he turned toward the bedroom door. "It will be ready in a hour or so" he added as he headed down the hallway to the kitchen.

As she watched Adam's retreating figure, BJ suddenly remembered she had work to do. She hurriedly got out of her business clothes and into some short shorts and a T-shirt. BJ raced to her office and began rummaging through her personal file box. Actually, it was an old fashioned, lockable trunk she kept in her office.

As she looked through the various stories and magazines, BJ felt a tinge of guilt. Ever since finding her remarkable friends in Assville, she had collected a number of awesome stories about spankings. However, she was very careful about the things she showed Adam. As BJ's bottom tingled, she knew Adam wouldn't hesitate to try some of the things her friends wrote about. And she was in no mood to give him any more ideas about ways he could treat her when they were alone. "If had a nickel for every time he's called me a spoiled little brat and deserve a sound spanking for being so childish, I'd be wealthy," she thought. Pausing a moment to reflect on those times, she mentally confessed, "okay, I'd still be a brat, but I'd be extremely rich." BJ felt lucky that Adam had no interest in the Internet and wasn't aware of Assville. He always assumed BJ got the stories she shared with him from people she met in various chat groups. "Well, I'll be damned if I am going to just hand over all the control in our relationship!" BJ thought, feeling resolved of her deception.

After rummaging through her treasures, BJ finally found what she was looking for. "This will do it!" she said out loud to no one but herself. She carefully locked up the trunk and wandered back into the kitchen.

Hearing her cheerfully hum to herself as she entered the kitchen, Adam said "I stopped by the new house this afternoon, BJ. It's coming along very nicely." For several months, their new house had been under construction on an acre of land north of Phoenix. Adam, with BJ's input, had designed it and he was the architect overseeing the project.

"Won't it be nice to get out of this cramped apartment, Adam" BJ sighed, grabbing a green grape from the table. "When will it be ready?"

"Looks like we'll be able to move in early August" he answered. "Oh by the way, Lois St. James called me today. She wanted to make sure we got her invitation to Steve's birthday party next weekend. I told her to call you. God that woman's voice is really irritating."

"Oh thanks a lot!" BJ grumbled. "She called me and almost ruined my whole day." BJ related her telephone conversation to Adam. She was careful to leave out anything that might make Adam curious about her plans for the party.

After dinner, Adam and BJ spent a quiet evening watching television. BJ was curled up on Adam's huge lap with her head nestled against his broad chest. And just as he promised, when they got ready for bed, Adam got out the baby oil for BJ's long and luxurious fanny massage.

BJ lost herself in complete relaxation as Adam's huge hands worked the oil over her firm, yet pliable round globes. His fingers slowly rubbed along the curves of her cheeks and hips. As one hand continued massaging her bottom, Adam's other hand slipped down to BJ's moist feminine charms. BJ began to melt into ecstasy as his fingers caressed and stroked her nether lips and worked his way to her throbbing clit. He teased her bud unmercifully, causing BJ to move her hips in response to his attentions and exhaling in soft, low groans. Adam took BJ to the edge of the universe and finally beyond. She succumbed to the heights of pleasure.

As BJ felt herself re-enter earth's atmosphere of reality, she turned over to meet Adam's passionate stare. She immediately got to her knees and put her fingers between Adam's skin and the waistband of his shorts and briefs. BJ smiled at Adam's noticeable bulge as she seductively slipped his garments down. "Okay lover, now it's your turn for a massage," she whispered.

"Well baby, you sure won't need any oil for me, will you" he replied in a husky voice, sending shivers through BJ's body. She was sure Adam could feel her pulse racing as she freed his rock hard manhood. BJ began stroking his steel shaft, gently pushing him down on the bed so he was lying on his back, enjoying her magical touch. BJ looked insatiable as she bent down, tracing a path with her tongue along Adam's throbbing organ. She could feel it grow under her strong, knowing tongue and mouth.

