From: (AzBabyGrl)
Subject: BJ's New Story:  ICU ( M/F:  Just Reference To Spanking--No Action)
Date: 5 Oct 1996 19:56:45 -0400

Hey there friends. Okay, okay, I know, I have written anything in just ages. Well, actually that's not quite true. Shortly after being sprung from ICU (the first time) I jotted down the following story. It has no actual spanking (just a reference). If you're bored with such things, go on and read something else. I wasn't going to post this, but was encouraged to do so by Hope (of Gracie story fame).

Hey, there's good news from Phoenix! I'm back up to "spanking weight"!!! 100 pounds as of last Wednesday. To celebrate, Adam and I are flying out of the Valley of the Sun this coming week so he can meet some clients in Chicago and I can see my mom, who lives in the wilds of Wisconsin. Adam is hoping this brief vacation will cure me of cabin fever! (Ya, sure guy!!!!!)

I hope you appreciate this story. I'm really going to try to buckle down and write something more typically BJ one of these days soon! In the meantime, hope this finds everyone in Assville happy and healthy and "wise????"

Love, BJ


Another morning is dawning in Phoenix but BJ sees no sign of it. Lights flicker on the technological marvels around her bed. The only sound she can make out are the staccato blips playing rhythmically in tune with her heart beats.

BJ slowly tries to identify other odd sounds and feelings as she attempts to make sense of her situation. She immediately knows in the farthest reaches of her mind that something is not quite right. She is laying on her back with her upper body elevated. Since her infancy, BJ always slept bottom side up or on her side nestled in Adam's arms. She is not sure if she's been sleeping. Her mind begins to race out of the healing oblivion of sleep into the confusion of the real world.

"Oh shit" she silently mutters as her eyes flutter open to the unnatural world of a hospital's Intensive Care Unit. She feels as if her body has been used as a battering ram. Each breath causes a mild ache in her chest. She tries to adjust her body to another position and is stopped by the wires and tubes snaking around her. A flash of recollection startles her as she remembers where she is. BJ turns her head, hoping she knows what she will see. She weakly smiles when her eyes gaze on a huge man with brown, chaotic hair and a day's worth of stubble on his face. She knows his eyes are brown even though at this moment he has them closed. He is sprawled out on some type of lounge chair positioned inches from her bed.

"What did I ever do to deserve Adam?" BJ questions as she ponders the wonders of the universe. The only answer she could ever think of to that question was her personal guardian angel. BJ's dad died back in '85, but there were still many times she felt his presence. One tear began to roll down her cheek as she knew that dad had once again intervened on her behalf. "God how I still miss him sometimes."

This should never have happened. "It was just a little chest cold," BJ said to herself. She and Annie had planned for several days to enjoy the cool mountain air of northern Arizona while Adam and Max were flying around the country. It had been so terribly hot in Phoenix. BJ was climbing the walls, feeling suffocated in air conditioned surroundings while Mother Nature continued her dry, scorching assault on the city.

BJ thoughts returned to the previous Wednesday and Thursday. The mini vacation had been everything she desired. Time hiking the trails of the highest mountain in Arizona. Time to encourage her friend to take more steps against a fear of heights. Time riding ski lifts to mountain tops. Time to laugh hysterically at inside jokes and giggle at summer vacationers. Time to talk endlessly of family, friends, hopes and dreams. Even the rain hadn't put a damper on BJ's spirits as she flourished under the cool, fresh air. Sure she was chilly. But BJ always needed something to keep her warm, even in Phoenix. "That's what God made Adam for, right Annie!" she had joked with her friend. "Besides" BJ continued to explain to a skeptical Annie, "It's just a little chest cold."

BJ's thoughts jumped to last Friday. She had felt miserable. Beads of sweat would slip down her face. Then mere seconds later, her body convulsed involuntarily with shivers from an unknown frigid source. She was restless and unhappy, hoping Adam would be home soon. She tried to occupy herself with Internet friends, not wanting to watch the clock slowly tick by. She knew she should tell someone how badly she felt. The pain of her chest cold was intensifying. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts. She couldn't remember what to do. She couldn't catch her breath and heard seemingly explosive sounds each time she exhaled. Finally giving in to the demands of her body, BJ laid down on the bed she and Adam shared. Her plan was to take a short nap, but she also silently wondered if her time was going to run out. She couldn't stop the tears from falling as she closed her eyes and knew her heart was breaking. She would never again be with her family and friends. BJ's final wish before entering the world of unconsciousness was a hope her dad would be there to greet her at heaven's door.

BJ gently shakes her head to block out memories of the past day and hours. Her thoughts return to the present and this ICU. Tears cascade down her cheeks, causing her to question when her eyes would finally dry out. Through the tears, a weak smile forms as she silently thanks God and her dad for more time. She turns her appreciative gaze to Adam, who is still quietly snoring. Her gaze travels from his face, down his muscular arm to his huge hand. BJ blushes slightly knowing this is the monstrous hand that he will use on her bottom. Giving it a second thought, she suspects that once her strength returns, Grandmama's hairbrush will probably be dusted off. Her bottom tingles, knowing she is in for at least a week of nightly, sound spankings as only Adam can provide.

BJ's body signals the need for more rest. Her eyes began to close again as she decides getting several hard spankings on her bare bottom won't be that bad. She knows she deserves them. But BJ figures it isn't anything to worry about right now. There is plenty of time for that later. Yes, plenty of time.