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Subject: BJ's New Story: The Contest (M/F & M/F)
Date: 8 Jul 1996 03:36:19 -0400

This is adult-reading only. Do not read if you are under 18.

Barbara Jo

The Contest

"Oh BJ, I'm in so much trouble, I just don't know what to do." Tears welled up in Annie's eyes, "I've over spent on my credit card and now I just don't have the money to pay it off. And of course, it's my American Express card, and Max works for them. He's the Vice President for Customer Service. I don't even feel comfortable calling them to make some kind of arrangement. They will cancel my account and I could never explain that to Max. My God, he is going to be furious and has every right to be. I've always had rotten credit, but now I'm really in trouble."

BJ watched as the tears flowed from Annie's eyes. She hugged her friend and said, "Don't worry Annie, we'll think of something. How much would it take to pay the whole thing off?"

"I need $1,300 in 30 days" gasped Annie, sure that she could never live this humiliation down.

"It will be okay, Annie. Shusssssh, it will be okay. We'll think of something. If I had the money, I'd give it to you in a second. But Adam and I agreed to put away big chunks from our paychecks toward the new house. I had trouble covering the $300 I lost gambling last month. And I can't get into the new house money. It's in Adam's 401K account."

"What am I going to do, BJ. I'm lost. I'll just have to tell Max. You know he handles all the moneyat our house, which until now has been just fine with me." Annie knew there was no hope to keep this from Max.

As hopeless as Annie saw the situation, BJ knew there were hundreds of possibilities to get her friend out of trouble. "Annie, listen to me. Don't tell Max this weekend. We can get the money somewhere. Just let me come up with an absolutely brilliant, fool-proof plan."

Annie's tears turned to a weak giggle at the words fool proof. "I know, I know, you always think it's fool proof until Max and Adam find out. Then we are the ones who are fools!" Annie said, her spirits being lifted with the help of her friend's optimism.

"See, you already know in your wicked little heart that I can come up with something. Promise me you won't spill the beans to Max just yet. Promise?"

Annie was resigned to her fate. "Yeah, I promise. But BJ, this is important to me. It can't be a dumb idea like going to a casino and making the money that way."

BJ was astounded that her friend had read her mind. She had already briefly thought of that idea, but dismissed it because there was no guarantee they could win that much money. "Annie, how could you think I would have a dumb idea like that" lied BJ, smiling at Annie's fear filled face.

Annie immediately knew that BJ had already thought of the casino, and they both burst out laughing. "Don't worry Annie, this plan is going to be brilliant, just you wait and see. Now come on, compose yourself and let's get home. I've got some thinking to do!"

A couple of days later, BJ approached Annie at her desk, "Miss Sawyer, may I see you in my office." Annie turned around and saw a big smile on BJ's face and knew instantly that something was up. She followed her friend into BJ's office. BJ closed the door behind them before quietly announcing, "I've got it Annie, my plan is brilliant. I know how we can come up with the $1,300 to pay off your American Express card bill, and Max will never find out!"

Annie could see her friend was almost to the point of jumping up and down, looking so cocksure of herself. "BJ, I just told you about it last Saturday. And remember, no casinos!"

"Absolutely no casinos. This idea was just handed to me on a silver platter from Steve" BJ replied happily. Their boss, Steve and BJ had met most of that Tuesday morning reviewing ideas to increase employee morale. "Steve suggested that we have a cooking contest for our employees, with the prize being $2,000! Isn't that wonderful, Annie. All we have to do is win that contest and you can have $1,300 and I'll take $700. It's brilliant," squealed BJ, trying her best to keep her voice down. "We're going to have the contest a week from Friday. That's less than two weeks away and will be plenty of time for you to pay the bill."

Annie looked stupefied at her best friend, not believing they could possibly win a cooking contest. "But BJ, you're idea of an oven timer is the smoke alarm in your kitchen. And while I can boil water a little bit better than you, why in heaven's name do you think we could possibly win?