BJ continued to ignite Adam's sparks of desire and immersed them both in the depths of passion. When he could stand it no longer, Adam pulled BJ's mouth from her suckling pleasures, chuckling as she quietly whimpered at the disturbance. BJ looked in to Adam's clouded eyes as she eagerly shifted to straddle him. He gently lifted her and set her soul on fire as he lowered her body onto his slick stiffness. Discovering untapped depths of passion, Adam and BJ were two matching halves coupled in a frenzy reunion. Their sensual adventure exploded in shattering climaxes.

As their breathing slowed, BJ fell on the bed in exhaustion and whispered to Adam, "Thanks, I really needed that." Adam chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her for the night.

The following week found BJ and Annie often consulting each other about the plan. They giggled like teenagers, always making sure no one overhead their conversations. And according to the plan, BJ created several circumstances where Steve was able to share his feelings about marriage and spanking. As always, BJ made sure she dropped enough hints and encouragement that would ensure success of her plan.

After over a week of planning and scheming, BJ and Adam were dressing for Steve's party. BJ put on a new outfit she bought just for the occasion. It was a kelly green, full skirt that came just above her knees. A sleeveless cotton blouse with green trim topped off the outfit. BJ wiggled her tush as she felt the surprise she put on for Adam's benefit. "What do you think of my new outfit, sweetie?" she asked Adam.

"It's very nice, honey" Adam said indifferently.

His response did not suit BJ at all. She decided on another approach by saying, "here, let me turn around so you can get the full effect." BJ giggled as she twirled around. Her full skirt raised up waist high in her movements, revealing kelly green panties with rows of small ruffles across her pert bottom.

Adam burst out in laughter as he grabbed BJ and pulled up the back of her skirt. The panties were silk and cool to his touch and he caressed the ruffles and BJ's derriere. "Let me rephrase that, I really love your new outfit, darlin'!" Adam chuckled as BJ wiggled her cute bottom back and forth. "Now, do we really have to go to the party tonight?" he asked, half sincerely.

BJ squirmed out of Adam's grasp. "Of course we have to go. It will be fun!" Adam truly doubted it would be as fun as staying home, but knew there was no choice.

An hour later as BJ and Adam approached the St. James' front door, Adam bent over and gently patted BJ's bottom as she rang the door bell. He was surprised when his hand could not detect any panty ruffles.

BJ turned to him and whispered, "They were scratchy, so I took them off. I decided not to wear anything under my skirt." She gave him one of her mischievous smiles.

The meaning of BJ's comments had just registered in Adam's mind when the door opened and Steve greeted them warmly. "Oh shit" Adam silently muttered. "This is going to be a very long night."

Revenge At Last -- Part 2

Over the next several minutes as BJ greeted people, she noticed Lois flitting about the guests. BJ saw James Everett, conversing with two men from shipping. "Damn" she thought, feeling her resolve weaken to carry out her plan. "I sure wish the CEO wasn't here." BJ continued to contemplate her plans as she enjoyed the company of co-workers and friends.

Annie and Max showed up shortly after BJ and Adam. Both BJ and Annie kept their distance from each other. They knew Adam and Max would suspect something if they were seen huddled somewhere, finalizing their schemes.

What BJ and Annie didn't know was Adam already suspected something. He walked over to Max, who was busy pouring himself something to drink. "Max, what do you suppose those two girls of ours are up to tonight?" Adam asked in a low voice, just loud enough for Max to hear.

"Why do you think they're up to something?" Max replied, turning around to find the two in question. BJ was busy talking with James Everett on one side of the room and Annie was conversing with several front office staff on the other side of the room.

"Those two have been in the same house for almost an hour and they've hardly said one word to each other" Adam answered. What he failed to mention was his difficulty keeping his eyes off BJ's backside, knowing she was completely naked under that skirt.

"You're right, they must be planning something" Max agreed, knowing it was very unusual behavior for BJ and Annie. "I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I find anything out. Thanks for the warning, buddy."

