From: (AzBabyGrl)
Subject: BJ's New Story:  In His Best Interest  (M/F, VERY Cons.Sp, Sex)
Date: 17 Oct 1996 19:02:33 -0400

Hi Gang!

After all the whining about more BJ and Adam adventures, I finally finished another story. Here's Part 1! You know the drill about age, so we don't need to take up more space with that one!!!!

In His Best Interest

"Holy Hot Shit" Barbara Jo Kendall mumbled to herself as she hung up the telephone after her weekly telephone chat with her mom. "Now what am I going to do?" she continued her thoughts of doom, looking out the large picture window at the bright October Saturday morning in Phoenix.

Standing there with silence all around, BJ did not see the sunny day all the forecasters had promised. Instead she was recalling the past ten months of her life and how much had changed. She remembered the moment last January when she first laid eyes on Adam Davidson. The encounter took place in the laundry room of the apartment complex where she had lived for five years. Adam, new to Phoenix, was outgoing, warm and funny. BJ was instantly attracted to him. Thinking a few dates couldn't hurt provided it didn't become serious, BJ decided flirting with this tall stranger could be the beginning of a brief, but spine tingling adventure.

BJ inwardly smiled as she remembered what Adam had told her about their first meeting. A widower of over a year, he was instantly drawn to this short red-head with the greenest eyes he had ever seen. Knowing his mind and what he wanted, Adam knew in his heart the first day he met her that BJ would some day be his wife.

The smile on BJ's face disappeared as she remembered his words. That first meeting between BJ and Adam set the tone for the next ten months. BJ tried to keep Adam at an emotional distance while Adam patiently, but persistently tore down wall after wall she had so carefully built around her heart over the years.

Suddenly the apartment she and Adam shared for the past seven months began to close in on BJ. The cramped living arrangements were temporary since Adam had been hard at work designing a new dream house. BJ's shoulder's sagged when she remembered all the fun they had deciding where their individual offices would be, the guest rooms and finally the huge master bedroom they would share. "I can't do this" BJ mumbled out loud to no one but herself.

The unexpected telephone ring interrupted her melancholy meditation and BJ was jerked back to the present. Answering, she was relieved to hear the sound of her best friend's voice, Annie Sawyer, who lived in the same apartment complex, "Hi BJ, want to do something today?"

"I would love to, Annie. Adam won't be home from LA until tomorrow. Where's Max?" BJ inquired of her friend's significant other.

"He had to go into the office and I really don't feel like doing laundry and cleaning." Annie bubbled, thrilled to have any excuse to be outside.

BJ laughed, knowing Annie could hardly contain her enthusiasm these days. Annie and Max were busy planning their wedding, set for early December. "Let's just go over to Saguaro park and talk. I've got to get out of here for awhile."

Annie instantly heard the panic in BJ's voice. "Sure BJ, I'll drive. Let's meet in 10 minutes by my car, okay?"

Hanging up the phone, BJ's mood lightened considerably at the thought of leaving the apartment. She knew she could always count on Annie to help her out. Gathering her purse and apartment keys, BJ raced out the door.

Forty-five minutes later, sitting on the huge lawn of Saguaro park, Annie stared at BJ, "I can't believe your family doesn't know you live with Adam?" Annie stated in astonishment. Annie always knew her friend was good at hiding things, but this seemed remarkable even by BJ standards. She knew BJ's mother, brother and sister all lived in the Midwest, but so much had happened, Annie was still shocked to hear this news.

BJ responded drearily, "well, it's simple, really. They don't know I'm living with Adam because they doesn't know Adam exists."

"What!" Annie's mouth dropped open, not at all sure she was hearing her friend correctly. "Do you mean your family doesn't know anything about Adam?"

BJ nodded, "that's exactly what I mean. I never told them we are dating."

"Dating! BJ, you two are practically married! I don't understand how this is possible! Wait a minute, I know for a fact you talk to your mom every week!" Annie said in continuing surprise.

"Annie, I just always make the calls when Adam is either busy, asleep or gone. And since we have two phone lines, it's not that difficult when mom calls me," BJ acknowledged.

"But what about Adam?" Annie asked, thinking of more questions and wanting every detail. "Surely he has wondered about your mom. Hasn't it dawned on him you have a mother who may be interested?"