"That's the best part. Now listen, the rules of the contest are that the recipe has to be an original, not something from a cook book somewhere. All the products that go into the winning entry have to come from our own warehouse. That way, we will be able to use the winning entree in some of our advertisements. And there can be up to three employees to form cooking teams, so we will be able to work on this together."

"I still don't understand BJ. We don't have any original recipes we could make." Annie was as confused as ever with BJ's thought process.

"But Adam does, silly" BJ said, with a distinct twinkle in her eye. "A few weeks ago, Adam asked me to put all of his recipes on my computer. You know he does all the cooking at our house, and he loves to putter around the kitchen, throwing together ingredients to come up with marvelous meals. I've still got all of the recipes in my computer. All I have to do is print some out so we can try them at home before the contest. His recipes are wonderful, and we're sure to win, Annie. Especially when you consider that most of the employees around here are men, and cooking isn't exactly their forte." BJ was ecstatic, her optimism spreading to Annie like a warm Spring shower.

"Who's going to judge the contest?" Annie hesitantly asked, afraid that if she asked too many questions, the magical spell of hope would be broken.

"Steve's going to see if James Everett, the CEO, will fly into Phoenix for the event. He wants the home office to see how hard we work at keeping our employees happy. And with James, there won't be any question of favoritism. It's just perfect, Annie!" BJ proclaimed.

"You know BJ, I've got to admit that this may work. And it's not anything that Max or Adam can get upset about so we won't get into any trouble, right," Annie added. But she was startled to see BJ immediately look at her feet and begin to look uncomfortable. "Right" Annie repeated a bit louder, knowing full well the entire plan had yet to be laid out.

"Wellllll, it's kind of like this, Annie." BJ stammered, "Adam is real protective of those recipes. So I wasn't going to tell him about the contest or using one of his ideas. You know, what he doesn't know can't possibly hurt him plan. Besides, all we have to do is make an ingredient substitution in one of his creations to truly make it our own. So we're going to have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But it can't be that hard."

"I just don't know, BJ. How can we test recipes with Adam hanging around. We can't do it at my place. Max will want to know what is going on!" pleaded Annie, sure that the next shoe that dropped would kill her dead.

"Adam won't see us practicing because he's going to be out of town. You know that hospital in Denver he's been working so hard to finish. He's going to Denver tomorrow to meet with contractors and owners to get everytfirm has promised him a big bonus if he can finish this in the next two weeks. So he will be gone! Isn't that great!"

Annie heard the distinct thud in her mind as the other shoe dropped. She knew that almost every time they had counted on Adam doing something, it never seemed to turn out the way they had planned. "Are you sure that Adam will be gone for the whole two weeks, BJ. That seems like an awfully long time to me. What if he finishes early?"

"Adam told me last night that he wished I could come along with him to Denver because there was enough work to do to keep two people busy. Oh yeah, he will be real occupied!" assured BJ to her pessimistic friend.

"Well, maybe we can pull this one off. I'm sure desperate enough to try anything at this point. So when do we start?" Annie asked

"Come over to my place tomorrow night after work and we'll begin by going through the recipes. And stop worrying, nothing bad will happen this time. Trust me, Annie."

Annie shivered and decided it was time to sink or swim. Anything had to be better than telling Max she wasn't responsible enough to pay her bills. "Okay BJ, let's do it!"

Nine days later, BJ and Annie sat at the kitchen table in BJ's apartment. Dirty dishes, pots and pans were strewn helter skelter. Torn bags of flour, sugar and bottles of spices were sitting haphazardly on the counters, some contents spilling on the floor. BJ and Annie were dressed in short shorts and T-shirts, obviously trying to remain cool in the warm, humid atmosphere. Stains on their clothes were too numerous to count. They sat across from each other, elbows on the table and heads being held up with their hands. Both pairs of eyes were fixed on a sorry looking dish that was supposed to be some kind of Baked Alaska.

"I told you we should have waited for the cake to cool, BJ" Annie muttered, barely able to open her mouth to voice the words. "Look, even the cookie dough in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream has melted into mush."