As more guests arrived, BJ genuinely questioned her decision to go through with the plan. She caught Annie's attention and the two met in a corner of the dining room. "Annie, James Everett is here. I just don't know if I can go through with this" BJ said quietly. "I really don't know if I want to embarrass Steve in front of his boss. And I don't know what kind of sense of humor James has."

"Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing, BJ" Annie replied. Their conversation was interrupted by Max's voice as he and Adam approached the two women, "Okay, what are you two planning?"

Annie jumped at his words and sheepishly responded, "planning, what do you mean planning, Max?"

Adam came up to BJ and possessively put his arm around her waist, "Okay baby, spit it out. What's going on."

Before BJ could reply, a sharp voice carried over the four of them. "Baby? What an absolutely adoooooooorable nickname you have, BJ!" Lois had heard Adam's last statement and forced her way into the small group.

BJ's face blushed at Lois' words and looked at Adam with a steel hard glare. Adam found himself speechless, not knowing what to say. Finally, BJ spoke in a calm and clear voice, "My brother was only one year old when I was born, Lois. He couldn't say Barb or Barbie, so he just called me baby. The name stuck for several years, but it was mostly used by my dad." BJ continued talking directly to Lois, with a coldness that sent shivers down the backs of her three friends standing nearby. "Now that I'm an adult, very few people get away with using that name to address me. It's only used by my family and extremely close friends. I would prefer it, Lois, if you would greet me as Barbara or Barb!"

"Yes, yes of course BJ, I mean Barbara," Lois babbled, never feeling so threatened by mere words. "I guess I should see to my other guests." Lois turned and breathed relief to be out from under BJ's cold stare. She spotted James Everett and decided to put in a good word for her husband.

BJ's eyes didn't leave the retreating figure of Lois, who was by then cackling at something James said. BJ felt rage surge through her entire body remembering the condescending attitude and voice Lois used when using her nickname. "Baby" was a term of endearment to BJ, only used by very special people in her life. After several minutes, BJ heard a deep voice whisper in her ear, "I am so sorry, BJ. I didn't know anyone was around, much less her."

BJ turned and looked up at Adam's gentle face and her eyes filled with tears. "That's okay, sweetie. You're going to have to learn to be more sneaky. Maybe I could give you some lessons," she suggested. BJ offered Adam a weak smile and said, "and I'm sorry, too, for getting so upset.

That woman just makes me crazy."

Composing herself and quickly wiping away a single fallen tear, BJ turned and faced Annie and Max. Their mouths were still slightly open at the shock of BJ's frigidity toward Lois. Before they could say anything, BJ said, "if you all will excuse me for a minute, I think I'll find the ladies room."

BJ walked away from her friends and was quickly joined by Annie. Together they went into the bathroom where BJ spoke first and firmly, "forget what I said about not going through with our plan, Annie. I wouldn't miss this opportunity if my life depended on it."

"Okay BJ, I'm with you all the way" Annie replied, knowing it foolish to even consider trying to persuade her friend otherwise. Annie silently added, "besides, I really want that know-it-all to get it."

The hour of retribution was at hand. Lois flitted around the room, clapping her hands to get everyone's attention. "Dear, dear friends. We have a little surprise program to honor Steve on this 49th anniversary of his birth...."

BJ zoned out Lois' words as she noticed James Everett slip out the front door. She nudged the warehouse manager standing next to her and whispered, "Where is James going?"

"He has a flight he wants to catch to go home to night," was the answer.

BJ sighed in relief. Her mental ramblings stopped when she heard Lois' grating voice, "...and Barbara Jo has sooooooo graciously accepted the role of emcee. So without further delay, I'd like to turn the program over to Barbara Jo Kendall."

Over the next 45 minutes, BJ kept to the program Lois had given her. All the guests roared with laughter at a skit put on by several employees, and Steve was deeply moved by the many letters and telegrams BJ read.

Adam and Max were seated on the couch during the entertainment. While no one else noticed, both men caught BJ's frequent, hostile stares directed at Lois. Max leaned over and quietly spoke to Adam, "remind me to never get on BJ's bad side. You must have your hands full with that one."

