Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:17:22 -0400
Subject: Inauguration


"I hope you realize, Barbara Jo, you deserve to be over my knee getting your little bare bottom soundly spanked for that reckless prank tonight," Adam gently whispered to the woman busy nibbling his ear.

They were in the car, just leaving the St. James home and Steve's 49th birthday party. BJ was sitting on the front seat console. When she heard Adam's threat, BJ immediately ended her oral exploration of his ear and neck. Searching his face to see if he was serious, BJ's bottom began to tingle upon realizing Adam was indeed earnest.

Suddenly the cool vinyl of the console became irritating to BJ's bare butt. "Of all nights to tease Adam by not wearing panties," she silently admonished herself. Continuing her mental speculation, BJ finally decided, "heck, who am I fooling. It wouldn't matter what I was wearing. Adam is always meticulous about removing any barriers between his hand and my target."

Adam's stern voice interrupted BJ's thoughts, "BJ"

Quickly deliberating her options, BJ decided on the best one available to her under the circumstances. She slid over to the passenger seat, turned and faced Adam, and proceeded with a never tried course of action, "Adam, you know I always go willingly whenever you feel I need to be punished."

Adam couldn't contain a sarcastic laugh at BJ's observation, "okay, who are you and where did you hide Barbara Jo Kendall?"

"Come on Adam, I'm serious. I don't put up much fight when deep down I agree with your decision I was bad enough to deserve a spanking," complained BJ.

Adam searched his memory to remember an occasion, other than play time, when BJ went willingly over his knee. "Okay BJ, for the sake of an argument, let's suppose you are right. What's the point?"

BJ straightened her back and said in the mature voice she used at her office, "The point, Adam Davidson, is tonight I don't think I deserve to be spanked."

"And why is that?" Adam asked, raising one eyebrow that silently told BJ, "this ought to be good."

Trying to continue a businesslike demeanor, BJ announced, "Because this was a brilliant plan, carefully thought out and executed to perfection. I anticipated every possibility and was fully prepared to take corrective action should it be necessary."

"Oh this is good," Adam thought. Addressing BJ, he said, "okay, if that's true, what specifically were the possibilities you thought about?"

Feeling herself gain a bit of ground toward a spankless evening, BJ resumed, "I was concerned about the CEO being there when the video played. So I decided to go through with my plan only after James Everett left the party." Silently to herself, BJ added, "that's a crock, but Adam will never know."

Adam looked carefully at BJ's face and thought, "what a crock." Out loud, he asked, "what else could have gone wrong?"

Now feeling more confident, BJ persisted, "I knew that Lois could have wigged out over being spanked. She could have called the police or maybe first thing tomorrow, go downtown and file for divorce. But Adam, I knew Lois had a specific interest in sexual spankings. Consequently, understanding human nature as I do, I deduced that if Steve ever decided to really spank her, part of Lois would be turned on by her husband's virility in taking control.

BJ's face broke into a smile as the words rolled off her tongue. It was comforting that after all the times she'd been tongue tied under one of Adam's interrogations, tonight she was articulate, mature and logical in her thinking.

Adam pondered BJ's arguments for a moment. He had seen this "public BJ" on several occasions and was always impressed with her superior perception of people and effective communication skills. He knew BJ had undoubtedly thought this plan through very carefully. Adam continued his questions, "BJ, how did you know Lois was interested sexually in spankings?"

BJ's smile suddenly lost its grandeur with Adam's last question. She remembered her promise to Steve St. James. Steve had specifically asked BJ to keep quiet about finding spanking literature in Lois' car. And BJ had promised to not tell anyone, not even Adam. In all the days BJ and Annie conspired the party events, BJ never told Annie about the magazine and story. BJ mentally kicked herself for making such a promise to Steve.

Even with a childish enthusiasm for engineering various schemes, BJ always felt her promises were sacred pledges. This situation was no different. As much as she wanted to prove her mastery to Adam, BJ would not break her promise of silence she gave to Steve.

Adam continued to focus on driving as he patiently waited for BJ's answer. He was relieved to see the end of their journey approaching as he turned the car into the long driveway to their new house. This was going to be the first time BJ had seen it in three months.

BJ finally gave Adam the only answer she could. "Sweetheart, you'll have to believe me. I had confidential facts that I can't share with you. I made a promise to a friend that I wouldn't tell anyone, not even you. Adam, I won't break that promise. You'll just have to take my word for it."