BJ mentally agreed with her friend. They had been cooking every night since Adam left, and were no closer to getting it right than they were when BJ had conceived this brilliant plan. She silently cursed Adam and immediately felt a bit better. "Well, Adam's recipe didn't say anything about waiting for the cake to cool. Damn him anyway, why doesn't he make those recipes clearer!"

"Do you realize that this is the seventh different recipe we've tried?" Annie lamented, sure that this plan was doomed to fail. "We always seem to run into trouble whenever we try to substitute an ingredient. Remember last weekend when we substituted prunes for the dates and grapes in that Waldorf Salad?"

"Well, they are all fruity kinds of things aren't they" BJ responded defensively. "But you're right, all we got was a bad tasting cure for irregularity." A smile began to form on her face as she remembered that terrible mess. "But it wasn't my idea to substitute chicken noodle soup for chicken rice soup in that dressing. Remember how it looked like there were worms crawling around in the food?" BJ's smile grew and her eyes traveled from the quasi-Baked Alaska to Annie's eyes.

Annie looked up at her friend's grin. "I don't think that was as bad as putting that wormy mess into a frozen turkey. Do you think that sucker has thawed out since last Monday?" asked Annie, enjoying the brief respite from concentrating on the rivers of ice cream flowing down on to the table and making its way to the floor. "Remember how surprised we were when we stuck that big spoon in the turkey's insides and found that bag of disgusting looking organs?"

Both BJ and Annie forgot the Alaskan corpse and enjoyed recalling the turmoil of the past nine days. "How about when we baked the bread, but turned on the self-cleaning oven. I have never seen bread so black and small. I'll bet we could have used it as a hockey puck!" BJ laughed. "You realize that Adam is going to want to know where his bread pans are. Remind me I have to go to Target before he gets home. I'm going to have to replace some things we've destroyed in this kitchen."

"Oh yeah, and did we ever figure out why those cheese flavored baking powder biscuits turned out the way they did?" Annie giggled, still curious what had gone wrong with that recipe.

"Near as I can tell, we must have put in Cream of Tartar instead of Baking Powder. But that's an honest mistake, Annie. They are both white!" BJ said, joining her friend's giggle fest. "And remember those cheese enchiladas!" Recalling the runny mess that resulted from that recipe put both women into hysterical laughter.

The spell was broken by the ring of the telephone. BJ tried her best to calm done before picking up the receiver. "Hello" she giggled.

"Hi sweetie. You sound like you are having fun. Whatcha doin'?"

Adam's voice was music to BJ's ears. She didn't know what had been harder, trying out recipes or missing Adam. She decided kitchen detail had a small lead in being most horrible. "Oh lover, it's so good to hear your sweet voice. Annie and I are just sitting around in the kitchen lamenting the tough week it's been." BJ turned and winked at Annie, who had replaced her smile with a look of terror.

"Sure wish I could be there with you. But I'm amazed you chose the kitchen to be in. Did the rest of the apartment burn down?" Adam joked, knowing full well BJ's first choice would never be the kitchen. "Are you behaving yourself while I'm gone?"

BJ was briefly startled by his query. "Of course I am" she said, trying to remove any guilty tone from her voice. "What do you think, I go out looking for trouble whenever you're not around?" she continued innocently.

Adam laughed, "Baby, you never have to look very far to find trouble."

"Oh ha ha, you're quite the comedian tonight. Now tell me, how are your meetings going. You know I really miss you." BJ was determined to change the subject to something more comfortable.

"That's why I'm calling. It doesn't look like I'll be done until next week. Some of the key players can't work this weekend and I was wondering if you'd like to fly up here Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. We could spend a couple of days in the mountains and if you can get some time off, fly back with me on Tuesday or Wednesday. How does that sound?"

BJ's favorite place on earth was in the mountains. After the long hours of kitchen duty, she couldn't think of anything she'd rather do. "What a great idea, honey. James Everett is flying in tonight and I'll be meeting with him all day Thursday and Friday." BJ was sure that a half truth was not nearly as bad as a bold face lie. "But I could get the first plane out Saturday morning. And there shouldn't be any problem taking a few days off. It sounds wonderful, sweetheart!"