"I told Adam that mom doesn't know we live together because it would upset her. She feels strongly only married people should live together. And Annie, that's the truth. That's why I never told her when we moved in together. And I never told her about him in the first place because then she would think we were serious about each other."

Annie had a million more questions, but they stuck in her throat. It was difficult to comprehend how BJ could be so successful at keeping Adam's existence from her own mother. She shook her head trying to clear the jumbled thoughts racing through her mind, trying to remember all the events of the past year. "BJ, when you were so sick, are you telling me your mom never wondered who was taking care of you?"

BJ's eye's searched her friend's face for support. Knowing it was there, she continued, "Annie, my family didn't know I had an ulcer and was in the hospital. I made Adam promise he wouldn't tell them either. In fact, my whole life, I have seldom told them about my health problems. They all live too far away to do anything but worry. So this last time, I just called them whenever I could. But then they also know I travel a lot and I let them continue believing I was still on the road so they wouldn't worry."

Annie's eyes filled with tears remembering those horrible dark days when BJ was so sick. She came extremely close to losing BJ forever when her ulcer burst.

Seeing her friend's tears, BJ wondered if she could ever make Annie understand. "Annie, by the time my ulcer started bleeding, my family already thought I was traveling. And our family has gone through enough without adding another crisis. Once mom and dad's divorce was over and our family was close again, then dad got so sick and lingered for months before he died. It's just been so much for them, especially mom. I just couldn't add to their worries once life had settled down for everyone. So when I was well enough to go home, Adam was adamant I stay with him until I was back on my feet. But after awhile, it made more sense to share an apartment and save for a new house. I'm so mad I agreed to buy a house with Adam. Annie, the whole thing has gotten out of control, and now I don't know what to do. I never planned for Adam and I to become this serious. It's just moving way too fast and I've got to get out of this relationship before mom comes to Phoenix."

Annie saw the alarm on her friend's face. "Now wait just a minute here, BJ. What do you mean your mom's visit? Is that what started all this?"

"Yeah, I talked with her this morning. Now that she's retired, she wants to come out to Phoenix in November for Thanksgiving and stay through Christmas," BJ shuddered, thinking of the mess she had involuntarily created through her strong desire to protect her family and herself.

"Holy hot shit" Annie muttered her best friend's expletive. "That's only a month away. What are you going to do, BJ? I mean I know Adam travels a lot for work, but it's totally unrealistic to think he could be gone for that long!"

BJ sighed, knowing full well Annie was right. "Annie, for the first time in my life, I can't come up with a any kind of a plan to get out of this mess. I don't know what I'm going to do!"

"Well, you could always come clean and tell your family and Adam about everything" Annie hesitantly suggested.

BJ immediately snapped a response, "are you kidding me? Do you know what would happen then, Annie? Adam would think I love him enough to get married and my family would support that all the way to the church! Hell no, there's no way I can do that." Annie's suggestion scared BJ. And fear always brought out BJ's inner strength. "No, I'm gona handle this. Just you wait, I'll come up with something absolutely brilliant!"

Annie chuckled, glad to see her friend's hopelessness turn into a solid determination. "Okay, so let's figure out what we can do" Annie smiled warmly as she saw the wheels in BJ's mind begin to turn.

The mocking birds cackled noisily from the orange trees as Annie watched the frowns on BJ's forehead slowly begin to disappear. She visibly jumped as BJ suddenly exclaimed, "I've got it, Annie!"

It was almost 5:00 p.m. when Adam headed his car from the Phoenix airport and turned toward home. His thoughts remained on his dismal trip to Los Angeles and now all the work he had to do to catch up. The client, not at all a decisive businessman, had made blueprint changes then made changes to the changes. Knowing there was little more to do in LA, Adam decided to fly home early. He had called BJ from LAX and left a message on their answering machine. He tried again from the Phoenix airport and there was still no answer. "I sure hope she's all right" Adam thought. His right foot pressed a bit harder on the gas pedal.

BJ and Annie pulled up to the apartment complex just as Adam was getting out of his car. "Wish me luck, Annie" BJ whispered to her friend as she opened the car door.

"Are you sure about this, BJ?" Annie asked, wishing BJ would rethink her idea.

"It's my only option. Even though I have strong feelings for Adam, I just can't marry him. Divorce is too painful and I know I couldn't survive living through that after mom and dad's experience" BJ assured her leery friend.

