From: (AzBabyGrl)
Subject: Gambling Adventure (second try)  (M/F cons)
Date: 30 Jun 1996 06:11:11 -0400

After my first introduction, then I screw it up. I didn't realize that the whole story wouldn't necessarily print out (guess I wrote too much, huh?) Any way, here's another stab at the Story, now in two complete parts!


If you don't want to read about M/F spanking and hankypanky, go on by. If you are under 18, read no further.

Gambling Adventure

"Come on, Annie, let s do it. No one will ever find out. We ll be home before anyone figures any thing out. Pleeeeease, I just have to get out of the house for awhile. I m going stir crazy!"

Annie listened to BJ s pleas. She looked around the small office where she and her friend had worked together for the past four years. Known to her friends as BJ, Barbara Jo was in her third week at home recovering from an ulcer attack that had been quite serious. If it had not been for Adam s excellent care for BJ, Annie would have been much more worried about her best friend. But now after being confined in the apartment BJ and Adam shared, it was clear to Annie that her friend was indeed going nuts being cooped up 24 hours a day.

"What about Adam? He ll know something is up when you don t answer the phone. BJ, he ll get worried, then call me or Max, and then we will both be in trouble!" Annie s bottom tingled just thinking about what Max s reaction would be.

"That s the beauty of my plan, Annie. When Adam left this morning for work, he said he wouldn t be able to call today. He s going to be in a meeting all day with a new client. And even if he does call, I m going to put a message on the machine for him and tell him that I am going to be napping all afternoon. You know, lay in on kind of thick about being really tired after last night." BJ giggled when she remembered the wonderful time that Adam had given her the evening before.

Together, cuddled in an easy chair with BJ on Adam s lap, they had watched some television, until Adam suggested that they turn off the boob tube because there really wasn t anything on worth watching. He thought that maybe they could play a couple hands of gin rummy or something until bedtime. But BJ was thinking about some other ways that they could pass some time before bed. Adam s left arm held BJ around her back, and he would occasionally would pat her gently on her back and bottom. BJ s felt so safe and secure with her head laying peacefully on his broad left shoulder and her hands exploring his chest, neck and beautiful face. Adam brushed BJ s short auburn hair away from her face and kissed her temple, while whispering "Are you tired, BJ? You didn t do too much today, did you?" He kissed her on her forehead, then bent his head to kiss her nose. BJ smiled up at his caring face, and moved her head off his chest so she could wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him on his delectable lips.

As she continued to kiss and explore, BJ could feel Adam s body react the way she had wanted. She felt his growing hardness next to her thigh. Adam had been so worried about BJ s health, that in the past few weeks, he had made every effort to baby the woman he loved And while BJ appreciated everything he had done, her level of sexual restlessness increased in direct proportion of her recovery. Being so close to Adam every night when he returned from work was beginning to take another kind of physical toll on her.

When BJ finally moved her lips to Adams neck and began nibbling in earnest, Adam responded hoarsely, trying to get each word out from the back of his throat, "Baby, are you sure you are up for this tonight?" BJ giggled, winding her hand between between their bodies to his crotch. Gently stroking his enlarged, hardened shaft, she whispered seductively, "Well, I can plainly feel that you are up for this tonight" she smiled, " and if I don t get you inside me soon, I am going to absolutely burst!"

That was all the encouragement Adam had needed. He raised his 6 2" frame out of the chair and BJ along with him. He lifted her as if she were as light as a feather. While they were both in excellent physical condition, he sometimes thought that BJ needed a few more extra pounds to add to her small body that right now seemed perfectly suited to her 5 3" height. He carried her into their bedroom and within minutes, clothes were strewn all over the floor. The last time BJ noticed the clock, it was registering 3:00 a.m. as she snuggled deeper into Adams arms. She drifted off into a night of sweet dreams, sure that her entire body was glowing from the attention given by "Big Man From Arizona."

"I don t know, BJ, what can I tell everyone here at the office?" Annie s question brought BJ out of her daydreams and back to the reality of talking her friend into having some fun. "Just tell them that you got a call from me, and I need you for something. They won t care if you leave a little bit early."

"But it s almost noon, BJ. I ve got another five hours yet." Annie replied, looking around to see if anyone could overhear their conversation. "Pleeeeease Annie! Come on! Besides, if you don t come with me, I ll just go alone. I have to get out of this place!" BJ had already firmly decided that today was going to be the first full afternoon out of the house. And what better way than to drive over to the Indian reservation and do some gambling. She had been playing poker on her little hand game, and now felt like lady luck was going to smile on her today.