"Okay! Give me a call Friday night with your flight information. Oops someone is at my door. Listen darlin' I've gota run. I'm going to be late for another meeting. I love you, BJ."

BJ sighed, "I love you too, Adam. See you on Saturday."

BJ's faraway thoughts were interrupted by Annie's voice, "What are we going to do, BJ? We only have one more night to come up with something for the contest."

BJ slowly hung up the phone and looked around the disaster area normally known as a kitchen. Knowing she would soon be with the man she loved and enjoying the Rockies, a second wave of determination swept over her. "Okay, let's go back to the computer and find something else. We have reached the point of no return. We are going to find a perfect recipe and then make it just like Adam makes it, with no substitutions and no creative ideas."

"But BJ, what will Adam think?" asked Annie, her forehead curved into a frown.

"I'm going to fly to Denver on Saturday to meet Adam there. There is no way he will find out. So all we have to do is find a recipe, cook it up in time for us to be in the contest on Friday afternoon. Then Friday night I'll clean up the kitchen, pack and be on my way first thing Saturday morning. Now come on, let's get busy. We've got lots to do in a very short period of time!"

hind her friend to BJ's office and computer. They scanned Adam's recipes until coming across the item, 'Fettucine ala Adam.' "This is perfect, Annie. I know we can make this one. Adam made this right before he left for Denver, and I was in the kitchen helping him" BJ joyfully announced. "Besides, it's not even Adam's idea. This was a recipe that his wife, Caroline made up. Originally it was called 'Fettucine ala Caroline.' We'll just change the name back to the original in Caroline's honor and whip it up."

Thursday evening after work, Annie and BJ were victorious. The recipe was complete and understandable. And the final product came out perfectly. It was the first edible item they had produced in days.

The next day, a knock at BJ's office door broke her concentration. It was just after 12:30 pm on Friday and she was making a list of things that she needed to get at Target before heading home after work. She was amazed how many different cooking utensils she and Annie had destroyed in such a short period of time. Steve St. James peeked his head in the door, "Are you ready for the contest, BJ or are you waiting for the smoke alarms to be delivered?" Steve had kidded her for over a week, knowing full well that cooking was not her first love or forte.

"Very funny, Steve. You are quite a stitch today!" BJ responded in the most sarcastic tone of voice she could manage. She was getting tired of all of the teasing she had received from everyone at work. "Yeah, Annie is setting up our cooking area now. How many teams are there going to be in the contest?"

"Just four" Steve replied. "I was initially disappointed in the team turnout, but since all of the entries are from the front office staff, everyone is really geared up to do some heavy-duty harassing. I thought I'd get you in the mood before you went out there."

BJ groaned, "Great, more teasing. Well, let's get this over with. I have an apartment to clean up tonight before flying to meet Adam tomorrow."

BJ was glad that Steve had forewarned her about the joking. He was right. All the employees were having a great time at the expense of the four teams sweating it out in the heat and humidity of the test kitchen lab. "Does Max know anything about this contest?" BJ whispered to Annie while they waited for the noodles to boil.

"Nothing. I've been very attentive whenever we've been together, if you know what I mean," snickered Annie.

The moment of judging had come at last. Both BJ and Annie were on pins and needles, and BJ couldn't even hear the taunts of all the employees. She watched James slowly and carefully taste each final dish, wishing that this could be over and she could get out of there.

Annie's thoughts were more like those of a condemned man. She knew this was her last chance to get the money she needed to pay off her credit card. She couldn't decide if she had to throw up or was just tired of seeing food. "Please, please God, let us win just this one. I promise I'll never overspend on my credit card. Just let us win. And don't let Max or Adam find out. Please." Annie's prayerful thoughts kept running through her mind as the final entree was tasted.

James huddled briefly with Steve before moving to the center of the test kitchen. "It is my honor to award first prize to the exquisite entree, "Fettucine ala Caroline."