Adam smiled and replied, "it's all part of the package when you love a female with the birth sign of Scorpio. I've learned to give her space and keep clear of that stinger."

Max was suddenly extremely thankful for Annie. All he had to put up with was Annie's quick temper and motor mouth.

As the grand finale approached, BJ again turned over the program to Lois. While Lois moved to the front of the room, BJ slipped unnoticed to Annie's side, standing next to the VCR. Lois began talking to the group, "In honor of Steve's birthday, I have a surprise for him tonight. Over the past several weeks, I've been discreetly video-taping his family and friends who now wish to share the important day with him."

BJ was half listening to Lois babble as she silently bent down and retrieved the video tape in the VCR unit. Keeping an eye on Adam and Max and noting they were watching Lois, BJ nudged Annie and gave her the tape she had just removed from the machine.

Annie, also watching Adam and Max carefully, handed BJ another tape she had held behind her throughout the program. BJ took the switched tape from Annie and inserted it into the VCR.

Once the new tape was in the player, BJ slowly stood up and noticed Adam give her an encouraging smile. BJ smiled back at him while she reached for the VCR remote control. Again nudging Annie, both women began to move away from entertainment center to the back of the room.

Lois' introduction gave them enough time to reach the very back. After several minutes, BJ wished Lois would just shut up. Finally, Lois wrapped up her introduction saying, "I'm pleased to present a Lois St. James production, created by yours truly. I hope you will appreciate Steven St. James as the boy he was and the man he has become. Now, could someone please turn down the lights."

The room lights dimmed to near total darkness as BJ held up the remote control and pressed play. Music swelled from the huge, wide screen television speakers as words began to roll across the screen:

"This is Your Life"

A Look Into The Life Of Steven St. James

Created, Written, Produced and Directed By Lois St. James

Suddenly without warning, the sound of flesh striking flesh emanated from the speakers. There was no picture, but a woman's voice was heard gasping and crying, "Pleeeeease Stevie.....oooowwwww.....that......hurts......Stevie. I'mmmmmmm.....soooooo.... sorry." The sounds of SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! were loud between the pleas of the woman's voice.

Lois gasped as the words and sounds registered. All of Steve's friends began to chuckle as a picture faded in to view on the screen. Loud laughter filled the room as everyone saw a good looking, muscular man sitting in a straight back chair, furiously spanking the bottom of a naked woman laying over his lap.

"This is not my tape!" Lois screamed to the crowd in her living room, her face turning as crimson as the young woman's rear end on the television screen. No one paid any attention as Lois frantically made her way in the darkened room to the entertainment center. "Where is the stop button?" she yelled. "How do I turn this thing off!" Lois began to press every button she could feel on the front of the television and VCR.

BJ and Annie were in the back of the room, laughing so hard that tears fell down their cheeks. BJ held tight to the remote control as Lois continued her agitated search for the stop button. However, to Lois' dismay, she pressed the pause button. Now on the wide screen was a perfect picture of the man and woman, his look of resolve, her look of anguish, pain and tears, and finally the actresses' exceedingly red derriere.

When Lois saw what she had done, she turned and ran down the hall toward her bedroom. Steve immediately stood and faced the crowd. BJ and Annie were relieved to see him struggle to control his laughter as he said, "I want to thank all of you for a party I will never forget. Now please make yourself at home, enjoy the food and drink and you may watch whatever you'd like on television." The room broke out in loud applause when someone began singing "Happy Birthday To You...."

Once the traditional song ended, Steve again thanked everyone and excused himself for a moment. Once he was out of the room, one of the truck drivers ran up to the VCR and pressed the play button. Sounds of smacking and crying resumed, filling the house with hollers and applause from Steve's guests. The sounds were almost deafening as BJ and Annie slipped out the front door.

"Now we'll get our revenge, Annie" BJ said as they crept around to the back of the house. They both bent down and slowly peeked in the window of Steve's master bedroom. They had a perfect view and could even overhear the conversation. As part of the plan, Annie had been in that bedroom earlier and opened the drapes and slightly raised the window.