BJ's attention was diverted to the large stucco, Southwestern style home coming in to view under the bright Arizona full moon. "Oh look, Adam, it's our house. The walls are up and everything. But I thought we were going to our secluded spot to park. Oh Adam, it looks so perfect, doesn't it!" BJ began to bounce up and down on as her voice raised an entire octave.

Adam's deep laugh resonated throughout the car as he listen to BJ's transformation. Just one moment ago, he was listening to the well-grounded, impeccable and valid reasoning of an adult woman. Now, as he turned off the car and watched BJ's reactions, he was reminded of a small child on Christmas morning. She continued her constant patter and it was plain to see her impatience to investigate the house.

BJ was overwhelmed. It seemed forever since she'd last been to the construction site with Adam. It had only been one day about three months ago and Adam was busy meeting with the contractors. By the time they left, all the workers were driven to distraction by BJ's natural curiosity and questions. After that visit, BJ had reluctantly agreed with Adam that in the interest of avoiding building delays, she should wait a awhile for her next trip. Ever since, when BJ would bring up the idea of a trip together to the new house, Adam's answer was "in a little while, sweetie." In the meantime, Adam took BJ on several excursions to northern Arizona and Colorado, to help extend her usual impatience.

BJ fumbled with the car door latch, anxious to see the house. In one brief instant, she sprang from the sedan, slammed the door shut and ran toward the house's front entrance.

Adam call out as she was halfway to her destination, "BJ, you won't get very far, the front door is locked!"

BJ stopped dead in her tracks, the short skirt billowed around her waist at the abrupt direction change. Adam was pleasantly reminded of BJ's bare backside. Now standing impatiently, tapping one foot, BJ huffed, "I sure hope you have a key, bub." She was exasperated by Adam's leisurely pace.

Adam maintained his nonchalant outward appearance. However, as he approached BJ, his thoughts were very different, "Bub, huh. Baby, I sure hope you're as anxious for a warm fanny as you are throwing orders around."

BJ sensed Adam's displeasure, but she couldn't contain her excitement. "Come on, honey. I haven't been here in ages. Hurry up, Adam, pleeeeeeease!"

Adam finally reached BJ, where he slipped his arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, "Barbara Jo, you are perilously close to an extremely warm bottom. Now behave yourself. I'm going to show you the whole house. First we have a little ceremony to conduct. Now come on."

Adam held on to BJ's hand as they approached the front entry. BJ knew she was pushing Adam's patience and decided it would be in her best interest to behave. As they drew near the front door, an automatic light clicked on, illuminating the entire entrance. BJ was thrilled to see a huge red ribbon over the front door and a bottle of champagne hanging from one of the bow's loops. Adam explained the odd position of the champagne bottle, "okay BJ, tonight we're going to inaugurate our new home. To start with, we will launch the evening with this champagne. Go ahead, sweetie. And don't worry, I've put up some protection against the real door so there won't be any lasting dents."

"Oh how fun, Adam" BJ squealed. She ran up to the bottle and stood back from the door as far as she could. With all her might, BJ swung the bottle at the piece of wood shielding the door. A loud thump was all that could be heard. The bottle hadn't broken. BJ tried again, and after the third time, she turned to Adam, "is this a trick bottle, Adam?"

Adam laughed at BJ's exasperation. "No honey, you just need more power." After BJ tried a couple more times getting the same result, Adam was stunned to see BJ pick up a huge rock and lunge at the bottle with the rock, her hand and entire body. Before he could react, the bottle was shattering all over BJ, enveloping her in champagne and broken glass.

"All right!" BJ yelled, not seeming to notice the mess she made in her determination to break the bottle.

Adam rushed to BJ's side, turning her around to survey the damage, "are you okay? Why did you do that, BJ? I swear you don't think things through." BJ's right hand was bleeding from the glass, while she continued holding on to the neck of the bottle.

BJ looked at her hand and chuckled, "well, I got the house launched!" Adam shook his head and turned to unlock the front door. Once it was open, he scooped BJ up over his shoulder, laying a loud smack on her skirted rear end as he entered the house and turned on some lights.

Going directly to the kitchen, Adam placed BJ on the kitchen counter next to the sink and began washing her hand off. The blood made BJ's hand look worse than it really was. There were several small cuts from the shattered glass, but nothing very deep. "I swear young lady. You are something else." It was all Adam could manage to say while he grabbed some paper towel left in kitchen by the work crew.