Annie knew that BJ wouldn t hesitate to start out on her own. After a few more feeble excuses, Annie relented and told BJ she would pick her up in 30 minutes. True to her word, she was honking outside BJ s apartment in 25 minutes, and the door flew open. Annie was surprised at how hale and hardy BJ looked, and decided that this was probably the best medicine in the world for her today. BJ had also been right about leaving work. As soon as Annie told Steve, their boss, that BJ needed her, he had almost shoved her out the door. Everyone loved BJ, and they all missed her terribly at the office.

"Isn t this a great day, Annie?" BJ practically chirped as they got underway. "I figure it will take us 40 minutes to get there, then we will have two hours to gamble before we have to head home and beat Adam to the apartment. Do you know how much money I can win in two hours, Annie?"

Annie just laughed at her friend and said, "yeah, do you know how much I can lose in two hours and what will happen to me if Max finds out what we ve done?"

"Oh Annie, don t be a pessimist. We re both going to go home today with big wallets. Just you wait and see!"

As they got out of the car at the casino, BJ ran around the back of the car and gave Annie a big hug, "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. We re going to have sooooo much fun." Annie couldn t help but get in to a festive mood. It was sometimes hard for Annie to believe that BJ was almost 36 years old and she herself has just turned 37. When she thought of all the fun they had together, she often felt like they were both teenagers.

In fact, when Max occasionally found out about some of the "fun" the two of them shared, he indicated in a very authoritative voice that he was sure that the two of them were no more than five years old. This pronouncement was always followed by several sharp smacks to her bottom and a scolding that could last anywhere from two to fifteen minutes. The final humiliation came when he told her that he was going to spank her bottom until she learned how to act like an adult.

BJ could see the black clouds on her friend s face as they trekked in to the casino. "Don t worry, Annie, Max won t find out! And either will Adam. This is fool proof!" The cloud lightened over Annie s face as her friend reassured her. BJ had as much to lose as Annie, having often shared a meal together while standing. BJ had spent many an hour over Adam s knee after having an adventure discovered.

The casino was bustling, and together they synchronized their watches. "Okay, Annie, now you know I ll be at the poker machines. We have until 2:30, so come and get me then."

"Okay, BJ, and I ll be trying the various slot machines." Annie s love for poker didn t match her friend s, and so she spent a great deal of time wandering around and watching the people. BJ, on the other hand, would find a machine and sit there for hours. It was always up to Annie to watch the clock and find her friend when time was up.

Annie watched as her friend walked over to the ATM to get some money. She just shook her head and began looking around, hearing the noises of machines eating money. She found a good spot, sat down, and put in a twenty dollar bill. The slot machine gobbled it up like a hungry monster and the credits began to click off. After one spin, the machine began clicking like crazy, adding up credit after credit. After a seventy-five cent bet, she already had 1,000 credits. Doing the math quickly in her brain, she figured that she already had over $200. "Maybe BJ is right about today after all," she thought.

BJ was thoroughly engrossed in the poker hand staring at her from the monitor when she felt a panicky hand at her shoulder. "BJ, I lost track of time. It s almost 3:30. We ve got to get going" Annie pleaded. BJ turned to her friend, and tried to put out the cigarette she had just lit up. "What are you doing smoking, BJ. You know you are not supposed to smoke. And what s this? Have you been drinking soda? BJ, do you know how sick you can get from the caffeine in that stuff?" Annie was beside her self, worried that this may send her friend back to the hospital with another bleeding ulcer attack.

"Annie, don t worry. I m fine, I feel fine. This is decaffeinated soda, with just a little rum in it. But I can t go yet, I have to win some of my money back."

"BJ, what in the hell are you doing at this dollar poker machine. I thought you only played on quarter machines. How much have you lost.? Annie said, looking more worried by the minute.

"Well, I guess about $300. Come on, just another couple of minutes, and then we ll leave." BJ pleaded. This was so typical. BJ always had to be dragged out of a gambling casino. Either she was on a winning streak or had lost too much money and needed to get it back. "BJ, I m leaving and the car is going with me. You either come now, or you ll have to get another ride home. And believe me, you won t appreciate a ride from Adam when he calls me up and asks where you are. Because BJ, I will tell him exactly where you are."