Annie shrugged, knowing she had tried to talk BJ out of this approach all afternoon to no avail. BJ's mind was made up and Annie knew her words were falling on deaf ears. "Okay BJ, good luck" she said reluctantly, not really meaning the words she spoke.

"Hey there stranger!" BJ yelled out to Adam. "What are you doing home when I was just planning a big sex orgy for tonight?"

Adam's face lit up with a smile when he and the entire apartment complex heard BJ's welcome. He turned and was not surprised to see BJ coming at full tilt toward him. Even though he knew what was coming, it never ceased to surprise him as BJ's acrobatic skills helped her jump up and wrap her short legs around his waist while locking her lips to his. "Ufff" the air released from his lungs as her bear hug and kiss were offered temptingly. BJ had developed her "special hug" so Adam wouldn't have to bend so far to kiss her. Adam silently thanked the heavens for BJ's creativity to even up their height differences.

After several minutes, Adam decided they better get into the apartment. "What's for dinner, sunshine?" he asked teasingly as he carried BJ still snugly wrapped around him.

"Me!" BJ giggled, not caring about food at that particular moment.

"Ummmm and have you been behaving while I was gone?" Adam again laughed as the key slid into the lock and the apartment door opened.

"Well, no, not exactly, sweetie. But we'll have to discuss that later over dinner, huh?" BJ smiled. She was surprised by an unexpected heaviness that crept over her as she spoke.

"I believe dinner is served, little one" Adam smiled back, not noticing any change in BJ's playful manner. He locked the front door behind them and forgetting about his luggage and briefcase still in the car, he carried BJ into their bedroom. "Now then, since you've been such a naughty girl, I think my baby should have a warm bath, a sound spanking on her bare tush, followed by a nice baby oil and powder rub. Then it's off to bed for you, Squirt. You know naughty girls don't get a story at bedtime."

Thrilled at the surprise of Adam's early return, BJ couldn't help but join in the fun. She slowly released her leg grip from Adam's waist and slid down to a standing position directly in front of him. Her eyes lowered to the floor and hands slipped behind her back, portraying a truly sorry little girl. "But I wasn't that bad, Adam, really I wasn't. I don't want to go to bed early."

Adam smiled at the mass of red hair as he heard the child-like tones in BJ's voice. Gently lifting her chin with his hand, he made eye contact and sternly said, "Darlin', it's not the early bedtime you mind. You just don't think you deserve a spanking. Isn't that right?"

BJ's eyes twinkled as she tried to maintain a certain amount of remorse, "Welllllll, maybe" she whispered, barely able to contain her eagerness.

Adam couldn't stop his deep laughter when he saw BJ trying to look contrite, but not quite able to accomplish it. "There's no maybe about it, young lady. Now let's get these clothes off you so we can get you in the bath." BJ knew there was no point of telling Adam she was very capable of undressing herself. She smiled because this was the way they played one of their most beloved games. She knew she would be babied and pampered all night. Closing her eyes, she made the mental decision to remember every sensation she experienced over the next several hours. Usually lacking in patience to get down to business, tonight BJ wanted to go very slowly, allowing her time to imprint on her mind every sound, touch and smell so she could always remember.

Adam seemed to read her desire for a leisurely pace as he lifted her T-shirt over her head. Drawing her closer to him, he unclasped the hooks on BJ's bra and slid it over her arms. Kissing each of BJ's shoulders as he removed the restrictive garment, Adam stepped back slightly to enjoy the sight of BJ's breasts spilling into view. His own lust surfaced as he gazed at BJ's full roundness, with her nipples already hard, seeking attention. BJ's closed eyes helped her concentrate on Adam's touch. It felt as if her skin was branded with love each time Adam's fingers made contact with her body.

Adam knelt down and putting his hands between BJ and her shorts and panties, he gradually slid them both down her legs in one flawless move, all the while kissing her and allowing his tongue to trace an invisible line from her breasts to the soft, fluffy mound at the apex of her legs. Holding on to Adam's shoulders for balance, BJ stepped out of the ensemble and lifted each foot as her sneakers and socks were transferred to the floor. Looking up, Adam admired the figure standing before him. He smiled in amusement as BJ's eyes slowly opened to discover his longing gaze as his hands caressed her body. Not sure how long he could put off the inevitable, Adam hoarsely whispered, "Okay Squirt, let's get to the bathroom before I throw you on the bed and ravish you."