BJ didn't even hear his words. She was awestruck looking around the new kitchen. It was huge. Mexican tile on the floor and counters set off the oak cabinets. Not that BJ would ever spend much time using the kitchen, she none the less appreciated the superb room and craned her body to see a small breakfast nook off to one side. "Oh Adam, this is beautiful. Hurry up so I can see more."

Adam knew keeping BJ in one place for very long was going to be an exercise in futility. He wrapped a paper towel around her hand and helped her off the counter. "Okay, keep this towel on your hand, and you can see the house."

BJ was amazed with each room. The living room had a huge fireplace and a patio door leading out to the back yard. BJ ran around each room, surveying every inch. There were two guest bedrooms on one side of the house

As they went to the opposite side of the house, BJ saw the two connecting offices, one for her and one for Adam. Adam's drafting table was already set up, and appeared to have been used. BJ explored her office. Three huge built in book cases lined one wall. A picture window extended beyond the side of the house. It had a window seat built in. BJ saw all the love and care Adam had given to make her office just perfect. As she looked around, big tears began to form in her eyes as she surveyed the beautiful room.

Adam came up behind BJ and put his arms around her, gently kissing the top of her head. As she felt the warmth of his arms, BJ stammered, "Oh Adam, it's exquisite. I just don't know what to say."

Adam chuckled, "you don't have to say anything. Now come on, there's more."

BJ took Adam's hand as he led her to the master bedroom. She was amazed to see the new bedroom set they had picked out a month ago already in the immense room. "Oh Adam, you already moved in the new bedroom set. It's gorgeous and fits perfectly." BJ's eyes roamed the room until she saw the most wonderful sight of all. On one wall was the picture she had taken in the Rockies of a small log cabin dwarfed by towering mountain peaks. On the front of the building was a small sign that said, "BJ's Bar." Adam and BJ found this place in the heart of Colorado and often went back to visit.

The photograph was as big as a full-sized door, and the wood frame matched the logs in the picture. It was the most magnificent thing BJ had ever seen. For the first time in a very long time, BJ was speechless. Just when she thought there could be nothing else, Adam walked over to the picture frame and pressed a small button BJ hadn't even noticed. BJ was amazed to see the picture and frame open as Adam gently pulled it back. Holding out his hand, BJ took it and she peeked around the edge of the picture/door to the room inside. It was completely dark.

Guiding BJ through the door into the darkness, Adam spoke in a low voice, "Okay BJ, you have launched the house, and now I will perform my own inauguration ceremony." With that, Adam switched on the lights.

The room's purpose became crystal clear to BJ as soon as she saw the sparse furnishings. The walls, ceiling and floor were all covered with carpeting. In one corner was a huge, overstuffed chair and a small table sitting next to it. On the table was a lamp and a box of Kleenex.

In the middle of the room was a straight back chair, also with a table nearby. BJ began to back away as she saw what was laying on that table. It was her Grandmama's antique hair brush.

Adam held BJ's hand when he felt her move away. Gripping her hand tighter, he told her, "Well BJ, here is your Bar." When BJ looked at him in obvious confusion, he said, "in this case, young lady, bar is an acronym for Behavior Adjustment Room. And I've made sure it's soundproof. That way when our friends and family visit, we won't have to postpone any sessions until after they've left."

"How considerate of you to think of that, Adam" BJ muttered. She continued trying to back away toward the entrance. Her attempts of getting her hand free from Adam's grasp were futile. "But Adam" she whined, "I thought we already agreed I don't deserve a spanking tonight."

Pulling BJ closer, Adam recalled their discussion differently, "I don't remember agreeing to anything, little girl. All I remember is you trying to rationalize that stunt at Steve's party. Besides, ever since we've been here, you've been nothing but a brat. Face it missy, you are going over my knee this evening. And by the time I'm finished spanking your bare tush, this room and our new home will finally be inaugurated in style."

Adam began walking toward the sinister looking chair and BJ began in earnest to fight him. "But Adam, having an inauguration ceremony is no reason to spank me!"

Tired of BJ's struggles, Adam turned and scooped her up on his shoulder, landing four very hard smacks to her backside. "You'd better stop this fuss right now, BJ, or you'll get the hairbrush tonight and tomorrow night!"

BJ's momentary thought of hitting Adam's back was halted with this very real threat. Once Adam reached his destination, he pulled BJ off his shoulder and holding on to both her hands, he sat down. BJ decided to plead her case, "Adam, this just isn't fair. I don't deserve a spanking."