BJ knew this was no lie. Annie looked desperate enough to leave her behind. And she also knew the kind of reception Adam would give her if she had to explain to him about the afternoon s trip to the casino. In fact, her hand automatically reached for her bottom realizing just exactly the reception she and her backside would get. "Okay, okay, let s go. How did you do today?" Annie let out a huge sigh, getting exasperated with her friend, "I can t believe you even care enough to ask. Did you hear me, we are late!"

"Don t worry, Annie, we won t see Adam or Max before 5:00. We still have plenty of time. Let me grab my cigarettes."

"Are you crazy. You are actually going to bring those with you. What happens if Adam find them. Besides, you smell like a chimney all ready."

"I ve got time for a quick shower before he gets home. Now come on, Annie, let s go. Just calm down."

They were both running the last few feet to the car when BJ began to giggle. "Come on, Annie, let s break some speed limits. Do you want me to drive? You know I m a better driver in a crisis than you are!" Annie began to laugh, "No way. I m not going to smash up this car on top of everything! Besides, you re right, we ve got a good 90 minutes before we see the guys. Want to stop off for a quick bite to eat?"

"I don t think we should press our luck, kid. Let s go home! Speaking of luck, you never told me, how did you to day, Annie? It must be good news for you to lose track of time."

"Not that good. I ended up losing $20."

"It took you that long to lose only $20. Why so grim. That s actually pretty good!"

"Not when you consider that at one point, I had over $500. For the first twenty minutes, I kept getting these huge jackpots. It was great! But then I couldn t keep it! BJ, do you realize that I had $500 in my hands and lost it all! Oh God, I hope Max doesn t find out!"

"He won t, he won t. I ll never tell! Besides, it s your money. You earned it and you should be able to spend it any way you want to spend it!" Annie could tell that her friend was beginning her we re grown women and can do as we please speech. Although it always made sense when BJ was talking, the significance of the words always lost a great deal of importance when Annie was trying to explain things to Max. Especially since Annie had just bought herself several new outfits and was having trouble making the credit card payment on that last purchase.

As they drove through the hot Phoenix afternoon, Annie kept asking her friend about her state of health. "Annie, really I m fine. Just a little tired. Please don t worry. Let s just get home before the guys!" BJ knew that the rumble in her stomach wasn t because of a desire to eat. The familiar gnawing had returned, the first since she had been home from the hospital. But she figured she would explain it to Adam as a reaction to getting very little sleep the night before. He would always fall for that one!

As they drove into the apartment lot complex, they both let out a sigh of relief. It was only 4:30, and no sign of either Max s or Adam s cars. "See, what d I tell ya. Piece of cake, Annie. I m gona run in, hide these cigarettes and get ready for Adam to come home. I ll call you later on tonight. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon!" BJ barely got the last words out as she ran to her apartment and shoved the key in the door. Making a beeline to her office, she found the book that had a hollowed-out middle. She quickly placed the cigarettes in the book and shoved it back into place on the bookcase. She laughed to herself, thinking about the fact that Adam had never found out her most secret hiding place! She ran to the bedroom and tore off her clothes, heading directly in to the shower. "I m definitely going to have to get something to eat. My stomach is really on fire, now!"

Adam tried the apartment door and his shoulders sagged in relief as it opened without a key. He walked in the front door and saw BJ s jacket thrown on the chair next to the door. As he entered their bedroom, he could hear the shower running. "BJ, I m home sweetie. How are you feeling?" he called out through the bathroom door. "Did you get some rest today?"

BJ heard his sweet voice over the noise of the shower. "Whew, just in time" she thought. Yelling over the running water sounds, BJ called out to Adam, "I sure did honey. I just wanted to take a shower to wake up. I ll be right out!" She smiled to herself. Another adventure expertly executed! BJ decided to take her time and enjoy the relaxation of the shower. After turning off the water, she stepped out of the shower and a towel was unexpectedly handed to her. "Here you are baby. Have a good shower?"

For a split second, it appeared to BJ that Adam s warm smile was kind of forced. Must be her imagination she told herself as Adam wrapped the big towel around her and began to rub her all over. "I was worried about you today, sweetie" Adam whispered as he paid particular attention to rubbing her back and bottom. "I hope I didn t tire you out too much last night!"

BJ turned in his arms, now completely confident that she was in the clear. "I m great sweetheart. Just a little tired and maybe need some of your great cooking to perk me right up" she said while putting her arms around his neck. He continued to hold the towel around her and then picked her and the towel up. "Oh, I feel just like Miss Scarlet when you do this! Do you want anything in particular suh or just keep me from having to walk?" she winked at him as he headed to the bed. Her film fantasy was broken by the wail of the telephone next to the bed.