BJ and Annie saw Lois sprawled out on the bed, crying softly with her face pressed against a pillow. Steve sat on the edge of the bed and gently patted Lois' back. They heard Steve trying to console his distraught wife, "Lois, I'm not mad. I thought it was funny. Everyone thought it was funny. Now come on, honey, let's go back to our guests. You've given me a wonderful birthday party that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life."

BJ and Annie were startled when Lois lifted her tear-streaked face and gave Steve a cold, hard stare. Lois' words were clear and strong, allowing no one to mistake their meaning, "Don't you dare tell me this is a wonderful party, Steven St. James. It's impossible to plan a proper evening for the animals and Neanderthals that work for you. I swear, Steven, not one of them will ever be allowed in my home again. It's going to take me weeks to remove the stench of these pathetic peons."

BJ and Annie looked at each other, not quite believing what they just heard. Steve had a similar reaction to his wife's opinion. Even though he had risen to the level of President, Steve first started out in the warehouse operation at Sunrise. He had worked for the company over 15 years, and counted every one of the employees as valued people and co-workers. In several cases, some of the guests in the next room were his close, personal friends. Steve shared a feeling of loyalty with all of them, something he had not felt in his marriage for quite some time.

A moment later, disgust replaced all Steve's other emotions. He had reached the end of his patience. Hearing the loud noises coming from the television and his friends, Steve decided it was time to take corrective action. In a flash of speed, he seized Lois' arm and dragged her to a standing position. He also reached for a large hairbrush with a flat, wooden back sitting on the vanity.

Sitting back down on the bed's edge, Steve held Lois directly in front of him. Finally realizing what Steve meant to do, Lois tried to struggle free and yelled, "let me go, do you hear. I demand you release me this very minute!"

Unable to keep Lois still, Steve again stood and put her head under his left arm. He delivered four hard swats with the hairbrush over her narrow skirt. Lois yelled with each swat, "owwwwww!.....owwwwwwww!.....owwwwwwww!....owwwwwww!"

Tears began to well in Lois' eyes as Steve allowed her to stand straight up. "Now be still" he ordered as he raised her skirt to her waist. Knowing Lois would soon begin to fight back again, Steve pulled down her panty hose and panties in one quick movement. He pulled her across his lap, gripping her hands behind her back. "Young lady, if you insist on behaving like a spoiled brat, then I will treat you as one!" Steve's voice took on a very authoritarian tone as he rubbed the back of the brush along her already pink ass cheeks.

Unable to move, Lois began giving her husband orders, "Don't you dare touch me, Steven St. James. You'll live to regret this...nooooooooooo!." But it was too late when Steve began a rhythmic assault to Lois' backside.


The bedroom sounds of wood meeting bare, fleshy mounds seem to coincide with the spanking noises coming out of the television speakers. No one inside the house detected the real spanking being carried out at that very moment.

Four pairs of eyes, however, were watching the proceedings with great interest. BJ and Annie had covered their mouths to contain the laughter threatening to bubble out of their bodies. They stared at the scene before them, totally mesmerized by Steve's strength as he landed each blow to Lois' now red butt.

Unknown to BJ and Annie, Adam and Max stood several feet behind them. The two men were far enough away to keep their presence secret from the two female peepers. But they were also close enough to have heard Lois' threats and see the resulting spanking.

At first, Lois continued her struggle against Steve's barrage of hard spanks. She was definitely getting Steve's message that he would no longer put up with Lois' superior attitudes. After five minutes, Lois' resolve melted away as she crumbled over Steve's lap and began bawling like a ten year old.

Upon hearing Lois' infantile cries, Steve released Lois' hands, put the hairbrush down on the bed and bent over to whisper in her ear, "Now young lady, we are halfway done with your spanking. Your fanny is already red, but it will be more sore by the time we finish. Now I want you to tell me why you are being spanked, Lois?"