The room broke out into thunderous clapping and hoots of approval. Annie and BJ stood in shocked silence. Finally realizing they had won, each turned to the other for a big hug. Annie couldn't stop herself from jumping up and down. "We did it!" BJ announced happily. "We're home free!"

"Oh BJ, thank you. We won, I can hardly believe it. We won" Annie screamed, still trying to digest the news.

Steve joined James and quieted the group with several sharp whistles. "We're pleased today to have some special guests here to present the award to BJ and Annie" he proclaimed to everyone.

Heads were looking around when suddenly BJ spotted a familiar mass of brown hair in the back of the room. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the dark blonde man standing beside the first one. Annie had not figured anything out as she heard BJ whisper to her, "Oh shit, Annie."

Steve continued the introduction, "ladies and gentlemen, may I present Adam Davidson and Max Thompson."

The two tall men in back stepped out to join James and Steve. After exchanging the prize money envelope, they approached the two very stunned winners. BJ and Annie each had a horrified expression on her face as the grim situation sank in. Annie's bottom began to tense as her face blushed. She put one hand discreetly behind her in an unconscious attempt at protection.

BJ's mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and questions. "What was Adam doing here? What about the weekend in the mountains?" Her mental flood of speculation continued when she remembered how the kitchen at home looked when she left for work that morning. Two words came to the forefront of her mind as the full realization of her current situation hit home. She voiced those words just as Adam approached her. "Oh shit" she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

Adam leaned over and pretended to kiss her blushing cheek. Instead, he quietly whispered, "Oh shit is right, darlin'. You two are busted."

Annie's stare was fixed on Max's face, trying to find some hint of understanding. She saw his smile, genuine looking to everyone but herself. Words of explanation formed in her mind and she slowly began to open her mouth. But Max beat her to it, whispering in her ear, "One word and I'll take you across my knee right here." It was all the incentive she needed to keep quiet.

Adam turned to the group and put one arm around BJ's waist. "Max and I are so pleased to have the opportunity to present this check for $2,000 to these women who have worked so hard the past several days." Adam's hand moved unnoticeably from BJ's waist to gently pat her plump bottom. "And we are also happy to announce that BJ and Annie have decided to donate this prize money to the Barrows Neurological Research Institute in memory of Caroline Davidson."

Annie's lower jaw dropped, unable to comprehend this last statement. Her first impulse was to turn and scream at Adam. But this was quickly replaced by silence as Max gently nudged her and moved in around to stand behind her. Annie's butt involuntarily tingled, knowing how close Max was to it. Unseen by everyone else, Max began to gently pat Annie's posterior.

To the award winners, the next several minutes seemed to go by in slow motion. Many hands were extended in hearty congratulations. As the room cleared, Steve and James walked up to the foursome to offer their compliments. "We are so proud of you two and your very real generosity" James said as he shook hands.

"Yes, these two were very firm about that desire" Adam replied before anyone else. "But we really shouldn't be surprised with their impulsiveness. They are so outstanding, it's hard to keep track of them." Adam's words were not lost on the two, red-faced cooks.

"Well, congratulations again" Steve added. "But it's getting a bit warm in here, so I suggest we all leave early to enjoy the weekend."

"Yeah, and I hear the forecast says it is going to be a lot hotter before Monday" Max said, directing his words to Annie. Once everyone had left, Max immediately turned Annie around, bent over to look at her nose to nose and said, "Not one word, young lady. I don't want to hear a peep."

Adam turned to BJ, "That goes for you, too. Now here's the drill. You both go in, get your things in order and be on the road toward home within five minutes. Max and I will be along right after we stop in and thank Steve again for inviting us to join in today's festivities." Without another word, BJ and Annie were physically turned toward the door and each given a sharp smack on her butt to encourage speed. They hustled to gather their belongings, still unable to find any words to console one another. As they reached their cars, parked side by side, BJ looked over to Annie and said, "I guess I'll see ya when I see ya. Good luck, Annie."