Adam pulled BJ onto his lap, folding his enormous arms around her. "Barbara Jo, you know very well you deserve a spanking. For over a week, you've manipulated people with no concern other than your desire for revenge. Baby, I love you as much as life itself. But I will not put up with your pranks and stunts at the expense of others. Besides, you've been enough of a brat just tonight to have your bottom warmed but good. One of these days, you will learn to acquire some patience. And if the only way to teach you is through a spanking, I'm more than ready to teach!"

BJ knew she would be getting spanked no matter what she said. She was still trying to think of something to change Adam's mind when he turned her over on his knee.

Adam smiled slightly as he raised BJ's skirt to expose her impressive bottom. It was light pink where he had already slapped her. Two perfect round globes met forming a deep crevice. Even though BJ was small, her tush was well rounded and plump, making it a perfect target for Adam's lesson. He heard BJ's weak whimper as he positioned his knee to raise her butt slightly. Increasing his grip around BJ's waist, Adam pulled her closer. A moment later, Adam's hand met his mark with a thunderous SMACK! as BJ's spanking began.

"Yeeeeeoooooowwwwwww!" yelled BJ as she felt the first blow. SMACK!.....SMACK! ......SMACK!.......SMACK!.......SMACK! Adam's hand persisted its methodical onslaught as BJ felt the heat in her backside intensify.

SMACK!....SMACK!....SMACK!.....SMACK!..... SMACK!.....SMACK!.....SMACK!

BJ's yells quickly became nonstop wails. Huge sobs escaped her as she kicked and tried to wiggle from Adam's iron grip. For her efforts, Adam landed several extra hard smacks to her now red posterior. Adam's hand span was so great, it almost covered BJ's entire fanny with one strike. It never took Adam very long to transform the bratty BJ into a bawling baby.


Sure she would never be able to sit down again, BJ felt totally helpless as she sobbed and bawled. After what she was sure was an eternity, Adam finally stopped spanking her. He began to caress BJ's now crimson bottom. BJ's crying quieted as he gently turned her over and got up from the chair. BJ put her arms around Adam's neck and blubbered into his shirt as he carried her to the over stuffed, corner chair.

Sitting carefully in the big chair, Adam continued to caress BJ's sore fanny. After several minutes, BJ slowly raised her head to look into Adam's huge brown eyes. "That was definitely an inauguration ceremony I could have lived without. But the house is magnificent, lover."

Getting up from the chair with BJ in his arms, Adam started for the door. "Well baby, let's see if we can't put that twinkle back in those green eyes of yours." Adam carried BJ out the picture/door into their new bedroom. He gently laid BJ down, fanny side up, on the big bed. Even though there were no sheets or blankets on the bed, the cool mattress felt good to BJ in contrast to her flaming backside. Adam went to their bathroom and retrieved a bottle of baby lotion he had left earlier that week. Returning to BJ, still whimpering, he put down the lotion and began to undress her.

BJ's clothes were still damp from the champagne as he unzipped her skirt. Lifting her waist, he slipped it down her legs and off on to the floor. Adam then slowly unbuttoned the cuff's to BJ's blouse and lifted her again so she was on her knees. Adam slipped around BJ and sat in front of her. He immediately noticed the crooked smile on her face and unmistakable twinkle in her eyes. "You little faker" he chuckled as he idly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders.

Waiting for Adam to finish was unbearable for BJ. Getting tired of his slow, deliberate moves, she quickly unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. Two full breasts swelled with freedom. BJ's nipples ached with stiffness and desire for attention. Looking at Adam, BJ shrugged and mumbled, "well darn it, there are just some situations that will always make me impatient."

Adam laughed as BJ lunged at him, knocking him over on the bed. Crawling up his body so she could see him face to face, BJ's mouth lowered to cover Adam's lips in a hard, passionate kiss. Desire ignited them both as their tongues mingled. BJ felt burning fires deep in her soul and body as Adam's fingers caressed her hair, back and bottom.

Finally raising her self back on her knees, BJ put both hands on her hips and grumbled, "well, come on, lover, let's get those clothes off as fast as we can!"

Adam saw BJ's smirk and burst out laughing. "Now this is what I call an extremely successful inauguration ceremony, baby. And you'll always be forgiven for being in a hurry to love me."

BJ was pleased to see Adam undress quickly. In a matter of moments, she was back on top of him, covering his body with kisses and sweet, wet trails from her tongue. "Yup, definitely a good inauguration" Adam thought as BJ began to work her magic.