Adam gently sat her down at the end of the bed, walked to the bed stand and picked up the cordless phone handset. "Oh hi, Annie. Yea, she s right here." Adam handed her the phone, but before letting it go, he leaned over and whispered, "Not too long, darlin . I ve got plans for us tonight!" He kissed her on the nose and winked. BJ couldn t believe her luck. Two nights in a row! She slowly drew the phone to her ear as Adam walked out of the bedroom.

"They know, BJ! They know everything! You said it was fool proof. But I m sure they know" Annie was almost screaming into the phone. BJ knew her friend was probably over reacting to some small signal she got from Max. She kept her voice low as she began to reassure Annie, "they don t know anything! Believe me, Adam is home and he is just as good as can be! Isn t Max home yet?"

"No" Annie fairly yelled through the phone. "But he called. He said that he was heading home now. He was calling from Thunderbird Hospital. He said that he and Adam have been running around all afternoon, checking out hospitals and our friends Annie burst out in tears explaining her conversation with Max. "He told me that Adam had called him around 1:00 this afternoon. He said that Adam was at his wits end, wondering if you had another ulcer attack. They knew that I had left work early to be with you. Max wanted to know where I had been all afternoon, BJ. I can t lie to him. He knows when I lie, BJ! I ll be in worse trouble if I lie!"

BJ s adrenaline kicked in and she tried to keep her voice to a whisper. "But Adam hasn t said anything. Are you sure, Annie?" BJ looked up and was startled to see Adam standing the bedroom door, sternly looking straight at her. In one hand, he was holding on to the clothes she had worn all afternoon, and in the other hand was her grandmama s antique hair brush. "Oh shit, Annie" was all BJ could mutter, feeling the growing storm clouds while she stared in to Adam s icy-glazed eyes.

"Oh shit is right, darlin ." Adam walked over, set the hairbrush down on the end of the bed and took the phone from BJ s hand and spoke firmly into the mouthpiece, "BJ says goodnight Annie. She will talk with you tomorrow." With that he turned off the telephone.

BJ knew the jig was up. Her mind flew through various thoughts of escape. How was she going to get out of this one. She glanced at the bedroom door, then looked out of the corner of her eyes to check on Adam s exact position relative to the door as he hung up the telephone handset. She was mentally trying to calculate the distance through the bedroom and out the apartment front door and then to . "Don t even think about moving your butt from where it is, young lady!" She heard the words just as she figured out that in her current bathroom towel attire, it would probably not be a good idea to go outside.

BJ s mind was a flutter. A story, she needed a good story, and right now! But blast it all, she also knew that Annie was a pushover when it came to lying to Max. When this storm had passed, she made up her mind to talk with Annie and give her lessons on believable lying. "Okay", she thought "so let s assume that Annie spills the beans. How can I get out of this." A pain in BJ s stomach gave her the exact answer she was looking for. "Adam, you know now that I think about it, I really don t feel too well! My stomach has been hurting all afternoon." She bowed her head and put her arms around her midsection, slightly moaning.

Without BJ seeing, a glimmer of sympathy crossed momentarily over Adam s face until he looked down at BJ s smoke-filled clothes he was holding. "Maybe it s because you were smoking and drinking at a bar all afternoon!"

Never the one to be called a liar when she was truly innocent, BJ s head immediately sprang up and she said, "I have not been smoking and drinking all afternoon at a bar." "Okay, she thought, this is good. I ll get him on a technicality."

Adam came around to the end of the bed, and sat down next to BJ. Putting his right arm around her back and waist, he lifted his left hand containing her smelly clothes up to BJ s nose, "These smell like you ve done exactly that. Have you had a cigarette today, BJ?" he asked point blank.

BJ s moment of hope was dashed as she thought, "so much for a technicality. Damn him for being so particular." She knew that there was little hope now of averting what Adam had already planned for their evening. "Yes, but just a couple Adam, I swear!" BJ again lowered her eyes to the floor.

"Did you have anything alcoholic to drink this afternoon, BJ?" Adam s interrogation continued with exactly the right question to get at the whole truth.

"Yes, Adam, but not that much." she mumbled just loud enough so he could hear the answer.

"Where were you this afternoon, BJ?" he continued. "And so help me, your bottom is going to be severely blistered if you and Annie were at a bar!"