Annie turned and offered a dismal attempt at smiling. "Yeah, good luck to you, too, BJ. Thanks for trying to help." With that, both were homeward bound.

Annie decided the worst part of any session with Max was the waiting. She had been home fifteen minutes; time enough to change into a pair of baggy shorts and T-shirt. She decided against putting on panties, coming to the conclusion that her butt would not appreciate the snug fitting garment after her "talk" with Max.

Annie sat on the couch and waited. "How long does it take for someone to say thank you?" she silently wondered. Her mind went over the day's events. She and BJ had worked so hard to win that contest. Then to have Adam stand up in front of everyone and announce the prize money was going to charity. "How dare he. And Max just stood there and watched." The more she thought about it, the more her temper took over.

By the time Max walked in the front door, thirty minutes later, Annie was prepared for a verbal bombardment that started before he closed the door behind him. "Just who do you and Adam think you are, Mister! BJ and I earned that award money. We followed all the rules of the contest and we won fair and square. I haven't done one thing wrong, so don't give me your holier than thou look!"

Annie was on a roll while Max pulled a folded piece of paper from his shirt pocket and handed it to her. He continued to be silent as Annie grabbed the paper, unfolded it and kept yelling. "You don't have anything to be..." Annie stopped in mid-sentence as she recognized the figures printed on the paper. It was a copy of her last American Express statement, clearly showing the amount due of $1,294.67.

Before Annie could think of something to say in response, Max reached over and took her wrist. He led her to the couch were he sat down and placed Annie in front of him. "Why did you enter the contest in the first place, sweetheart?" Max said calmly, not really expecting an answer. He placed his hands between her shorts and skin and pulled the garment down to mid-thigh. He wasn't surprised that she had decided against underwear.

Max again took Annie's wrist and guided her over his knee, propping her bottom up with his thigh. "You know why you deserve this spanking, Annie." With that, Max slipped his muscular arm around Annie's waist and gripped her tightly, raising his other arm and hand above his shoulder.

Annie's temper had completely drained by the time Max's huge hand made striking contact with her plump derriere. SMACK! "One of these days little girl..." SMACK! SMACK! "You are going to..." SMACK! SMACK! "learn to behave." Max kept up the scolding, creating a steady rhythm of sound in the apartment living room.

The only sound Annie made through the first few smacks was a slight groan and gasp with each slap. However, it was becoming increasing difficult for her to take the constant attack to her rear-end. After several more especially hard spanks, Annie began to yell, wiggle and kick her legs, trying to find some comfort in her present predicament. "Annie, you hold still or I'll spank you every night for a month" Max snapped.

Annie was pretty sure that Max was bluffing, but was in no position to call him on it. She settled down and Max started up again, creating a pink and finally red glow to her normally cream colored bottom. After five minutes of non-stop spanking, Annie began to cry in earnest and after ten minutes and countless smacks to her butt, she was bawling like a small child.

Max stopped spanking her and lifted her off his lap. "Now go to the corner and think about why you deserve this spanking today, young lady!" He reinforced his words with more smacks to Annie's sore butt as she waddled to the corner, her shorts now down to her knees. "Nose against the wall missy. And you know what will happen if I hear one peep out of you, don't you, Annie!" Max said.

Annie's bawling had subsided to big sobs every few moments as she nodded her head to answer Max's question. She pressed her nose against the corner that resulted in her bare bottom sticking out. She wished she could rub some of the sting away, but Max never allowed it during corner time. Her hands were to be kept at her sides.

Max momentarily appreciated his handiwork before starting a verbal assault of his own. "Annie, I get a copy of all your credit card statements. Your credit history alone would never allow you to get an American Express Card. The only way was for you to be added to my account."

Annie's sobs increased in frequency as Max's words registered. She had spent almost three weeks worried and frantic. After several minutes, Max walked up behind Annie and turned her around to face him. He placed two fingers under her chin, raising her head so he could clearly see her tear-stained face. "Sweetheart, I've already sent in the payment from your last statement."