Knowing there were limits to even Adam's patience, BJ giggled and darted toward the bathroom. She was almost out of arms length when Adam smacked her naked bottom with a reminder of what would also be inevitable this night.

Thirty minutes later, Adam's patience was once again being tested. "I said now, BJ. Out of the tub, right this minute or I give you something to really pout about!"

The warm water and bubbles surrounded BJ as she continued to remember the traces of Adam's hand and washcloth he had used over every inch of her body. Without warning, two strong hands slipped under BJ's arms and hauled her up out of the bath tub. Surprised by Adam's sudden movement, BJ was even more astonished as she was quickly lowered tummy side down over Adam's lap while he sat on the edge of the tub. Five hard smacks from Adam's hand reminded her that bath time was undoubtedly over.

"Owwwww, Adam!! That hurt!!! This is supposed to be fun, tonight!" BJ cried out, feeling the sting of Adam's hand on her now pinkened backside.

Adam gently turned the still wet figure over and sat her on his lap. "It will be fun as long as you do what you're told. Is that perfectly clear?" Adam sternly said, reaching for the towel to dry them both off. Wrapping BJ in the huge towel, he briskly rubbed her dry then sent her with another reminder slap to her bottom to get on the bed while he changed clothes.

BJ was lying on the bed, using the towel as a pillow when Adam appeared from the bathroom with baby oil and powder in hand. She looked up when she heard him tsk tsk at her. "I see my little one really does need a spanking tonight. You could catch your death of cold laying like that, darlin'!" Adam said as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Now come over here and lets get to the bottom of all your naughty behavior."

No further encouragement was necessary as BJ clambered over the bed to Adam's side and slid comfortably over his knee. He pulled her close to him and gripped her waist with his left arm. Feeling close in the tight hold, BJ wiggled her bottom around to provide unneeded enticement. Adam gently fondled BJ's full cheeks that vibrated as his large hand caressed and felt every curve and line of her well proportioned backside. BJ shivered in anticipation of Adam's expert attentions. Smiling with desire, Adam finally gently began spanking BJ's bottom, scolding her as he did.

[smack] "you've been so naughty" [smack] "little one" [smack] "you know you deserve this" [smack] "and much more." [smack] [smack] [smack]

BJ's bottom began to warm as she felt moisture build in her nether regions. She squirmed and kicked, relishing the smooth strokes of Adam's hand peppering her now reddening tush. He gently rubbed her bottom between the spanks while the warmth spread like a fire throughout her body. BJ's breasts brushed against Adam's thigh and her legs automatically parted enough for him to enjoy the view of her arousal. On and on Adam showered his lover with the scolding and spanking she so desired.

[smack] "are you going to be" [smack] "my good little girl" [smack] "from now on" [smack] "young lady" [smack] [smack] [smack]

BJ moaned as her heart pounded against the confines of her body, heavy with perspiration and raw urgency. Adam ran his hand along the crease of BJ's bottom and followed it's wondrous path to her wet female treasure. Unwrapping the drenched folds of her feminine charms, he found the throbbing button to BJ's core. Teasing and tickling BJ succumbed to new heights of pleasure.

Allowing BJ to catch her breath, Adam's response was more spanks to BJ's bottom, now turning rosier with each "love smack" administered by his huge hand. Adam wondered if there would be time to give BJ an baby oil and powder rub. He wasn't sure he would be able to last that long as his manhood hardened with each movement they made.

BJ was in ecstasy, knowing Adam could play her body like a musical instrument, expertly spanking, caressing, fondling, pampering and stroking her to the peak of desire. She knew there would never be time for a massage tonight. At least not before........her thoughts in reality dispersed into perspiration of passion. Once again, BJ's sensual adventure surrendered to orgasmic pleasure as Adam spanked and fondled and stroked her.

Hours later, Adam totally spent from his own exploding climax, cuddled BJ in his arms and hoarsely whispered, "guess we never did get to that baby oil and powder massage, huh sunshine?" BJ's response was a muffled purr sounding very much like a contented kitten. She didn't care in the least as her dreams overtook the wonderful reality of this special night.