The sobbing figure over Steve's lap, hearing that the spanking wasn't over, began to cry harder. Unable to speak, Lois nodded her head.

Steve repeated his question as he began to rub her burning backside with his hand, reminding her of what was yet to come. Between her sobs, all Lois could say was, "I....... naughty......."

"Yes, Lois, you've been very naughty. And when we are finished, you will be allowed to clean up your face. Then together, we will rejoin our guests. Have I made myself very clear, young lady?" Again, all she could do was nod her assent.

Steve placed his left hand on Lois' back and began spanking her again with his hand. Lois' crying resumed at the level of a continuous wail. Lois felt all of her anger and fight fall to the floor with her tears.


Steve applied several punishing strokes to the sensitive area Lois felt most when she sat. It would be a week before she would be able to sit without being reminded of this spanking.

After five more minutes, Steve stopped Lois' punishment. But even while she lay across his knees in total submission, Lois could also feel a warmth invading every pore in her body. Never before had Steve taken such brawny control, and Lois suddenly realized she was getting turned on by his efforts. Her crying subsided as she said meekly, "Stevie, I'm sorry I was so rude. I promise I'll never be rude again. But you have to promise me something, too."

Steve was amazed as he heard this soft voice come from Lois. It had been years since he heard her talk to him with such respect. "What do you want me to promise, Lois?" he asked, fully prepared for an onslaught of verbal abuse.

"Promise me, Stevie, that if I'm ever naughty again, you will put me over your knee and spank me," Lois whimpered.

Flabbergasted by this turn of events, but not wanting Lois to know of his surprise, Steve gently helped her stand up. He put her directly in front of him and matter of factly told her, "Young lady, a spanking is exactly what you'll get whenever you're naughty. Now go and wash your face so we can join the party. We will talk more about your bad behavior once our guests have left!" With that, Steve turned Lois around and gave her another smack on her still bare butt to encourage speed. Lois gave out an uncharacteristic giggle as she waddled to the bathroom, her panty hose and panties still snug around her knees and dress at her waist.

BJ and Annie almost fell over in convulsive laughter at the sight they beheld. They kept both hands firmly across their mouths to hold in the giggles. Slowly they inched away from the window, realizing it was time to get back to the party.

Seeing the girls' slow retreat, Adam nudged Max to indicate it was time to make their move. Quietly sneaking up behind them, both men put one hand over the women's mouths and lifted them off the ground.

BJ and Annie, amazed at their silent capture, began to kick, struggle and tried to scream. Max whispered in Annie's ear as they moved backwards, "Annie, settle down right now or I'll take your pants down here in the back yard and give you a spanking you'll never forget!" Hearing Max's voice and threat, Annie immediately stopped fighting.

As BJ kicked at her unknown assailant, Adam quietly whispered to her, "You're busted, little girl!" Knowing that voice and phrase, BJ also instantly stopped her futile escape attempts.

When the four finally reach the front door of Steve's house, Max and Adam released their prisoners. Adam spoke for both men, "Now we are going to return to the party and stay for exactly one hour. Then you two will be escorted home where Max and I will deal with your juvenile behavior as we see fit!" Not allowing either female to speak, both BJ and Annie were turned to the door and given hard smacks to their bottoms as a reminder to be good. With that, all four re-entered the house.

Fifteen minutes later, Steve and Lois also joined the group. The movie had ended and everyone congratulated Lois on her wonderful program and especially her great sense of humor. No one notice that Lois never sat down and she occasionally rubbed her sore ass. And to the surprise of Steve, Lois seemed to genuinely have a good time.

After the time allotted had run out, BJ and Annie went to the spare room to collect their purses. Lois saw them and quickly went to join them.

When Lois came into the room, BJ began to stammer, "Lois, I don't know what happened to that tape. Really, I just don't know!"

Lois cheerfully responded, "Oh honey, don't worry. It was probably just one of the men pulling a practical joke. It was really quite funny. I just wanted to thank you both so much for coming tonight. I'm sure it meant a lot to Steve and it truly meant the world to me."