Upon hearing this, Annie threw her arms around Max's neck and began to sob. "I'm.....sooooooo.......soreeeeeeeee.......Max. Really......I'mmmmmm....." Annie gasped, unable to finish her apology. Annie's tears were soaking the front of Max's shirt as he picked her up and carried her back to the couch. He sat and kept her in his strong arms and lap, gently caressing her while she continued to cry.

Adam was just pulling out of his office's parking lot just about the time Annie was waddling to the corner. He decided to stop by and pick up some extra blueprints that may be helpful in Denver next week. He chuckled to himself, recalling the look of terror on BJ's face as she recognized his presence at the contest.

It had been so easy for Adam and Max to piece together BJ and Annie's plans. Even before Adam had left for Denver, Max contacted him and informed him about the huge credit card bill facing Annie. Max told Adam to "be on the lookout for something outrageous."

Six days later, Max called Adam in Denver, again wondering what might be happening. It seemed that every night, Annie was at BJ's for several hours. While that wasn't too unusual, Annie's appearance when she returned home was out of the ordinary. She would come in looking very flushed and sweaty, and numerous stains covering her clothes. When Max questioned her, Annie's answers were very vague and then she would proceed to seduce him. Adam laughed out loud when he recalled Max saying, "I'm getting great sex every night, so Annie and BJ must be up to something!"

Adam had agreed with Max's assessment and called Steve at home. Upon learning about the cooking contest and the rules for entering, Adam knew immediately what was going on. Without giving Steve any details, Adam and Max told him that they wanted to join in on the cooking contest fun. Being a good sport, Steve heartily agreed to the surprise.

As he got closer to home, he hoped BJ had the good sense to make a mad dash home to start cleaning the kitchen. He had been stunned when he walked in earlier and could not see the pattern on the vinyl floor for all of the dirt, flour and various ingredients that had spilled. He didn't think that even BJ could have messed up things that badly. "But then, she always has been an over achiever" he silently chuckled "But I sure do love that little spitfire."

Little did Adam know how hard BJ was working to do just as he'd hoped. She had left her office, flooring the gas pedal, trying to calculate how much time she would have. As her car screamed into the apartment parking lot, she figured she would have a minimum of 30 minutes.

BJ raced through the living room, removing her business suit as she headed toward the kitchen. Noise of running water, clashing dishes and sprit's from cleaning bottles were the only sounds to be heard. Once the counters and table were cleaned and dishes in the dishwasher, BJ hurried to her bedroom, picking up her strewn clothes on the way. She slipped into some shorts and a top and ran to the storage closet for a broom, mop and bucket. Within five minutes, the first level of kitchen floor dirt had been swept away. Filling the bucket with steamy hot water, she began to furiously mop the same floor. Beads of sweat ran down her forehead as she worked, forgetting the air conditioner hadn't been on all day.

Adam was just walking through the front door as BJ ran back to the storage closet to return the bucket and wet mop. Adam immediately realized it must be over 95 degrees inside. "BJ, did you turn the air on when you got home?" he called out.

BJ came around the corner and he instantly knew the answer to his question. Her hair was soaked and her body glistened with seat. "God she looks beautiful" he thought.

"No, I guess I forgot" replied BJ, amazed at how much she'd accomplished. The kitchen was actually presentable. BJ listened to the swish of the dishwasher as she watched Adam walk to the hallway controls and click on the air conditioning.

Adam turned to face BJ as her eyes followed his every move. He saw two big tears well up in her eyes and slowly move down her heavily flushed cheeks. He began to slowly move toward her and raised his arms for an embrace.

BJ closed the gap between them and jumped into his arms, softly crying as she hugged with all her might. "I'm sorry, Adam, I didn't tell you about the contest and using one of your recipes" she stammered.

"So how does the kitchen look, sweetheart?" Adam asked, picking BJ up in his arms and carrying her to the doorway. Adam was surprised that this was the same kitchen he had seen earlier in the day.

"I got most of it cleaned" sniffled the sorry figure perched in his arms. Adam then realized why BJ had broken into tears so easily. She was coming off an adrenaline rush. He gently carried her to one of the dining room chairs and sat, with BJ still in his arms.