Dawn breathed new life into the day as BJ slowly opened her eyes. Still wrapped in Adam's arms, her thoughts broke the serenity of the moment. The familiar unease of male/female relationships overtook her mind and she could feel her body stiffen in response. She knew she had to go through with her plan, no matter the consequences. BJ's eyes filled with tears as she turned her head to gaze at Adam's beautiful and tranquil face. "I'm sorry, Adam. Really, I wish things could be different, but believe me, this is for the best." she softly whispered.

Part 2

BJ's sole figure was dwarfed by the magnificence of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Tears streamed down her face as she looked at the beautiful sight from her apartment balcony. But instead of being awestruck at the scenery, all BJ could think about was the stark cold and lonely feeling of this place. Even though it was an unusually warm November day by Denver's standards, BJ couldn't stop the chill that permeated every pore.

BJ's mom would be arriving by cab soon and BJ had just finished another long and difficult telephone conversation with Adam. In the month since she left Phoenix, Adam couldn't understand why she had chosen to now take this temporary assignment for work that brought her to Denver. He couldn't understand her hesitancy about coming home. He couldn't understand why she didn't want him to visit her. And finally today, Adam couldn't understand why BJ told him it was in his best interest for happiness that they stop seeing each other.

BJ shook her head, trying to suppress all the arguments Adam had given her. She knew better. Adam just didn't comprehend how bad it can be. BJ knew from experience how bad it could be. She knew deep down in her soul she could never live through anything worse than this. And she also knew a divorce from Adam would be worse. She knew this was best. Quickly wiping her tears, BJ forced herself to get ready for her mom's visit and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

A weak smile broke over BJ's face as she looked forward to seeing her mother. It had been a year since BJ had last been to the Midwest. BJ was happy that her mom was now a close friend after many typical mother/daughter battles in BJ's youth. Since her dad died, BJ's relationship to her mom had become stronger and much more fulfilling for them both. She was genuinely excited for this visit.

Hundreds of miles to the south, Max gazed at Annie's forlorn features. Annie had not been very happy since BJ agreed to go to Denver to set up a new computer system for work. Settling in next to her on the couch, Max reached over to encourage Annie to cuddle. "Muffin, you certainly don't look like a woman who is about to be married to the man she loves" Max whispered in her ear.

Max wasn't prepared for Annie's reaction, an outburst into loud sobs and tears. Annie grabbed onto Max as if he were a lifeline, freely crying into his broad chest. Gently trying to console her, he sensitively patted her back and stroked her hair. "Muffin, what's wrong? Let me help? Don't worry, sweetie, I'm here" soothed Max to his distraught lover.

Trying to regain enough composure to speak, Annie breathed back the sobs constantly welling up and demanding release, "Max [sob] I never should have [sob] kept my promise to BJ." With the thought finally out, Annie liberated another torrent of weeping.

As he continued to try and comfort Annie, he silently acknowledged Annie's unhappiness about BJ. On many occasions, Max and Adam had shared their marvel about the bond between Annie and BJ. They invariably agreed after much discussion, it was a bond they had no desire to disrupt. Max remembered thinking it strange that BJ left so quickly to complete a job assignment that could have easily waited until January. And whenever BJ and Annie spoke by phone, parts of their conversation was always in hushed whispers. Finally, it never failed that Annie's mood darkened considerably after those calls.

Max's thoughts and Annie's weeping were interrupted by a loud, almost frantic knock at their front door. Max reluctantly stood as Annie made a beeline for the bedroom and some badly needed Kleenex. Opening the door, Max was surprised to see Adam standing at the threshold. Inviting him in, Max saw his friend was trembling with emotion, but was unsure as to what emotions they were. He felt anger emanating from Adam, but then again perhaps it was fright. Before a word could be said, both Max and Adam looked up as Annie re-entered the living room. Seeing who was there, all Annie could do was mutter under her breath, "Oh shit, BJ."

"Happy Thanksgiving, honey" Dorothy Kendall chirped as she saw her daughter sleepily move toward the kitchen.

"And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too, mom! How long have you been up?" BJ responded as brightly as she could.

"Just long enough to get the turkey in the oven" Dorothy smiled, knowing how much BJ hated cooking and appreciated any one taking over culinary chores. Dorothy had been with her daughter for almost a week. While BJ was busy with work, it seemed to Dorothy there was something else on her oldest daughter's mind. Knowing BJ would never talk until she was ready, Dorothy had happily settled in with this visit sharing news of their family and friends.