"I really wasn t Adam. Annie and I went out to the McDowell Indian Reservation and did a bit of gambling. Just to get out of the house, Adam. I was going crazy being stuck in here. I just wanted some fresh air!"

"Fresh air?" he chuckled, tossing her clothes toward the bathroom hamper. "I ll bet you didn t get very much! How much did you win?"

"Oh shit I wasn t even going to get into this conversation," thought BJ. Out loud she stammered to Adam, "I lost just a bit, Adam. Not that much, really! Besides, I used my own money, not our house account!" But the more the words came out, the more she knew her excuses were falling on deaf ears.

"Don t you want to know how I spent my afternoon, BJ? I had a telephone call that may be of interest to you." Adam s grip around BJ s waist tightened slightly. "Did you meet with your new client, Adam?" asked BJ, extremely relieved that the interrogation appeared to be at an end and silently wondered where that damn hairbrush was.

"I did for an hour, but he had a pressing family crisis and had to leave early. So I decided to call and see how you were feeling. When I got your message about sleeping, I began to worry that last night had been too much for you. So I came home to make sure you were okay. When I didn t find you here, I called Annie, who I found out had left the office for the afternoon to be with you. Then I realized you would probably not want to disturb me with my important client, so you had probably called Annie when you got sick again. So I called Max at his office and found he had no information about where you two had gone. We were then both worried, figuring it must be something very serious for neither of you two not to pick up a freakin telephone to let us know where in the hell you were." Adam s voice was beginning to get deeper and louder as he recalled the events of the afternoon. BJ was sure that the eruption was now imminent. He was definitely gathering steam and about to blow.

"That s when Max and I began visiting hospital emergency rooms and calling every person we could think of, trying to find out what had happened. We had just left Good Samaritan when I got this telephone call on my mobile phone. It was from Lois, you know, Steve s wife. She called to congratulate me on the great care I had given you in your recovery. She told me that she was surprised to see you at the casino, and was even more surprised that you hadn t quit smoking or drinking. She was thrilled that you had recovered so well but really felt that drinking and smoking were not two habits that could possibly be condoned by the doctors." Upon hearing this, BJ made a mental note to put a curse on Steve s wife. Surely she could find an appropriate one for a stool pigeon like her!

"BJ, I am so disappointed in your behavior this afternoon!" The eruption was finally at hand. "Do you want to end up back at the hospital, even more sick than you were? You know that your ulcer can t take any more abuse. What in the hell am I going to do with you. You are acting like a two year old who doesn t know any better. What do you have to say for yourself "

The scolding continued, but after a minute or so, all BJ heard was ya-dada-dada-dada. She wasn t sure what was worse, an actual spanking from Adam, or the preliminaries. But she didn t have long to think about it. Adam could tell the exact moment that BJ mentally spaced him out. He decided the time had come to get her attention. In one quick movement, he lifted BJ entirely off the bed, stripped her of her towel, and positioned her over his lap. He gripped BJ s arms between his strong legs and her head was bobbing just above his left leg.

BJ was short enough so that her bottom was square on his right leg, but her legs could not touch the floor. Adam slightly raised his right leg up so that BJ s bare bottom was positioned just perfectly. He lifted his right hand and it came down with a punishing SMACK directly on her left cheek. BJ let out a yeow, being surprised at the quickness that landed her in this particular position. Adam followed through with another SMACK, this one on BJ s right check.

As the pain began to penetrate her backside, BJ heard a firm voice directly in her right ear, "Now that I have your complete attention. Since you ve behaved like a little girl today, I am going to teach you a lesson like I would teach to a little girl. And the best way I know to get a point across to a naughty little girl is through a red bottom!" This was followed by several more direct hits from Adam s hand to BJ s bouncing bottom, which was turning from a soft white to a rosy pink shade. "Didn t you say something about feeling like Miss Scarlet? Well, BJ, you are definitely going to be scarlet tonight!"

Another forceful SMACK landed directly in the middle of BJ s ass. "You know what the doctors told you " SMACK! "No cigarettes " SMACK! "No alcohol " SMACK! "Plenty of rest " SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "BJ, I don t want you to get sick again!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

BJ yelled with a girlish yelp as Adam s large hand came crashing down on her backside. "No .ow .Adam .ow .I m sorry .ow ..nooo!" She tried to get relief from the stabbing pain by wiggling her butt and struggling to free her arms. This was rewarded by several hard spanks to the sensitive area just where her backside met her thighs. It seemed to go on forever, her bottom was on fire and the force behind every smack seemed to increase with each swat.