"Shusssssh" honey, come one" Adam consoled. "Now hush baby or I'll give you something to really cry about."

BJ shuddered and tried to hold in her sobs. She raised her head and looked into Adams eyes, searching for answers. "Aren't Adam?" stammered BJ.

"Yes, sweetie, you are going to get a very sound spanking on your bare bottom. But I want to make sure you know why you are being punish, BJ." Adam said firmly, but lovingly.

"It's......... it's........ because I took your recipe for the contest, isn't it?" BJ replied hesitantly.

"No darlin'. It wasn't my recipe, it was Caroline's. And I think it is a nice tribute to her that your company will be using it in their advertisements."

BJ was now confused. "So why are you going to spank me, Adam?" she asked.

"Because my little spitfire, you were helping Annie lie and betray Max. And while I applaud your efforts to help a friend, I am going to warm your little bare butt for doing it at the expense of Max. You should have told Annie to go straight to Max when she couldn't pay her credit card bill. Do you understand, BJ?"

"Yes, Adam, I understand" BJ muttered, knowing the possibility of getting out of her punishment would have been too good to be true.

"Okay then, let's get on with the lesson," Adam said as he lifted BJ off his lap and over his knees. He slipped his fingers into the waistbands of both her panties and shorts and moved them down to the middle of her thighs. While Adam reached around to grip BJ's waist, he took a moment to appreciate the soft white orbs that created a lovely looking bottom.

SMACK! As the first strike hit its mark, BJ let out a gasp. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Adam's aim was deadly accurate, creating a pink hue across both of BJ's cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! BJ's gasps turned quickly into tears and finally an infantile, continuous cry. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The non-stop swish and smack of Adam's hand meeting BJ's plump derriere created a definite red glow on her posterior.

Ten minutes later, Adam stopped spanking BJ and began to caress her burning flesh. His one huge hand could almost cover both cheeks as he stroked away the sting. Adam bent over and kissed BJ's neck and whispered, "Do you still want to fly to Denver tomorrow morning, darlin'?"

BJ had calmed enough to fully begin to appreciate Adam's soft stroking attention to her bottom when his words registered. She scramble off his lap, rubbed her bottom and almost squealed, "You mean we still get to spend the weekend in the mountains, Adam?"

Adam laughed at BJ's transformation and said, "Yes sweetie, if you want to go."

"Oh yes, Adam, yes definitely" BJ chirped throwing her arms around him in a big hug. He returned the favor and continued to hold and hug her until she suddenly jumped up again. "Oh, I have to figure out what to pack. And I'm really ready for a shower" BJ said as she turned away from Adam.

He called out to her before she left the room, "Why don't you pack those sleeper pj's you use in the winter. You know, the footed ones with the little trap door to your luscious bottom. It's going to be cool in the mountains at night."

BJ turned in time to catch Adam's smirk. She winked, knowing what they would be playing in the cool mountain evenings. As she turned back to head to her bedroom, Adam called out again, "And BJ, you'd better pack grandmama's antique hair brush, just in case."

BJ shuddered and decided to ignore the last remark as she walked and rubbed her warm butt. Several hours later, the telephone rang and BJ, already in bed, picked it up. She recognized Annie's voice, "BJ, how are you?"

"I'm okay, Annie. I guess I got what I deserved. How about you?" BJ asked.

"Boy, Max is really disappointed in what I did. I got a spanking as soon as he got home for not telling him about the big bill. Then I got another spanking for overspending that much in the first place. Tomorrow I have to make up a budget that I have to follow from now on. Max said he would go over it with me tomorrow. Then he said that I will get another spanking tomorrow evening and still another on Sunday evening. Max said the forecasters were right about it being a hot weekend, especially for me."

BJ genuinely felt sorry for her best friend. "I'm sorry it didn't work out, Annie. I really thought it was a brilliant plan."

Annie chuckled, "Well, as brilliant as we've ever done. And at least we won the contest!"