"Well then, I guess I'd better get dressed and ready to celebrate in style. After all, we don't have to worry about any hospital visits with you doing the cooking" BJ laughed, remembering all too well the number of times she had been violently ill after one of her own meals! BJ decided to make this a special day. She needed it to be a special day. She sneaked a peak into the oven at the turkey. "I'm so glad we got that big turkey, mom. That means we get left-overs. You know how much I love left-overs!"

Dorothy smiled, "yes, I know you don't get many left-overs from those frozen dinners you eat!"

BJ smiled at the truth of Dorothy's statement and headed back to her bedroom to get dressed for the holiday. She was looking forward to the almost non-stop telephone calls she and her mom would make during the day. Calls to her brother and wife, to her sister and husband, to Max and Annie and finally calls to her nephews and nieces. It seemed everyone this year was going to be separated by mileage. A sudden wave a sadness overwhelmed BJ as she remembered the miles between Denver and Phoenix. She quickly gained emotional control and told herself Adam was much better off this way. Strengthened by that thought, BJ found some warm clothes to wear. She had been cold the entire time in Denver. Another shopping trip was indeed necessary as the temperatures continued to fall.

Several hours later, the delicious kitchen smells permeated the entire apartment as BJ hung up the telephone. "Mom, where is everyone? I just don't get it. You would think someone would be home now." BJ was truly mystified at not being able to reach any of her other family members. "You don't think something is wrong do you?"

Dorothy tried to keep those thoughts from entering her mind. Once BJ voiced the concern she had felt all day, it was obvious they were now both thinking the same thing. "BJ, I don't know. There's certainly something wrong. I know Paul and Erica were going to be home. Maybe we should start calling neighbors and friends. Do you have any numbers?"

Seeing the worried look from her mom, BJ silently kicked herself for adding to Dorothy's concern. BJ brightened up and stated matter of factly, "numbers, numbers? You wonder if I have numbers? I have numbers all over the place!" Heading to her personal telephone book, she stopped in mid-stride as the door bell rang out.

"Are you expecting anyone?" Dorothy asked.

"Not that I know of. Umm, maybe it's the turkey police wondering if I'm doing the cooking this year" she added with a laugh. Looking through the security peep-hole, BJ couldn't believe her eyes. She could see what looked like a mob of people, but the only one she recognized was her brother, Paul, standing nearest to the door. Swinging open the door, her disbelief turned into utter amazement as the entire group yelled out, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

BJ leapt into her brother's arms for a welcome hug. Her mind was a maze of questions as Erica joined in the hug. Then she saw her sister, Chris along with her favorite brother-in-law, Chad. More hugs and kisses greeted BJ as she continued through the group. Somewhere in the background, BJ could hear her mom's shriek of delight upon seeing her children and grandchildren. BJ then found the hugs and kisses of her three nephews and two nieces. Tears began streaming down her face at the joy she felt being surrounded by her entire family.

BJ finally turned back into the room and saw Dorothy going through the arms of her loved ones. If BJ thought she could stop crying, she knew it was hopeless once she saw the joy in her mother's eyes. They had not been all together since her dad's funeral. BJ silently looked up and wished her dad a happy Thanksgiving.

Not noticing the three final people approaching the front door, BJ turned when she heard a familiar female voice, "BJ?" Sobs of tears were again released as she saw Annie and Max come up to the doorway. BJ ran to them, trying to hug them both at once, but barely able to reach around.

It was only when she pried herself from their hold did BJ see the tallest figure behind her friends. Max and Annie parted to allow BJ to move between them. Her tear-filled eyes continued to spill over as BJ ran to Adam's outstretched arms. Without another word or thought, BJ's body denied every aspect of her once brilliant plan. Jumping up to wrap her legs around his waist, she pressed her tear stained face against his, enveloping his mouth in passion while her fingers wound their way through his hair. Time and space meant nothing as they re-ignited their sparks of love.

A thunderous applause seeped it's way into BJ and Adam's consciousness. Suddenly remembering they were not alone, the passion of their reunion was reluctantly interrupted by common sense. Unwrapping herself from Adam and standing on her own, BJ herded the amused voyeurs into her apartment. Once the door closed, BJ took Adam's hand and while wiping the tears from her face, made the announcement that a month ago seemed impossible, "for those of you who haven't met, this is Adam Davidson. A very important person in my life. I mean a man..." BJ began to fumble for words, seeing the surprised look on Dorothy's face.