After five minutes, BJ s struggles and yelling turned in to a constant crying and sobbing. Being resigned to her helplessness and feeling too tired to fight, her tears flowed freely as Adam maintained a constant bombardment on her now scarlet red ass. If he was still scolding her, she could no longer hear him.

Then as suddenly as it had begun, the smacks to her hot bottom abruptly stopped. BJ continued sobbing as Adam relaxed his legs and the grip on BJ s arms and hands. He began to gently massage some of the sting out of her bare bottom as BJ lifted her hands to cover her face, letting out huge sobs of tears. When the sobs became less frequent, Adam lifted BJ off his lap and stood her up so she was squarely facing him. He removed her hands from her face and told her to look at him. BJ moved her hands from her face to rub her bottom.

Her eyes slowly raised to meet Adam s stare. Only then was she surprised to see the tears streaming down his face. She immediately understood how difficult the past several weeks had been for him. Her hands flew from her backside to around Adam s neck where a new flow of tears began to soak his shirt. Adam softly caressed BJ, lifting her into his lap. "Darlin I don t ever want to lose you. But I could if you won t take care of yourself. I just don t know how I could live without you, BJ. I love you so much."

Adam s words penetrated BJ and made her feel truly wicked. Her sobs got louder as the gnawing in her stomach seem to continue. "I m .sooooooo ..sorry Adam" BJ sputtered through her sobs. "I promise to be better " BJ stammered. "I will really remember to be better, Adam, I promise."

When her sobs turned in to ocassional hiccups of tears, Adam gave BJ a warm hug and then drew her away from his chest. "Baby, lie down here for a few minutes and I ll go make some oatmal for you." Adam left her face down on their bed and headed toward the kitchen. BJ was suddenly overcome with fatique and decided to close her eyes, trying to forget this awful day.

After only twenty minutes, Adam returned to their bedroom with a bowl of hot oatmeal and BJ s medication. He was surprised to see her sleeping peacefully, one hand still covering her own backside. He put the dinner on the bed stand and gently lifted her toward him. "Come on, sweetie, you ve got to eat this before you go to sleep. Come on, baby, let s get something in to that tummy of yours."

BJ s eyes fluttered open and she was jubilent to see a broad smile painted across Adams beautiful face. She hugged him and said, "Adam, I really don t feel like eating right now. Can t it wait until I get dressed and take a short nap?"

"BJ, you look exhausted and the next time you lay down, you won t move for at least ten hours. And you need something in your tummy before that happens. Now go grab a nightie if you want, but come right back here for your dinner." He delivered a sharp smack to her already red bottom to drive in his point.

BJ scurried to the closet, grabbed her long nightgown, threw it on and returned to Adam s side. Wincing from the sting in her butt as she sat, BJ took the bowl. With each spoonful, BJ felt the gnawing in her stomach calm down, and she graciously took the medication that Adam had remembered to bring. Handing Adam the empty bowl and cup, BJ began to relax, feeling the fatigue return and begin to grip every muscle in her body. Turning to Adam, she stated tiredly, "I promise, honey, that I m really getting better and I ll be good from now on. I know it s been tough for you, but you just watch. I m going to be a perfect angel from now on!"

Adam chuckled as he lowered the bed covers for BJ to scramble underneath. "BJ, I will always love you, but you will never be a perfect angel." As he leaned over to kiss her goodnight, he said in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice, "And for your little prank today, you will be going to bed at 7:00 every night for a week, complete with a warm bottom. And if you leave this apartment at all in the next week without me, I will use grandmama s brush on your backside instead of my hand. Is that very clear young lady!"

"Yes suh , that s crystal clear, BJ whispered in the best southern accent she could muster. And turning over on to her stomach, snuggling further under the covers, she continued, "And I promise to be a perrrrrfect ang " BJ s words drifted off with her into her dreams.

"Never perfect, sunshine, but I sure do love you" Adam whispered to the softly snoring figure. And true to Adam s word, BJ got a sound, bare-bottomed, ten minute spanking just before dinner every night for a week. And just as he had promised, BJ was in bed, fanny-side up, by 7:00 each evening, usually fast asleep within fifteen minutes. And just as he had promised, grandmama s hairbrush remained on the dresser for the whole week.

Because, just as BJ had promised, she was a perfect angel for the whole week.