BJ stood silent, feeling as if she were stapled to the floor. She was trying to grasp this monumental change in Lois' conduct. Annie spoke up for both of them, "We were happy to be here. Thanks so much for having us, Lois."

BJ added, "Yeah, thanks a lot Lois," while Annie gently nudged her friend out the door. The last thing Annie wanted to deal with was tardiness.

Fifteen minutes later, Adam and BJ were alone in their car. Adam was not in a hurry to turn on the ignition. Instead, he swiveled his body to face BJ and spoke quietly, "I'm really sorry about calling you baby tonight, BJ. It just sort of slipped out."

BJ smile and gave him a quick kiss, "that's okay sweetie, I know it wasn't on purpose. And I'm sorry for over-reacting to Lois using that name. It's just a very special name my daddy used to call me. And I only like it when someone special uses it. And believe me, Adam, you can call me baby any time you'd like."

With that said, BJ leaned over the console and gave Adam a big hug. Adam's hand slid down to rub BJ's bottom and was reminded she had nothing on under her skirt. He quietly suggested, "You wanna go parking, baby?"

BJ giggled as she nodded yes. Adam turn the key and started the car with a loud roar. With BJ sitting on the front seat console next to Adam, they headed to their favorite desert make-out place.

Meanwhile, Annie was squirming under Max's silence as they drove home.

Once inside, Annie began talking before Max shut the front door, "I don't care how hard you spank me, Max. Tonight was worth it and I'd do it all over again in a minute. Lois St. James got everything she deserved."

Max silently agreed and allowed Annie to share details of Lois' sins and the revenge plotted and carried out to pure perfection.

Once Annie finished her side of the story, she knew it would be impossible to talk Max out of spanking her. Sure enough, not much silence passed when Max escorted Annie to the couch where he sat down. Standing in front of Max's steely gaze, Annie watched as he unbuttoned her slacks and slipped them down to her knees. Annie's panties followed in quick pursuit.

Max guided Annie over his lap and positioned her bare fanny to the perfect level. Holding tight to her waist, Max began giving solid blows to Annie's bottom with his hand. Annie immediately noticed Max seemed to be holding back the force he usually practiced with each contact to her fanny.


Max's hand continued the bombardment. And after several minutes, Annie decided while Max's force may be lighter, he was definitely making up for it with a longer spanking. Annie's bottom turned from pale to pink to scarlet red. Annie eventually gave into helplessness as Max's hand never seemed to end its assault. She began a steady sobbing cry, wishing Max would finish soon.

When Max heard Annie's infantile weeping, he continued smacking her bottom for another minute. Then stopping, he allowed Annie to remain on his lap for a few minutes as he caressed her hot cheeks. When Annie's crying turned to quiet sniveling, Max helped her stand and promptly headed her to the corner. Max continued smacking Annie's tush the whole time she waddled to the corner, her slacks and panties impeding her usual gait.

With Annie's nose pressed gently against the wall and her butt sticking out, it was finally time for Max to talk, "Annie, you deserved a spanking tonight and I want you to carefully listen to me. Your prank with BJ this evening could have turned out with devastating results. Lois could have pressed assault charges against her husband and Steve may have ended up in jail. Further more, it could have caused them to divorce. And finally, James Everett could have fired Steve on the spot if he saw that tape. You took way too many risks with other people's lives, Anne Christine Sawyer. And now I want you in that corner for fifteen minutes so you can think about all the trouble you could have caused with your carelessness."

Annie continued to snivel as she concentrated on Max's words. After giving it additional thought, she silently decided, "It was worth every smack to see Lois over Steve's lap, getting what was coming to her." A small smile formed on Annie's face as she remembered the picture of Lois' first spanking from Steve.

Little did Annie know that Max was sitting on the couch, admiring Annie's well spanked butt. A smile crept over his face as he remembered the same thing keeping Annie's mind occupied. Max thought to himself, "Now that was a brilliant plan."

To be continued in the story: "Inauguration"
To be posted as soon as the author writes it!