Adam's deep voice interrupted BJ's verbal frustration, "A man who loves your daughter, sister and aunt. A man BJ loves. A man who has lived with BJ for over ten months. And finally, the man who will eventually have BJ as his wife."

BJ quickly turned to Adam, ready to oppose his announcement, but just as swiftly knowing in her heart that she did, truly love him. Any words BJ tried to formulate were gone in the twinkle of an eye. Gone in the twinkle of Adam's eyes as he gazed at this stubborn, obstinate female.

Dorothy walked over to her BJ and Adam with new tears springing from her eyes. "I'm so glad to meet you, Adam. And welcome to the family." With that she hugged both Adam then BJ and now knew what had been bothering BJ. Turning to BJ, she added, "it's about time you found someone who can keep up with you, young lady."

Blushing at her mother's words, BJ again tried to talk but was swept up in Adam's arms for another kiss. All she could say was an emotional "I love you, Adam" as BJ returned the embrace.

"And I love you, Barbara Jo. Don't worry about anything. We'll discuss everything tomorrow" Adam responded.

BJ immediately grasped Adam's meaning. She brought her head back and saw the same determination clearly in his eyes. "Oh shit" was all she could whisper as she resumed the kiss.

Twenty-four hours later, BJ was walking through miniature pine trees of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoying a few moments of solitude while Adam remained by their car. After her dad died, BJ's family made a donation to the park to replant this part of the forest once ravaged by fire. Being here always gave BJ comfort knowing she would never totally lose her father's love.

Turning, BJ could see Adam patiently wait for her. Smiling to herself, she was reminded that Adam had more patience of any one she had ever met. After arranging for her entire family to be flown to Denver for Thanksgiving, they all had a wonderful holiday together. After dinner, Adam again surprised BJ by informing her family that on Friday while the rest of them took advantage of the numerous shopping sales, he and BJ would be heading to the mountains for the day.

So after wishing Annie and Max a good trip as they flew back to Phoenix, Adam and BJ enjoyed the scenery and each other's company. Adam didn't press BJ with anything serious, but instead laughed along as she shared stories of her family and growing up.

BJ knew Adam deserved an explanation of what drove her to Denver and away from his love. She had been busy relishing the happy memories, but now felt the need to be more candid and blunt with Adam. Slowly she shuffled to meet the confrontation she had been dreading all day.

Adam found a comfortable spot near their car to settle in for awhile. Sitting on the soft ground, he knew BJ was getting ready to talk. As she approached, her words confirmed this, "Adam, I guess I'd better explain why I think it would be better for you if we didn't see each other any more."

Adam shook his head slightly, surprised that even now, BJ denied to herself what would make her most happy. Allowing her the freedom to reconsider her decisions, he encouraged BJ to talk, "Okay Squirt, I'd like to hear that one."

Seeing Adam's gentle smile, BJ tried to contain her emotions as she knelt down and sat next to him, still able to look at his face, but instead chose to look at her hands fumbling in her own lap. "Adam, I lived through the divorce of my parents, and I just know I would never be able to live through another experience like that. And believe me, you would want to divorce me eventually, Adam. I'm willful, and independent and stubborn and ...." all the faults BJ began to list overwhelmed her as her eyes filled with tears and they began cascading down her cheeks. Still unable to look at Adam, BJ sought to finish her thoughts, "Adam I love you with all my heart, but I can never marry you." The silent tears turned to sobs of agony as BJ tried to explain the deep doubt of human relationships she felt so strongly.

Gently reaching out for BJ and grasping her in his strong arms, Adam allowed the tears to fall on his chest as his caressed her face and hair. Finally when he thought she was calm enough, Adam decided it was time to set the record straight. "Baby, I love you. Yes, you are all those things. You also forgot a few, like spontaneous, loving, generous, loyal to a fault, and a pure delight. The room lights up whenever you enter it and your eyes betray you every time you plan some brilliant scheme. You are all those things, and it's the whole package I love. I know what I'm getting myself into here, and no one, especially you my love, is going to tell me I should not be with you. Life isn't complete when you're not with me."

As much as she fought it, Adam's words seeped into her heart. BJ began to believe Adam was solemn and truthful, and that perhaps, yes, just maybe their relationship wouldn't end in divorce. Fresh tears welled in her eyes as she thought through Adam's message. A message she knew came directly from his open and loving heart. Adam knew BJ and her determination. He gently reminded her of something she probably had not thought of, "Sunshine, what would your dad want you to do?"

Sobs of weeping overtook BJ as she realized exactly what her father would want. He always wanted her to find a strong man who would love her until the day she died. He wanted her to be happy. Then remembering her mom's joy at meeting Adam, she suddenly wanted nothing else but to be with Adam forever. As she lay against Adam's body, enveloped in his strength, BJ slowly thought through her reluctance at giving happiness a chance. Seconds turned to minutes as silently BJ's grief subsided and was replaced by a new emotion. One that BJ was inexperienced with when it came to relationships. It was the emotion of hope. Careful to not stir, BJ was afraid the magic of this new emotion may fade if she moved a muscle. Then just as suddenly, she knew as long as she was with Adam, there would always be love, support, hope and finally most of all, true happiness.

Abruptly wiggling out of Adam's arms, she turned and faced him, jumping the short distance to press her mouth against his. After enjoying the wet kiss, BJ propped her head back to look into Adam's dark brown eyes and immediately understood those would be the eyes she wanted to see every day of her life. "I love you, Adam. I want to be happy. And you are what makes me happy."

Adam's face lit up with the biggest smile BJ had ever seen. Sealing her statement with another kiss, Adam chuckled as BJ burrowed her body next to his. Locked in an embrace, Adam knew BJ had finally realized that relationships are a gamble for everyone. But without that gamble, no one will ever get a shot at happiness. He was now sure of his future with the woman laying next to him. The next words out of BJ's mouth surprised Adam, but amazed BJ even more. Raising her head to give him a sly grin, BJ said, "so you wanna get married or what?"

"You really are my sunshine, BJ" Adam chuckled as he gathered her closer to him. They laid together, lost in their own thoughts for several minutes. Finally remembering one of the purposes for their journey, Adam's deep voice broke the silence of their reunion, "BJ, you've got to learn that we need to talk through things. Just think of all the problems we could have avoided if you had just talked to me instead of running away."

Not feeling a problem in the world, BJ responded absently as she began to explore Adam's face and neck with kisses, "yeah, yeah, talk."

Shaking his head, knowing full well BJ was once again pre-occupied, Adam decided it was time for another listening lesson. Easily pushing BJ off his chest, he turned her over on his lap. "I see you don't believe me when I tell you talking things through is better than running away."

"Hey, what are you doing? Come on, Adam, you're supposed to ask me to marry you!" BJ whined, as Adam pushed up her jacket and shirt above her waist, allowing easy access to BJ's jean covered bottom.

"This one is for running away. And don't worry, I just know dad is watching this with great appreciation, Squirt" Adam said as his hand came down solidly against BJ's backside.

"Yeowwwww!" BJ screamed "not here!" She was mortified that she was being spanked outside where any one could come along and see her disgrace. As more force was added to each spank, BJ cried out in agony, "Owwwwwww, Adam, pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeee. I'llllll doooooo what.......ever.........owwwwwwwww, juuuuuust.......stop!

SMACK! SMACK! "You, my dear" SMACK! SMACK! are going to SMACK! SMACK! "stop and think" SMACK! SMACK! "before you start" SMACK! SMACK! "making decisions" SMACK! SMACK! "in my best interest" SMACK! SMACK!

BJ's howls of distress quickly turned to continuous crying as her tears fell to the forest floor and she kicked against mother earth. She was surprised when Adam stopped his bombardment as soon as he did. But her relief was short lived as Adam pulled her back up to her knees, unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs. Her panties followed the same course while BJ remained stunned at his swift actions. Unable to resist, BJ quickly found herself again laying over his lap and now her bare bottom exposed to Adam's hand and all of nature. Knowing BJ wouldn't hear any further scolding, Adam concentrated on his task.


BJ furiously kicked and squirmed, sure the fire in her bottom would never cease. Crying like a child, she no longer cared if hikers happened upon the scene. Her jumbled thoughts were united in the one feeling of pain and the one man who loved her enough to spank her. And as Adam continued his bombardment, the heavy burden of heartache that had plagued him over the past month was lifted. He knew as he unfalteringly spanked BJ, they would have a wondrous life together.